The 10 Best Dog Trainers in Little Rock, Arkansas

The 10 Best Dog Trainers in Little Rock, Arkansas

Dogs are certainly one of the loveliest and yet most notorious creatures in the entire community. Keeping them around you in your home means having someone who will continuously give you company, cuddle with you and even compel you to leave your tasks and have some fun.

However, you need to train them properly so that they can be tamed and also taught to behave properly.

Moreover, if you are planning to take your dog to a dog show, you need the help of the Best professional dog Trainers in Little Rock, Arkansas. These professionals have expert knowledge in interacting with the dogs, giving them the necessary training, and also in taming them to be a part of your household.

This is why we have discussed The Top 10 Best and Most Effective Dog trainers you can find in the city of Little Rock, AR.


Just like the name sounds, this dog training institute uses behavioral studies to train the dogs, both for household living purposes and also for leash manners. The studio is located right at the end of the street lane, which is a surety for dog owners that their pets will be taught how to walk and interact with a leash being tied to their collars.

This dog training house in Little Rock Arkansas has a homily interior, which makes it easier for the trainers to train the dogs not to pee on the carpet or scratch the upholstery of the sofa or even eat the leftover food on the coffee table.

Why choose them?

Choosing them as your partner will allow you to tame your pet and transform him or her into a family member of your home.

Their Benefits

Your dog will be within a homily ambiance, and proper training and grooming will be done without any mistake.

How to Contact Oh-Behave Dog School?

Contact Number+1 501-920-2520

Facebook Page

Address: 2808 Echo Valley Dr, Little Rock, AR 72227, United States


DogsOnly isn’t just an adoption shelter for the rescued dogs of variant breeds, but also, they offer training and classes to your pets.

They have decades of experience in handling the tantrums and behaviors of the dogs from various breeds. Perhaps this is why they can be trusted with your dog when it comes to training and interaction in Little Rock, Arkansas.

They not only help your dog to learn domestic-sophistication but also ensure that your pet can easily interact with you and your family members using their behavioral languages.

Why choose them?

With years of experience, they know how to deal with the moods and tantrums of dogs, irrespective of their ages and breeds.

Their Benefits

If you are choosing this dog training center in Little AR, one thing is sure – you are going to forget the meaning of DISAPPOINTMENT.

How to Contact DogsOnly Little Rock?

Contact Number+1 501-291-3748

Address: P.O. Box 251412 Little Rock, AR 72225-1412


Since 1950, this particular American kennel club branch has been a rock to the pet owners in Little Rock Arkansas. They accept dogs from various breeds, be it the purebreds or the mixed breeds, and this is what makes them quite popular in this small town. They provide training in several fields like behaviorism, agility, leash manners, obedience, and so on.

Why choose them?

With their sole aim to make the dogs’ lives a better place, Little Rock Dog Training Club has emerged to be one of the best friends for the pet lovers in Little Rock, AR.

Their Benefits

They have established a homely atmosphere which is dog-friendly and hence, they won’t be able to distinguish between your home and the training center.

How to Contact Little Rock Dog Training Club?

Contact number+1 501-562-3100

Contact Email:

Address: 2004 Harley Ln, Little Rock, AR 72206, United States


PetSmart does offer an array of dog training and grooming services which has made the center one of the most popular training institutes in the entire Little Rock Arkansas. They believe that dogs can be tamed to be a part of a domestic household and with this goal in their mind, they are thriving hard to provide the best training and grooming services to your pet.

Why choose them?

They have proper licenses and certifications which allow them to train and groom their dogs for social interaction with other humans as well as other dogs.

Their Benefits

You can book appointments at your convenience since they have highlighted multiple time slots for a week. This way, you won’t have to rush into anything or leave your job just to take your dog to the training institute.


Well, this particular pet training institute is for the narcotics and patrol dogs, which is indeed a surprise for the residents of Little Rock Arkansas. So, if you are looking for a training institute that will teach your dog to be obedient, agile and super responsive on extreme levels, Little Rock K-9 Academy will be your best shot without a doubt.

Why choose them?

Since they started their training school with the cop dogs and security ones, they know what the meaning of discipline is and accordingly train every dog that comes to Little Rock K-9 Academy.

Their Benefits

They train the dogs with precision so that they will be able to interact with you and also with their surroundings. The behaviorism and agility training classes make the pets more outspoken and less violent, which is indeed a great help to the domestic pet owners.

How to Contact Little Rock K-9 Academy?

Contact number+1 501-888-3294

Contact Email:

Address: 9319 Brittany Point Drive, Little Rock AR 72206


No matter what the breed of the dog is, Clays Top Dog institute makes sure that every dog gets equal training when it comes to their grooming and interactive sessions. The training institute offers a variety of different services, including agility training, leash manner sessions, regular physical exercise routines, and many others.

Why choose them?

Their sole aim is to ensure that dogs can finally get recognition in the human community through their activities and their behaviors.

Their Benefits

If you are looking for a sophisticated and homily dog training center in Little Rock Arkansas, Clays Top Dog is undoubtedly going to fulfill your demand.

How to Contact ClaysTopDog?

Contact number+1 501-450-0810

Facebook Page


Well, for the first, this is an individual dog trainer whom we are talking about. Rebecca has made sure that she can provide only the best of the best training and grooming services to pet lovers and owners in Arkansas. She offers a variety of training services like Puppy training, private lessons for any breed, and even service dog training.

So, if you are looking for an intensive training regime, contacting Rebecca would certainly help you a lot.

Why choose them?

The services that they provide are wide and hence you will have a great deal of options when you will be looking for training and grooming courses for your pet.

Their Benefits

Rebecca Scott usually start the training for dogs aging ten weeks or more so that they can handle the sessions without feeling any physical or mental pressure.

How to Contact Rebecca Scott Trainer?

Contact number +1 870-489-1652

Contact Email:

Address: 3028 E Woodson Lateral Rd Suite 3022, Hensley, AR 72065, United States


When we are talking about hiring one of the best professional training centers in Little Rock, Arkansas, you can never miss SeeSpotSit. This institute has been outsourcing its pet training and grooming services to the locality since 2009, and since then, they have never faltered in providing what they have promised to.

They offer both group and private sessions to ensure that your dog is well accustomed to different surrounding scenarios.

Why choose them?

They have earned the title of being one of the best dog training institutes in the city and hence their training courses are said to be the most efficient ones in Little Rock, AR.

Their Benefits

SEESPOTSIT  work on agility development, temperamental behavior interactive sessions, and other training forms to ensure that your dog is well tamed and groomed.

How to Contact SEESPOTSIT?

Contact number: 501-612-1171

Contact email:


Since 2011, this training institute has been providing the best classes to all dogs of every kind in the Little Rock Arkansas area. Since the owners of this pet club are well acquainted with dog training and grooming techniques, one thing is sure: they are not going to leave a single room for complaints.

Some of their well-known services are daycare, in-home pet sitting, private walks to teach leash manners, and even behavioral training.

Why choose them?

All their pet training partners are insured, licensed, and certified and hence there is no question of illegality.

Their Benefits

Here, the pets have their rooms and hence they can be trained easily on how to behave within their territory. The best part about our services is that you can avail them for any day of the week, even on Sundays.

How to Contact Le Traiteur Chien Pet Care?

Contact number: (501) 766-4749

Contact Address: 12881 Southridge Dr, Little Rock, AR 72212


Just like the name sounds, this entire training institute has a country setting which helps the dogs to have an interaction with the natural wilderness. Also, the trainers in this institute are quite familiar with the behaviors and moods of various dogs and that’s where they start with during the training regimes.

This actually makes the Canine Country Club one of the best pet training and grooming centers in entire Arkansas. This is why you won’t have to worry anymore with your dog, no matter what breed it is and what the age is. Make sure you have booked appointments before starting a training session with the Canine Country Club of Arkansas.

Why choose them?

They make sure that one can avail our variety of different training and grooming services in the area in different and compatible time slots.

Their Benefits

They provide services in various departments related to dog training and grooming and hence you will have lots of options to choose from.

How to Contact Canine Country Club of Arkansas?

Contact number+1 501-868-7297


Address: 26807 Goodson Rd, Roland, AR 72135, United States


Q1: What are the payment methods accepted by the Best and professional dog trainers in Little Rock, Arkansas?

A: The payment methods are first negotiated with the professionals on our websites and then set as per the convenience of both parties.

Q2: Can I get a daycare training facility?

A: Since some of you have to leave behind your dog for the entire day while you need to attend your work, it might be a little bit difficult for you to train and groom your pet. This is why we have included some training institutes that offer daycare training and pet sitting facilities.

Q3: How can I book an appointment with my chosen dog training institute?

A: We have provided you with the contact information. Either you can directly book an appointment or ask for a quotation before finalizing your decision.

Q4: I am not into training my dogs for dog shows. Do I still need a professional trainer?

A: Yes! Even though you won’t be training your dog for the shows, you still need basic interactive and behavioral training like agile training, leash manner sessions and so on.

Q5: How to make sure whether the chosen professional is genuine?

A: Without a doubt, every partner of ours has proper license and certifications and hence there is no doubt to worry about their genuineness and legality.


At the end, every decision will rest on you and hence, make sure that you are making the perfect choice since you can never compromise when it comes to your pets. Little Rock, Arkansas has indeed a varied number of professional dog training institutes.

But to come in contact with the best one, you need to have a proper list. And we are here to provide you with the list consisting of the best chosen professional dog training and grooming schools and institutes.


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