8 Best Dog Trainers in Mobile, Alabama

8 Best Dog Trainers in Mobile, Alabama

Are you a dog owner from Mobile, Alabama? Then you are really gonna love this guide.

I spent 10 whole days for this research to find out the 8 Best Dog Trainers in Mobile, Alabama. So, if you are a dog owner who is struggling to train their dog for something or want to get rid of any kind of bad or behavioral problem of your dog, and you are also living around the city of Mobile, you should definitely read this guide till the end.

Before I move on, I would like to introduce myself. I am Patricia Jacobs and I am a Graphic designing freelancer. Besides this, I am a dog parent of two dogs and I am crazy for dogs, their breeds, their care, and training techniques.

I love to spend time with my dogs, Heidi and Jerry. One is a pomeranian and the other is a Golden retriever. I know that is quite opposite breeds.

I also stay in Mobile and when I first wanted to train my dog with basic obedience commands, I had two options. Either, I could learn to train dogs myself by dedicating some time and investing a little bit of money.


I could hire a dog trainer around my area and let him/ her train my dog.

At that time, I didn’t have enough time to learn dog training skills myself as I was a bit too busy handling my Client’s projects. That’s why I decided to hire a dog trainer.

Initially, I visited all the dog trainers myself in the city of Mobile and had a tough time deciding which one would the best for my little friend? That’s when I decided that I should write an article and list down the Best Dog Trainers in Mobile I found after researching a bit for my own dogs.

Before I list down the best dog trainers, I would like to specify that this research and opinions are my own and I haven’t been paid anything by anyone to rank someone on first position or last position.

Factors I used to Determine The Best Dog Trainers in Mobile 

  • The reputation of the trainer/training institute.
  • Experience of the trainer
  • Environment or ambiance of the training school/area.
  • Proximity to the city

So, Without wasting any time, Here are the 8 Best Dog Trainers of Mobile, Alabama:

1. Leap of Faith Dog Training 

leap of faith dog training mobile

Leap of Faith is the number one on my list due to the variety of training services they provide to their customers. They have basic obedience, advanced obedience, and dog agility classes.

Winona Leard, the founder, and owner of this dog training school has been training dogs since 1999. This means she has 21 years of experience and she’s a whole institute when it comes to her domain, that is, dog training.

Her training is based on the principle of positive reinforcements and she is strictly against hurting or any kind of violence towards pet dogs. She herself has five pet dogs so she loves dogs just like I do.

CLASS FEES: $120 for six weeks set of classes.

How to Contact Leap of Faith Dog Training, Mobile? 

Contact number of Wiona: +1 251-604-3100

Contact email: nonaleard@comcast.net

Class Location: Animal Barn/Pet Paradise 9211 Cottage Hill Road, Mobile, Alabama

2. Stadt Dog Training 

stadt dog training mobile al

Second, in the list, Ryan Stadt and Kaitlyn Stadt started this Dog training center. They both are husband and wife.

Kaitlyn has an unmatched passion for understanding dog body language signals since she was in her school and that’s why she is the best at what she does.

They offer plenty of services from dog walking, daycare, boarding to training obedience, behavioral problems, or agility as well.

How to contact Stadt Dog Training, Mobile AL?

Contact number: +1 (850) 324-0590

Facebook: Stadt Dog Training

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3. Mobile Dog Training 

Mobile Dog Training offers in-home consultations and solutions for problem behaviors, private training lessons with flexible scheduling, and unique training options for busy families.

They specialize in providing above and beyond services to help you reach your goals. They offer various dog services such as puppy training, group training, behavioral problem training, and obedience training classes.

Jessica Hudson runs this training center and she is super experienced and skilled in her domain. Her training philosophy is awesome as well.

How to contact Mobile Dog Training?

Contact number: +1 251-391-6350

4. Get Real Dog Training 

Kirsten Kraljevic is the owner and caretaker of this dog training center. She offers services such as Board and Train, In-Home Schooling, Consulting, and Dog Walking.

Kirsten is a graduate of St. Mary’s College in Maryland with a BA in Sociology and Anthropology. One of her first jobs was with the Montgomery County, Md. Humane Society where part of her duties was to euthanize unwanted companion animals.

“Many of the abandoned dogs and cats in animal shelters are there because of easy-to-fix behavioral problems. I hated euthanizing them, and I wondered if training could be the solution.” – Kirsten Kraljevic

How to contact Get Real Dog Training, Mobile, AL

Contact number: +1 (251) 490-7264

Contact email: info@getrealdogtraining.com

5. Walks and Wags

walks and wags mobile al

Walks and Wags is a pet resort that believes that diet, exercise, socialization, and affection are essential for your pet to live a great life. They offer dog services such as Daycare, Training, Puppy Training and Grooming.

I loved their training environment and the ambiance around their whole pet service area. You should really visit them once.

How to contact Walks and Wags

Contact number: +1 251-643-1615


Address: 631 Azalea Rd, Mobile, AL 36609, United States

6. Gulf Coast Canine

This is owned by Linda Mccarthy, who has been crazy for dogs, just like me, for the last 28 years. She has worked with thousands of dogs in her life. She has a ton of experience as well.

Originally from the Nashville area, Linda has made Mobile her home for the last 12 years. She is also a part-time surgical assistant/veterinary technician at a local mobile vet.

How to contact Gulf Coast Canine, Mobile

Contact number: +1 251-973-0202

7. Sun Paws 

sun paws mobile al

Sun paws offer services such as Boarding, Basic dog training, basic puppy training, In-home training, and In-house behavior modification training.

I really liked their training area and surroundings. Do visit them once.

How to contact Sun Paws, Mobile

Location Address: 5472 Travis Road Mobile AL 36619

Contact number: +1 (251) 786 – 7297

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8. Dapper Dog Training 

dapper dog training mobile AL

Dapper Dog training is another reputed dog training center. It is not located in Daphne, just 10 miles from Mobile. The dog trainers and groomers of Dapper Dog training are experienced and skilled as well.

How to contact Dapper Dog training 

Contact number: +1 251-605-6514

Contact email: dogtraining@dapperdogtraining.net

Address: P O Box 2445, Daphne, Alabama 36526


I hope you liked my Research on the Top 8 Dog Trainers of Mobile, AL. I absolutely love this city and I would love to research more on any other kind of pet services if you want me to.

Do leave your comments below 🙂


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