10 Best Small Dog Carriers for your Yorkshire Terrier 2022

If you are someone who likes to take his or her Yorkie everywhere, then having a carrier for your Yorkie would be one of the best options. Getting a Carrier will make it easier for you to carry your Yorkie along with you.

However, when it comes to choosing the Best Carriers for your Yorkshire Terrier, there are quite a lot of options available in the market.

And choosing one of them can be a really hard task. In case you are dealing with the same, then I am going to lay down the 10 Best Dog Carriers for your Yorkie dog. But first, let’s just know some of the things related to the Yorkie carrier.


Benefits of Having a Yorkie Carrier

You cannot deny the fact that your Yorkshire Terrier dog would love to travel around with you. Instead of being alone at home for no reason. And there are quite a lot of benefits of having a Yorkie carrier with you. Here are some of the reasons :

Carry your Yorkie Anywhere you Go

best dog carriers for yorkies


Dogs love to travel, and this is the reason why they are a perfect travel companion. Carriers offer a convenient solution to transport your puppy or adult Yorkie from one place to another pretty easily. As well as they offer us a sense of safety when our dogs are traveling with us.

The thing about Yorkies is that they are small in size, unlike most dog breeds. Hence, they can only walk for a limited time.

If you want to travel for longer distances, you will have to carry your Yorkie on your laps only. And this can be a pretty tiring task. Plus, your Yorkie will not at all feel comfortable on a journey where he has to spend all his time on your laps.

If you experienced a pretty uncomfortable journey, there are chances that you might consider not taking your Yorkie along with you on your next trip.

However, by having a Yorkie carrier, you will easily be able to take your Yorkie anywhere you would like to. As well as you will not face any issues at all.


Carriers Increase the Safety and Security of your Yorkie 

There are quite a lot of safety reasons why you should not let your dog roam around freely. Maybe, the fast-moving traffic can hit your dog. As well as you will open up the risk for your Yorkie of being stepped on.

However, by using a carry bag, you will be able to safeguard your puppy from all the possible threats. Plus, you can easily take your dog to places like malls, events, festivals, outdoor, and so on.

Also, Carriers are very helpful when it comes to multi-tasking as they also contain pockets and places to store other stuff related to our dogs like his food or other accessories as well.


Things to Consider Before Choosing a Dog Carrier for your Yorkie

Before you continue reading the article and Get a list of 10 Best Dog Carriers for your Yorkie, I would highly recommend you to have a look at certain factors which you shall consider before buying a Carrier for a Yorkie.



Consider the height and weight of your dog before buying a Carrier for him. I would recommend you measure the height and length of your dog so that you can relate to the measurements of each carrier that is listed.

If your dog doesn’t fit inside or he if doesn’t feel comfortable inside the carrier, there is no point getting a dog carrier.

Measure the size of your dog and add about 3-4 inches to his height and length. This way, you will have some measurements in mind which would help you understand which Dog Carrier would be most suitable for your Yorkshire Terrier.



Always look for quality products when you buy any kind of dog accessories.

This is because there are a lot of brands that make low-quality products related to dogs. Trust me, I have experienced it myself.

Prioritize your Yorkie’s safety and security over the cost. The last thing you want is for Your pet dog to Escape or get involved in some kind of mishappening.


Understand your Primary Use

Do you need a dog carrier when you are going outside for shopping, or for long-distance travel trips via car, or via airplane? Or you are just going for a quick trip?

It is important for you to understand your primary use when you choose to buy a Dog Carrier. There may be chances that an individual dog carrier may not fulfill all your demands.

For example, An airline-approved Dog carrier would be best if you want to take your Yorkie for a long-distance trip via Flight travel.

Similarly, there would be different suitable Dog carriers for a long drive trip via car.


10 Best Dog Carriers for Your Yorkshire Terrier


1. Gorilla Grip Original Pet Travel Carrier Bag

First of all, I have the Gorilla Grip Original Pet Travel Carrier Bag. It is one of the best carriers that you can try out for your pet. As well as the best part is that it comes with an affordable price tag. Plus, it is the best carrier that you will ever own.

With the help of this carrier, you will be able to keep your puppy safe, comfortable, and happy. The carrier features 4 soft mesh doors which offer better air circulation. As well as all the doors are zippered exits and have safety clips.

Along with that, you will get to see other features like an internal leash, front storage pocket, adjustable padded comfort strap with pass-through, and rotating metal hooks to keep your strap tangle-free.

Along with that, you will be getting a soft, removable, washable Sherpa insert with firm bottom to keep your pet stable and snug. There is also a free bowl included with this carrier, and it is airline-approved.

It comes with a size of 17.5” x 11 x 11.4” size that fits comfortably under the seat and meets airline and TSA requirements. Overall, it is a pretty perfect option for your small Yorkie puppy.


  • The carrier is airline-approved.
  • It comes with 10 years of warranty.
  • There is a free bowl included with the carrier.
  • Comfortable strap with adjustable padding.


  • The overall quality could have been better.


gorilla grip the best yorkie carrier

Source: Amazon.com

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2. Pet Magasin Airline Approved Cat Carrier

Next, I have the Pet Magasin Airline Approved Cat Carrier. As you can see in the name, it is an airline-approved carrier.

Although the name also suggests that it is a cat carrier. But you can use it for your Yorkie as well. As Yorkies are small in size.

The carrier comes with a dimension of 18″ x 11″ x 10” which is a perfect size for most cats, puppies, and other small pets. However, you should know that this is not an ideal choice for large dogs. So do consider taking a measurement before purchasing this one.

As well as it works with all major airlines. The carrier is made keeping all the safety majors in its place. And it keeps your pet safe, and it holds its shape when the panels are zipped up.

As well the best part of the product is that it comes with a lightweight and fashionable design. Along with that, it weighs only about 2.2 pounds, and it is made with durable and luxurious materials.

It is a soft-sided pet carrier with comfortable padding inside, a mesh window for ventilation, a carry handle, and an adjustable padded shoulder strap. As well as it is easy to store and clean and made for long-lasting usage.


  • Made out of durable material.
  • Sports a sturdy construction with waterproof and bite-resistant material.
  • Comes with a mesh window that provides ventilation.


  • Not for those dogs who like to chew the mesh materials.

pet magasin best yorkie carrier

Source: Amazon.com

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3. AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier is also one of the best carriers for a Yorkie available in the market. It comes in three sizes-small, medium, and large. So you can choose the right one for your pet. Also, before you purchase the carrier, do measure your pet to get a solid idea.

However, I am talking about the large one which comes with a size of 19.7×10.2×11.2 inches (LxWxH). Along with that, you will get carrying handles and adjustable shoulder straps. As well as it has a perfect size.

So you can take it in most of the airlines without any issues. It comes with washable materials.

So you can easily clean the carrier. This carrier can hold up to 22LBS of weight or 10 KG.

However, it is still advised to choose the carrier based on the length of your pet and not weight.


  • Comes in 3 sizes.
  • Front and top openings for easy loading.
  • Comes with mesh panels for proper ventilation.
  • Made out of washable materials.


  • Your pet can chew the mesh materials.

AmazonBasics Best Yorkie travel carrier

Source: Amazon.com

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4. Pawfect Pets Soft-Sided Cat Carrier

The Pawfect Pets Airline Approved Pet Carrier Soft-Sided Cat Carrier is one of the most expensive pet carriers that you will find on this list. It costs less than $50 and comes with great construction.

With the help of this carrier, you will easily be able to keep your small dog with you on flights. This is a perfect option for any smaller breed. As well as this carrier is approved by most airlines and easily fits under your seat.

The carrier comes with a size of 17.5″L x 10″W x 11″H. In addition to that, it is ultra-safe, extra durable, and comes with reinforced polyester and claw defense mesh on top and 4 sides.

This ensures that your pet is getting proper ventilation and airflow. Along with that, you will also get to see 2 fleece padded mats.

So you can make sure that your Yorkie stays clean and comfortable throughout the trip. Also, the pads are easily washable. Also, make sure to measure your pet before you choose to buy this one.


  • Airline approved.
  • Comes with sturdy construction.
  • Made out of reinforced polyester for longevity.


  • The base is made from soft material.

Pawfect Pets best Yorkie Carrier

Source: Amazon.com

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5. Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Pet Carrier

You can also have a look at the Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier.

This one also comes with 3 size options which include large, medium, and small. So you can choose the perfect size for your pet.

Plus, it is a perfect solution for traveling in style and comfort by plane or car. As well as the best part is that the spring wire frame allows the rear end of the carrier to be pushed down several inches to conform to under-seat requirements.

It also comes with mesh windows for proper ventilation. And you will be getting top and side entry with locking zippers for safety, padded adjustable, no-slip carrying strap, seat belt/luggage strap, machine-washable faux lambskin liner.

There is also a rear pocket which is pretty convenient storage of treats, leash, bags, or anything else. Overall, the carrier is approved by most airlines, and it can hold up to 16 LBS.

Also, make sure to measure your pet before you buy this product. And you should not purchase it on the basis of the weight of the product.


  • Available in 3 Sizes.
  • Easy to load.
  • Comes with proper ventilation.


  • Quality could have been better.

Sherpa travel best yorkie carrier

Source: Amazon.com

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6. Outward Hound PoochPouch Front Carrier

For my next pick, I have the Outward Hound PoochPouch Front Carrier For Dogs.

It comes in two sizes only, which are medium and small. And before you pick any of these models make sure to measure your puppy and choose the right one for yourself.

Overall, this one is an ideal solution for carrying small pets up to 10 lbs. Or if you have a medium-sized pet, then you can go for the medium size which can hold up to 20lbs.

Talking about the exact size, well here are the details: Small 12″ High when sitting, 7″ Wide. Medium15″ High when sitting, 10″ Wide.

Moreover, the carrier is also extremely lightweight and comes with mesh siding, which helps you to keep your dog cool.

Plus the carrier is made out of Water-resistant nylon fabric for added durability. As well as there is an interior safety harness that offers added security.


  • It sports a backpack design for easy carrying.
  • Comes in two sizes.
  • Made out of sturdy build with nylon fabric.


  • The medium size is not suitable for heavy dogs.

Outward Hound Carrier for Yorkies

Source: Amazon.com

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7. TOMKAS Small Dog Yorkie Carrier

If you are looking for a sling bag for your Yorkie, then you can check out the TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier.

The best part of this one is that it comes in lots of colors and size options. So you can easily pick the right one for yourself and your pet.

It is made of comfortable materials. Along with that, the bag is made of washable and breathable soft fabric. The material is also pretty thick, which ensures software and makes fur kids feel at ease.

The carrier is also secure enough. As a result, this carrier can hold your pet pretty easily.

Simply put your pet into the carrier and attach the security lock on the collar, and you are all done. It also has a reversible design for a versatile two-way look.


  • Made out of durable materials.
  • It comes with reversible designs that offer better versatility.
  • Extremely secure for your dog.


  • Not for adult Yorkies.

TOMKAS carrier for yorkshire terriers

Source: Amazon.com

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8. PetSafe Happy Ride Bicycle Basket for Yorkies

Up next, there is the PetSafe Happy Ride Bicycle Basket for Dogs and Cats. This one is a perfect option if you ride bicycles.

As you can place the carrier on your bicycle basket. It also comes with endless features. You can use the light grey, nylon bicycle basket to go pedaling with your pup.

The carrier is also snug and secure. The basket easily gets attached to the handlebar of your bike with the brackets and safety traps.

As well as it comes with safety tether clips to your dog’s harness to keep him safe during the ride.

It also offers your dog sun protection. There is a removable sun shield that helps you to keep the sun off your pup during your bike rides.

There are also 3 pockets included with the carrier. So you can keep your dog stuff in there.

The carrier is also convertible. It gets converted to a pet carrier by attaching the removable shoulder strap to let you carry your buddy with you wherever you go. It can hold a pet up to 13 lb of weight.


  • Comes with a removable sunshade.
  • There are 3 pockets included.
  • Can hold up to 13 LBS.


  • Clams might be too small to fit around the handlebars in some bicycles.

petsafe basket carrier for yorkshire terriers

Source: Amazon.com

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9. Henkelion Cat Carriers Dog Carrier

Next, there is the Henkelion Cat Carriers Dog Carrier. This one is an airline-approved carrier that comes with an airline-approved design. As a result, you will be able to take your pet anywhere you want pretty easily. As well as it offers you two connection loopholes for balanced carrying.

The carrier also sports a safety design. The adjustable shoulder strap helps you hands-free carrying and makes it the safest and most convenient pet carrier bag for your travel.

The carrier is also waterproof and durable. The carrier is made out of durable, lightweight, and waterproof polyester fabric. There is also a four side mesh that will give you a safe and comfortable travel experience for your pet. Plus, it is washable.


  • Portable and Washable.
  • Airline-approved carrier.
  • Waterproof and durable.


  • It comes in only one size.

Source: Amazon.com

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10. Animal Planet Car Seat Cover for Small Dogs

In the end, you can check out the Animal Planet Puppy Booster Car Seat Cover for Small Dogs. If you are looking for a carrier for your car. Then this is the best option you must consider

It is one of the best options to keep your dog off your lap while you drive. As a result, it will help you to prevent distractions.

As well as they are pretty comfortable and it features a plush Sherpa interior for Extra comfort. The carrier is also pretty easy to set up.

And you can easily install it on your car seat. Also, the carrier can hold up to 12lbs, and it comes with a dimension of 13.5 x 10.5 x 8 inches.


  • Comes with washable materials.
  • Easy to install.
  • Pretty secure for you and your dog and prevents distractions.


  • Versatility features are missing.

Animal planet carrier for Yorkies

Source: Amazon.com

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I hope you really liked these 10 Best Dog Carriers for your Yorkshire Terrier. All the 10 are chosen in a way that they all promise top-notch quality, security, and safety of your pet dog.

If your Yorkie loves to play with Toys, Here’s a list of the 12 Best Toys for your Yorkshire Terrier. This list is based on my experience with my Yorkie.


4 Types of Dog Carriers for Yorkies

There are basically four types of carriers are available in the market. These options are sling bags, travel crates, strollers, and carrier bags. However, to make you understand in a better way, let me just talk about each of these ones by one:

Travel crates

travel crates for yorkies


These types of carriers are also known as luggage totes. These kinds of carries will be the perfect option for you if you like to travel with your Yorkie.

They are mostly used when you have to travel with your pen via airplane. As well as you will be able to use them while going to the vet’s office.

These kinds of crates are made out of soft or hard structured material, and it is not absolutely recommended for daily use. Also, while purchasing a carrier, make sure to get something that is large enough.

So your Yorkie can turn around pretty easily, hold a chew toy, and sleep comfortably.

These things are extremely important when you are going on long flights. Also, the size must be airline-approved. The durable construction of the crate is extremely important as well.

The fact that your Yorkie is already Crate trained will really help with the Travel Crates.


Sling bags

Sling bags are basically made out of soft materials that hang close to your body. You have to put the bag on your shoulder and strap it over your head.

And wear the bag across your body. Sling bags also come with a deep pocket. So your dog can fit into it pretty easily.

Your Yorkie will be able to poke his head out of the bag and see what is going on. They are also made of washable materials. However, while choosing these types of bags, make sure that the quality is extremely good.

Here is what a Sling Bag looks like:

Sling Bags for Yorkies



Pet strollers

Next, there are pet strollers. These carriers come with wheels and pretty much look like Baby carriers. As well as it comes with a roof that offers protection against the sun. Even there are models that come with a zip which allows you to zip up the main compartment whenever needed.


pet strollers for yorkies


Even, you will get a folding feature along with the carrier which will help you to collapse the stroller for compact storage. However, the most important feature that you need to look for in a carrier is smooth-riding. If the wheels are not smooth enough, then you would find a hard time moving the stroller.


Yorkie Carrier bags

In the end, there are Yorkie carrier bags. These bags are more structured compared to sling bags. And it comes with some unique features.

Also, they are made of lightweight metal frameworks. And the other parts are made of thick materials. They can be worn on the back or on the front side and may have leg holes.

If you are someone who does a lot of hiking, then this is one of the best options that you can try out. Also, your puppy will be comfortable as he will have his legs free because of the wheels.

yorkie carrier bags


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