5 Dog Myths that Most Dog Owners Fall For

5 Dog Myths that Most Dog Owners Fall For

We all love dogs, don’t we? Those round, innocent eyes with a touch of innocence are what attracts a majority of us!

Most of us have the thought of adopting a fur friend once in a lifetime. Also, while adopting a pet doggy, you may have an awful of a lot of plans in mind. Some of us even have a particular mindset or thought process about dogs.

Surprisingly, what most of the to-be pet parents assume can be wrong. All that people have told you or you have learned about dogs for years can be mere myths. Also, there are a lot of things that your dogs want to teach you to improve pet-human bonding.

So, if you are a would-be dog parent, remove these age-old myths from your mind. Start afresh!

1. Dogs Cannot Learn New Tricks

Dogs cannot unlearn old and acquire new hacks easily is the most cliché dialogue that you can hear. Instead, they tend to learn new things spontaneously.

Your fur babies are constantly engaged in the learning procedure, and they never run out of this cycle. They find it interesting and exciting to be involved in activities that keep them lively.

So, if you have the popular myth rooting in you, it’s time for a change.

Fun fact: Learning the latest tricks and things can improve a dog’s sharpness in old age!

2. Dogs Signal Us If They Feel Unwell

Do you believe that your fur babies can alert you at times when they feel unwell?

Well, you may be wrong as in some instances, dogs don’t provide you a signal!

There can be a lot of anxiety issues in them, along with their health issues. But they may be able to bring it to your notice all the time. Learning about their anxieties can help to detect their concerns on a priority basis.

So, try doing some research on the methods of lowering their anxieties. Simply, try not to sit back believing them to come to you; instead, try reaching them out.

3. Dogs Have a Limited Life Expectancy

A majority of us believe that dogs don’t have a long life span. However, it is a myth as the life expectancy of furry beings depends on their breeds and sizes.

A specific breed may last longer depending on the surroundings and genetic factors. If you are having beliefs that fur babies have a short life, you are living in myths.

With enough care and proper maintenance, you can expect your paw friend to live for years to come. Therefore, try learning some facts on the life expectancy of dogs for life-long companionship.

4. Dogs with Least Outside Interaction, Face Lower Heartworms.

Do you believe that puppies going less outdoors are less susceptible to heartworms?

Again, it is time to burst the bubbles of your myths!

Heartworms can affect your dearest pet dog, even the safety of your home. On occasions when your dog gets mosquito bites, they are carriers of the heartworm larvae. So, heartworm prevention has nothing to do with keeping your puppies indoors.

For avoiding such circumstances, it is better to opt for coverage that supports you in hardships. Even if your dog develops health concerns before the seeding period of the insurance term, it gets covered. Pet insurance that covers pre-existing conditions can help combat such adverse scenarios seamlessly.

5. A Dog Faces Less Dental Problems than Human Beings

If you think that your fur babies don’t go through oral problems, then it is a myth-breaking time. Your furry beings also face dental concerns similar to other human beings.

For instance, dogs face problems like gum issues, tooth decay, cavities, and unpleasant odor. Similar to our dental concerns, you also need to address those areas.

Consider visiting a veterinary doctor regularly to avoid facing such troubles. Don’t believe in those myths ruling on for years!

You can also make a budget planned for their medical expenses or opt for pet insurance. A pet coverage allows managing uncertain emergencies arising out of poor oral health.

If you have been a believer in myths, consider not to stay in illusions. Practice the ritual of getting your fur friend coverage that helps you manage funds in such uncertain scenarios.

A Little More You Must Know

Now since you have understood the difference between myths and reality, being a pet parent gets easier. Try reading their emotions and behavior instead of believing those norms prolonging for ages.

Happy pet parenting!

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