10 Best Bark Collars for Yorkies in 2022

Yorkshire terriers are one of the smallest dog breeds in the terrier type. Their easy-cozy temperament brings charm to the room, and this is what makes these canines happy, family-friendly, or you can say, therapy-ready companions.

Yorkies are adorable and hard to ignore. Besides their rare-to-find feature of adorability, Yorkies are fraught with extra energy and zeal. They love performing challenging tasks and exercise adventures.

They are stubborn and want what they want. It would be of no shock when you two go out for a walk and suddenly hear him barking on kids and other people around him.

Anyway, you can’t afford a fight in the neighborhood and losing your Yorkie because of the number of dollars you’ve already spent and your baseball match buddy, no chance. Your Yorkie’s safety should be your priority. It’s in the best interest of your puppy and you, both.

So, what are those possible ways that you can try to keep your Yorkie safe and be by your side? The answer is simple. If you have dollars, you can buy some of the best bark collars. 

The next time your Yorkie disappears during a morning walk makes you run extra miles to get him back, and lull him in a fierce fight he picked for himself, Don’t Worry! I have got you covered.

Also, if you have trouble walking your Yorkshire Terrier dog, I have listed the 6 Best Harnesses for Yorkies that would provide you with more control over your dog. 

In this article, I will share the 10 Best Bark collars for Yorkshire Terriers that are easy to handle, easy to carry, and easy to maintain, which can never go harsh on your Yorkie’s neck, and you are good to go.

What do you mean by a Bark Collar?

For those dog parents who have just welcomed a Yorkie into their family and are trying to tie all the possible knots to make their puppy well-groomed, well-taught, well-behaved. Bark Collars are training collars that help eliminate the excessive barking behavior in your Yorkie

The design of these collars acts effectively in monitoring unwanted barking. If you think your Yorkie has developed this attitude which has become a cause of concern for you, you can get these bark collars. These collars use reinforcement tools negatively that will help your Yorkie avoid this behavior in the future. And, it’s a peace treaty!

However, barking is a natural phenomenon in Yorkies and other dog breeds. For them, it is as necessary as eating, drinking, sleeping, or just breathing. They bark when they are happy, anxious, or are going through an avalanche of moods.

10 Best Bark Collars for Yorkshire Terriers

I understand how difficult it is to choose the perfect anti-bark collar when it comes to your Yorkie’s safety. Undoubtedly, you want something that meets up to your expectations and your pup’s health priority. It is why I bring up to you a list of the Top 10 Bark Collars that your Yorkie is going to love.


#1. No Shock PP Anti-Barking Dual Vibration Collar

paipaitek ant bark dog collar for yorkie

Source: Amazon

This professional collar has some good anti-barking tools that effectively stimulate your Yorkie’s behavior without any shock on the neck. Instead, it uses vibrating signals to treat your dog’s barking issues.

The best part of this collar is the advanced tech features like a two motors system, no remote requirement as it only beeps when your dog barks, also cancel any outside noise.


  • Humane way to treat bad behavior
  • It is shock-free
  • Dual Motor offers high levels of vibration.
  • Effective in use than other bark collars
  • It works only when your dog barks.
  • High battery backup


  • Not helpful for dogs with a stubborn temperament


#2. DogRook Anti-Barking Adjustable Collar


dogrook bark collar for yorkies

Source: Amazon

This adjustable dog collar is a total effective tool to eliminate your dog’s barking. It is also a shock-free device that uses vibrations and works in 7 stages.

It has an automatic vibration button that goes from low to high and vice versa depending upon the number of times your Yorkie barks. It is rechargeable with a battery life of one day.

It has an adjustable strap that fixes your measurement confusion in order. The cherry on the cake is the customizing facility. It has two types of plastic prongs and two-color covers available for you to customize as per your choice.


  • Quick charging ability
  • No shock treatment
  • The battery backup is good.
  • It is automatic and remote-less
  • Collar Adjustability


  • It doesn’t work on hearing-impaired dogs
  • Not workable on large breeds.


#3. Nest 9 Rechargeable Anti-Barking Collar


nest 9 best bark collar for yorkies


Source: Amazon


Nest 9 is a stylish anti-barking and anti-shock collar with easy-to-go properties. It is available in three modes where you can choose the beep, vibration, and shock mode with an adjustable collar.

The battery backup time is ten days if used for 12 hours every day. It is suitable for small breeds like Yorkshire Terriers, weighing beyond 11 pounds.

Its sleek design has some modern tech features that make it a must-buy. This collar is waterproof and lightweight in features that make it easy to carry anywhere, anytime.


  • It has an advanced trigger sensor that gets active only when your dog barks.
  • The battery lasts up to 10 days.
  • 30 minutes charging challenge
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • The fancy design gives it an attractive look


  • It is weight and size-specific, only works for dogs weighing above 11 pounds, and has a neck size of 8 to 25 inches.



#4. PetSafe Remote Bark Collar


petsafe best yorkie bark collar

Source: Amazon


PetSafe Remote Collar is a digital, remote-controlled device that is weightless and is available in three different stimulating modes, vibration, tone, and static shock. It is waterproof, and your Yorkie can don it anywhere.

The digital manual remote helps in controlling the frequency of the stimulation. The material used is nylon, and the strap has an adjustability characteristic. The battery retaining capacity is up to 40 hours, and you can charge it in a maximum of 2-3 hours.


  • Long battery life
  • Quick charging quality
  • A trusted company operating in the U.S. for 30 years
  • Manual Command System with the help of a remote
  • It has an active customer support


  • The activation range of this collar is limited to 600 yard
  • It works only for Yorkies or dogs who are more than six months old


#5. Pet Resolve Anti-Bark Training Collar


pet resolve dog bark collar for yorkshire terriers

Source: Amazon


This Anti-Bark Training Collar has a wide variety of advanced features. It has static shock and vibration settings that switch on when your Yorkie starts barking.

The first beep/shock would be a warning, and the frequency will grow and remain active for 2 seconds the second time your dog barks. The process repeats itself after 5 seconds.

It includes prongs of varying lengths to accommodate dogs with all coat types and no standby mode for quick correction. This anti-bark collar has LED lights which helps the dog parent to train even at night after reaching home from work.

It provides you with a 2-year warranty, and it is cost-effective too. Though Yorkies calm down after they mature, you can use this bark collar to calm down your Yorkie. 


  • An automatic bark radar system
  • The battery has a long shelf life
  • It has long prongs for Yorkies with long hair.
  • Durability
  • Cost-friendly
  • A must-buy device for small dog breeds


  • Nothing. Go for it.



#6. PetSafe Spray Anti-Bark Collar 


petsafe bark collar for yorkies

Source: Amazon


PetSafe Spray Collar is a trusted brand globally. If you are looking for a Collar with no beep, no vibration, and of course, no shock, PetSafe is the safest option.

It gently splinters spray into your dog’s nose, and your dog immediately responds to this sudden accident. It is available in two refill cartridges, one is unscented, and the other is citronella scented.

You can use citronella scented spray as it works well with barking issues in Yorkies and other small dog breeds because of its natural properties. It has a great battery backup with a quick rechargeable ability in 2 hours.


  • Extra Citronella cartridges
  • Easy to rechargeable batteries
  • The quality of the collar is uncompromisable.
  • Shock and pain-free


  • It works only for dogs above 8 pounds of weight
  • Cartridges get used instantly, and you will need to repurchase them.


#7. PATPET A01 Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar

patpet best bark collar for yorkie

Source: Amazon


PatPet Anti-Bark Collar is an effective tool to eliminate your Yorkie’s bad barking behavior. How does it work? As a first warning, it emits a sound and vibration when your dog barks for the first time.

After another bark, the device vibrates and sends a light static charge, and if the barking continues, it gives a static shock. It has both automatic and manual setups. Plus, it is waterproof and easy to handle.


  • Available in 7 shock levels
  • Budget-friendly
  • An automatic and manual switch-on option is available.


  • The position of the collar needs to be changed every 1-2 hours to avoid skin irritation.



#8. Elecane Anti-Barking Collar

elecane small dog bark collar

Source: Amazon


This Anti-bark collar is the best in the market when you want a weightless device to use. It has an advanced correction system that has seven intensity levels.

Levels 1 through 4 are for loud pups, and 5 through 7 are for moderate to hush down your puppy. It uses sound and vibration to correct a dog’s bad behavior.

It is water-resistant, has a rechargeability capacity of 2 hours, and holds battery power for a minimum of two weeks.


  • Fast recharge buildup system
  • It uses sound and vibration for the correction
  • Shock-free
  • Budget-happy


  • It may be ineffective for some dog breeds



#9. NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs, Rechargeable Anti Barking Training Collar

This collar works well for dogs of 11 pounds or more in weight and uses a static strategy to correct your Yorkie’s behavior. The NBJU collar is waterproof and resists any water damage. 

It works automatically without a remote and has seven vibration and static levels each. Sometimes it is not that effective and beeps up suddenly even when your dog is silent, and this device is also hard to assemble and use.


  • It is automatic and remote-less
  • It has seven vibration and sound setups
  • It charges up in 30 minutes only.


  • Beeps without any pre-notification
  • The system is tricky to use for beginners



#10. Enrivik Small Size Dog Training Collar with Remote

The Enrivik Training Bark Collar is the best and most affordable choice for dog parents. It covers a 1000 area range of a yard with seven vibration and shock settings. It has a remote which helps set up the commands as per your desire. It is customizable and easy to carry.


  • Wide activation range
  • Seven levels of vibration and shock 
  • A dog-training guide
  • Manual setup


  • The battery doesn’t last long
  • Quality is compromised
  • Your dog can turn it off easily



When to know your Yorkie needs a Bark Collar?

Your Yorke’s barking problem isn’t a consequence of a day. Barking is normal, but it can become an issue for you, your guests, or other people around, with undue attention and subconscious let-go gesture. You should try to train your Yorkie to stop barking and trust me, it’s not as difficult as most Yorkie parents think it is. 

I would recommend you to try Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer as It can transform your Yorkie from a barking bad boy to a calm good boy in just 3 weeks. Thousands of dog owners have trusted and got the desired results they wanted. Here’s my detailed review of TODT.


The reasons for your pup’s barking could be territorial supremacy, a prolonged feeling of aloofness, or an attention-seeking tactic to convince you to fulfill his demands. And if you are planning to buy a Bark Collar and are puzzled about when is the right to get a Bark Collar for him. These are a few things you should know before you exhaust your pocket.


How to find the Best Bark Collar for your Yorkie?

how to find the best bark collar for Yorkies

Online platforms are fraught with ads, cookies, and several other options when you search for a product you wish to buy that makes you ask yourself- ‘now what?’ ‘which one?’ 

Relax, here are a few things that you can examine before you click on the buy button. Page down below!

Measure the size

Your Yorkie’s body is fragile and delicate, and you can not risk him to any injury or marks. The fit of the bark collar matters. It should neither be too loose nor too tight.

As parents, you know better which size will fit your Yorkie, so before you purchase a bark collar for your Yorkie, measure his neck size to be sure and then look for products around it. It should be a fit to hit.


The choice of a bark collar will depend on the type you wish to buy. There are many types of bark collars available for Yorkies and other small dog breeds in the market.

Whether you want a standard collar or a training collar, and if a training collar, then a shock collar, or a vibration collar, and others.


Finally, dig into the product’s description for more information. You can look for the material type. Is it nylon, leather, chain, or neoprene? Your Yorkie may have a skin allergy or any infection that restricts using any of these materials. Not all material suits all dogs.

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What are the other types of Bark Collars for Yorkies?

Vibration Anti-Shock Collars

If you are looking for a safe bark collar that will not cause any pain and discomfort to your Yorkie, Vibration collars are a must-buy. As evident by the name, these collars stimulate your puppy’s behavior by transmitting vibrations into his body. It is painless and shifts your Yorkie’s behavior to playing or any of his favorite activities apart from barking.

Beep Collars

Beep Collars are sound-stimulating devices. These collars release a beeping sound to divert your pet’s focus and cause him to bark less.

It is helpful in the initial collar training phases, and you can also use it with fixed stations by placing the device at a location where your Yorkie tends to bark more. The best thing to know, it is also shock-free.

Spray Collars

Citronella Collar or a Spray Collar is an easy and effective way to reinforce your puppy’s barking behavior. It doesn’t put your puppy in an uncomfortable situation with a trail of scary shocks.

Every time your puppy barks, it releases a lemony smell into his nostrils which attracts your dog’s attention toward the forceful burst of the spray.

Standard Shock Collars

Here comes the most contentious bark collar, which many dog parents refuse to buy. These are electric collars that conduct on a bark-and-shock command. It sends a shock to your puppy’s neck every time he barks.

This anti-bark collar is a tricky-technical device and calls for professionalism. Many vets don’t suggest using these collars when you have other options. However, many experienced dog trainers recommend these collars depending on the severity of the barking issue.

Here’s the thing

If you don’t want to use these collars, then don’t. Go for other choices I have mentioned above. But if you have already tried everything and nothing worked, and you have no option but to go for a shock collar, then don’t worry.

All you need is to contact a professional trainer and outsource his expertise. Let me tell you that these shock devices have shock frequency settings that are controllable but again, do it under your trainer’s supervision.


Is it necessary for your Yorkie to wear a Bark collar all the time? 

It is natural to think if anti-bark collars are safe for your Yorkie when you hear the name shock collars. Before you overthink much, let me tell you, your Yorkie doesn’t need to wear a collar throughout the day and night. 

Anti-bark collars are behavior correctors and not freedom snatchers. It uses sound and vibration, or maybe a citronella spray to stimuli your Yorkie’s behavior toward a good thing. It works only on puppies over six months of age.

You should avoid using it when your dog is asleep or playing outside, or solving puzzles, and if used during his bad-behavior time, then mind the time limit of 12 hours, Do not exceed it. Your dog’s safety is in your hand.

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The Final Thoughts

To see your Yorkie in pain isn’t easy. Barking is their instinct, and they can not outthrow it.

But, sometimes, it becomes an issue for you, him, and the neighborhood. There are many options that you can try to save your puppy from this bad behavior. If you are hesitant to use shock collars, try other options but do not restrict your emotions unless it is necessary.

Which option did you try? I would love to hear back from you and your success story in the comments section.

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