10 Best Dog Trainers in Huntsville, Alabama

10 Best Dog Trainers in Huntsville, Alabama

Of course, bringing a dog home is one of the best feelings ever! You know that you get a new buddy with whom you can play and share almost anything and everything. Dogs are such faithful and kind souls, and the best thing about them is that they aren’t going to leave you ever!

However, taking care of your dog becomes equally important and you should take enough note of its eating habits, and behavior to make sure that it is growing up to be as responsible and well mannered as you. It is mostly said that your dog would learn things from its master.

Proper training can always frame the shape of your good, thereby polishing its skills and helping you eradicate the ill behaviors that your dog has learned somehow. Also, if your dog has already had undergone any past trauma, and you aren’t being able to help your dog with it, a trainer might help you in this regard.

What is the need for a Dog Trainer in Huntsville, Alabama?

A dog trainer is a right person to help your dog behave kindly with anyone and everyone around. Also, if your dog is suffering from any trauma or phobia, you would definitely not want your pup to suffer with it, isn’t it?

There cannot be anyone better than a dog trainer to help you in this context. When you have a dog trainer, it is usually ideal to share almost everything you know about your pup with that concerned person.

Not just this, if you think your dog is having trouble with eating, and potty, or any other, a dog trainer would be the right one to help out! Besides, a dog trainer will even enhance the skills of your pup and help it to learn ways to socialize.

It is usually recommended to have a dog trainer right since your dog is a little one so that it is able to learn good manners while it is growing. Many times, ignoring the need for this training process makes it even more difficult for the dog to adapt to new lessons while it has grown bigger.

So, without wasting any time, here are the 10 Best Dog Trainers in Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville Obedience Training Club

huntsville obedience training club

Huntsville Obedience Training Club, Alabama is an AKC licensed dog training institute offering dog training to pups. It is one of the best dog training centers not only in Huntsville but across Alabama.

The best thing about this institute is that it counts the entire history of your canine friend to make sure that dealing with it gets easier for the trainer as well.

Also, the trainer will guide you to interact with your dog even better. The trainer would suggest you with ways through which you can engage more with the canine friend. A lack of confidence often makes things difficult, and the trainer is here to assist you through!

How to contact Huntsville Obedience Training Club?

Contact number: +1 256-852-4377

Address: P.O. Box 67, Harvest AL 35749

Such a Good Dog

such a good dog huntsville

When you are looking for a trainer for your dog, be it for the purpose of enhancing the skills of your little one, or teach it some manners and behavioral etiquettes, Such A Good Dog, Huntsville is one of the best institutes to guide you through!

From obedience training to nurturing its behavior, you get all kinds of treatment from the institute. Once you leave your dog with the trainer, you are sure to notice changes in the way your dog behaves with everyone around.

How to contact Such a Good Dog?

Contact number: +1 256-890-1234

Contact email: info@suchagooddog.com

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Kind Hearts Behavior Center

Just like all humans aren’t the same, it goes likewise for dogs too! Kind Hearts Behavior Center, Alabama have professionals who are well equipped with training dogs for years. The training module ensures that your dog adopts certain positive behavioral patterns while itself being kind, decent, and original.

In case your dog tends to suffer from any phobia, or ill eating and sleeping habits, Kind Hearts Behavior Center in Huntsville would guide your dog in the best possible way.

From pack training to that of in-home training, the institute has provisions for both. All that you need is to choose the one that’s convenient for you, and your schedule would be arranged accordingly.

How to contact Kind Hearts Behavior Center, Huntsville?

Contact number: 256-881-5700

Address: 3054 Leeman Ferry Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35801, United States

Obedient K9

Obedient K9 huntsville

Obedient K9, Huntsville, Alabama is one of the most renowned training institutes offering the best trainers capable of understanding and deciphering the behavior of dogs.

Indeed, it gets difficult to understand what your pup is intending to say! It’s all because the little animal isn’t aware of the language you speak. As a result, it tends to suffer from anxiety too often, which in turn, interrupts with its regular habits as well.

Obedient K9, Al is here to produce the best services for dogs thereby helping you to start being comfortable with your dog, as well as assess your dog in a better way!

How to contact Obedient K9?

Contact number: +1 (256) 683-7476

Address: 141 Morring Cir Huntsville, AL 35811 United States

Follow My Lead Dog Training LLC

follow my lead dog training huntsville

You would probably never want your dog to behave ill with your family members and guests, isn’t it? Follow My Lead Dog Training LLC has the best trainers to help you interact with the new guest you have brought home recently.

You would definitely want to turn as the most favorite person for your canine friend, but don’t know where to start from? Our trainers would help you analyze its behavior better so that you can easily deal with it without any hesitation.

How to contact Follow My Lead Dog Training LLC?

Contact number: 256-631-5112

Mailing address: kristine@followmyleadtraining.com

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Alabama Dog Academy

Your dog has been distracted from its regular behavior, and you aren’t aware of how to deal with it? It isn’t eating on time, it is not regular in eliminating the wastes from the body, and you don’t know what to do next? Probably, you need the assistance of a dog trainer.

Yeah, a dog trainer will not just help you to check the behavioral issues of your dog, but will also train it to become regular, systematic, and disciplined.

Alabama Dog Academy is one of the best institutes for dogs of all ages, wherein the trainers would take care of every minute detail of your dog, and help it grow up, and become well-mannered, just like a good chap!

How to contact Alabama Dog Academy?

Contact number: 256-434-1747

Mailing address: ​AlabamaDogAcademy@gmail.com

Huntsville Kennel Club

Ignoring the fact that a training session can actually help might turn your dog to be ill-behaved much before you have actually realized! Huntsville Kennel Club will help your dog to become disciplined and energetic all over again.

The dog trainers are professional players who are there to guide your dog at the best! They engage with dogs and help your pup to build its behavior in a much more disciplined way.

The trainers interact to understand the troubles that your dog had been facing, thereby letting you know those issues that you weren’t able to decode yourself!

How to contact Huntsville Kennel Club?

Contact number: +1 256-532-0515

Address: ​2611 Artie St SW, Huntsville, AL 35805, United States

Confident Canines Training

confident canines huntsville

Confident Canines Training, Al understands that each dog and the owner are different in their own unique ways. Therefore, the training program should be designed differently as well.

The trainers not only help your dog with obedience training but alongside helps it to avoid all the puppy pitfalls such as jumping, nipping, barking or whining, chewing, and other annoying behaviors.

It is never too late to address these issues, the professionals at Confident Canines training will help you get the best guidance. Also, if your dog has been fighting with intense anxiety or aggression, we are here to sort that out as well.

How to contact Confident Canines Training?

Contact number: 256-694-1959

Mailing address: ​kyle@confident-canines.com

Therapy Partners Inc

Therapy Partners Inc, Al offers one-on-one interactive visits to the clients thereby helping you to fetch one of the best training modules for your pup in Huntsville, Alabama. If you are looking for an assisted living, with care facilities available for your dog, the professionals at Therapy Partners, Huntsville are here to help!

Therapy Partners make learning easier for both the kids and the adults to engage with dogs, and how to respond to them. The trainers guide the kids and animals both, thereby helping them to participate in community walks, and develop their motor skills by encouraging them to take part in several local events and programs.

How to contact Therapy Partners Inc?

Contact number: 256-881-5700

Contact email: ​mary.graham@therapypartners.org

Address: 2227 Drake Ave SW building # 9, Huntsville, AL 35805, United States

Rocket City K9

The trainers at Rocket City K9 holds an experience for more than 40 years wherein they have been training police working dogs for the US military. RCK9 takes pride in analyzing and diagnosing, thus, providing balanced training techniques.

All these dog trainers in Alabama are well-known for their expertise in shaping and training dogs of all breeds and age groups. They will listen to you and your dog, and try understanding both of your behavior for better engagement.

How to contact Rocket City K9?

Contact number: +1 (256) 212-0205

Mailing address: info@RocketCityK9.com

Wrapping up:

We can never deny the necessity of training for a dog! Just like your babies need to go to school to get well-mannered and trained, a dog training institute helps in shaping the character and mannerism of your dog as well.

A dog training center has skilled professionals who are there to help and guide your dog to be compatible with you, as well as help you be comfortable with your dog at the same time.


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