5 Best Dog Bowls for Yorkies in 2022

5 Best Dog Bowls for Yorkies in 2022

I don’t think I need to tell you that Yorkshire Terriers are one of the 10 most popular dog breeds in the world. Their popularity has been growing year by year.

Though Yorkies lack in size, they are very agile dogs who are quick and intelligent as well. Also, they are a very attractive and confident breed of dogs.

As a Yorkie owner, you might be paying attention to various aspects and areas to take proper care of your Yorkie. You might be putting in efforts to Train, Groom, Exercise, and make sure that your Yorkie gets the best dog food possible.

However, certain aspects which may seem small are also necessary for ensuring that your Yorkie keeps in good health. Choosing the Best Dog Bowls for your Yorkshire Terrier are also as important as the food that he eats in it.

A good dog bowl makes sure that your Yorkie inculcates good eating and hydration habits. So, what are the best dog bowls for Yorkies in 2022?

How to Choose the Best Dog Bowls for your Yorkie? 

When choosing an appropriate dog bowl for your Yorkie, you must consider the following points of a bowl:

  • Size
  • Depth
  • Material

When considering the size of the dog bowl, you must consider the size of your Yorkie as well. If your dog is a puppy right now, you won’t need big bowls for sure.

You would also need to consider your Yorkie’s food and hydration needs. A deep dog bowl for your Yorkie puppy would make it difficult for him to drink water from as Yorkies have shorter tongues.

Yorkies do not fare well with deep dog bowls. Elevated dog food bowls are the best fit for Yorkies.

Each breed of dog has different food and drinking needs and therefore the same depth of the bowl won’t fit every dog.

When you use elevated bowls for Yorkies, it promotes a healthy posture while eating and drinking. They also reduce the chances of drops or bits of food falling on the floor or on your Yorkie’s coat.

The Material of a dog bowl matters a lot as it directly impacts your Yorkie’s health. If you are looking for an easily washable and easy-to-use food bowl for your Yorkie, High-quality food-grade plastic bowls would be the best fit.

It is due to their porous surfaces, bacteria, and fungi don’t get build up too quickly on them as compared to other alternatives. Just make sure that the plastic is free from BPA and other harmful chemicals that contribute to cancer.

Other alternatives include wooden bowls and bowls made of stainless steel. I would never recommend you to use wooden bowls coz of rapid bacteria build upon their surfaces.

However, you could give food bowls made with stainless steel a try. Just make sure to wash these bowls more often than plastic-made dog bowls.

5 Best Dog Bowls for Yorkies 

1. Super Design Mess Free 15° Slanted Bowl for Dogs

best dog bowls for Yorkies 1

Source: Amazon.com

This dog bowl is slanted at an angle of 15 degrees which makes the food get concentrated at the bottom of the bowl and makes it easy for your Yorkie to empty the bowl.

Super Design Mess-Free bowl is a Non-spill dog bowl. In the case of normal dog bowls, pieces of food tend to stick around the edges of the bowl which leads to wastage. In the case of Non-spill dog bowls like Super Design, food doesn’t get stacked or stuck at the edges.

It is really easy to clean, wipe and wash this dog bowl as it’s made with a mixture of melanin and stainless steel. It hardly slips away and comes in around 12 colors.

Pro’s of this Dog Bowl for Yorkies 

  • Comes in Plenty of Colors
  • Looks very Stylish and Attractive
  • 15° slant makes it super easy for your Yorkie to empty the bowl
  • It reduces the risk of bloat and indigestion


2. ProSelect Dog Stainless Steel Slow Feed Bowl

best dog bowls for Yorkies 2

Source: Amazon.com

Does your Yorkie eat too fast and you want him to slow down a bit? If the answer is yes, then you got to try ProSelect’s Dog Stainless Steel Bowl.

This will ensure that your Yorkie eats food very slowly. This dog bowl won’t let your Yorkie gulp its food.

This is a really useful dog bowl for a Yorkie who is suffering from an upset stomach or has a sensitive stomach. This is because it ensures that your dog eats slowly and secondly it ensures that your Yorkie doesn’t overeat. If you have a Yorkie with a sensitive stomach, check out the Best Dog Food for him or her.

ProSelect’s Dog bowl helps to reduce the chances of bloating and improves the condition of your Yorkie’s digestive system. It is made of human-grade stainless steel. You can keep dry food, canned food, wet food, or kibble in this dog bowl specially made for small dog breeds like Yorkies.

Pros of this Dog bowl for Yorkies 

  • Rubber bottom which doesn’t let the bowl slip or slide
  • Best bowl for Yorkies with sensitive stomachs
  • Made of High-quality Stainless steel
  • Available in 3 different sizes for any kind of dog
  • Rust-free and Long lasting dog food bowl


3. Bone Dry Lattice Collection Pet Bowl

5 best dog bowls for Yorkies

Source: Amazon.com


The special thing I loved about this dog bowl is that it looks quite stylish. It kind of stands apart from other bowls.

The Bone Dry Lattice Collection Pet Bowl & Canister is made of Porcelain Ceramic with a silicone ring to prevent it from sliding on the floor. It is also a dishwasher-safe pet bowl.

It has a simple yet stylish design and is available in a set of 2. The silicone ring helps in keeping the dog upright even if someone’s foot hits the dog bowl.

Bone Dry Lattice bowl also comes in 7 beautiful colors and provides the customer to choose from a variety.

Pros of this dog bowl for Yorkies 

  • Stylish and Simple design
  • Available in a Set of 2 which is best in case you have two dogs or a dog and a cat
  • Available in 7 Beautiful colors
  • Made with High-quality Ceramic
  • This bowl doesn’t Slide much due to the Silicone ring at the bottom


4. Neater Feeder Express Elevated Dog Bowl

best feeder station bowl for Yorkies

Source: Amazon.com


The Neater Feeder Express is a company that deals in manufacturing Feeding stations for dogs. This Feeding station has two bowls and these bowls get elevated when it’s feeding time for your Yorkie.

As I said above, Yorkies are more comfortable in eating from elevated dog food bowls and Neater Feeder Express’s bowls do the best job at this. It prevents the food to fall on your Yorkie’s coat or hair.

The feeder station has two stainless steel bowls that are easy to clean and wash and come with a rubber bottom which makes it hard to move or slide on the floor.

Lastly, this feeder station is a perfect choice for small dogs like Yorkies because it’s designed for dogs with a 9” shoulder height and 18 lbs weight.

Pros of this dog bowl for Yorkies 

  • Attractive looking Elevated Feeder Station for Yorkies
  • Can be Cleaned Easily
  • 2 Bowls made of Stainless Steel
  • Rubber bottom which makes it hard to slide
  • Available in 4 Attractive colors and 4 Sizes for dogs of every size and shape


5. Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

best dog bowls for Yorkies amazon

Source: Amazon.com


This is a simple yet elegant dog bowl for your Yorkie. As the name suggests, Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Dog Bowl is a basic high-quality stainless steel dog bowl that gets the job done.

It is a cost-effective high-quality dog bowl that is easy to clean and comes with a rubber bottom to prevent sliding when your Yorkie is eating or drinking from it.

It is available in both single and double sets.

Pros of this Dog bowl for Yorkies

  • Affordable
  • High-quality stainless steel dog bowl
  • Perfect fit for small dogs like Yorkies



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