Is your Yorkie a Picky Eater? Do This Asap

Is your Yorkie a Picky Eater? Do This Asap

Do you remember your hostel days or working from another city and missing your mom’s food?

We can all agree on this thing and, we have experienced our choosiness during our mealtimes. It isn’t easy to switch from best to bad unless you’re lucky. 

Similarly, your Yorkie can be finicky with his meal choices and may refrain from eating. Yorkies need utmost care when it comes to their nutrition.

The enthusiasm and zeal these canines possess are worth layering with an adequate and proper diet. If you are a new Yorkie parent and wonder why your Yorkie is picky, don’t worry, it can be a mere change in taste or a location change.

However, sometimes it can be because of a lack of appetite that your Yorkie neglects even his favorite snack.

Are Yorkies really Picky Eaters? Here’s the video in case you prefer watching it in video format.



Why is your Yorkie a Picky Eater?

Your Yorkie being picky on what he wants to eat could be a cause for many reasons. It could be a change of taste, a change in the product’s ingredients, or a shift in a new environment.

Sometimes, medical reasons also come forth to take the blame for your Yorkie’s loss of appetite. Let us see one by one what could be the possible reasons for your Yorkie being choosy in his meals and food items. 


1. A Food Nightmare

Do you remember the first time you tasted a new dish and rued over your decision to visit and the money spent? Yes, your Yorkie might have had a bad experience with a new snack or a new ingredient in that product.

His taste buds weren’t supporting his taste. And as a Yorkie parent, you might know it very well if your Yorkie hates something, never wags his tail around it.

Pet Professionals suggest you serve Yorkies with high-quality products and check the ingredients before you buy so that you can compare with your Yorkie’s taste preferences for a happy-yappy mealtime for him.

Here is my list of the 5 Best Food items for Yorkshire Terriers that have sensitive stomachs.


2. Disinterested in Food

Yes, food is necessary to survive. For small dogs like Yorkies, a healthy diet helps strengthen their muscles, calves, and mental capacity to perform well.

Smaller dogs like pugs and Yorkies don’t care much about food and fancy taste. The only thing they expect is to have full-time attention from their owner. It helps them deepen the bond and be the center of attention in the name show.


3. Feeding Habits

The picky attitude of your Yorkie can also be a result of the feeding habits that you have trained your Yorkie into since he was a baby.

Your Yorkie would neglect all his mealtime to have a fancy snack or a treat. This behavior could be your impulsive serving of food, treats, and snacks.

You might have given him a lot of pizza scraps or other table scraps that he started liking, and now it makes it tricky for you to feed him some protein chunks. To correct this behavior, you must definitely check out Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer as it contains many videos to correct the bad food behavior of Yorkshire Terriers. Here’s my Detailed review of the training program


4. You Fulfill your Yorkie’s Cravings

Yorkies can be stubborn and can go all the way round to convince you to buy their favorite treats or snacks or candy from the nearest general store. As a parent, you wish to give all he wants and provide him with all the necessities.

The moment he picks his menu, you readily serve him. It could be a sign of love, but it can be troublesome in the future. 


5. Medical Reasons

Your Yorkie’s loss of appetite could be a sign of underlying medical issues. A change in environment or a location change can cause your Yorkie’s loss of hunger.

If you think your Yorkie has a weak immune system and survives with an army of illnesses, then it could be a matter of concern. You should immediately dial your vet’s number for a piece of professional advice.


6. Your Yorkie might be Anxious

Your Yorkie might have had an encounter with a bully dog outside, or he has been experiencing aloofness for some time due to late-night work shifts.

Keep an eye on him to observe his behavior, and if you see signs of anxiety and stress, take out some time and make him feel loved. If the matter slips, then take your Yorkie to a vet. 

Here’s a detailed guide on How to get rid of Separation Anxiety in Yorkies.



7. Unsuitable Dining Place

A peaceful place to eat keeps the boredom away. Yes, if you are at the right place when you share your tiffin with others, be it your school or college canteen, or your workplace, you love to eat because the area is suitable to have a meal.

Your Yorkie might be skipping his food because of the unfavorable place of dining. In such a situation, change his location wherever he feels comfortable. Also, get the best bowl for your Yorkie so that it helps in changing the dining environment as well. 


8. Age Factors

Age could be a reason for your Yorkie’s picky taste. As humans, what we used to like five years back doesn’t satisfy our tastebuds now.

Similarly, as your Yorkie grows, his taste preferences also change. Adult and older Yorkies like to eat more sober food than Yorkie puppies. So, before you speculate, you must make a proper analysis of your Yorkie’s age and diet plans.

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What to do if your Yorkie is a Picky Eater?

Many Yorkies are picky eaters, don’t worry, it is not something to worry about and stress yourself.

Do you want to treat his behavior and get him back to normal? Relax. Let him be comfortable with you and accompany you during his training time. Here are five things you must try if your Yorkie is a Picky Eater. 

1. Maintain Cold Temperature: If you want to give your Yorkie a comfortable place to eat, then maintain a cold temperature for him. You can keep him under cold temperatures to provide him with a comfortable situation to have a proper meal.

2. A Proper Diet Plan: Your Yorkie must have a proper diet plan. A daily schedule of mealtimes with timings recorded will help calculate your Yorkie’s timing and extent of his meal portion.

3. Outing: Take your Yorkie for an outdoor exercise or a walk, 2-3 times a day if possible. As Yorkies are highly zealous, a walk will help burn extra calories and energy and increase his hunger. Take your time, give him time, and you will see the results.

4. Understand his Mood: Like humans, Yorkies can also go through emotional turmoil or feel moody about petty things. As a parent, he expects you to be understanding and calm him in moments of despair. Let time be the remedy for your Yorkie.

5. Change can be uneasy: We all refrain from accepting changes. Changes can be scary, but it is one of the life phases we all have to go through. Your Yorkie may not be ready to embrace change happily and will not accept a sudden shift in his taste buds. So, hold your calm, buy your Yorkie some time and experience the results.

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The Bottom Line

Whether your Yorkie is picky, non-picky, or tricky, he is your little puppy. It’s always his comfort that you look for, wish for, and want for him.

Pickiness in food can be because of many reasons I have already discussed. The only thing you can do here is to be soft and gentle on your Yorkie, train him, teach him, and let the time decide his foody paws.

Do you have a story to share? Let me know in the comments section below!


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