Best Brushes for your Yorkie’s Coat (& Other Grooming Tools)

Best Brushes for your Yorkie’s Coat (& Other Grooming Tools)

Yorkie coat and hair are unique and they require regular brushing and Grooming. If you want your Yorkie to look and stay healthy and cute as he is, you would need a list of Best Brushes for Yorkshire Terriers which would bring the best out of him. 

Yorkies have a unique and silky coat which they love to show off. You might know that Yorkies do not have an Undercoat and their hair do not shed much as compared to other smaller dog breeds. They have thin strands of hair instead of Fur on their coat.

Since Yorkies lack an undercoat, their skin is much more vulnerable to various kinds of infections and problems as well. A Yorkie’s skin is very sensitive as well.

This is why you need the Best Brushes for the sensitive skin of your Yorkie puppy.

I am Daniela Carrera, a Yorkie owner, and a Professional Dog Trainer and I would share my personal Best Brushes that I use for my Yorkie dog and which brushes I would recommend you.

I had to choose from a range of options and I had to come up with a list of the best brushes and grooming tools based on my experience. Here’s a list of all the grooming tools and kits for your Yorkie.

Best Grooming Tools for Yorkies

Pin & Bristle Brush – HaloVa Pet Comb & Bristle Bamboo Brush

Slicker Brush – Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Ear Cleaner – Virbac EPIOTIC Advanced Ear Cleanser

Eye Wipes for Dogs – Pet MD Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes

Best Dog Shampoo – TropiClean Dog Shampoo

Best Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste – RADIUS Adult Kit Dog Toothbrush

Nail Clippers for YorkiesBoshel Nail Clipper and Trimmer


Brushing Tips for Yorkie Hair

I would advise you not to use nylon bristle brushes that have inflexible handles. There are chances that these kinds of natural brushes can break your Yorkie’s sensitive hair. Therefore, always choose brushes that are specifically made for small or miniature dog breeds.

Never Brush Dry 

Groomers and Dog Trainers suggest never brushing a Yorkie’s hair when it is dry. Always sprinkle some kind of detangling spray on your Yorkie’s coat before brushing it. It moisturizes dead debris and tangles and you can smoothly pass on the brush from your Yorkie’s coat/hair.

Use a Comb First 

You can avoid pulling any tangles on your Yorkie’s hair by using a comb first before brushing. After using a comb, you can use any brush (among pin, bristle, slicker) that you feel would be best for your Yorkie. After you are done brushing, you can comb through your Yorkie’s hair again to make sure there are no tangles or mats left unaddressed.


Which is the Best Dog Brush for Yorkies? 

Taking care of your Yorkie’s hair and coat can be a little tricky, therefore, you need various kinds of brushes and grooming tools to handle al kinds of unique possibilities. Here are some of them:

  • Best Brushes for your Yorkie
  • Best Yorkie Comb for tangled hair
  • Best Stainless steel Comb for tangled hair
  • Best slicker brush for your Yorkie
  • Best grooming gloves for Yorkies

Best Brushes for your Yorkie 

I use Halova Double-Sided Pin and Bristle Comb.

This brush has both the pin and bristle brush combined in one brush. That is why, due to its ease of use and compatibility, I personally use this brush the most and would also love to recommend it to my readers as well.

Light tangles and mats on your Yorkie’s coat are taken care of by the pointed or pin side of the brush while the bristle side provides a soothing and gentle brushing experience giving the coat a very shiny and smooth look.


Why do I love this brush? 

This is an all-in-one combo and this is all I need most of the time to brush my Yorkie. I can even carry this brush with me in my handbag when I go outside with my Yorkie without any need of carrying multiple brushes or grooming tools.

My Yorkie dog absolutely loves getting pampered by getting brushed by the bristle side of this brush as it’s smooth and soothing.

Also, I don’t need to use anything else to brush around my Yorkie dog’s ears, face, paws, and tail. This is that one brush that can be used for reaching those delicate corners as well. By the way, here is my complete guide for cleaning your Yorkie’s ears.

What I don’t like about this brush? 

If due to any reason, my Yorkie’s hair or coat has developed solid tangles, it’s difficult to clear them using this brush.

2. Hertzko Pet Hair Brush for Yorkies

This is another 2-in-1 Grooming brush and the blow dryer is great for removing loose tangled hair and loosening the matter hair and tangles. It also helps in drying up the wet hair of your Yorkie after a bath.

Here are some of the Pros of this Brush for Yorkies:

  • Adjust the Temperature and Airflow as per your need. I personally use strong airflow to dry my Yorkie’s hair quickly while I use gentle airflow for regular brushing every day.
  • The bristles of this brush are made up of plastic and have rounded tips to prevent any damage to your Yorkie’s hair and skin.
  • It has a long and strong 6-foot cord which provides you the option to Groom and brush your Yorkie anywhere and not just around sockets.


3. GoPets Pin and Bristle Brush 

This is another brush that I commonly use for my Yorkie’s hair. If your Yorkie has sensitive skin, this is the perfect choice of brush for him. This is because the pins are made of stainless steel and have rounded ends.

Also, the pins move as I comb my Yorkie’s hair, which makes it very comforting for both me and my Yorkie.

The other side of this brush is a bristle one and it is great for removing dirt from your Yorkie’s coat. I use the bristle side first before moving onto the pin side. It is a great option if your Yorkie has short to medium-length hair.


Best Yorkie Comb for Tangled hair

When your Yorkie develops some really deep and solid tangles and brushing doesn’t seem to work, it’s time for you to get this Pat your Pet Dematting Brush.

Pro’s of this Comb for Yorkies 

This comb is specially developed for handling solid tangles and it is really great at that task. I have never used any other brush or comb that can cut through and solve badly tangled hair and mats then this comb. Definitely worth a try.

Con’s of this Comb

You need to be careful when using this comb as the rakes have a sharpened edge which can injure your Yorkie.

Best Stainless Steel Comb for tangled hair

This comb consists of different spacings of teeth on the same comb. Normally, combs have wider spacings at one end and narrower spacings at the other end.

This is a type of Greyhound comb. Greyhound combs are a particular kind of combs that are usually manufactured in England. This is one of those affordable steel combs that will make your Yorkie’s coat smooth and shining.

I have personally used this comb and it is not one of those low-quality steel combs that irritate your Yorkie’s skin and comb. It is definitely a class apart.

Andis Pet Steel Comb 

Best Slicker Brush for your Yorkie 

I personally use and would recommend Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self Cleaning Slicker Brush.

Pros of this Slicker Brush

It comes with self-cleaning features which make cleaning pretty easy and convenient. The pins are closely-set which are really effective for tangled hair and preventing shedding in your Yorkie dog.

Cons of this Slicker Brush 

If you have a Yorkie who loves to play outdoors and getting his hair tangled can find this comb pulling his hair a little too much.


Best Grooming Gloves for Yorkies 

Some Yorkie dogs would not like getting groomed or brushed. This is where Grooming gloves come in handy. They allow you to kind of hide comb and brushes from your dog’s sight, which makes them think that you are using gloves to show some love and affection.

If your Yorkie also throws tantrums while bathing, grooming, or brushing, this Pet Grooming Glove is the best Grooming Gloves for your Yorkie dog.

Pros of this Grooming Glove for Yorkie dog

This glove allows you to gently groom and wash sensitive and unreachable areas of your dog as well. If your Yorkie makes a mess of his coat and hair when he goes for a stroll in the park, you can use these gloves to remove debris and unwanted dust at that moment itself.

Con’s of this Grooming glove for your Yorkie dog

They are really bad at removing tangles and mats, so you will have to use above mentioned brushes and combs for that purpose.

Products that make Brushing your Yorkie easier 

If you want to make Brushing your Yorkie a very soothing and enjoyable experience for your dog, you must try a couple of more products. It makes things easier for you as well. These two items that I personally use as well are a Detangling spray for Yorkies and a Natural leave-in product for a beautiful, silky, and shiny coat.

Detangling spray for your Yorkie’s hair

This is one of my secret weapons. I use this detangling spray when I start grooming sessions for my Yorkie. Yorkie’s hair is fine and if you brush them straightaway, the tangles in the hair will get worse. Therefore, you need a moisturizer to make things easier.

Leave-in Conditioners for your Yorkie 

Do you want your Yorkie’s coat to shine like it never has? Do you know that a simple product can change your Yorkie’s coat from normal and boring to silky, shining, and smooth?

I recommend you to get Barklogic’s Leave-in Conditioner. This is because it is chemical-free and a plant-based product and I absolutely love the smell of lavender in it.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Will my Yorkie shed his hair when I brush him? 

Yorkies do shed, but they shed very little and not all at once. They do not shed their hair seasonally like other dog breeds. They shed all throughout the year but in very little quantity.

If you Groom, Bathe and Brush your Yorkie regularly, he will not shed his hair a lot.

My Yorkie has Matted Hair. How to Brush it? 

Some Yorkies do suffer quite a lot from matting and tangled hair. Does it mean that you need to worry about it? Absolutely NO.

How to Brush a Yorkie with Matter Hair? 

  1. Use the detangling spray to properly moisturize the tangled area.
  2. Begin combing the matted area from the outside end of the coat using stainless steel with wide-pointed teeth.
  3. Continue using the detangling spray and stainless steel comb to slowly make your way through the matter hair and tangles. You can use your fingers to hold the coat to help you go closer to the skin of your Yorkie.
  4. After you feel that you have gone through the majority of the tangles and matted hair, you can use the stainless steel comb to comb through the previously matted area from wide-toothed teeth to narrow-toothed teeth.
  5. Once you can comb through using the narrow-toothed teeth, you can use the slicker or pin brush to gently brush your Yorkie’s hair.

Remember, be patient. Solving the area of the coat with matter hair will take time and you will need to put a decent amount of effort into it.

How often should you brush your Yorkie dog? 

You should spend a few minutes every day brushing your Yorkie. However, if you have a busy life going on, try to brush him or her at least twice a week.

Remember, that the more time you keep in between his brushing sessions, the more are the chances of your Yorkie developing tangles, and more are the chances of him disliking or hating his grooming/brushing sessions.

Regular brushing also keeps the oil in your dog’s skin evenly distributed across the hair and prevents dead hair from accumulating deep inside the skin.

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