Are Yorkshire Terriers Good With Kids?

Are Yorkshire Terriers Good With Kids?

Are you planning to purchase a Yorkie for your kid any recently? Are you stressed about whether or not it will become a good companion for your kid?

Well, the answer to it can’t be specific. This is because you never know how the bond between the two turns out to be! A Yorkie can be a good companion or not – depends entirely on how you train it.

Therefore, you should always think of purchasing it when it’s still young so that it gets easier for you to train it as you want!

Until and unless you intervene in your Yorkie’s personal time, it is sure to feel good with you. Whether you own a Yorkie or some other dog, it depends solely on the way you raise it that decides how well it can mix with your kid.

They are great partners for children, provided that you teach it right since you have brought it to your home. There’s no such norm that Yorkie will be a good choice for your kids or not, it all depends on the way you behave with it and makes it feel at your home.

Care for your Yorkie and it will care for you!

Dogs will always remain as a loyal companion for humans. Yorkshire Terriers are no exception to this!

Yorkies are playful and if you have an active kid, the two of them are going to have a really good time together.

Yorkies help their owners to relax and remain stress-free all the while! At least, you know that someone is going to wait for you at the end of the day when you get back home.

If you have brought this pup newly and is confused about how would you raise it, take good care of it and it will gradually grow faith on you. Dogs can sense the amount of love and care you have for them in your hearts.

If you yourself are negligent about it, how can you expect it to be good with you?

Everything that we do with our dogs reinforces the bond we share with them. Just as we learn from them, they will learn from us.

Playing together, exercising together, talking to them and spending time with each other are some of the best ways through which you can strengthen your bond. This is how you make dogs like and love you.

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Yorkshire Terrier can be a perfect play partner!

are Yorkies good with kids

It is usually recommended to avoid having Yorkies when your kid is still a toddler. This is because your baby may end up hurting your Yorkie without even knowing it.

Certainly, your kid needs to grow a little older to learn caring for the pup.

If you do not want your kid not to spend the whole day on video games and teach him or her some sort of responsibility instead, get him a Yorkie! Your kid will learn to manage another living creature along with himself or herself and that’s something you want to teach them, don’t you?

If you have got only one child and it tends to suffer from loneliness too often, I don’t think there could be any greater companion to him other than a Yorkie. Not only a Yorkie will suppress his feeling of loneliness but at the same time, your child will start treating it as its sibling.

Your pup will learn kindness, know how to love each other, be in their own space and share their parent’s time as well. Eventually, the kid will start playing with it, exercise with and take it along with himself wherever he goes! All these will nurture the bond between the two!

Also, your kid will gradually start to understand the concept of “love” and that’s something really great about it. Hence, if you are still planning if you can get a Yorkie for your kid on his next birthday, go ahead!

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Are Yorkies good for toddlers?

yorkies behavior with kids

Well, Yorkshire Terriers are absolutely good for kids till the time we consider that your kid is a little bit in its senses. If it knows what he or she is doing and can act as per your instructions, you can definitely gift a Yorkie to him/her.

However, when your kid is still a toddler and it has got no clue about what it is doing, it is better if you can avoid this plan for now! Maybe, you can keep this idea aside for some time later in life!

This is because, as we all know that Yorkies are extremely fragile, your kid may end up falling over it or hurting it some way or the other.

The baby might do it out of ignorance but that will be something extremely painful for your pup and you would certainly not want to see either of them in pain.

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How will you know that your Yorkie is good for your kid and vice versa?

Although there’s no such formula to figure it out, it all depends on how things ‘click’ between the two! Not everyone can have the same kind of chemistry and that stands true for both a pup as well as a kid.

However, here are a few things that you may take into consideration while owning a Yorkie for your kid and keeping both of them together under the single roof.

Wait till your kid reaches an age of maturity

Yes, if at all you want to bring home a Yorkie, wait till the time your kid grows up to become a responsible pet owner. You cannot burden him with a lot of responsibilities when it is still young and unaware of facts that you want it to understand.

Once your kid grows a little older, fit to take your instructions and work upon them, as well as can differentiate between what’s good and what’s not, have your patience!

Also, you must ensure that your kid is good enough to take care of itself so that it can take care of your pup as well.

Train your Yorkie since the time you adopt it

As you adopt your Yorkie, make sure that you do a little background check on your end. If it comes from a household that had already got kids out there, you can expect it to deal well at your place too!

A tamed animal is always better than an undisciplined one. Yorkies are naughty and forceful as well. Therefore, you need to understand that it needs its “own time” too! Let it enjoy its personal space, don’t intervene all the time!

Dogs usually tend to freak out when they see someone new. This is because it was never acquainted with such people before.

Train your pup to socialize! You would certainly want your pup to behave well when your kids’ friends visit your home. Don’t you?

Therefore, you should ensure taking the pup to a walk outside or maybe, try to conduct its interaction since the time you have brought it to your home.

This way, it will become familiar with people who are your family members alongside the ones who aren’t!

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