6 Best Dog Foods for Tear Stains in Dogs

6 Best Dog Foods for Tear Stains in Dogs

It’s your puppy’s birthday party, and you are trying to make everything memorable for her. From fancy ribbons to slip-on paws, you have already booked her day.

Your puppy is yappy-happy with her gifts and her human and furry friends wishing her joy and happiness. Suddenly, you realize reddish-brown marks around her eyes, and you start to panic.

Unknown to the situation, you search on the internet, and you get to know that these are tear stains. 

Tear stains or marks are common in dogs. It doesn’t hurt your puppy up to until it exacerbates. 

The reddish color around the eyes appears when porphyrin, a pigment found in tears, collects under the eyes. It contains iron which performs all the natural chemical functions in the body.

Tear stains cannot harm your puppy until you take proper care of her health and properly clean her eyes

Tear Marks can occur due to plenty of reasons like Conjunctivitis, Epiphora, Yeast or Bacterial Infections, or poor diet. Diet is one of the crucial factors that begets tear stains in dogs.

There are many ingredients in dog foods and food brands that are not suitable for your dog’s body type and requirements. In this article, I’ll list out the 6 Best Dog Foods for Tear Stains in Dogs. These 6 Foods are known to help curb Tear stains to the minimum.


Ingredients in Dog Foods that Cause Tear Stains in Dogs 

To take care of a dog is a serious job that needs enough time and money from your side. When it comes to diet, you want to make sure that the food is healthy and nutritious and does not contain any harmful elements that affect your little friend.

Dog foods that are full of fillers, by-products, preservatives, and added food colors degrade the quality of the food and eventually harm your puppy.

But, it is not possible every time to pinpoint the content of a packet out of rush, so here is a list of a few ingredients which are the main causes of Tear Stains in Dogs due to dog food


  • Sodium Hexametaphosphate
  • Animal digest
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sodium Tripolyphosphate
  • Soy
  • Corn and wheat gluten
  • Meat and grain meals and by-products
  • BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole)
  • BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene)
  • Ethoxyquin
  • Food Dyes 
  • PG (Propylene Glycol)
  • Rendered fat
  • Nitrites or Nitrates
  • Xylitol and Other Sugar Alcohols
  • Corn Syrup
  • MSG (monosodium glutamate) 
  • Meat meal
  • Flour
  • Artificial colors 

If you spot any of these items in your dog’s food packet, immediately keep that food away from the reach of your dog and check his or her eyes for any signs of tear stains.


6 Best Dog Foods for Tear Stains

Choosing the best dog food for your dog is tricky, and it takes on a lot of research work and experimentation before you can say- Yes, this is the right product or brand for your dog. 

There are plenty of factors that require attention when you choose the best dog food for your dog who is suffering from tear stains. To save your time, I have summarized the 6 Best Dog foods that are high in nutrition and effective in managing the tear stains of your dog.


1. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Chicken Recipe


Top Ingredients:- Chicken, fresh meat, yellow peas, dried beet pulp, and brown rice

Calorie content:- 295kcal/cup

Best for:- Adult Dogs

Hill's Science Diet best food for tear stains


The Hill’s Science dog food is a well-developed formula for dogs who have sensitive skin and get an upset stomach. This dog mixture includes essential nutrients which act beneficial for your dog’s skin, coat, fur, and overall health.

It has probiotics and antioxidants that improve the digestive functioning of your dog and build up your dog’s immune system and makes him immuno-sufficient.

The protein content is sufficient and has 80% moisture but do not overcook or cook on high flame lest the moisture content would get lowered to a maximum.

It creates fewer chances for tear stains to build up and irritate your dog. It has vitamins and fatty acids like Omega 6.

The kibbles have veggies and fruits. It also has chunks of pork and soyabean oil which are beneficial for heart and blood circulation.


  • The top ingredient is red chicken and pork.
  • It has omega fatty acids.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin dogs.
  • It improves the immune system.
  • It enhances digestive productivity.


  • Not suitable for all.



2. Blue Buffalo Basics LID Formula Turkey & Potato Recipe


Top Ingredients:- Deboned turkey meat, flaxseed, blueberries, barley, potatoes, chicory root, pumpkin, yucca, barley grass, turmeric, parsley, dried kelp

Calorie Content:- 445 kcal/can

Best for:- Growing Puppies


blue buffallo basics food for dog tear stains


The Blue Buffalo Dog food is a premium formula with top-quality ingredients and several health benefits. The kibbles are small in size with no probability of choking hazards.

It includes deboned turkey meat, bits of potatoes, fibers, fresh fruits, and vegetables. It is a dry food formula with essential oils and fats like fish oil which is good for hair and eye health.

It is a dry formula with probiotics that act fruitful for your dog’s digestive system. This small packet is free from added preservatives, artificial fillers, by-products, and food flavors.

It also has micronutrients that build up your dog’s muscles and charge up his metabolism level. It is highly effective in bringing down the chances of tear stains in dogs.

Plus, it improves the skin. Alas, your little friend is ready to skip the skincare routine sometimes.


  • It is grain-free.
  • It has Omega fatty acids.
  • The ingredients are non-allergic.
  • It has no fillers, flavors, or added preservatives.
  • It is the best for dogs with a sensitive immune system.


  • It is not suitable for picky eaters.
  • Too much fiber content.



3. Victor Purpose Hero Formula


Top Ingredients:- Chicken, beef, sweet potatoes, Menhaden Fish Meal, Pork meal

Calorie Content:- 399kcal/cup

Best for:- Adult Dogs


Victor Purpose Hero Formula dog food


The Victor dog food is one of the best dog food in the market that helps eliminate any signs of tear stains. It is a premium brand with all healthy ingredients, easy to chew and digest.

This DHA formula is rich in proteins and nutrients with animal sources like pork, chicken, and beef meal. It also has fish fats and oils that help improve your dog’s skin and hair.

It has fibers and carbohydrates like chickpeas, sweet potatoes, and green peas insufficient capacity. The prebiotics added to the mixture is best for a healthy immune and digestive system.

It also has selenium yeast which enhances metabolism level and rejuvenates skin cells.


  •  The first ingredient is raw chicken.
  • It is suitable for dogs who have a sensitive digestive system.
  • It has 33% crude protein.
  • It includes DHA.
  • It is grain-free.


  • The color of the kibble could be unpleasant.
  • It is expensive.



4. Purina One Smart Blend Sensitive Systems Formula


Top Ingredients:- Corn, Gluten, Oatmeal, Barley, Salmon, Rice flour

Calorie Content:- 383kcal/cup

Best for- Senior dogs

Purina One Smart Blend food for dog tear stains


Purina One dog diet food is a one-stop solution for dogs who have a weak immune system and suffer from multiple diseases. This small packet has salmon, which is a rich source of protein to keep your dog’s coat, fur, skin, and vision healthy.

Salmon is also known to strengthen muscles and cure joint stiffness and pain. It also has omega acids and vitamin E, which treats irritated skin in dogs.

The quality of the kibble is non-compromisable, and the kibble size is also small, which makes it easy for your dog to chew. It also helps improve the digestive functioning of your dog.

It has beef which is a rich source of fat. Overall, it is one of the best choices in dog foods, and you won’t regret it.


  • The first ingredient is salmon.
  • Small-sized kibble.
  • It has omega-3 fatty acids.
  • It is easy to digest.
  • It is cheap and affordable.


  • Not effective on picky eaters.



5. Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Formula


Top Ingredients:- Water Buffalo, Lamb meat, Venison, Beef, Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Peas 

Calorie Content:- 360kcal/cup

Best for:- Adult Yorkies and also available for puppies.


taste of the wild best food for dog tear stains

The Taste Of the Wild Formula is full of organic and nutritious ingredients. It has the perfect blend of proteins from fresh animal sources like lamb, roasted venison, fish, beef, and carbs like sweet potatoes and peas.

It has DHA and all kinds of fatty acids which strengthen muscles. The Omega-3-6 fatty acids present in this formula help naturally groom your dog’s fur, coat, and skin.

It also supports the immune system and builds up the functioning of your dog’s digestive system. However, it is not fruitful for dogs with digestive problems because some protein sources are veggies.

Vegetables are not easily digestible to dogs. It clears all the blockages that hinder the free flow of blood circulation and eliminates the possibility of tear stains in your dog.


  • The top ingredient is Water Buffalo.
  • It has DHA.
  • It helps in easy digestion.
  • It reduces the chance of tear stains.
  • It helps rejuvenate skin cells.


  • It is grain-free.
  • It is pocket-exhausting.



6. American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe


Top Ingredients:- Deboned Salmon, chicken, turkey, peas, sweet potatoes

Calorie Content:- 325kcal/cup

Best for- Senior Yorkies

American Journey dog food for tear stains

The American Journey Salmon Dog food is one best choice when you are looking for dry dog food with no grains in the mixture. The protein source is sufficient in the count equal to 32% your dog gets from deboned salmon and sweet potatoes.

It has omega-3-6 fatty acids, which help strengthen the immune system. These acids are also helpful in brain and eye development.

It has all essential ingredients like carrots, blueberries, and fish which balances your dog’s diet structure and evenly distributes the nutrition ratio. It helps improve the hair health of your dog, giving him a voluminous and silky fur.

The best part of the American Journey dog food is it is affordable and easy to spend on. It avoids all artificial flavors, fillers, and by-products harmful to your dog’s well-being.

Overall, the American Journey Dog Food is one of the best choices in dry dog foods when you have a sensitive furry friend to take care of and handle.


  • It has Omega3-6 fatty acids.
  • It doesn’t have artificial fillers, preservatives, and by-products.
  • It is best for sensitive dogs.
  • It is cost-friendly.
  • The main ingredient is boneless salmon.


  • It is grain-free.
  • The quantity of chicken chunks in the mixture is too much.



How to Prevent Tear Stains in Dogs? 5 Useful Tips 

Diet is an integral part of your dog’s health. It not only treats external problems but also cures internal injuries.

Apart from the dog foods that I have mentioned above, there are multiple ways you can treat your dog’s tear stains and eliminate the accompanying risks that come up with these Tear Stains in dogs. 


1. Clean Drinking Water

The first thing you should do is provide fresh and clean water to your pet dog. Water is a necessity, and the importance of water couldn’t be left latent.

Water helps in the smooth functioning of your dog’s internal organs. It also helps flush out any impurities and harmful and toxic waste present in the body.

It is advisable to regularly clean your dog’s drinking bowl and pour in clean water regularly. Also, you can try shifting from a plastic bowl to steel or biodegradable bowls.


2. Regular Cleansing

Tear Stains can exacerbate when pests, dirt, and minute particles in the atmosphere stick to your dog’s eyes. It can irritate your dog’s skin and may damage his eyes, retarding his vision, and can even create grim situations for both of you.

To avoid this situation, try to clean your dog’s eyes with a paper towel, cotton cloth, or baby wipes and gently wipe out the tear stains without much of your effort. 

I personally prefer to use Angel’s Eyes Tear Stain Wipes for this purpose. Definitely give it a try.


3. Trim 

Tear Stains can also occur because of unwanted hair growth around the eyes.

It leads to eye irritation and infections, causing it to open the tear ducts. To save your dog from eye infections, try to cut short your dog’s hair hanging around his eyes and make him feel relieved.


4. Daily Exercise

A jump a day, or a swirl a day, keeps the vet away! Exercise is an integral part of our life. Similarly, exercise is very dear to dogs.

It helps them feel charged up and remain active all day without showing any signs of fatigue. It becomes necessary in the case of small breeds like Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers, known for their high level of enthusiasm, energy, and zeal.

Regular exercise helps them burn out the extra body fuel and feel relaxed to sleep peacefully at night. It helps them sweat out the fats that cause obesity and tear stains.


5. Homemade Remedies

If you want a quick remedy to wipe out the first-degree issues of tear stains, all you need is to open the kitchen slabs and take out a few easy-to-find ingredients to treat the tear stains of your dog.

Apple Cider Vinegar is one good option to bring down the tear stains. Mix one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar in your dog’s food or drinking water and wait for the results.

You can also soak cotton balls in chamomile tea and clean your dog’s eyes. Do not use the same cotton ball for both eyes.

However, you can consult your vet before using these DIY tricks to know if your dog has allergies to apple cider vinegar, chamomile tea, or other home ingredients.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does any kind of Dog Food treats Tear stains?

Partially yes. It is because not all dogs have the same body type and immuno-capacity.

Each dog responds to a particular dog food differently. Therefore, you must definitely give it a try to the Dog foods that I mentioned above.

If you feel unsure, All you can do is book an appointment with a professional dog specialist and make a fully customized diet and exercise plan to cure your pup’s tear issues.


Q: Do Royal Canine causes Tear stains in dogs?

Royal Canine Dog Food is a typical meal for a specific breed named Maltese. It helps evade the allergens that cause eye irritation and tear marks. The best part of this formula is the size of the kibble is small and non-choking. 


Q: Can I use coconut oil to remove tear stains?

Yes. Coconut oil is one of the best homemade remedies to clean tear marks in dogs. It is 100% organic and does not possess any side effects that can harm your Dog’s skin and eyes.

Use cotton balls different for each eye, pour in 4-5 drops of coconut oil, and gently clean your dog’s tear stains and marks.


Q: Do Probiotics help remove Tear stains?

Yes. Probiotics are also known as good intestinal bacteria that help treat diarrhea in dogs. It not only cures diarrhea but also helps eliminate tear stains. It helps bring back the shine of your dog’s eyes. 


Q: Are Blueberries Good for Dog’s Eye health?

Yes. Blueberries are a natural source of antioxidants responsible for brain and eye development. These fruits have anti-inflammatory benefits that cure eye irritation in your dog. Mix bits of blueberries in your dog’s meal and wait for the results.

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Tear Stains are common in dogs, but these marks can exacerbate with careless attention.

Your dog is an integral part of your life, and you care for him. You want the best for him.

Try to bring grain-free and balanced meals to your dog’s menu. Although every treatment takes time, hold up your patience and shower him, love. 

If you have a story to share, drop in your thoughts below. I would love to read it.

Toodles! 🙂


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