The 8 Best Dog Trainers in Springfield, Missouri

The 8 Best Dog Trainers in Springfield, Missouri

Training a dog is much more than a professional approach but also calls for the one who can indulge philosophy in treating and training your dog. Dogs are a part of your family, and finding the right trainer requires plenty of hard work, a lot of research in the process.

A trainer can build the behavior of your four paw friend, but a good trainer can craft the response of your dog without undermining your dog personality.

Criteria for choosing the Best dog trainers in Springfield, Missouri (MO)

The list of these dog trainers is prepared based on various aspects and parameters. To make the cut, these trainers were analyzed on the basis of their experience, reputation, their approach, and also their skills.

Before choosing your dog trainer, you must value some of the underwritten points:

  1. The trainer must have a pleasant experience. You do not want to trust anyone without experience to handle your furry friend.
  2. The utilization of positive reinforcement is a must while training dogs.
  3. Having a good reputation for training dogs is imperative. You do not want to trust someone who has negative reviews in Dog training.
  4. The trainer must understand the needs of you and your dog as well.
  5. Allowing your dog’s personality to thrive in its original way and teaching them accordingly is how the trainer should train your dog.
  6. Respecting your dog and treating them with kindness and sensitivity should be similar to how you would behave or respect your own dog.

Following all the above protocols, I have listed down The 8 Best dog trainers in the city of Springfield, MO. They can treat and teach your dog with the utmost love and kindness, understanding their requirements and personality and grooming them accordingly.

1. Springfield Side Kick Dog Training, Boarding, & Daycare

side kick dog training springfield

Springfield sidekick dog training has a very unique approach to dog training and dog daycare. They utilize positive reinforcement training techniques and have small class sizes for a better training experience.

Because of the small groups, they allow your dog to gel up with other dogs and learn how to communicate. They use no stress boarding environment in order to teach your dog with minimum stress and maximum care.

They have certified training professionals to take care of your dog’s needs. They provide daycare and boarding along with grooming and training services. Along with this they also provide private training for your dog.

Why choose them?

Their smaller class sizes make sure that your dog gets the trainers for attention and learn at the utmost optimum level.

Their benefit

They provide a unique approach in dog training and In The Dog Care Centre as well as boarding facilities. Their low-stress program makes your dog more adaptive and helps them communicate better.

How to contact Springfield Sidekick Dog Training?

Contact Number: +1 417-425-5944

Address: 1938 E Phelps St, Springfield, MO 65802, United States


2. On The Spot Dog Training

on the spot dog training springfield mo

On the spot dog training, LLC provides better dog behavior understanding and they can help you from the embarrassment you may be feeling with your dog when in public.

They provide in-home training programs that can help your puppy and adult dogs to receive the training they need.

They provide two programs, in one of them they provide stress relief programs and train your dog to behave the best in public.

The second class is a little more advanced and it takes care of the goals and concerns you have with your dog.

Why choose them?

They have over 25 years of experience and have proven quick results. They also provide private in-home training to your pet dogs.

Their benefit

With an ample amount of experience and flexible scheduling they also provide free separation anxiety class at first with their package.

How to Contact On The Spot Dog Training?

Contact Number: +1 417-581-2787

Address: 1538 S Oak Grove Ave, Springfield, MO 65804, United States

3. Springfield Missouri Dog Training Club

This dog training club is dedicated to producing dogs who are well trained as well as good behaved in their home and in public places.

They have over 45 years of training and experience in teaching dogs and all of their trainers are experienced and certified. They offer many training programs like puppy socializing, home and public manners, community socializing, agility training, Raleigh, obedience, scent work, tracking, and many more.

They are an all in one dog training club in Springfield city which believes that training a dog is a must.

Why choose them?

They are a non-profit organization and have trainers over 45 years of experience who understand your dog more than anyone else.

Their benefit

They are dedicated to your dog and encourage willingness from the dog while establishing the necessary control.

How to contact Springfield Missouri Dog training club?

Contact Number+1 417-862-7967

Address: 454 N Farm Rd 223, Springfield, MO 65802, United States

Contact email:

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4. Springfield Family Dog Training

springfield family dog training

With the highest review in Springfield, Springfield Family Dog Training provides a dog training program. This program allows your dog to modify from basic to advanced obedience level.

They ensure behavior modification, agility, versatility, detection, tracking and private and group instructions. All the trainers are professional associate dog trainers, your dogs can learn and thrive and demonstrate excellence in the area.

With immense experience, the trainers provide therapy and in-kennel training as well. The group obedience class has different levels.

Why choose them?

They sympathize and adore your furry friend and use positive reinforcement in order to train your dog.

Their benefit

Their staff are dedicated and always use new techniques and tricks in order to restore the maximum happiness and personality of your dog.

How to contact Springfield Family Dog Training?

Contact Number+1 417-839-7031

Address: 1630 S Enterprise Ave, Springfield, MO 65804, United States

5. Pet Therapy Of The Ozarks

Pet Therapy Of The Ozarks provides multiple facilities like dog daycare, boarding, training, and tail wagging. They are trained professionals and all their staff certified and trained when it comes to taking care of your dog.

They also provide dog grooming like dogs bathing or cutting hair or toenails etc. They not only make sure that they are doing their job but also make sure that you are doing your part as well like vaccinating the dog and other details as well.

They provide a command camp and also a Dog Day Care camp which helps to Train Your dogs in the best possible approach. They certify Pet Therapy dogs with prior Canine Good Citizenship certificates twice a year.

They are not equipped to train Service Dogs nor Emotional Support Animals.

Why choose them?

They use emotional therapy and use an emotional and caring approach in order to train your dog.

Their benefit

Their non-profit organization and their volunteers are dedicated to training your dogs and provide pet therapy

How to contact Pet Therapy of the Ozarks, Springfield?

Contact Number: +1 417-848-7387

Address: 4571 S Park Ave, Springfield, MO 65810, United States

6. Petco Dog Training

Petco Dog Training provides your dog with the utmost equipped training camps. Along with your dog that teaches you as well how to develop a true friendship of lifetime respect and learning about each other.

They have certified trainers and they believe in positive reinforcement training. They provide a full training camp for your dog and believe in the stress-free training of dogs.

They provide obedience, rally, and agility classes. As much as they and your dogs to be responsible and friendly and well mannered with their human, be inspired the same instant in you as well.

They love animals and they love what they do and provide various tips and tricks when you sign up for a class with them. They have a total of 9 types of packages for puppies as well as adult dogs and for canine good citizens.

The puppy level 1 and level 2 packages are 129 dollars and the puppy essential package is 229 dollars and puppy complete package is 349 dollars. This is similar for adult dogs as well and the prices are the same for each level.

Why choose them?

Here dogs are trained on the basis of positive encouragement and on the basis of rewarding good behavior instead of punishing naughty behavior which encourages the dogs to be better in time.

Their benefit

They are very disciplined when it comes to training a puppy and believes in consistency. They also teach the owners the basics of their training which helps them practice with their dogs at home and to socialize better with other puppies.

How to contact Petco Dog Training, Springfield MO?

Here is the link where you can check out Petco dog Training.

7. T’s Dogs

T’s Dogs is a service that also provides grooming, training, and doggy day camp. In case you need it, they also provide veterinary care.

They have a website that provides all the dogs and cats foods, books, and their Healthcare supplement. Tristan Jolivette is a highly trained professional and is fully accomplished to take care of your pets.

He has pet adoption facilities as well. Fundamental package starts from a basic level and they have different groups of classes for different age groups of dogs.

Here they provide 6-week classes as puppy training to the dogs that are 10 weeks to 5 months old.

For the dogs work more than 5 months older they provide beginner training to them and after completion of the beginner’s course they have intermediate, advanced, and therapy drop training.

They also provide private training, boot camp classes, and trick training to your dog.

Why choose them?

With the experience of over 17 years, T’s dogs are highly compatible with training your dog and providing basic to advanced level classes to your dog in Springfield, Missouri.

Their benefit

Starting from potty training to your young puppies to advanced obedience classes, everything is taken under control at a very low price. The technique strengthens the bond between the puppies and their owners.

How to contact T’s Dogs?

Contact email:

Address: 811 E Kingsbury St, Springfield, MO 65807, United States

8. Camp Bow Wow

camp bow wow springfield mo

They are a pet grooming and boarding club which allows you to train your dogs in the city of Springfield. They also have a daycare facility in case you want a place to live for your funny friend.

This is a family-owned business and they understand the meaning and delicacy of each relationship and feel animals as a part of their own family.

They also provide grooming facilities that involve brushing and cutting the toe Nails and hairs.

Why choose them?

They have spacious indoor and outdoor yards to play where your puppy can thrive, play, and learn at the fullest and in the best environment. This enhances good behavior and happiness in your puppy.

Their benefit

The whole training camp is installed with live web cameras which you can see from your smartphone or computers and they also provide no charge medication administration if you request them.

How to contact Camp Bow Wow?

Contact Number: +1 417-882-9247

Address: 1900 W Sunset St B-120, Springfield, MO 65807, United States


Your furry friend looks forward to you more than you can imagine. Understanding their needs and value their personality is all they ask for from their human.

Putting an extra effort into finding the perfect dog trainer would pay you off in the future. It would help you connect with your friend on a better and another level.

At the end of the day, your dog is a part of your family and deserves the best as they give their best to you.

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