The 8 Best Dog Trainers in Montgomery, Alabama

The 8 Best Dog Trainers in Montgomery, Alabama

Do you live in and around Montgomery and are looking for suitable dog trainers around your area? I can relate to that feeling.

I am a resident of Montgomery city in Alabama and I am a huge dog lover. I have 2 dogs at my house, one is a German Shepherd and the other is a Border Collie.

When I brought home my first pet dog, my German shepherd Jerry, I had absolutely no clue about Dog Training and it’s techniques. I didn’t even know that training a dog is as important as feeding or taking him for a walk.

It was later after around 1.5 years that I got to know the importance of training your pet dog and what can happen if you do not start training your dog a little even when he’s just a small puppy. My dog started to display a variety of behavioral problems such as barking and jumping on strangers and sometimes even knowns.

And that was the reason that I had to start looking for Dog Trainers around my area in Montgomery, Alabama.

I researched a lot about the best trainers in the city and I was able to list some of them. It was easy for me to research in this age of the Internet and Social media, especially when I personally have grown up in and spent all my childhood in Alabama.

Criteria used to Rank the Dog Trainers from Best to Worst?

I would like to clarify that I haven’t been paid anything by anyone to rank down the various different Dog trainers in Montgomery and all the research done by me personally. The research is based on certain criteria I listed down below.

Also, I had a sample of 200 dog owners in and around Montgomery who had either themselves went to a dog trainer or some of their friends had gone. Here are the criteria for ranking down the best and the worst Dog Trainers in Montgomery, Alabama.

Experience of the Trainer

Experience of the dog trainers holds a very important role. There are some dog trainers who must have just got their certificate diploma in the dog training school recently and hence they would most likely be ranked lower as compared to more experienced dog trainers in Montgomery, Alabama.

The Environment of the Training 

Your dog will be spending a lot of time in the training arena. Hence, the environment of the training area and the training school also holds a key part in judging which trainer would be the best one for your dog.

If your pet dog gets comfortable in the training environment quickly, the chances are that his learning capability would increase by 5 to 7 times.

Reviews and Testimonials

Customer satisfaction and reviews are other factors in ranking the Best dog trainers in Montgomery. The reviews are a combination of both online reviews on Google and Facebook and offline reviews by past customers.


Reputation is mainly the presence and impact of the dog trainer in the behavior and character development of the dog. I have even considered factors such as the Intelligence and the character of the pet dog after he received the training from a trainer in Montgomery. This is purely based on my conversations with dog owners offline and this is in no way influenced by online reviews and testimonials.

Now, without wasting any more time, Let’s Jump to the 8 Best Dog Trainers in Montgomery, Alabama, USA

1. Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital

TCAH montgomery

Don’t judge them only by their name, Taylor Crossing vet offers a variety of pet services ranging from Veterinaries, Boarding, Daycare, Training, and Grooming.

I call them the Dog College of Montgomery due to the vast variety of dog services they provide. They have turned themself into a brand in the 10 Years of providing services in the capital city of Alabama.

They even provide pick-up from home services and all of their services are awesome and useful. The team of Dog trainers is experienced, specialized, and equipped with modern dog training techniques and equipment.

How to contact Taylor Crossing Vet?

Address: 6897 Atlanta Highway Montgomery, AL 36117

Contact number: 334-260-8787

Contact email:

2. Service Dogs Alabama

service dogs alabama montgomery

Service Dogs Alabama is dedicated to providing medical and psychiatric Service Dogs to children, adults, and Veterans with disabilities and Intervention Facility Dogs for schools, youth facilities, and courtrooms.

Frances Mcgowin is the founder of Service Dogs Alabama. Frances is an avid animal lover and has trained dogs and horses for most of her life. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and is also an artist and writer.

Service Dogs Alabama trains around 50 dogs at various levels and timing schedules every day. They have a team of dog trainers who are the best at what they do.

How to contact Service Dogs Alabama?

Contact number: 334-676-3733

Address: 8365 Mobile Highway Hope Hull, AL 36043

Contact email:

3. Off-Leash K9 Training 

off leash k9 montgomery

Off-Leash K9 Training has got a ton of reputation in this city of Montgomery. It’s pretty popular among the dog owners and a lot of people have had good experiences with Off-Leash K9 Training.

They are best in providing basic and advanced Obedience training sessions and they also offer in-home training services. The price of a 4 Week program with 4 Weekly lessons is $600. They will teach 7 Basic obedience commands under this program, i.e “Come”, “Sit”, “Place”, “Heel”, “Down”, “Break”, and “Off”.

Off Leash K9 have plenty of positive reviews online and even offline. Dog owners had satisfactory results in the past and many of them even give a huge credit of their dog’s good behavior to the team of Off-Leash K9.

How to Contact Off Leash K9 Training, Montgomery?

Address: 242 Stoneybrooke Way, Montgomery, AL 36117, United States

Contact number: +1 334-209-7000

Contact email:

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4. Dog Watch of Mid Alabama

dog watch montgomery

Dog Watch Mid Alabama also offers training sessions and lessons. They have dedicated pet professional trainers who are among the best in Montgomery, Alabama. They are also trusted by reputed dog training associations in the USA.

Dog Watch as received plenty of awards as well. They lay a lot of focus on the concept of Hidden Fences and use it in real-life applications.

I would definitely recommend you at least visit them once.

How to contact Dog Watch of Mid Alabama?

Phone: 334-356-8605

Mobile: 334-595-2851

Contact email:

Address: 528 Sandfield Ct, Montgomery, AL 36117

5. Montgomery Alabama Dog Obedience Club

It is one of the oldest dog training centers in Montgomery. It was founded in 1971 by six citizens from this city. Now, it has turned into a full-fledged dog training club and offers club membership to dog owners in Montgomery, AL.

These club members volunteer their own time to promote responsible dog ownership, quality obedience training, and the improvement of the relationship between dogs and their owners.

Their Board of directors includes people like Gayle Smith, Teresa Keever, Carla Gieske, Patricia Ellis and Susan Barmby. MADOC also arranges Dog training lessons and obedience classes and their trainers are some of the very fine this city.

How to contact Montgomery Alabama Dog Obedience club?

Contact number: (334) 269-1698

Address: P.O.Box 241564 Montgomery, AL 36104

6. Capitol K9

Capitol K9 offers personal 1-on-1 training sessions which very few dog trainers offer in Montgomery. They follow the “Pack Leader” training technique and also help the owners understand this technique and its basics.

They offer a variety of dog training services like Housebreaking, Puppy training, Basic obedience, and K9 Training.

How to contact Capitol K9 Montgomery?

Contact number: 334-730-8634

Address: Wetumpka, AL. 36092

7. Rekalibrated K 9

rekalibrated k9

Rekalibrated K9 is located at Opelika, Alabama. They are trusted by a lot of different dog training associations like the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and Certified Professional dog trainer.

I heard a lot of good things about this dog training center and the dog trainers there and that is why I have listed this down even after it is quite far from the center of Montgomery city.

How to contact Rekalibrated K9?

Contact number: (334) 758-6878

Address: 181 Columbus Pkwy, Opelika, AL 36801

Contact email:

8. Dog Training With Clinton Lothrop and Simone Stewart

Clinton and Simone are the trainers in this dog training center and it’s located in Auburn. They offer both Dog training and day boarding facilities for dog owners.

For Dog training, they demand 50$-100$ per training session. Both the trainers are highly experienced and professional and that’s why they have a higher price.

How to contact Dog.Coach, Montgomery? 

Address: 429 Lee road 394, Auburn Alabama 36832, United States

Contact number: 3343293377


I hope you really liked my research and the 8 Dog trainers I listed above. If you have any kind of questions, feel free to email me at


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