10 Best Detangling Sprays for Yorkies in 2022

10 Best Detangling Sprays for Yorkies in 2022

A Yorkie’s Hair tends to get tangled and dirty, especially if he or she plays quite a lot outside in the park and mud. This is why, You need to get the Best Detangling Sprays for your Yorkie dog so that you can keep his or her hair smooth and silky. 


Yorkshire Terriers are one of the tiniest dog breeds. These canines love adventures, with a backpack fraught with strength, confidence, and bold personality. 

Their classy-shiny appearance is something for a bargain. 

Mostly all Yorkies have long hair. It is prone to deep tangles, knots, and mats. These knots, if left unnoticed, will cause it to be complicated to detangle, adding more problems for the future. Hence, detangling is necessary for your Yorkie’s hair health

If you’re tired and have lost patience in detangling your Yorkie’s hair and looking for options to bring back your calm, Here are the 10 Best Detangling Sprays for Yorkshire Terriers that you can shop to make it easy to detangle your Yorkie’s shiny-flowy fur in no time.


10 Best Detangler Sprays for Yorkies You can Buy

Many options are moving in the market in the category of detangling sprays, and I understand your concern about which one to pick, which one could be the best. Here are the 10 detangling sprays to which you can give a thought. 

Let’s get started.

1. Vet’s Best Moisture Detangler Spray


vet's best moisture detangling spray for Yorkies

Source: Amazon


This moisturizing spray is a plant-based product with a mix of natural conditioners that double protects the coat and gives extra moisture to your dog’s skin.

It has some natural ingredients like aloe gel, vitamin B5, cucumber, which heals dry skin and prevents hair damage for your Yorkie.

This moisturizing spray detangles your Yorkie’s hair in just time and gives him a shiny coat as before. It is applicable only to dry hair types. It is best for daily use. Directly use it on the affected, irritated, and flaky skin and let it soak into your pup’s body naturally.


  • It is helpful for dry, irritating hair
  • Easy to apply on the irritated area
  • Affordable and cost-friendly
  • It locks extra moisture
  • Bring back the shiny fur


  • The effectiveness of the spray is vague
  • Works differently for different coats
  • It can be greasy


2. TropiClean Tangle Remover Spray for Pets


tropiclean best sprays for Yorkies

Source: Amazon


Tropiclean Spray is a market choice these days. Its mineral-based ingredient strategy gives it an edge over other products. The natural ingredients ensure your pup’s comfort and happiness with tear-free, irritation-free formula.

It has a no-rinse formula that gives your puppy a frizz-free, healthy, shiny coat. It also shortens your brushing time, and you can give your Yorkie a salon finish in a whirl of time. It is chemical and dye-free and has a little pea touch in fragrance.


  • It is suitable for most dog coats
  • It consumes less time
  • Best for everyday use
  • It gives a soft-shiny coat
  • No side effects


  • Overpowering smell


3. Isle of Dogs Everyday Jasmine & Vanilla Silky Coating Brush Conditioning Spray


isle of dogs detangling spray for Yorkies

Source: Amazon


This spray brand has some best detangling properties. The paraben-free formula helps detangle the knots and unwanted mats within a stipulated period. The plant-based extracts imbued in the spray give a velvety fur back to your Yorkie.

This bottle has rosemary and chamomile essence with a jasmine-vanilla scent that gives your Yorkie a fresh flowery touch. Best for everyday use and a one-stop solution. Also, it has dimethicone which softens and moisturizes the dry, flaky skin and the coat of your Yorkie and ta-da!


  • It helps sicken dirt and other irritants
  • A fresh sigh of relief
  • No worry for hair pullouts


  • The efficacy of this spray is wishy-washy
  • It also has an overflowing fragrance


4. Espree Detangling Spray


espree best detangling spray for yorkies

Source: Amazon


This bottle comes in a 12oz package with some effective healing properties. The ingredients used in this spray are Aloe vera Gel and Dimethicone for conditioning and moisturizing the fur, glycerine to shield the outer layer from outside irritants, and panthenol which smoothly nourishes your Yorkie’s hair and gives him an evergreen flowy, glowy, and polished coat.

Use it before every bath and avoid contact with the eyes to shoo away any eye irritation, infection, or tear stain.


  • It is paraben-free
  • Helps in controlling static and dander
  • It has a mild minty fragrance.
  • Easier to comb after the use of this spray


  • It is a bit sticky and greasy
  • Blocks the spray nose


5. PeachyDog DogFresh Oatmeal Skin & Coat Spray


peachydog best spray for yorkie


Peachy Dog Fresh has some natural protectors to protect your Yorkie’s coat. It has oatmeal and baking soda, which are good exfoliators. This spray helps relieve the itchy and irritated fur of your Yorkie. It is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and easy to apply.

Its non-liquid formula is the best way to deeply moisturize and nurture your Yorkie’s delicate skin and eliminate all the danders and flakes built out of unwanted matting.

It doesn’t include any soap or detergent element, making it suitable for your puppy’s grooming without any ouch moments for your Yorkie. This dog spray helps you relieve the load with brush time and untangle your pup’s coat.


  • It moisturizes the irritated area
  • It reduces shedding
  • It gives a soft and smooth fur
  • Works well with detangling the mats


  • The smell is pleasant but doesn’t last very long
  • Temporary relief from itching


6. BioSilk Therapy Detangling Spray


biosilk detangling spray for Yorkie


BioSilk Detangling spray has silk proteins, Vitamin B5, Aloe Gel, jojoba oil, and oat extract that gives the coat to heal naturally. It has similar features to the Bio Silk Therapy used for humans.

It is chemical-free and excludes the use of paraben and harmful sulfates. The BioSilk Detangling Spray is PH controlled formula that gives your furry friend a glossy coat to show off.


  • It gives a fresh touch to the fur
  • It lasts long
  • It helps in getting a soft, smooth coat
  • Effective in firing out the mats


  • Overbearing Odor
  • It can be allergic due to side effects


7. The Coat Handler Anti-Static Detangler Dog Spray


coat handler Best detangler spray

This small bottle has no harsh chemicals included. It has coconut and palm conditioners that make your Yorkie’s coat neat, clean, and ready to rock. It contains no added chemicals like silicones or lanolins, which keeps your Yorkie safe from any harmful skin brunt.

The adjustable bottle allows space for coat coverage and exposure. The almondy fragrance is pleasant to the nose. It is beneficial on all coat types and helps in removing dander.


  • It keeps the static and dander away
  • It has a pleasing smell
  • It is 100% effective in detangling.


  • The instructions need detailed study before using
  • It can give a dull appearance
  • It can have side effects


8. Bark-Logic Dogs Leave-in Conditioner & Detangling Spray


barklogic spray for Yorkies


Bark-logic has aloe and chamomile that gives a nice touch of moisture. The Bark spray is paraben and sulfate-free and infills essential natural oils into your puppy’s coat.

The lavender essence in the bark logic spray is a good conductor of de-stress, de-pain, and de-anxiety. It is a quick formula to apply any time with expected effective results. The quality of this product is of high maintenance from packaging to end-user product.


  • The lavender-perfume is pleasant
  • It gives a shiny coat
  • It offers easy grooming time
  • It comforts sensitive coat areas 


  • Overspraying leads to stickiness
  • Under conditioning


9. Nature’s Specialties Quicker Slicker Ready to Use Conditioner for Dogs


nature's specialties spray


This spray has got cosmetic-silicon grade and has a PH-balanced solution at one go. It is a high-quality PH-balanced solution that leaves no remains of strict mats behind. 

It helps in brushing and detangling your Yorkie’s hair in less time, leaving a non-oily, non-greasy, non-frizzy coat. It saves your time and softens the mats with natural conditioners. It has a pleasant fragrance that will shower your Yorkie with a sense of joy and relaxation. 


  • It keeps static down
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to brush
  • It manages less pulling of tangles.
  • It leaves the coat smooth and shiny.


  • Leaky bottle
  • It has a strong smell.
  • Sometimes ineffective


10. Pet Head Fur Ball Detangling Spray for Pets Strawberry Yogurt


pet head fur ball detangling spray


With Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and sunflower seed oil, Pet Head Fur Ball Spray is a combination of traditional products in a fancy bottle. This tiny bottle is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and PH-balanced. It easily detangles the stubborn knots with no chances for cruelty.

It works best for Yorkies with long, curly hair. It has a sweet strawberry fragrance that is worth sniffing. The cover of the spray looks fancy and cute. The best part is the environment-friendly packaging of the spray bottle.


  • It is easier to run a comb
  • It is non-greasy and gives a silky presence.
  • Softens the hard knots 
  • The scent is delightful
  • The bottle looks artistic


  • Aside from the fanciness of the bottle, the directions for use are not an easy catch.
  • It may dry up the fur, but it depends on coat-to-coat.


What is Matting?

Matting is a condition that affects the fur, followed by dense tangles and knots. It is a condition that can attract severe skin diseases and other bacterial infections.

Mats cut off the airflow in your dog’s hair and can trap moisture, which can cause irritation and sores on your puppy’s body.

If you are observing these tough knots and deadlocks all over your Yorkie’s hair coat, then immediately dial in your vet’s number and be sure of the extent of matting to curb any complications that might occur in the future.

Why Detangling your Yorkie’s Hair is Important?

Your Yorkie’s coat is one of the most distinctive features of her personality. It defines her beautiful charm and overall health.

Taking care of your Yorkie’s hair health is as necessary as her mental and physical health. It not only gives her an edge over other dog breeds and also over the sun.

You would ask, How?  Think of your woolen cardigan or the leather jacket you wear during winters that protects you from the chilly wind and its harmful aftereffects. Your Yorkie’s fur is that leather jacket that helps her fight the harmful UV rays of the sun and prevent any future skin-related discomforts for your pup. By the way, here are the Best Coats and Sweaters for Yorkshire Terriers. 

Points to keep in mind while Detangling your Yorkie’s hair using a Spray?

points to detangle yorkie's hair

Detangling your Yorkie’s hair is a hard stone to break. However, with the right choice of strategy, you can always conquer the battle. Here are a few things you should note down before you give your Yorkie a hairdo session.

Pick a comfortable place.

Your Yorkie would likely run away and escape your presence because of the pain she has been experiencing since you have started detangling her hair. Choose her favorite place where you can calm her and make her feel relaxed. You can choose to pick the designated place that I mentioned in my article “How to take care of your Yorkie puppy“. 

A peaceful massage

Before you use a combing brush or a spray to detangle your Yorkie’s coat, offer her a soft massage all over the areas where you can see budding knots. It will help loosen the tangles and make it easier for you to detangle in the least possible time.

Separate the Knots

Separate the mats and the knots before you detangle her hair. Combing it with caution will prevent more hair from getting meshed to the knot. to Separate the knots, you must first moisturize your Yorkie’s hair

Detangle regularly

The easiest way to keep away the painful knots is combing daily. A 10 minutes hairdo session daily for your Yorkie will save you time and also bring less pain for your Yorkie.

Brush along the direction

When brushing and detangling your puppy’s fur, comb her fur in its growing position. It will prevent pulling your Yorkie’s precious hair and restrict the building of any more painful tangles. 

Treat your Yorkie with a reward.

Detangling stiff knots is a difficult job for both you and your pet. You can’t see your Yorkie in pain, and your loving puppy can’t bear more.

But, anyhow, it has to be done lest it will pile up the intricacies more for later. You can try rewarding your Yorkie after every hairdo session and yes, pat your brave girl on the back. I recommend using your Yorkie’s favorite treats

Use Detangling Tools

There are various options available in the market to detangle your Yorkie’s deadlocks and stubborn mats that you can use for baiting better results. If you’re wondering about these options available in the market for which you should be looking online? Do scroll up!

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Some Must have Grooming Tools for your Yorkie

You might own a wardrobe with all the must-haves for every season. Here are a few things or tools that should be in your Yorkie’s hair kit for the best cleanup session. If you are planning to shop the whole grooming kit for your Yorkie, here are the best grooming tools for Yorkies

1. De-matting Comb

A de-matting comb is a well-thought design to detangle your pup’s mats. It will bring down the curls and furls stuck into knots. You can easily find it online. A small piece of advice, stick to the features and the reviews before you may hit the ‘buy’ button.

I would recommend you get Poodle pet de-matting comb for your Yorkie dog.

2. Detangler Brush

A detangler brush is an easy-to-go bet for your Yorkie’s tough tucks. It has smooth, soft, and wide bristles that make it easy for you to glide over your Yorkie’s coat and untangle the knots.

I personally use Hartz Groomer’s best slicker brush and I find it to be the best.

3. Detangling Spray

It’s good that you have an organic hair-care set for your Yorkie. But, shampooing and conditioning might not be enough for your Yorkie’s stubborn tangles.

You can spend a little more on good toxin-free sprays that will help soften the fur and enable detangling your Yorkie’s hair with no extra pain in store.

4. Clippers

Suppose you are on vacation, and your puppy has outgrown her hair, and you want to give her a quick touchup, but you don’t want to use scissors to avoid any cuts. What do you do?

Clippers could be your savior. Its design works in a way that can help you trim your Yorkie’s hair in no time. Also, you can switch blades however you want and with a long shelf life. Check this out If you want to properly cut your Yorkie’s nails

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How to choose the Best Detangler Spray for Yorkies?

how to choose the best detangler sprays for Yorkies

Now you know why your Yorkie must get her tangled hair detangled. You are also sure about the tools to put in use, but are you still wondering, what are the things that you should be looking for in the best detangler?

Don’t worry! I have got you covered. You only need an FPPR check.


The smell of the spray matters, Yorkies as canines have strong sniffing power. They can sniff and remember it for a lifetime. Yorkies are also stubborn.

If they dislike it, they mean it. I suggest going for a mild spray with no harmful chemicals. You should make sure that the smell is not overpowering for both ends. Ultimately, it’s the knot that needs a cleanup.


Before you drop the spray of your choice in the shopping cart, double-check the back of the packaging to know what ingredients the manufacturers have used to prepare this spray. 

There are several sprays present that inherit the unwise use of harmful chemicals. You can look for sprays free from parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde vicious to your pup’s hair health.

Go for sprays that are essentially fraught with natural oils like jojoba or argan, known as natural healers of knots and mats.


By price, we mean the worth of the product. Is it worth buying, or is it just a waste of money? Spending money is never an issue, but you should always look for the viability of the spray to know your investment is fruitful. Deal the best price with the best product.


Check the effectiveness of the spray you think would be a fit for your Yorkie’s detangled hair. It will help you avail the best to get your buddy’s shiny fur back.

For more, you can check for customers’ reviews who have either already used or are using the same product. Experience counts, and here it is.

The Bottom Line

Grooming is not a luxury but a necessity. Your Yorkie means for you a lot, and in no way do you wish to leave her in any trouble. Knots and mats aren’t scary until you are taking complete care.

Here’s my in-depth guide on How to Groom your Yorkie properly at home.

It’s going to ask a lot of effort from your side, do not lose your calm and stick to the process. If you think you aren’t handling it hell, talk to an expert or a vet for more clarity. 

Did you find this article sorting your queries? We would like to hear a word from you below in the comments section.

Happy Grooming!

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