Aussiepoo v/s Aussiedoodle: What is the Difference between them?

Aussiepoo v/s Aussiedoodle: What is the Difference between them?

Aussiepoo is a super cute and adorable breed of dogs. Their full form is Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix and as the name suggests, they are a cross-breed product between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle.

There are many misconceptions and confusion related to this breed.

In this guide, I will try my best to clear all these confusions regarding this breed among dog owners and I would tell What I think about Aussiepoo’s and whether you should get one or not.

I will also talk in detail about their physical characteristics, temperament, health concerns, grooming needs and diet. So please try to read this article till the end as half knowledge is pretty harmful.

I am Daniela Carrera, a certified professional trainer and I help dog owners in training their dogs with basic commands and getting rid of any kind of behavioral problems they have.

Understand the Lineage and Breed Variations 

If you want to get an Aussiepoo puppy, the only place you can get one is from a reputable breeder that has some sort of experience in breeding Australian Shepherds and Poodles.

The breeder should understand properly the lineage and breed variations when it comes to Aussiepoos. He should take proper care of the puppy and make sure his parents are not suffering from any health problems.

There are many variations in this breed and sometimes even breeders are confused between Aussipoos, Miniature Aussiepoos, and Aussiedoodles. If you ever feel that the breeder has any confusion or he’s stating wrong facts, better not to get the puppy from him/her.

Visit the pup and his parents personally and make sure the price is not too high. I would recommend you to visit 3-5 breeders before finalizing on one of them. Also, be alert if the breeder is demanding a very low price.

The reason I am focussing a lot more on breeders and where to get an Aussiepoo from is because I have personally seen a couple of my friends getting ripped of by breeders when they wanted to buy an Aussiepoo puppy.

They did not get the promised breed, instead, they got something else.

Who is an Aussiepoo, Miniature Aussiepoo, and an Aussiedoodle?

Like I said there are confusions regarding this breed among people and this is one of the prominent ones.

An Aussiedoodle is just another name for this mixed breed. An Aussiepoo is called by many different names and they are Aussie Poo, Aussiedoodle, Aussie Poodle and Aussie Shepherd Poodle Cross.

If I go by the logic, Aussiedoodle should be the name of the crossbreed of an Australian Shepherd and a Goldendoodle/Labradoodle. But this is not the case.

This even gets more complicated and confusing when we name their miniature versions as Miniature Aussiepoo, Mini Aussiedoodle, Toy Aussiepoo or Toy Aussiedoodle.

What you need to keep in mind that this is just one mix breed of Aussie Shepherd and a Poodle. 

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Who is a Miniature AussiePoo or Miniature Aussiedoodle?

When an Australian Shepherd is bred with a Poodle of smaller size, the result is a miniature Aussiepoo. 

When a Poodle of standard size is used for breeding, the result is a standard AussiePoo.

Then there is a Toy Aussiepoo, who is bred by using even smaller Poodles.

What are the Standard sizes of Aussiepoo and Toy Aussiepoo?

The standard height and weight of an Aussie Poo are 13-24 inches and 25 to 70 Pounds. 

If we talk about the Miniature Aussiepoo, standard height and weight are 12-18 inches and 12.5 to 28 pounds. 

If you can observe, there is a difference in the size and weight of these breeds and it is your decision to get the one you would be comfortable with.

Which Color are they available in?

Both the mini and standard Aussiepoos are available in black, blue, brown, white and grey color.

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Are Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix puppies prone to Health Problems?

They are generally healthy dogs but just like every breed, Aussiepoo is prone to certain health problems as well.

They are Cataracts, Hip and Joint Dysplasia.

Get a health clearance done for your puppy and meet the parents of your Aussiepoo puppy as well. Make sure that they are healthy and fine. Also, make sure you get your puppy from a reputable and genuine breeder. All these steps can lower the risk.

Perform a DNA test to be ensured about the breed and lineage of the puppy you are buying. Embark Dog DNA Testing Kits will help you with this. It provides details and analysis even your Vet can not provide.

Australian Shepherd Mix Temperament and Behavior

This dog is for a loving and attentive owner. Aussiepoo’s need a lot of attention and care.

They are one of the breeds who would be the first to suffer from Separation Anxiety as they crave love and attention. They can get bored and destructive if denied that. Hence, do not leave them alone for long.

In the Miniature Aussiepoos, there is a problem of excessive barking but it happens occasionally only. This quality in them can turn them into a house guard dog if provided with some training.

Other than these two problems, Aussiepoos have a really good temperament and are social as well. They are even great with family and kids as well and can even behave well around strangers if socialized at an early age.

Playing both physical and mental games with your Aussiepoo will also help him inculcate good manners and temperament. Brain Training for Dogs will help you train the brain cells of your puppy and you will be astonished by its results and How it helps Unleash the “Hidden Intelligence” of your dog.

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Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Training 

Both his parents Aussie Shepherd and the Poodle are pretty intelligent and smart. This makes an Aussiepoo smart and intelligent as well.

They are quick learners as well. Therefore, they are easy to train if you use positive reinforcement methods. Just be patient and consistent and he will show the results you need.

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Do Aussiepoos shed a lot?

All dogs shed. Some shed a little while some shed a lot.

Aussiepoos shed a little and hair loss is minimal. The risk of allergies is minimal as well. It is because of the fact that Poodle mixes are mostly hypoallergenic, Poodles are used for breeding with different dogs.

If I talk about the grooming needs of Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix, it is minimal as well and you won’t need to invest a lot of time or money in his grooming.

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Diet

Aussiepoos need 1-2 cups of high-quality dry dog food divided into 3 meals per day. Mini Aussiepoos can be fed only 0.5-1 cup of food.

Try Rescue or Adoption centers as well…

A lot of people think that it is unlikely to find a good mixed-breed dog in a rescue center or adoption center. This is entirely wrong.

What if someone got an Aussiepoo but could not carry on with him/her as he could not properly take care of the puppy due to lack of time or some other reason.

It is a great way to help an Aussiepoo puppy find a new chance to be someone’s pet and the fees for which you get the puppy would be lower as well.

Is an Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix the right dog for you?

Please be sure of what you want in your dog before you decide to get an Aussiepoo. What I mean in this case is that taking care of a puppy is easier as compared to buying an Aussiepoo puppy.

You need to be attentive and cautious when you get an Aussiepoo. Get health clearances of all the three, that is, the puppy and his both the parents.

Take care of which Poodle has been used for breeding. You may be expecting a smaller dog but you may get a bigger sized dog.

Aussiepoo is a great choice, especially if you want a hypoallergenic dog. Their personality is awesome as well and they are good family dogs as well. Cuteness is a cherry on the top.

So what are you waiting for? Start your research for the best breeders or rescue centers around your area.

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