how long does it take to train a dog in 2018
Jun 02

How Long Does It Take to Train a Dog?

By Dog Lover Enthusiast | Dog Behavior Solutions

As I interact with a ton of Pet Owners daily, there are numerous doubts and questions they ask me. One of Them Being “How Long will it take me to Train my Dog?”. Well, I get a Little confused and sometimes irritated as well by answering the same question and explaining them about their Training Goals. Hence, in this article, I will give you an idea of the training time period of a Dog and what factors influence this time taken by Dogs to learn to get Trained.


First of all, I would like to ask the person who puts up this question in front of me some questions from my side.

What Do you mean when you say you want to train your dog?

Which Dog will you call a Trained dog? A dog who is potty trained or a dog who sits and stands on his owner’s command?

or when your dog can search for any person using his smell?


Well, The answer to the question of “How long does it take to train a dog” lies a ton lot on your definition of a trained dog. As I asked some questions above, Many people may define a Trained dog when a dog stops barking when his owner asks him to “stop”.

Many people will consider a dog to be trained when he has learned to Potty inside the toilet or at the place where his owner wants him to pee. It depends on the trainer’s Training ambitions and goals.


how long will it take to train a dog


You must Decide what a Trained Dog means and how it is defined to you. Just Like we as Human beings learn daily, same is the case with dogs and puppies.

But there are certain factors which can control the time it takes to train a dog to achieve the goal you want to achieve along with your lovely dog. They are:-


1. Training Techniques

As Some people Learn something “New” quickly in their life as they are quick learners or their tutor or teacher teaches in a way which is so easy to grasp up. Similarly, in Dog Training, the techniques that are used to teach some New trick to your dog plays a very important role.

Elder Dogs takes more time to learn new tricks and hence they should be taught that new trick by a different technique. These Dog Training techniques depend on the breed of your dog and also his age. Puppies are taught and trained using other techniques are compared to dogs more than 1-year-old.

Doggy Dan’s Techniques are really Awesome and have been proved to be working well since last 10 years.


2. Age of your Doggy

This point is one of the most important factors which determines the time your dog will take to achieve the Training standard you want him to achieve. Age does play a key role. It does not mean that Old or Elder dogs cannot be trained, but it takes more time and patience to train them something.

Hence, always adopt a dog who has lived in a civilized and looked-after environment in the past so that you don’t need to spend a lot of time to train him.


3. Tutor

A Tutor, which in most cases is You, also plays a major role in your Loved dog’s training. Your Patience and Dedication will determine not only the time it will take your dog to get trained but also how well he is trained and taught.

Consistency is very important. Spend at least 10 to 30 minutes daily in teaching your puppy or doggy and making him learn what you want him to learn.

You don’t have to be a Professional Dog trainer to be able to teach your dog to learn basic commands and follow you. Anyone who practices the Techniques of training a dog every day can do that, even You.


how long does it take to train a dog


If you want him to ‘sit’ on your command. Teach him that. If you think he will be a trained dog if he sits on your command, just spend some time daily on him.

Once he Learns to follow your command to ‘sit’, just move one step further and teach him ‘fetch the ball’ command. Slowly, you will achieve all the Goals you have set up and your dog will have less behavioral problems as he had before.

Just be consistent and focussed. Everyone takes time to learn new things. It took Clarita three months to train her dog to follow her commands using Doggy Dan’s Techniques. So, I want you ‘Not to Give UP’.


What are the Important Things your Dog should learn?

Apart from your personal standards of training your dog and your dog’s behavioral and lifestyle problems, here are some common problems that every dog owner faces. Here is the List Below:-

1.Potty Training

This is very Important kind of training that your dog needs. Nobody wants to adopt a dog and then spend his day cleaning his shit from his place or his crate. Training a puppy to pee outside takes around 4 to 6 months on an average. You can also train your dog in less than 4 weeks if you are consistent and take him outside more often.


how long does it take to potty train a dog


Plan on taking your Doggy on a walk preferably after he wakes up after a nap or after his meal. Whenever your Dog pee outside, just show some love and affection to him.

Accidents are bound to happen when you start teaching your dog to pee outside but he will improve gradually. Don’t show anger and be patient.


2. Crate Training

You should get a Crate for your pet dog. Dogs prefer to sleep and eat in their ‘Den’. Hence, Crates are their dens as you don’t want your dog to create a mess in your Living room or bedroom.

I would prefer Amazon Basics Folding Metal Dog Crate as it is big enough to accommodate your puppy even after some months when he grows in size. Place some soft toys in Crate as well for him so that he doesn’t feel bored inside.

It can take around 2 to 4 weeks for your dog to Learn crate training. But it might take longer if your dog didn’t had a fixed place to reside in his past. Though most of the dogs get used to Crate easily, some dogs feel difficulty in sleeping in the crate in the starting.

Some time spent while playing with your dog before bedtime can help him sleep well and get a quality sleep.




May 25

Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Review : Will it Benefit your Dog?

By Dog Lover Enthusiast | Reviews

Having a Dog at your Home and spending time with him is such a Special Feeling. Your Dog Loves you when you arrive back at home from work or any place and when he (Assuming a male ) Loves you, you feel that there is someone who Loves you in this Greedy World apart from your Family. Though, family members won’t show Love towards you by jumping and licking you :P. You Treat your Dog as a Family Member only and in many cases, he is your Best Friend or your child.

You know that Your Doggie will always stand by you in any Trouble as he is 100% Loyal. But it Hurts a Lot when your Loved Pet creates problems for you. It Could be related to his Behavior towards something or could be related to his food habits or sleeping problems. Every Dog has got some problems.

It’s Pretty much natural in the same way as every Human Being face some kind of problem in life and nobody is perfect. My Dog also had some Problems and I will show you how I Overcame his Problems and then Come to the Conclusion whether This Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer Dog Training Course Really Works or not?


Let me First Introduce Myself First,

I am Clarita S. Tucker and I work as a Marketing Manager in an Insurance Company in San Francisco. I have a Pet Dog Alasko who is more than 1 year old and he is with me since he was 1.5 Months Old. He is a German Shepherd as you can see in our Pic Together. The one in Left was of the time when he was a little puppy and the one in Left is our picture together of his 6 Month Birthday. I Love him So much and treat him as my own kid.

He is Special to me and my Hubby as we both treat him as our Child. I just Love Playing not only with him but all Dogs and i am Obsessed with Dogs and i mix up well with fellow Dog Lovers and Pet Owners. It’s Difficult to get time to play with him and also manage Personal and Professional life but i have learned it now.

So, I will Share My Experience with you on How I Trained my Dog Alasko using Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer Program. You will also Get Really Surprised by Looking at My Results ( Did I Even Got It?).


doggy dan course review 1


But Life with Alasko has not been easy, as we both ( me and my husband ) had to suffer a lot due to Alasko’s Behavioral Problems. Problem with Alasko was that he used to get Very Aggressive in front of strangers. For Example, when visitors such as Repair People and Delivery Boy used to visit, he used to bark incessantly and they used to get very Scared.

Not Only this, Sometimes, he even used to bark without any reason just to get our Attention at home and it used to piss me off. Moreover, it used to get Difficult to take him for a walk as he used to Bark and show his Aggression to any Stranger who he used to Observe. It used to get Super Difficult when kids used to be around him.

Apart from this, he had a bad habit of piercing his nails inside my hands and sometimes it used to Hurt me a lot. When I went to the Doctor, he prescribed me Cream which was very Expensive. I was okay with this as well as I was used to spending money on him. But One Fine day, an old College Friend of mine visited my house with her Beagle and Alasko Attacked her Beagle and even tried to jump on my Friend. That Incident Shocked me and I Decided to do something with this Behavioral Problem of Alasko.

I got a Crate but this didn’t help either. I remember the day when I had even thought of giving Alasko to a Friend of mine so that I could get rid of him as it became a lot difficult to control Alasko’s Problems such as Aggressiveness, Barking Incessantly. It seemed I was a mad woman shouting at him every day and got no improvement in his behavior.

So, I searched and Researched on the internet and found some articles to treat his Aggressive Behavior. I tried and Invested some time and money but in Vain. I tried some other ways to stop his Barking Problem as well but that also didn’t worked well. Then I Decided there is no other way but to Train Him.

I was very low on Confidence as I was a Big Dog Lover but when it comes to Training Dogs and Obedience Training, I had absolutely Zero Knowledge about it. I Thought of Hiring a Professional Dog Trainer but there Rates just shook me and they were way too Expensive and also, i was afraid that Alasko may Behave well around that Trainer and not around me.

Where Did I Hear About Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer?

Gradually, I made up my mind that I had to Work Hard and Train Alasko. I never wanted him to become a professional well-trained dog or something of that sort, But he should at least listen to me and control his Triple A’s, that is, anger, anxiety, and aggression when his owner told him to do so.

Hence, I started Looking for Ways to Learn to Train my Dog and researching various platforms on Internet where I could Learn some Tactics and Techniques to Train my Dog. I researched Facebook Groups, Dog Forums, Google and also Joined the Pets Community on Reddit and Quora. I asked Questions and interacted with fellow dog owners and lovers which I always loved to.

Many People recommended me about Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer Dog Training Course and told me that it has got Solutions to problems of all kind of Dog Problems whether related to Behavior, Nature or Food and Sleep. I Learnt that Doggy Dan or Doggy Abdelnoor is a Professional Dog Trainer who has been in this business for last 8 years and a Tv Personality in Newzealand as well where he resides. So, I decided to give it a try.

Who is Doggy Dan?


who is doggy dan 2


The full name of the Maker of this Training is Dan Abdelnoor is a full-time Professional Dog Trainer. He Consults real dog owners and helps them solve their dog’s problems even by visiting their house. Doggy Dan is an active animal rights campaigner and he is training dogs for many years now. Doggy Dan and The Online Dog Trainer Dog Training program is Endorsed by The New Zealand SPCA. SPCA stands for The Royal NewZealand Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

SPCA Actively supports this dog training program on their homepage so that Citizens in their country adopt Dogs and Learn to Train them. The government wants citizens to Learn dog training from Doggy Dan so that they can be satisfied with their dog and do not put them in dog shelters. Being Endorsed by SPCA, A Government Body, is commendable and it really proves that this Dog Training Program does contain Valuable Content and Tutorials.

The way Dan controls and forms a Bond even with Stranger Dogs of his Clients at First Meeting shows how much Experience he has and How can he Get to Know everything about a Dog’s Nature to his mood from just looking at him.

What is Inside Doggy Dan’s Dog Training Course?

I bought the Training program using a Discount Coupon whose link i got from a Pets Forum. You can also try to get a discount using this Free Coupon if it is still working. Here is the link to Coupon below:-


I got Log in Details of my account as soon as I Claimed my Discount coupon. I was Amazed to see the Homepage as It had a Menu Bar which had solutions to all the Kinds of Dog’s Problems that a Dog living on Planet Earth can Possibly have.

Homepage Contained an Introduction Video from Doggy Dan where he Introduced Himself and his Some Experiences with various breeds and kinds of Doggies. He emphasizes on a word which is “Pack Leader”. Who is a Pack Leader?

Pack Leader is a person whom Dog Respects the most. It is Difficult for a Dog to Ignore him or Insult him in any manner. Doggy Dan told that you as a Dog Owner has to Learn to Become a Pack Leader in the eyes of your Dog in order to Train your Dog Efficiently. He also Shares some Tips to Become a Pack Leader.

The Image Below is Perfect to give you an Overview of what you would find inside this Dog Training Course.


the online dog trainer latest review


Top Menu Bar


doggy dan training course menu bar


Menu Bar Contains the Solutions to Literally every Dog Problem on Planet Earth. It Contains 6 Sections as you can observe in the Image Above. Namely-

1.Pack Leader


doggy dan training course menu bar pack leader


Pack Leader Section Contains the Most Important Part of the Doggy Dan Training. It is Important for your Dog to have an Image of a Pack Leader of you. You Shall be Regarded as a Person who is highly respected and authoritative. Most Dog Owners, or I would say 90% of them fail to Train their Dog as they miss this Step. As you can Observe there are Various Rules to Becoming the pack leader for your pet and Doggy Dan Describes and Teaches each and every point using Videos with his pet Dog ( He has Three Pet Dogs). His Techniques are really good. Golden Rules are Taught one by one in this section.


2.Puppy Training


the online dog trainer 2018 puppy training section


These are the Categories in the Puppy Training Section and each and every category further contains sub categories and all Tutorials are rich in Content and Informative value. Each and Every Thing is Taught well by Doggy Dan and his videos really contains Techniques and Tactics that i personally have not seen or heard anywhere.


They are just Mind Blowing!. This Section focuses on Puppy Training and any new Dog Owner or someone who just Adopted a Puppy can Start training his Dog at the Right time using these Videos ( I regret not to Start Training my Alasko when we was a pup 🙁 ). Puppies tend to Learn Techniques and stuff Faster than Elder Dogs.

3. Project Moses


doggy dan training 2018 project moses category


This Category contains Dog Training Tutorials according to your Loved Dog’s age. Moses is the name of his pet dog and Doggy Dan shows you how he trains Moses according to various age stages in the life of his Pet. Basically, he shows the members what’s Important to teach your dog as per his age. For Example, If Your Dog is 15 weeks old, then Doggy Dan has made Tutorials on the Following –


doggy dan 15 weeks moses project

Moses is an SPCA Border Collie x Labrador puppy and Doggy Dan shows you how he cares and Trains him from day one till Moses is 8 Months Old. This just gives an Idea of the Timeline to be followed with your own pet. This Area of “Project Moses” Covers the Following Topics-

  • Bringing a new Puppy to your Home.
  • How to Introduce your Puppy to Family Members.
  • What to do when your Puppy Cries at Night.
  • How to go about with House and Crate Training of your Puppy.
  • Kind of Toys to get for your Pup.
  • Teaching your Puppy to Deal with Separation Anxiety
  • Obedience Training Tactics for later part…

It’s a Wonderful Section of this Dog Training Program where you get to observe a small newborn Puppy turn into a wonderfully civilized, well mannered and well-behaved dog. This has to be the best Training for anyone who is yet to get a dog home or has just brought a newly born puppy to his house.

4. Dog Problems


the online dog trainer dog problems category


This is the Main Section of the Menu Bar. These are the Main Problems that your Dog may be Facing. Every Problem is covered thoroughly and the Solutions of each and every Problem is taught by our Trainer using various techniques and tactics and video tutorials really help a lot in Learning and Practising them with our own Dogs.

Any Problems and questions can be asked and clarified on the Course Forum where all the members interact with each other and Doggy Dan also Answers to every question asked. You can Overcome these Problems if you keep working on the solutions provided in The Online Dog Trainer CourseJust Don’t Give up!! Everyone in the World takes time to Learn new things, isn’t it? So, be Patient with your Loved Pet Dog as well.

Who will Benefit from This Dog Training Program?


doggy dan review 3


As I already told you, I used to Sufferdue to Alasko’s certain Problems. Anyone Suffering from some kind of Behavioral or other Lifestyle Problems of their dogs can have a look at The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan. I am not saying this training is a magic wand and will make your dog get rid of all the Problems he has in his life. But, Working for just 10-30 Minutes a day with your dog can improve him.

I used to spend 10 minutes a day at first to improve his habit of barking incessantly at strangers and gradually increased the time as I got used to spending time with him in his training. You need to be mentally prepared for the fact that you would need to put a little hard work if you are serious about improving certain bad habits of your dog. Spending just 10 minutes a day doesn’t harm much, isn’t it?

Believe my Words, all your time and effort will be worth it when you observe your dog obeying your commands and getting rid of his bad habits.




Does The Online Dog Trainer Program Really Work?

For me, Yes it Worked. (I will Show my Results after this part). But the question is Why does Doggy Dan’s Course Work?

This is Because, In Comparison to other Dog Training Websites and Videos on Internet, Doggy Dan’s Training Program contains a lot more Content. Once you get The Free Trial from Here, you will be Amazed to Observe that how much Doggy Dan has worked to make sure there is a solution available to 100% of Dog Problems in this world. The website is Complete and every bit of it is full of Rich Valuable information.

A Couple of my Friends whom I met on Facebook groups related to Dog Training also Enrolled for this course and This Course worked for them as well. It is Because Doggy Dan Teaches Techniques and Tactics that are Super Effective and works for almost every Dog. If there is an Exception, he tells it beforehand.

Making 250 Videos Full of Dog Training Tutorials for Literally every Dog Problem any Dog can face is a Big Task which Doggy Dan has not only Accomplished, But Accomplished with Flying Colours. Videos Cover every topic from Barking Problem to Crate Training and from Leash Training to How to Calm down your Dog During Car Drive.


doggy dan dog training review


Everything is Covered in 250 short and easily understandable training videos anyone can imagine. It’s Difficult to get this Type of Training anywhere on Youtube or Blogs as This Training is Practical and working well. Not Only This, even if you are not able to understand some topic or getting any other difficulty in any training your dog, there is Forum where you can put questions and Doggy Dan will answer them.

He also provides one on one Video Calling Guidance to Clients who still face Difficulty in Training their Dog or have some kind of any other problem.

I would just Advice and Urge anyone Suffering from his or her Dog’s some kind of Problems to give Doggy Dan a try to solve your problem. Even if you Hire any Dog Trainer to Teach your dog something, His fees would certainly be higher than this course and Believe me, These Dog Training Tutorials inside this Program just fills you with a lot of Confidence of Accomplishing your goal of Solving your Dog’s Problem that you don’t like.

You will also feel that the Money spent on this program is worth every penny spent due to the Content, Training and Consultation it provides. Just go for it and Train your Dog to be a civilized, well-mannered and an Obedient Dog. Get your Trial Today from Image Below


get doggy dan course free trial


My Results with Doggy Dan’s Dog Training

So you must be wondering and excited about my personal Results from Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer? Did i manage to control Alasko’s Aggression? Did Alasko Stop barking for no reason? Here is a Video below of me playing with him.



As you can watch clearly in the video that Alasko stops barking when I command him to stop and he has also Learned to Sit and stand when I command him. It feels so easy to manage and control him and I really feel he is a lot Civilized and well-mannered dog now. Thanks to my Hard work, Patience and Of Course, Doggy Dan.

He no longer barks without any reason and there is a huge decrease in his Aggressiveness. I Continue to Train him more for further activities such as jumping and catching but he has got rid of all the Behavioral Problems that he used to had. I Trained him for 3 Months every day and that’s why got these Results.

I know many People who have got results from This Training Program and many who have not got as well. It also depends on Determination of the Trainer, that is you. Just Don’t Expect Quick Results as Expectations always hurt. Keep Hustling with your loved Doggy!

Get your 3 Day Trial in just 1 $ Before this Golden Opportunity Expires by Clicking Below



 Pro’s of Doggy Dan Training Program

  • 250 Videos Full of Rich Content on Professional Dog Training and Solutions to Various kind of Dog Behavioral problems.
  • There is a Dedicated Forum for answering the user’s questions and queries on various dog problems and bad habits and where people share their personal stories as well.
  • Any Program Endorsed by Government Funded Body such as SPCA means a lot.
  • Learning to Train your Dog Online is much cheaper than Training him Offline.
  • There is a 3 Day Trial only for $1. Hence, you can choose not to pay after 3 days if you do not like Doggy Dan or his Training Tactics.
  • Also, Most Importantly, There is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So you can ask for a money back if you didn’t like the Training after you paid for it.


Con’s of Doggy Dan Training Program

  • Users cannot Download the Videos. This is Done to ensure that members don’t download all the videos during the 3 Day Trial Period.
  • Some Videos are Little Outdated and Old but the Techniques in it Still Works wonderfully well.




latest review to the online dog trainer


Many Dog owners around the world regard Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer as the Best Online Dog Training Program. I Don’t know about that and I am not really interested in knowing it as well since I got the kind of Results I needed. The Tactics and Techniques taught by Doggy Dan in his Course are just awesome and works Great. You just need to put the much needed Hard work and be Patient.

He Proved the statement “You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks” Wrong. He has shown this in his course as well as he has trained and solved many Behavioral Bad habits of Dog’s around the world who were quite Old. Every Behavioral problem is covered really well in the course with its reason, how to solve that problem and videos teaching how to implement those solutions.


All Methods are Force and punishment Free. You can also call and schedule an appointment with Doggy Dan. You get all these Features such as Personal Consultation, Information-rich Dog Training Tutorials, How to Start caring and Training your Puppy since Birth, Solutions to all Kinds of Dogs Related problems, A Dedicated Forum where all like minded people interact and share great knowledge and experiences with each other.

If you Visit some Professional Dog Trainer around your place and ask for his Fees, I am pretty sure his fees would be many times more than the Fees for this The Online Dog Trainer Program. Hence, I am sure you will also consider this course worth every penny spent just like I do. Alasko’s Problems have been solved but I still pay for the course monthly since I am in awe and in Love of the way Doggy Dan go about with his Training and also I am training Alasko for further Sports related activities as well.


Just Give Doggy Dan and yourself a chance to Solve all your Dog’s Behavioral and Lifestyle related Problems.

You can get Doggy Dan’s Training program using this secret discount coupon and enjoy the Training by tapping the button below.




how to stop leash biting 2018
May 14

How to Stop your Dog From Biting the Leash in 2018

By Dog Lover Enthusiast | Dog Behavior Solutions

We have, as Dog Lovers , have experienced an unusual situation whenever we take our Dog for a Walk outside. This Unusual Situation is Your Dog Starts Biting the Leash . This is a Very Common Problem. We all have Faced it , isn’t it? Especially when your Dog is too young or a Puppy and he is not that familiar with going for a walk outside. Your Dog or Pup is not used to having a Leash controlling his movement as he is used to walking freely at home.

We, Humans also face difficulty in learning something new and the things which we are not used to do. Similarly, Dogs also don’t know how to React to this Leash on their neck. So , We would share Some Latest ways which help you Solving the Problem of Your Dog Biting the Leash when going for a walk outdoors.


But First, Why do Dogs Bite the Leash?

Here’s a Situation , You Take your Beloved Dog for a walk and instead of him or her keeping her feet on the Ground , She starts bouncing and Playing Tug with the Leash. You Start Shouting “No…! No Dog ..Stop It…!…What are You Doing….Don’t Do….” but it doesn’t seem to work.

If your Dog is Acting Like this above , she Loves holding things in her mouth and playing tug with you . It is Mainly your Reaction to her activities that gives her more encouragement as well.


stop dog leash biting

Secondly ,Dogs Love to Catch anything that is Moving. They Bark on Moving Cars, they run after moving ball, they chase you when you are running…and the list goes on…. and Hence , they also Hold and Bite Leash as it is also a Moving Object and it Excites them .

Another Reason can be , Like i Said, Your Dog is not Used to having a Leash on his neck and he may be Feeling Uncomfortable . They were Bored inside House and they want to run and enjoy themselves out in the Middle , but they are held back by this annoying Leash and they want to get rid of it somehow.

These can be The Reasons why your Dog is Biting the Leash and now lets talk about the ways by which can Stop him from repeating this.


What can you Do to Stop Dog Leash Biting?


1. Replace Behavior

We can Try to Stop an Unwanted Behavior of our Dog by Replacing it with another Behavior. As you Train the New Behavior , the old “bad” behavior stops . We want our Dog to Stop Bouncing for the Leash and shifts his Focus on Surroundings. So, we can Point our Finger to something outdoors that he may be Interested in rather than his Leash. After All , there are much better things to Focus Outdoors rather than Leash.

2. Don’t Appreciate his Biting the Leash Behavior


how to stop dog from biting leash

You must be Wondering when did you Appreciate his Biting the Leash Behavior? Let’s Create the Situation where your Dog Starts Biting the Leash.

Dog is Walking Silently and Person , that is you, is Holding the Leash and is looking at surroundings. (Not Looking at your Pup or Dog)

Dog Catches and grabs the Leash

You will Push the Leash away from his Mouth and Dog Tugs with it and Tries hard to get it back in his mouth.

You Shout ” Stop it “….Calling your Dog’s Name and finally he stops.

Your Pet and You start walking again silently…and you again start looking here and there…( No Attention to Dog again)

Your Dog Grabs the leash and plays Tug with you

Did you Wonder whats going on Here? Let me Tell you.

As you Shout and Pull the Leash , your Dog gets attention and interaction with you. He is Enjoying that Tug of War Game with you and hence as you shout…..and pulls the leash…you are Encouraging and Appreciating his Biting the Leash Behavior 

3. All Walking without Biting shall be Rewarded

Some Steps that your Dog moves without Biting the Leash shall be Rewarded by you. You should Love her and call her “Good Girl” or “Boy” and again start walking further. Treats can work here as well. I know this seems very Frustrating as you would need to Bend and stop repeatedly but you won’t need to do every time you go for a walk. Doing this for a week would be enough.

Remember, By Biting the Leash and Playing tug, your dog wants to play and enjoy. By Rewarding him and Giving Treats, you are telling him that he would get to play if he doesn’t Repeat this.


  How can you Perform these Steps to overcome Leash Biting?


1. Use a Tug Toy

The Problem here is not that your Pup is Playing Tug , Problem is that he is that Playing Tug with the object he is not supposed to. Your Dog Likes to play Tug then let’s make him play it. But, not with the Leash , He will Play Tug with the Tug Toy. Yes, Get your Dog a Good Tug Toy , like a Knotted Rope Tug Toy which he can Pull and Enjoy. You can also get an Attractive Loofa Dog .


tug toy to get rid of Dog leash biting


As you can Observe in the Pic above ,The Longer the Toy , the Better it is as you won’t need to Bend down. Now , You need to Teach the Pup that he can Go Nuts over that toy. Pull the Tug Toy Tightly and Drag it on the Ground . Play Tug of War with your Dog with this Leash. This way, You are Teaching him that he can have a Blast with this Tug Toy . Shout “Get It” and every time your Dog Grabs the Toy , Praise her or him.

2. Teach Your Dog how to Behave with the Leash inside House

This is a very Important Step. You need to Teach him and Train him with the Leash before you step outside. As you have Already Played with the Tug Toy Before a couple of times , then start doing this Step. Now that your dog has an Idea that he needs to play tug with the Tug Toy and he can Bite and Pull that toy without any Hesitation, Start Training your Dog with the Leash Behavior inside your House.

Area of Training can be Living Room, Backyard, or any place you think is Suitable. You are Teaching your Dog a new trick and he needs a calm environment to Focus before he move on to Outdoors where there are many Distractions. Now, You would need Some Treats as well to reward your Dog’s Good Leash Behavior .

Attach the Leash to your Dog in a Boring Fashion . Be slow. Don’t Show her that you are going to attack her or something. If , your Dog Grabs the Leash, Just drop it . Try again till you attach the Leash Successfully.

As Long as your pup doesn’t grab or bite the Leash, Praise him and give him Treats. You will do Opposite of what you used to do Before, that is , Not Praising your dog’s good leash behavior and not paying attention to your Dog. Do This for a couple of Minutes and then get that Tug Toy again and play with him. You can have a Look at This Video and Observe how this Lady Trains her Doggy.


What to Do if Doggy Bites the Leash During Indoor Training?

You have to do just that you were doing the first time outdoors when you were on a walk with your Dog and she didn’t used to Bite Leash. You have to Stay Still and be Boring when your Dog Bites the Leash. Drop the Leash Immediately, Don’t shout and play tug with him. When he Drops the Leash when he observes you are not anymore interested, Offer her Treats and Praise her.

You Noticed what’s going on here? Your Dog is Learning that He will be Praised and get Treats if he Drops the Leash but will not get anything to play with if he Grabs it. Also, He gets to Play and have a Blast with that Tug toy and you will Accompany him and Play along with him on the Tug Toy but won’t do the Same with the leash. Not Biting the Leash makes good things happen but Biting the Leash makes Good Things Stop. Slowly and Gradually , Your Dog will Stop Biting the Leash.


3. Go for Walk Outdoors with your Dog

When you are Sure of your Doggie’s Good Leash behavior and Confident of him and yourself. Just take him Outdoors for the Walk . Your Dog may run here and there and starts smelling everything. This is Great as he is more Interested in Things and Objects around him rather than the Leash . If your Dog Bites the Leash, Just Drop the Leash and Hold Him from the Collar and be Boring and stay still.

You can have a Look at these Obedience Training Courses for your Cute Little Doggy.



How to Stop Puppies from Biting in 2018
May 11

How to Stop a Puppy From Biting You in 2018

By Dog Lover Enthusiast | Dog Behavior Solutions

Imagine yourself Watching Television and suddenly your Cute little Puppy starts biting your Feet , You feel little pain and tell him not to repeat. And, He comes again and Bites your Toe and this time it Causes lot more Pain than before . Your Cute Little Puppy has now changed to a Furry Crocodile and you must be Confused What’s Happening? Don’t Worry , It’s Perfectly Natural for Puppy to Bite into everything as they are teething from the age of 6 Weeks to 8 Months of age. But you can Train your Puppy to Stop Biting and Nipping You . If you have Experienced a situation like this before with your puppy, you can Learn How to Stop your Puppy from Biting You by reading further…

Puppy Biting Starts From Fun and Playing with their Owner but Gradually becomes a Bad Habit that is Difficult to Mitigate. It’s Not just Humans that puppies love to sink in their Teeth into , But they sink in their teeth during Teething Phase in just about all Household Items like Toys, Sofa Covers, Furniture and soon we observe their Teeth Marks all over our House.

It Feels Frustrating…Isn’t It? Don’t Feel you are Alone here, There are a Lot of Dog Owners Facing This Issue. You need to Train your Pup from a Young age to stop him from creating this mess on your Body as well as on other Household Items. It’s Difficult to Train him once he gets elder.

Why do Puppies Bite you ?


why does puppies bite



  • The Primary Reason can be Teething . Puppies are Teething from the age of 6 Weeks to 8 Months. They feel Itchiness in their Teeth and urge to sink in their small teeth into everything soft , like human skin.
  • They are too Young and want to Explore the World. Only way to Explore various things in the environment around them is using their Mouth.
  • Biting also Shows Sometimes that Your Dog is Bored and Wants to Play with you. He wants to Grab your Attention so that you Chase him and he Runs .
  • He could Bite as he wants you to Stop doing whatever you are Doing and pay Attention to him. Maybe, he needs Food , water or Your Love.


What Are the Types of Puppy Biting

It is Very Difficult for many Dog owners to determine why does your dog bite you . But most Importantly , Is your Cute Little Dog Showing Aggression by Biting? Or he is Just Trying to get your Attention….or He Wanna Play? Lets Talk More into Details…

Puppy Play Biting

Whenever you see Two Dogs or Puppies playing with each other , you can sense that they wanna kill each other. They Growl and play with each other in a way that many people who are not Familiar with this kind of Dog Behavior may feel that they are Fighting. But you know they are just playing. Similarly, Puppies Teeth Humans and feel that they are Playing but we Feel the Pain . Playful Biting is Dangerous as Puppies don’t even get to Know that they are hurting someone and it’s Wrong . It’s Dog owner’s Responsibility to Teach Dogs that this is Wrong so that they can Know that they are doing Something that their owner does not Like. We Will Talk More about the ways to Signal your Dog that he is onto something unacceptable.

Aggressive Biting

If Puppies Stare you Hard with a Tensed Posture and their Lips Licking their Upper Mouth , you can sense your Dog is Getting Aggressive and Its not a Playful Biting . This kind of Biting comes under Category of Aggressive Biting. Though, Not a lot of Pet Owners have encountered this as their Puppies don’t usually get so aggressive . But if you are Facing this , Read These ways to Get Dogs Like you .

Puppy may be Guarding Something

In this Category, your Puppy may be getting aggressive as you or someone else is Trying to snatch something valuable from him. It can be any Soft Toy or Treat , can be a chicken bone or his Food. It’s Very Important for you to figure out why your puppy is Biting you.

What Encourages Puppies to Bite You?


how to stop puppy biting fast

Puppies Usually Connect more with Children. Kids are full of energy and they always wants to play just like your cute little Puppies. They run around and hence puppies start treating them as their Toys. Kids Overly Active Nature Stimulates your dog more and he Bites around kids more as compared to you. You need to be careful when your pup is around small Children.

Playing with your Hands

If you have a habit of playing with your hands with your puppy and he often considers your hands as his Toy, Just STOP THIS! It might not seem a very Big Thing or A Problem but it will eventually become a huge problem for you as your Pup becomes a Dog . Imagine a 30 Kg Dog Playing with Your hands . This Encourages Biting at a Young age.

Fast Moving Objects

Puppies get Stimulated by Fast Moving Objects. You might have Observed dogs barking at fast moving vehicles and sometimes even start chasing them. They feel insecure. Hence they might Bite your ankle when you are wearing Shoes with Laces and move past them Quickly. You can Train your Dog to Stop Chasing Fast Moving objects by Training him here….

What are the Ways to Stop Puppy Biting ?

1. It’s easy to Mitigate Biting problem early in puppies . Just Redirect your Puppy from your skin to any other Chew Toy or Soft Toy. If he Keeps on Biting you , Just Look into his eyes and Say “No” in a very firm voice and show your wide open eyes . He won’t Stop doing it Immediately but as you keep on teaching your Puppy by saying ‘NO’ and Redirecting him as well , he will Stop Biting You.

2. Whenever Two Puppies play with each other , they nip each other. Only way they stop Nipping and Biting each other is when one of the Puppies get Hurt and Yelp . We can use this Natural way of Stopping Puppy Biting to Stop Puppy from Biting you . Whenever your Dog Bites or Nips you, Just act like you are Hurt a lot and make sounds like “Ouch” “Uff” “Ahh”. This is My Favorite Way of Stopping Puppy Playful Biting.

3. Teach your Puppy Obedience Training Command of “Leave It”. It will take time but will help you in other Situations as well.

4. Wear Gloves and Apply a Foul Tasting Substance on it , anything that your dog doesn’t like. Best Substance to apply can be Bitter Apple . But Some Puppies are Smart enough to sense that its okay to Insert his Fangs into your skin when you remove your gloves.

5. Fill up an Empty can with Stones , Rocks and Pebbles. Each Time your Puppy Starts Biting  , Just say “No” and start shaking that can. Puppies and Dogs hate this Rattling Sound and will stop Biting you.

If your Puppy Still doesn’t Stop Biting , You should Read This Story of a Lady..

It Might be the case that your Dog is Very Hyperactive and Hence you need to Calm him Down using These Techniques 

It is Important to Get Rid of Puppy Biting Problem as It creates Teeth marks on Owner’s Hands and they are difficult to remove at Times. Hence you should follow the Ways above to Get Rid of Puppy Biting problem in 2018.

How to calm down a Hyperactive dog in 2018
May 06

How to Calm Down a Hyperactive Dog

By Dog Lover Enthusiast | Dog Behavior Solutions

There are Dogs of Different Shapes , Sizes, Breeds and Nature. Some Dogs are Friendly and some take time to know a person and be comfortable around him. Some Dogs are Lazy and Some are Very Active . As i was going Through Many Pet Forums and Facebook Groups, i saw many Dog Owners Complaining that they were kind of Pissed of as their Dog always wanted to Play . He is always Looking at them to Seek Attention to Play . This is Called a Hyper Active Dog. They are very Fragile and always Running from one Corner to Another in our Houses. Don’t Worry , In this Article i will share some Latest Key Points by which you will Learn How to Calm Down a Hyperactive Dog .

The Reason that your Dog Might be Overly Active lies in his Daily Routine. There is a Large Chance your Dog is Bored and he is Lacking Stimulation. It Depends on the Kind of Activity your Dog gets to Do Everyday. Human Beings Suffer from Depression due to Lack of Stimulation as well.


Here are Some of the Latest and Best Ways to Calm Down a Hyperactive Dog :


1. Increase Energy and Mental Stimulation

Your Dog Needs to Increase Daily Energy Levels and Mental Stimulation. And guess what who will do That? Obviously You :P. You Need to Take him for a some kind of Exercise Daily. It can be a Long Walk of around 30-45 Mins or it can playing Frisbee along with him and Teach him how to get it or Catch it and get that Frisbee back to you. It will take time at First but your dog will Learn if you spend some time with him.

You can throw a Tennis Ball and Teach him to get it Back to you and This game is Easy as it can be Played Inside your House as well. Just Make Sure you can Channelize his energy to Learning Something or Playing.

2. Follow a Morning Routine

How to Calm down a Hyperactive dog 1


Why am i saying Morning Routine is because you can’t make your Dog Exercise and Play with you all day long. You have to go to Work as well , Isn’t it?

Just take your Dog for a Morning Walk of 30 mins and after the Walk, Spend Some time in Obedience Training or Playing out with him. After this just Feed your Dog well and he will Spend all his Afternoon Sleeping. This can Really Help you Calm Down your Overly Active Dog.

3. Use any Aroma to Calm your Dog

If you don’t Have time to spend morning with your Dog , Try to spread some Aroma in your House which will Relax your Kid. Just like Humans feel relaxed with the Smell of Lavender, Dogs also Like Lavender. Or you can also Consult your Doggy’s Doctor to ask him about other Aroma’s.

4. Obedience Training

obedience dog training


This Point can be the Best if you can do it. Try to make your Dog follow you. It Might seem hard and take some time but if your Dog can Obey your Instructions, Life would be so Easy with a Pet. You can Learn More About Obedience Training here . Learning New Skills will channelize your Dog’s Energy to Constructive and Positive Deeds and Obedience Training is the Best Skill your Dog Can Learn.

5. Spend Quality Time with your Dog

Try to take your Pet Doggy out for a Trip or Long drive or Picnic to a Large Playground or Park where he enjoys Nature and Spend some Quality Time with you. These Trips Really Strengthens the Bond between your dog and You and you will feel he won’t be Hyperactive during the whole week even if you Take him for a Trip or Park on Weekends only. Using this you can Calm your Hyperactive Dog

6. Make your Dog Learn a New Sport

Like i Said Frisbee is a good sport to play with your loved Dog, Don’t just Limit yourself and play just that. Playing Same Game everyday will be Boring and He will also not Enjoy after a Certain Time Period . Try to Make him Learn other Games and also use Smart Toys which will keep his Mind Busy and Hence Energy As well .

Try To Make your Dog Do both Physical Stimulation and Mental Stimulation. Lack of even one would also make him Hyperactive. Along with Physical games, Divert his Mind into Other Things such as Smart Toys or Puzzles.


how to make a dog like you
May 05

10 Ways to Get Dogs Start Liking You

By Dog Lover Enthusiast | Dog Behavior Solutions

There are Some Dogs that are Love at First Site and With Some Doggies , It Takes time for us Humans to Develop a Feeling of Love and Affection . Though There are Die hard Dog Lovers like me who fall in Love with any Dog , whether its Mine or it Belongs to Someone else . Just like Human Beings , Dogs also have Different Nature and Behavior Towards Humans. Some Dogs are Friendly and Start Playing or Liking New People easily and Some Dogs Take Time to Trust and Like you. So in this Article We Specify the 10 ways to get your Dog Start Liking You as these Methods and Techniques would Trigger Friendly Nature in Them and they would be Interested and Attracted towards you.  Read through the Points that will help your Dog Start Trusting you Fast.



1. Protect your Dog

We Always watch that Dogs are Meant to Protect Human Beings. We Watch in Films and TV shows and Develop a Perception that Dogs save his Owner from his Foes and other Mis-happenings. That may be True , but for now , you need to Protect your Dog in order to Make your Dog Trust you . By Protecting I don’t Mean Protect him or her from Kidnappers or Something , I Mean you need to Defend her and Stand up for her.

There would be Many People who would want to Interact with your Pet . If He or She is okay with it and she also wants to Interact , Let her do That . But in case you Feel shes not in Mood or she is Barking on that Stranger , Tell people to Stay Away . You can also Protect your Doggy from anyone who plays with her ears as that would Send a Message to your Cute Dog “Don’t Worry! I am Here for You”. This way he will Start Trusting you Gradually.

2. Learn to Give her Own Comfort or Space

When your Dog is New to your House or He isn’t that Friendly with you or Know you Much , Don’t Try to be Friendly all the Time and be After him or her Tail all day Long. Learn to give him his own space . He or She will Take time to get Comfortable with the New owner or New House and hence you should leave him if he goes for spending time alone . You got to Understand he is New and he may not be Accustomed to having an Owner before or Having a Good House where he can roam and Sit Anywhere.

3. Learn Canine Body Language



This is the Best that you can do to Understand your Dog . Once you Understand your Pet better , it wont be that Difficult to make him Trust you . As Simple As That . When you Understand your Partner and his problems , She Trusts you More and Like you More.

A dog that Yawns or Licks his Lips while meeting any Stranger Shows that he is Stressed and he doesn’t wanna Meet or Interact with Anyone he Doesn’t know. Similarly , Wagging Tail is an Indicator that your Dog is in Good Mood and want to be Friends with you or Someone hes around . These are Called Calming Signals and All Dog Owners should make an Effort to Learn some of these Signals in order to Understand their Doggy Friends Better. Isn’t It?

4. Show Love and Affection when Dog’s Afraid

Normally Dogs are afraid of Sounds of Sirens or Loud Horns . They are also very Afraid of sound of Crackers Nearby in Surroundings. You can Comfort your Dog when he is Afraid of Something like this. Show your Love and Affection by petting him and giving him a massage . You can Also Hug him Tightly for instance .

Don’t Believe in Traditional Myths that “Don’t Comfort your Dog when He’s Afraid as that Would encourage him to get scared more”. This is a Myth . Your Pet is Your Child and you need to Love him when he’s Afraid him. Make him Comfortable of that Situation It is Normal to Listen to Loud Horns. This will make your Dog Like and Trust you More.


5. Listen and Understand What a Dog is Telling

This may be Tricky but you got to Respect your Dog . Many People gets offended when their Pet Refuses to Obey their Instructions and Gets angry with him and Start Scolding. They Think that he is Trying to be Dominating. This isn’t the Case sometimes as you got to Understand why he is refusing Something. If you are Training him into Something and He Refuses to obey you , Its Perfectly Okay. It will Take Time. You can Look at How This Lady Trainer her Dog using Brain Training for Dogs Course . Your Pet may not be in Mood or he didn’t get what you are saying or he is Stressed out . There can be Many Factors Involved and you as a Dog Owner needs to Understand.


6. Use Force Free Training Techniques

Do not Hurt your Dog . Even if you are Angry , don’t ever Kick Him. Your All the Time Invested to Get his Trust can go in Vain. Use Force Free Training Methods using Treats and Rewards to Get him Into Dog Training . It’s Always Better to Train a Puppy or Young Dog but you can also Train an Elder Dog , but it will test your Patience. You can learn How to Calm Down if your Dog is Hyperactive .


how to make a dog trust you


7. Use Treats to your Advantage

Using Rewards or Treats is the Quickest Way to Develop a Bond of Friendship with your Dog . Treat can be ‘Meat’ , or ‘Ball’ , or any ‘Toy’ . Usually Eatables work the Best here . But Just be Careful as a New Dog who is not Friendly or Used to accepting treats from strangers will take time to Smell you and Judge whether he Should Accept that Treat or Not. He may be Shy and doesn’t want to Eat from your Hand . So just Drop it on the Floor and Let him Eat.

8. Play with Your Dog

This is also One of The Best ways to come closer to your Pet but it depends which game your Dog Likes to Play. Usually A Playful Dog would be Happy to Play anything till the Time you are Supportive and Eager to Play. Spend Quality Time with Him and Smile While Playing as it would make him Feel that you are also Happy with Him and Enjoy his Company.

9. Give Shoulder Massage to your Dog

Dogs Love Shoulder Massage especially when they are Tired , Just as in Humans. For Beginners , Give your Dog Massage for Three Seconds and then remove your Hands. If he leans forward to you or keeps your palm on your hands, That means he Likes it and you can Continue but if He Just Goes away , It means he is either not in Mood or Didn’t liked your Massage.

10. Have Fun With Him by Going for Adventures

Whenever you Go out with your Family for a Trip or Picnic , Take your Pet Dog along with you . This Makes your Kid Respect you more . I know its not always Easy as it’s not Convenient to Accompany a Dog into New Places but this will Make your Bond Stronger . Just like Humans Interact and Bond More during Trips, Same is the Case here. I am Sure you Remember your Last Trip or Picnic, Isn’t It? Give Your Dog a Chance as Well to Explore the World.


I hope You Liked this Article on “How to Make a Dog Trust and Like you“. Read More Articles on Our Blog to Learn About How to Train a Dog and Dog Training Tutorials.


brain training 4 dogs latest review 2018
May 03

Brain Training For Dogs Review : Is it Worth The Money? Latest Review 2018

By Dog Lover Enthusiast | Reviews

Being a Dog Owner and Lover, I really Adore Pets and Especially Dogs. I love it when they show Gestures of Love towards you when they come and Jump on you after we return back to our House from Work or Trip. I know Everyone of You Loves it. Isn’t it?

Dogs are the Most Famous kind of Pets that Humans Like to Keep and Adopt and do you know why? That’s Because They are Super Intelligent and Understand Human Feelings The Best. They get to know that their Master is in Trouble or whether he’s in Good mood right now or not. And also, They are 100% Loyal.

All This Aside, Pet Dogs also have Some Problems, They can Be Behavioral or Related to Food , Sleep , Body or anything else. No Dog is Perfect and every Dog has any Problem in any Field or anything he or she is Struggling with . Most of the Time its their Owner that struggles the Most.

So, In This Article, I will Write a Detailed and Latest Review of Brain Training For Dogs and I will Share my Story that can make your Life Simpler and I hope you can Learn from it.



Is Brain Training For Dogs Course a Scam ?

Does Brain Training 4 Dogs Give Results?

Does Adrienne Farricelli’s Dog Training Course Work?


Don’t Worry, You will Get all These Questions Answered in This Latest Article Here. This Story of Mine Will Shock you and You will Learn a Lot from It.


Who am I?

Hi, My name is Katherine Williams and i Work for an IT Company in Texas. I have Two Dogs named Max and Heidi. I am Obsessed with Dogs to be Honest. I am Married and Have a Baby Boy as well. I usually Tell People that i Have Three Kids 😛 ( Haha).

I Just Love Dogs and Playing With Them. I also Love Talking to and Meeting New Dogs and Their Owners. It is Kinda Difficult to Manage Both Work and Home ( Kids , Max , Heidi and My Hubby ) but i have Learned to do it With Experience.

The one in Left is Heidi and Right one is Max. He seems Shy though ( Kidding) .



So Heidi has Caused Problems for me and I and my Husband had to struggle due to her. She is Hyperactive. Many Dogs are Hyperactive and sometimes they really piss their owners.

She Always Wanted My or Ricky’s ( My Husband) Attention. She can win an Oscar when it Comes to Seeking your Attention. She used to Bark Continuously, Not only on People but also when at Home ( Not Always).

Whenever I used to take her for a Walk, She used to get Hyperactive and Start Barking on People for No Reason. Apart from This, Heidi used to Bite us when we used to Play with her. At First, I Thought that she did it Mistakenly or Unintentionally, but with Time I Felt that she was Doing it Deliberately.

We were Pissed off as My Hands had got Teeth Marks on it and Doctor Prescribed me a Cream that was Quite Expensive. I used to give her other soft Toys to Chew as well but it didn’t work.

I was Struggling to Control my Heidi but I Loved her. Slowly I was Getting Pissed due to her Barking and Aggressive Behaviour as well. I remember the Night when Ricky Invited her Office Friend and their Family for Dinner and Heidi got so Much Aggressive on them and especially their Little Children that she scared me as well.

Thank God she didn’t Bite them that Night. Ricky and I got very Embarrassed and Apologised for Heidi’s Behaviour as well.

After that Day, i Made a List of Behavioral and other Problems that Heidi had and i came up with the Following:-

  • Aggressive Behavior Towards Strangers and People ( Often Not Strangers to Me, They were an acquaintance )
  • Barking on People or Sometimes for No reason even in Relaxed Environment at Home.
  • Demanding Attention all the Time (It’s not possible for me as I have other things to do as well)
  • Looking at Me all the Time to Seek Attention
  • Running around the house here and There for no Reason ( Hyper-activeness)
  • Biting while Playing


We Researched on the Internet and Found that if We Don’t Pay Attention to her or have an Eye Contact with her, she would stop Seeking Attention. We Tried but it didn’t work out. For the Biting Problem, we used some chew toys and soft toys but it was temporary as well.

I also Read on the Internet that For Aggressiveness and Hyper-activeness i had to Train Her. Really?? 

At First, I Thought Training her would be a Hard Task and it may cost me Thousands of Dollars as well. Also , I didn’t had any Time to Train her in My Daily Routine.

What to Do?? I was Really Confused and Wanted an Escape Plan. Biting Problem is still only upto me but aggressive behavior was too Serious to Ignore ( Especially after that Dinner Incident ) .


How Did I Find Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs?

So I was just Searching and Researching a lot on Dogs Forums and Internet and Social Media Websites Day in and Day out. I Swear i didn’t research so much about pregnancy or anything else in my life as I did for Heidi’s Problems.

I Had to Train my Dog and I had To Learn it. So after Researching and Reading Hundreds of Pages on Internet, I came to Know About  Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs.

I Learnt that Adrienne Farricelli is a Professional Dog Owner and She has Trained Thousands of Dogs in her 10 Year Old Career and she has Developed this Training Course to Help Dog Owners Overcome the Behavioral and Other Problems that they face from their Dog.

I had to Give it a Try as it was Cheap and Regarding The Reviews that i had read about this Course From The Dog Forums and Social Media Websites. Just Look at Adrienne Farricelli Training a Dog Below :-



<<<Check Out Special Discount on Brain Training 4 Dogs >>>


What is Brain Training For Dogs Training?

The Most Important Thing about Brain Training 4 Dogs and the thing that I Liked the Most is that it is a Force Free Training. You don’t need to force your Dog in any way or hurt him in any way. Just as the Name Suggests ” Brain Training”.

Before Buying this Course I used to feel that Dogs must be Trained by Showing Dominance or some kind where they are forced to do something in order to avoid any certain Punishment. That’s why I didn’t wanted to Train my Dog, Lol Foolish Me.

Due To Force Free Training and Positive reinforcement, Dogs Feel Increased Thinking Capacity and Their Intelligence gets Increased as well. I Bought Adrienne Farricelli’s Course for 60$ Though Now its Cheaper.


What is Inside Brain Training For Dogs Training Course?

I bought this Dog Training Program at 20% Off as I had got a Secret Discount coupon via a link someone posted on a Dog forum I was Part of. Here is The Link to that Free Discount Coupon.

As Soon as i Paid for the course, I got my login details via email. Below is the image of the homepage of the member’s login area which had solutions not only to all kinds of Problems I had with my heidi but also to every kind of problems that any dog can face in his lifespan.


Brain Training 4 dogs members homepage


Be it any Behavioral Problem or Lifestyle problem, Adrienne Farricelli has solutions for each and every problem in this Training program.

You can Clearly observe in the image above that there are 6 categories in the Menu section of this area. They are:-

  • Dog Training and Courses
  • Puppy Training
  • Behavior Problems
  • Adrienne’s Archives
  • Case Studies
  • Forum


1.Dog Training and Courses

This is the first category of this menu section and this mainly introduces the author, Adrienne, and explains about Brain training for dogs and exactly what activities are done to train a dog’s brain.

This is an image with the subcategories inside this Broad category and inside each sub-category, there are a lot of articles with images explaining the complete process behind it.


brain training for dogs members area

I really found that the structure of this dog training program is great and Interface is very friendly and easy to use. Adrienne explains each and every step with her pet dog ‘Einstein’.

She is Practical and that’s why she uses images with the content to depict how to perform something that she recommends.

2. Puppy Training

This Category mainly focusses on puppies and how can puppy owners start to spend some time daily on their training so that they do not face any difficulties in future (like me). Puppy Training section is also essential for the people who are looking forward to adopting a dog in near future.

Here is a Sneak Peek to the Puppies Section :


brain training 4 dogs puppy training


As you can see the above image, there are different ways and techniques to train a puppy according to his age. During his fear period (8-10 weeks), he is growing and it is very important to develop a bond of friendship and love with him.

Hence training methods are a little different during that development phase.

3. Behavioral Problems

Very important part of this dog training course is this section named Behavioral Problems. This category mainly focusses on solutions to all kinds of behavioral problems that dog owners face with their pet dogs.

Problems such as aggression, whinning, barking, psychological problems and many more issues are covered under this section.

Here is a Sneak peek to it:-

brain training for dogs behavior problems section

Each subcategory further consists of atleast 10-15 articles along with images talking about the ways and techniques to solve that particular problem in your dog. The Language used is easily understandable and the content available is abundant to solve reader’s pet problems.

For example, inside aggression area, there are 20 long articles which really helped me understand Heidi’s attitude and psychology and then implement the solutions inside training to my use.

Here is some content related to solving the barking problem in your dog

barking problem solution in brain training 4 dogs


4. Adrienne’s Archive

This category contains all the important solutions about the problems and topics that Adrienne considers to be most common and will help each and every dog enthusiast.

It Contains two subcategories:-

adrienne's archive in brain training for dogs course


  • Article Archives

It has a Collection of all the articles related to the common dog problems like barking and aggression at one place.

  • Video Archives

This subcategory is special as it is a collection of videos recorded by Adrienne with her dog Einstein aiming to teach all the users particularly about Behavior modification and trick training techniques that could not be well explained using the written content.


4. Case Study

In this category, Adrienne shares her personal experience with the two dogs that she trained out of thousands she met. These Dogs were Sadie and Maggie.

Sadie was therapy and service dog who was sent to Adrienne as a rescue dog. She had multiple problems such as whining, standing next to door for hours and over possessiveness.

Maggie had a weird problem of jumping on the people around her. It was a real challenge for Adrienne to be able to resolve her problem. You can Look at the how she was able to solve her jumping problem using this Free Discount Coupon to the Training.

5. Forum

It is natural that all the users will have some doubts and queries regarding the tactics used inside the training modules. All the members can ask their doubts and other members help and share their experiences with them.

Even Adrienne answers personally to some doubts that really needs her attention. Even many of my doubts regarding aggression and biting problems were cleared inside the forum by helpful members of the Brain Training for dogs.


brain training for dogs forum



So in a Nutshell, This Course Contains the Following Items :

  • The Main Dog Training Manual which is an E-Book is a 328 Page PDF format Manual.
  • There is also a Complimentary 89 Page Dog Behavioral Training Manual which is Very Useful
  • Along with this Bunch of Useful Information, There are 21 Videos that Teaches and Describes The Inside  Details of Dog Behavior and How you can Make your Dog Follow you. These Video Tutorials Really Prove to be Very Helpful.


Who will be Benefited From this Dog Training Course?

Obviously, Dog Owners like me and Ricky are the ones that would get Their Problem Solved. Now Let me Clarify it, There are Some very Good Techniques and Ways of Training your Dog into a “Good Dog” but there is no Magic in this World.

You have to be Mentally Prepared with the Psychology that This isn’t a Magic Wound and you would need Patience and Dedication To Learn These Unique Techniques of Dog Training and Then do the Hard Work with your Dog. Your Dog will not start listening to you in a Fortnight, So Be Patient and Continue Working Hard.

Dog Training Takes Time but its all Worth it as it will not Only save you from Embarrassment or having to Control your Dog all the Time but also Save you Money that you would need to pay Any Dog Trainer or other Expenses ( In my Case it was Doctors Expense and that Expensive Cream to get rid of Teeth Marks ) .



How does this Dog Training Program Works?


This Program is all About The Bonding and Trust that you and your Dog Will Share when you get into Training Phase. It Depends on the Way you Start Teaching it . As i said , at First you need to Be Patient And Gradually you will Observe Changes in your Dogs Behavior that Will make all the Hard Work worth all the Time you Invested.

So , at First Though you would need to Gain your Dog’s Trust and you will keep giving him Rewards and Praises or Love when he Do Something that you say. As you keep Praising and Showing Love Towards your Dog as he Achieves Something that you Ordered him, he will Feel Motivated and work Harder Next Time.

This Course Teaches how you can do all this ….From Building Trust in your Dogs Eyes to Slowly Make him or her Follow your Order and then Going from Easy Tasks to Harder Ones Slowly and Smoothly.

Adrienne Farricelli also Busted a Myth in Brain Training for Dogs that Old Dogs cant Learn New Tricks. She Showed us Some Unique Techniques and ways by which you can also Train an Elder Dog. ( Like I Trained Heidi )

The Methods Taught by Adrienne Farricelli are Just Awesome and I believe they are Best in the World. Her Charming Personality will make you Mesmerized Towards her and I guess Dogs get as well ( That’s why They Follow her 😛 ) . Check Out Her Video by Clicking Here

So Now comes the Ultimate Main Question….

Does Brain Training 4 Dogs Really work?

The Simple Answer to it is YES, It Works. Heidi Changed a Lot. From Being an aggressive Female Dog to a Calm one . From Biting me Deliberately to now Playing with me in a Gentle Manner, She Understands My Emotions Clearly now and She knows what her Owner Wants from her.

She is Pretty Intelligent Now and Calmer as well. I will tell you More About Heidi and also That Shocking Fact i Told you in the Starting of the Article.

Yes this Training Course Worked for me. I am Super Satisfied with this and I know anyone who will be Patient to Learn and work hard towards Improving Bad Habits of his or her Dog can Achieve what I Achieved.

The Author Teaches you what to use In Treats and Rewards, her Techniques of Training are Just out of this World and She will Really Make you a Good Dog Trainer if Not a Professional One.


My Results with Adrienne Farricelli’s Training

So now is The Time to show you my Results. At First, Heidi did take time to follow me and listen to my Commands but Rewards and Techniques Taught inside this Course did helped me make her Follow my Orders and she has Now Stopped Biting me but also Stopped her Aggressive Behavior Towards Known People.

Even if She Tries to Get Aggressive Towards Someone, Just one Command from me and She Stops it at That Moment Itself. That Feels So Good, It Feels Awesome and I am Proud that I Took This Decision in My Life to Train Heidi and Buy Brain Training For Dogs 

Here is A Small Video of Us after She Has Learned to Listen to my Commands, She used to Run away when I used to take her for a walk and I had to Pull her Tightly to Stop her and Listen to me But Now just Look at This Video Below


So Heidi Started Following my Commands without using any Rewards now. You can Observe this Dramatic Change in her Behavior Due to Training her Using Adrienne Farricelli’s dog training tactics.


Pro’s of This Dog Training Course


  • As i Said Earlier, This Training is a Force Free Training, Hence only Techniques of Positive Reinforcements are Used which is a Plus Point of this Brain Training.
  • The Author of This Training has an Experience of 10 Years and She is a Professional Dog Trainer. She has Trained Thousands of Dogs, both Elder and Younger. Hence she has a whole list of Techniques Methods to Train your Dog to become a Good Dog.
  • This Training is Very Easy to Learn and all Dog Owners who want to Train their Dog can Easily get the Methods Taught inside Brain Training 4 Dogs 
  • Adrienne Farricelli has Provided Tons of Useful Information and Content on Dog Training in the form of PDF and Videos. You will Not Get Bored while Reading her Techniques and how She Controls Dogs
  • They Offer a Money Back Guarantee so Unsatisfied Customers can get Their Money Back. This Ensures that Customer Really gets what she wants and not some Crap. So What Stops you From Trying This Course?


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Con’s of This Dog Training Course


  • For Those who are not Used to Reading Books, it would be Tedious Task to Read so Much Content But since there are Videos Provided so its not such a Big Problem.


Final Verdict :

Brain Training 4 Dogs Training just helped me Solve my Problems with my Dog Heidi. If I as a Working Mother with so many Responsibilities can Achieve this then Anyone with a Bit of Dedication and Patience can Achieve This.

I would Highly Recommend you to Buy This Training if you are really Looking Forward to Train your Dog or get Rid of His “Bad Habits” or Make him a “Good Boy”. I showed you My Results and i am Really Excited to observe your Results as well. Don’t Forget to Comment Below.

Where can you Buy this Training From? 

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