Are Yorkies Aggressive Chewers?

Are Yorkies Aggressive Chewers?

Yorkshire Terriers are adorable breeds. They know how to grab one’s attention. Some even find their teething mesmerizing.

Chewing in Yorkies is a common habit. It comes out naturally. They love to play with their chew toys in and out of the house.

However, sometimes, their habit of chewing can become risky. It can affect the people around you and may disrupt your day-to-day life. 

Make sure that you handle the situation with a calm attitude, otherwise, your Yorkie will get even more aggressive.

The next time you observe your Yorkie chewing your favorite sneakers, deal with it very patiently. Do Yorkshire Terriers Chew Aggressively? Let’s find out whether they do or not and tips to stop aggressive chewing in your Yorkie.


What is Aggressive Chewing?

Aggressive chewing can be defined as a destructive chewing habit when your dog chews things of utmost importance to you. Chewing in dogs is very common and doesn’t harm abruptly.

However, if your pup starts chewing on your favorite stuffed toys or your kid’s sponge bob playset, you need to act upon it and help your puppy understand the difference between chewing on a dog toy and your slippers, toothbrush, or shoes.


Why Do Yorkies Chew Aggressively?

There are a variety of reasons that inculcates the bad behavior of aggressive chewing in Yorkshire Terriers. Here are a few reasons:

  • Yorkies at their infant stage try to figure out the world with their mouth and sense of taste. Like baby humans, they sniff, touch, and pick up things unknown and unfamiliar to them and start chewing them.
  • To many Yorkies, chewing is a stressbuster. It helps them relieve their monotonous mood and help them distract their mind. 
  • Teething is a natural process that is pretty normal when Yorkie puppies grow up. As your Yorkie grows, from an infant to an adult dog, he experiences pain in his gums which causes him to chew.
  • Yorkies are zealous characters. They love outings anywhere, anytime. However, they also have their days when they feel bored and aloof. They find things that they can chew to pass their time.
  • Yorkshire Terriers are emotional breeds. They crave attention and their owner’s presence. However, you can not be present all the time due to work or home duties. It creates stress and separation anxiety in your Yorkie. Resultantly, he finds chewing on things nearby soothing.
  • Yorkies also chew aggressively when they lack proper training and socialization. Inconsistent training can cause your Yorkie to behave aggressively and chew on anything he finds suitable at that time, even if it’s a costly affair to you. Properly Training your Yorkie for Obedience Training can help you tackle this bad behavior of your puppy. 

What can you give to your Yorkie if he is a Heavy Chewer? 


how to stop aggressive chewing in Yorkies


Yorkies know how to take the lead when they see a crowd at home or outside. They are known to be attention buggers.

However, they can behave a bit strange when bored and aloof and may end up chewing your crocs on which you’ve spent dollars. The question arises, what can you give to your Yorkie when he is an aggressive chewer? 

The simple answer is Chew Toys which are readily available. Chew toys are the safest option for your heavy chewer Yorkie. It will help him distract his mind from other expensive things present around.

Resultantly, he gets aware of the dos and don’ts. It will also help him strengthen his muscle and mental capacity. Make sure you invest in safe chew toys that don’t have sharp edges.

Look for products that aren’t too hard on your Yorkie’s teeth. There are many options available in the online and offline market from which you can pick the best.  Here’s a list of the 12 Best Dog toys for Yorkshire Terriers


How to Choose the Best Chew Toy for your Yorkshire Terrier?


how to choose the best chew toy for Yorkies


Now that you have an idea of how you can help when your Yorkie is an aggressive chewer, The next thing that comes to mind is how to find the right kind of chew toy for your Yorkie.

A toy that will fit your Yorkie’s interest and chewing habit. Here are a few things to keep in mind while getting a chew toy for your Yorkie.


1. Size 

The size of the dog chew matters a lot. You should always make sure you choose the right size of chew toy for your Yorkie.

You can check the backside of the packaging if shopping offline or the product description if shopping online. Generally, small-sized chews become risky to your Yorkie’s well-being.

It is because of your Yorkie’s aggressive chewing habit that can lead him to ingest the chew. You can get a dog chew available for dog breeds slightly larger than your Yorkie. It will help you avoid choking mishaps for your furry friend.


2. Check the Hardness of the Chew Toy

The texture of the dog chew is also necessary to consider while buying a new chew toy for your Yorkie.

If the chew toy you are carting upon is hard in texture, it can be a big NO for your furry friend. Hard chews can affect your Yorkie’s oral health.

It can affect his muscles and gums and might damage them. How to check the stiffness of a chew toy? 

The easiest way to check how hard a dog chew is to perform the knee-know game. You can bring the chew closer to your knee and tap it along your knee. If it hurts, understand it is not a fit for your Yorkie. 


3. Overlook his activity

Finding a safe dog chew is difficult. You may have to look into myriad factors to make it an easy-to-go toy for your Yorkie with which to play.

Even if you have a suitable chew toy, it becomes necessary for you to overlook his activity to eliminate choking hazards, especially when your Yorkie is a heavy or aggressive chewer.

You can change your dog’s chew toy when you observe it to be damaged and not optimal for use.


Types of Chew Toys for Yorkshire Terriers 

It becomes tricky to find the perfect chew toy for your aggressive Yorkie. Many Yorkie parents try to buy edible chews.

However, edible chew toys are soft and can easily break when your Yorkie is a heavy chewer. Resultantly, he may swallow the broken pieces of the toy (dental treats), which will ultimately affect his health.

Hard chew toys like Nylabones are a better option than soft chew toys. Hard chew toys can affect the oral health of your Yorkie, resulting in muscle and gums soreness.

These are some of the dog chew types you should know. It will help you locate the best when getting a chew toy for your Yorkshire Terrier.


1. Bones

The all-time classic toy for dogs is bones. Bones are always a happy-to-go chew toy for smaller breeds like Yorkies.

However, bones can become hazardous for health and may cause food-borne diseases. Uncooked bones have a hard texture and may fracture your Yorkie’s tooth.

It can also give birth to infections. Sometimes your dog swallows the broken pieces of bones that can negatively impact your Yorkie’s digestive health. It is always advisable to boil-cook the bone toy before serving it to your furry friend.

I would recommend you to try out Bullibone’s Nylon Chew Toy for your Yorkshire Terrier.




2. Antlers

Antlers are a safe option over bones when you wish to shoo away unwanted infections and toxins from your Yorkie. However, antlers also have a high chance of fracturing your Yorkie’s teeth, especially the carnassial region.

Carnassial fractures are extremely painful, and serious injuries will call for the ultimate extraction. The small parts of antlers, if ingested, may cause gastrointestinal issues for your Yorkie.

For this, Nylabone’s Antler Chew Toy would be a great fit.



3. Yak Chews

These chews are a solid form of chew toys out of yak and cow’s milk. The milk is dried to make a Yak chew toy.

These chews can also cause fractural emergencies. Yak milk becomes hard when dried again and can cause tooth fractures and other related mishaps.

However, if swallowed, yak chews are less likely to disrupt your Yorkie’s gastrointestinal health.


4. Tendons

Tendons are edible chews that are an output of beef. It is a safe option compared to other hard chews like antlers and Yak chews.

Tendons do not cause gastrointestinal problems even if your Yorkie ingests smaller broken pieces of it. However, it can cause choking hazards because of its minuscule size.

Therefore, you should be there supervising when your Yorkie is chewing and busy playing with a tendon.


5. Dental Chews

Dental chews are the safest and most reliable option when you are in denial of hard chew toys. The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) seal indicates that the product has undergone testing to verify its claims of supporting dental health.

However, even VOHC dental chews can cause gastrointestinal issues if swallowed. Therefore, keep an eye on your Yorkie’s activity and sideline the damaged chew after it has erased its size to a minimum.

Check out Arm and Hammer Gator Chew Toy for Dental Chew toys for Yorkies.



Other Ways to Stop Aggressive Chewing in Yorkies

Apart from toys, there are other options available as well which can enable you to monitor your Yorkie’s aggressive chewing habit and treat it in the best way possible. 


1. Dog-Proof the house

Like human babies, Yorkie puppies also need beginner-level training and protection. Yorkies chewing your favorite crocs, sofa, or a tee isn’t intentional.

It is better to address the issue by keeping all the valuable items away from your Yorkie until he is fully prepared to cross the dog-proofed boundaries. 

Socialization and Crate Training would also help a ton in this matter.


2. Teething

Your Yorkie’s aggressive chewing can also be a cause of teething. Teething is painful, and to wear off the pain, your Yorkie might chew on things that are nearby available to him irrespective of how expensive of a thing it is to you.

To solve this issue, you can bring him some teething toys. You can also freeze the toy to help relieve his gum pain.


3. Confinement and Care

It is necessary to overlook your Yorkie until he is fully ready to roam freely in the house. You will have to spend your time and energy.

Take proper care of your Yorkshire Terrier and check for the toys. If damaged, throw it, and don’t let your Yorkie swallow them. Sometimes, it will also require you to confine your Yorkie in a crate far away from the non-chewable items of the house. 


4. Engage in activities

Yorkies are highly energetic breeds. They love adventures and heavy activities.

Aggressive chewing in Yorkie may also be a reason for frustration and aloofness. You can take your Yorkie out for a walk or play an indoor activity with him. It will calm him down and also exhaust him which would help in Obedience training your Yorkie


5. Verbal Cues & Praise

Now that your Yorkie is under training and supervision, You can start exercising the verbal cues with him. You can utter words like ‘No’ or ‘bad’ when you see him chewing things other than his toys.

It will signal him that something is wrong and he shouldn’t do it. If he obeys your verbal commands, praise him and treat him with his favorite snack. Here’s a list of Best Treats for Yorkshire Terriers



Habits take months and decades to be inculcated. But. Nothing is impossible.

With proper care, attention, and supervision, you can aid your Yorkie bounce back on this issue. Also, don’t forget to shower your Yorkie with love because all he wants is your warm presence.

Would you like to share your story with me? Feel free to type in your emotions in the comments section below!

Toodles! 🙂


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