The 12 Best Dog Trainers in St. Louis, Missouri

The 12 Best Dog Trainers in St. Louis, Missouri

Having a canine friend at your hone simultaneously comes with a lot of responsibilities. You need to ensure its obedience training too, at the same time.

A well-behaved pup that understands you will prevent both your guests and family members from being annoyed. This is when the need for a dog trainer comes into the picture.

Here is a list of the 12 Best Dog Trainers in St. Louis to make sure that your pup is obedient and decent enough, not to embarrass you in front of everyone:

Pet Impact! Dog Training Services

This Dog Training Service in St. Louis, MO will help you create a strong bond of mutual love, respect, and trust with your pup. From beginners to advanced classes, your pup will be growing and start knowing about different tricks.

Your dog will gradually start opening up itself along the communication lines. Also, the dog will be addressed on behavior issues such as barking, jumping, and leash aggression. You can directly visit their official website to schedule your first consult and determine which program would be best suited for your dog!

How to contact Pet Impact St Louis?

Contact Number: +1 314-226-5609

Contact email:

Greater Saint Louis Training club

Greater Saint Louis Training club is one of the leading dog trainers in St. Louis that focuses on both the dog and its owner.

This is basically a non-profit organization that is dedicated to offering innovative force-free canine training to these little innocent creatures. Nor just it trains the dog, but it also emphasizes human-canine bonds so that the dog owners also have a better understanding of their pets.

The team also sponsors different events for the dogs to compete and have fun, thereby an attempt to engage the dog better with its owner.

How to Contact The Greater Saint Louis Training Club?

Contact number+1 314-832-3647

Address: 5200 Shrewsbury Ave, St. Louis, MO 63119, United States

Good Dog Training

Good Dog Training is a foundation of Carrie wherein she has been training dogs in a professional setting for 6 years now.

Her expertise in training dogs of miniature breeds to that of a giant is actually focused on treating dogs with various kinds of behavioral issues, fearfulness, anxiety, aggression, reactivity or resource guarding. She says that anyone can be a good trainer with time.

All that needs is training with consistency and you would be able to grow up as the best guide for your pup, even without any prior experience of handling animals. Carrie offers both Home School and private lessons.

She would not just interact with your dog intermittently but at the same time, will help you handle the skills to training your dog on your own so that you can deal with your new guest even when she isn’t there!

How to Contact Good Dog Training in St Louis, Missouri?

Contact number+1 314-643-8125

Contact email:

Address: California Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118, United States

No Leash Needed

No Leash Needed has been offering daycare and boarding programs for your dogs at a reasonable price.

The team focuses on testing the temperament of your pup, as well as assess its behavior in group play. In short, it is dedicated to helping your canine friend to work on its ability to be social, both with other animals as well as with humans.

The diverse and experienced staff of the facility conducts various seminars and workshops to evaluate the behavior and agility through personal training. The team says that it is never about considering just one method of training that can set things training, but it should have multiple methods to carefully analyze its behavior and thus, work on it accordingly.

How to contact No Leash Needed St Louis?

Contact number: +1 314-395-5900

Contact email:

Address: 9710 Manchester Rd, St. Louis, MO 63119, United States

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Aristopaws and Pawthoughts Pet Services

This is one of the best canine behavioral counseling institutes across St. Louis.

The trainer is undoubtedly one of the most reliable in the city who would help your pup combat all its troubles from separation anxiety to anti-social behavior and that of sleep difficulty.

If your dog seems to be depressed, stressed, dealing with any sort of phobia, has any sort of eating problem, or potty related complications, the trainer would guide you through each one of them.

At certain times, your dog might face trouble staying with the rest of the pack, your friends, family members or neighbors, Aristopaws will help you deal with each of these circumstances by monitoring your pup’s behavior.

How to contact Aristopaws and Pawthoughts services in St Louis, Missouri?

Contact number: +1 (336) 293-3242

Contact email:

Address: 2114 Geyer Ave, St. Louis, MO 63104, United States

The Persuaded Pooch

The Persuaded Pooch is dedicated to offering private dog training sessions in and around St. Louis.

The team believes in positive training philosophy to help you make your life simpler with your dog. You can fetch any of the training programs, right from choosing dog obedience classes, to that of private dog or puppy training.

The team will not just focus on training your canine companion and monitor its behavior but at the same time, it will help you to deal with it without a hassle.

The trainer will guide you on a one-to-one basis so that it becomes easier for you to live peacefully with your little one without any intervention.

How to contact The Persuaded Pooch?

Contact number: +1 314-609-1094

Contact email:

My Smart Puppy Training

My Smart Puppy is founded by Sarah Wilson who has been a professional into offering experienced-based puppy with humor.

She will help you training you to socialize your pup, as well as, she will assist you with housetraining and acknowledge the demanding behavior of your canine companion.

From problem-solving sessions to potty training, grooming and health care, separation anxiety and assist with obedience commands, you can train your pup all by yourself right after a few sessions with Sarah.

Presently, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, she is offering her service to any English speaking client through Zoom, Skype, Facebook, and FaceTime. In case you think you would need any of them, you can easily get her contact available right from the Internet.

How to contact My Smart Puppy Training?

Contact number+1 314-246-0641

Contact email:

Petco Dog Training

Petco Dog Training will guide you through each and every step, basically targeting towards nurturing your bond with your pup. The expert dog trainers are dedicated to offering a secure environment to your canine friend wherein your puppy would get to learn easy skills to deal with real-world situations.

The house focuses on positive dog training by acknowledging your pup with rewards for its good behavior and punishing it when it turns naughty. Also, the institute has designed its training module, by scheduling various courses at different price options based on the dog size, and training essentials.

DogWatch of St. Louis

dog watch dog trainer st louis mo

DogWatch has been into this business since 1990. The institute is well recognized for offering the best per containment solution in the area.

The dedicated customer service of the team will be there to help you out through each step.

Dog Watch offers both indoor and outdoor training sessions with your pup, thereby ensuring you about the fact that the trainer would look into the safety and security of your dog as much as you do!

How to Contact Dog Watch St Louis, Missouri?

Contact number: +1 314-965-9209

Contact email:

Address: 60 Briarcliff, St. Louis, MO 63124, United States

The Watering Bowl

Certainly, The Watering Bowl is here to help you work on your bonding with your pup in St Louis, Missouri.

Also, there are courses that will teach your little canine about being able to socialize, thereby promoting you and your family or friends’ involvement through the dog’s obedience journey.

From being able to correct the standard obedience struggles to that of helping it with reacting to the basic commands, the training experts will guide you through each and every step. The program starts right from the very first assessment.

How to contact The Watering Bowl?

Contact number+1 314-647-3647


Address: 2615 S Hanley Rd, St. Louis, MO 63144, United States

Grooming by Kennelwood

grooming by kennelwood st louis

Since the field of dog training is constantly evolving, Grooming by Kennelwood is known for having the best trainers in the city of St Louis who stay up to date with the latest dog training methods.

They offer different dog training programs, as each dog is unique in its own way. From size to the breed, the training session, too, varies widely.

Thus, the training method would also vary likewise. Thus, it becomes essential to deal with them at different levels. Grooming by Kennelwood does not only see through the behavioral issues of your dog but at the same time, it will take care that your dog is properly groomed thereby offering professional groomers for your pup’s bath, haircut, ear cleanings, walk-in nail trimming and filing, de-shunkling treatment along with many more.

Besides, Grooming by Kennelwood provides a pet boarding facility with 24/7 care. The training sessions and in-home visits are designed to train the puppies, not just the new ones, but the experts are also potential to help old dogs pick up new tricks. You can even choose to go for a free evaluation any day before you actually book your schedule.

How to contact Grooming by Kennelwood?

Contact number: +1 314-429-2100

Address: 1201 Macklind Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110, United States

Rover The Moon

Rover The Moon offers daycare to boarding sessions for your dog in St Louis, Missouri. The experts out here are promised to help you in improving your dog’s behavioral wellness.

The team believes in balanced dog training with private to that of group lessons pertaining to your dog’s behavioral needs.

The professionals have designed the lessons with a specialized approach, thereby helping you and your dog to walk through the same lane together.

How to contact Rover the Moon in St Louis?

Contact number: +1 314-571-9818

Address: 5501 Chippewa St, St. Louis, MO 63109, United States

Bottom line:

No matter where you are situated in St. Louis, you may choose any of these dog trainers to help you with your day to day schedule with your pet at peace.

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