10 Best Mobile Dog Groomers in San Diego, CA

10 Best Mobile Dog Groomers in San Diego, CA

Are you looking for the best mobile dog groomers in San Diego? Below we’ve listed 10 and have given summaries of their services.

San Diego is a huge city and there are a lot of dog owners who stay in this city. And, a lot of times, they are busy with their work and hustle and do not get time to groom their dog. That’s why, they opt to choose to groom their pet dog from a mobile dog groomer in San Diego city, CA.

1. Awesome Doggies

awesome doggies san diego

Awesome doggies are working in San Diego for the last 10 years and have become a brand and reputed name among pet owners. They can pamper dogs and cats of any breed and can provide services from a simple bath to a total makeover.

Their pet salon has a soothing ambiance that your dog will absolutely love and cherish. Dog owners love Awesome Doggies due to the comfort it provides to their pet dogs.

In 2002, they had a dream of starting a pet grooming service in San Diego and at that time it was a novelty service. They wanted every doggy and kitty to be neat and clean with trimmed nails and properly brushed teeth. And they are just a few of the groomers in the city, who groom both cats and dogs.

This is only possible due to their experienced and skilled team of mobile dog groomers who use only modern and up-to-date equipment. Awesome Doggies have one of the best online and offline reviews from dog owners in the city of San Diego.

A lot of customers have even subscribed to their monthly and quarterly subscription packages, which shows how much they rely on the dog grooming services of Awesome Doggies.

Their Office hours of operation are 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, Monday – Friday

Grooming Appointments can be booked from 7:30 am – 4:45 pm,  Monday – Saturday

How to contact Awesome Doggies, San Diego

Contact number: (858) 633-3641

Contact email: info@awesomedoggies.com

Address: 4079 Governor Dr #341, San Diego, CA 92122, United States


2. Aussie Pet Mobile Southern California

aussie pet mobile grooming

This is another mobile dog grooming service that provides pet grooming services to both cats and dogs. They operate in a wider region as compared to their competitors. They operate in the whole South California region and have a much bigger team of dog groomers.

Aussie Pet Mobile was founded in Australia in 1996 and set up its first headquarter in the United States in 1999. Today, they are a renowned name in South California for the mobile pet grooming services they provide.

They have even got to a level that they have 70 Franchises in the US. They offer reliable, convenient, and affordable pet grooming options in San Diego.

They offer a lot of small dog grooming services inside their package. You can check the whole 15 Step List from here. In addition, they also offer interesting additional services and you should definitely check them out.

Working Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM, Monday-Saturday

How to contact Aussie Pet Mobile, San Diego

Contact number: +1 760-945-6626

Address888 Prospect St Suite 200, La Jolla, CA 92037, United States

3. Carrie’s Pampered Paw Inc.

carries pampered paw san diego

This pet grooming service is owned and managed by Carrie, who has been running this pet service business for the last 8 years. She is a crazy dog lover and love to help dog owners with tips and tricks to groom and even train their dogs.

Carrie has worked as a Veterinary technician for 14 years before starting this business, so she knows a lot about dog healthcare and dog grooming as well. Carrie’s Pampered paw provides the widest range of mobile pet grooming services in North County San Diego.

Though their range of service is limited from North County to Carmel Valley, they are excellent at what they do and have plenty of positive reviews online and positive testimonials from past customers offline. And that’s why, they are one of the best dog groomers in San Diego, California.

They only use natural and hypoallergenic products to ensure your pet’s health. They have just started to provide mobile cat grooming services as well. So if you got a cat, you can try their new discounted services as well.

How to contact Carrie’s Pampered paw, San Diego

Contact number+1 760-687-8322

Contact email: CarriesPamperedPaw@gmail.com

4. Pampered Paws

Here comes another Pampered paw from San Diego. Jokes aside, Pampered Paws is managed by John, a certified pet groomer and an active animal rescuer. Pampered paws also provide pet mobile grooming services for both dogs and cats.

I can assure you that a rescuer cares for pets much more than anyone. John has rescued hundreds of dogs and cats and that’s why he cares for them a lot. This is the reason that his pet service is really liked and appreciated by all the dog owners who get his services.

Pampered Paws only use the best equipment and the highest quality (all-natural products no chemicals) shampoos and conditioners. They really care for disabled dogs and have special grooming services for disabled dogs.

John is a very kind-hearted person and I would definitely recommend his mobile pet grooming service in San Diego.

Working Hours: Mon-Fri 8 AM- 6 PM, Saturday 9:30 AM- 4 PM, Sunday 11AM- 4 PM

How to contact Pampered paws, San Diego

Contact number: (858) 295-7297

Contact Email: pamperedpawssd@gmail.com

5. One-Stop Mobile Pet Grooming 

one stop mobile dog grooming

One-Stop Mobile pet grooming is San Diego’s full-service mobile pet grooming company devoted to providing high customer satisfaction, excellent service, and quality pet care. They also offer professional pet grooming services in the city of San Diego, California.

The team of pet groomers in this company is some of the finest in California. Their pet groomers are fully trained, certified, and have the experience that you can count on for a quality service.

Their team does it all from clipping nails to fancy trims. Their groomers are certified, licensed, and insured.

One-Stop grooming is managed and owned by Sarah, a second-generation pet groomer. She has sixteen years of experience in pet grooming and basic knowledge of animal hygiene.

In her adolescent years she would spend nights after school, weekends, and summer days at the family’s salon. This is where she grew her talent with grooming and handling pets, as well as her compassion and love for animals.

Working Hours: Mon-Fri 8 AM – 4 PM.

How to contact One-Stop Mobile pet grooming 

Contact number: (619) 663-7381

Address: P.O. Box 7776, San Diego, CA 92167-0776

6. Animal Artistry Grooming 

Animal Artistry is another leading pet groomer in San Diego. They operate in Clairemont, University City, North Park, La Jolla, Del Mar, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Carmel Valley, Mira Mesa, Linda Vista, Pacific Beach, Mission Bay, Coronado & Downtown San Diego.

They offer Bathing, Tidy Up, and Full-Service plans. You can check them out on their website’s pet grooming service page. The bathing plan starts at $60, Tidy Up from $70, and Full-service plans start from $80. Extras like Shampoos cost from 10$-20$.

Animal Artistry is owned and managed by Olga Brumm. She used to work in professional fields including a psychologist and a manager at a big corporate company. But, she was never happy with office work.

Olga started Animal artistry in 2011 after working for 4 years for a reputed Pet grooming service in Chicago city. Olga enjoys being around animals, making a grooming process a truly “spa-like” experience for a pet- playful, relaxing, and stress-free. She believes that becoming a groomer has been her smartest professional move.

Working hours: Mon-Thurs 8 AM – 6 PM, Sunday 8 AM – 6 PM

How to contact Animal Artistry, San Diego 

Contact number: 858-740-4516

Contact email: admin@animalartistrygrooming.com

 7. Diego Dogs Grooming 

Diego Dogs grooming focuses on cage-free mobile dog grooming service and delivers high-quality grooming services using state of the art equipment and luxury products while remaining easy on your wallet.

Amanda Bytof is the owner and operator of Diego Dog grooming. She always had a thing for dogs and loved them. It was in 2017, that she moved to San Diego from Los Angeles and started this pet grooming service in San Diego.

Amanda has 15+ years of experience in the animal care industry and knowledge of grooming, dog/cat behavior, dog training, pet care, vet medicine, holistic care, and the workings of rescue/shelter life.

Diego dog grooming is a mixture of dog grooming, day boarding, training, rescue, and shopping for retail pet products. Amanda had a dream of setting up a place that had everything related to dogs. Amanda also has a pet dog named Leo, a 9-year-old German shepherd dog.

Working hours: Monday – Saturday 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

How to contact Diego Dog Grooming, San Diego

Address: 5010 Cass St Suite B, San Diego, CA 92109, United States

Contact number+1 858-412-5202

Contact email: DiegoDogsGrooming@gmail.com

8. Camp Kirby 

Cam Kirby also provides a mobile dog grooming service in San Diego, California. They offer mobile grooming services to only dogs. They are a big company as well with 40 employees and a big team of groomers roaming around in the streets of San Diego all day long.

Camp Kirby also provides various pet services such as day boarding and grooming. They have a caring and educated staff. Many of the staff members are in school for veterinary-related jobs while others have over 5 years of doggie daycare experience.

Working hours: Monday-Friday 6 AM – 9 PM, Saturday 6:30 AM – 9 PM, Sunday 8 AM – 6 PM.

How to contact Camp Kirby, San Diego 

Contact number: (858) 565-2267 / (858) 278-6888

Contact email: info@campkirby.com

Address: 7888 Othello Ave. San Diego, CA 92111

9. Spawtique Mobile Dog Grooming 

spawtique mobile dog grooming san diego

Run by Suzy Korn-Keefe, Spawtique mobile dog grooming is a professional dog grooming service that mainly operates around the North County San Diego region. Suzy Korn-Keefe is a registered veterinary technician & California Certified Groomer.

They provide premium mobile dog grooming services using their comfortable vans and most of their customers are happy with their grooming services. Spawtique is a renowned brand in the North County region of San Diego, California.

They also have a team of groomers who are certified and licensed. Their vans are air-conditioned, fully self-contained, and self-powered—no electrical or water hookup needed during service.

All the staff, vans, and buses are fully insured. You should definitely check-out their pricing structure before calling them.

Working hours: Monday – Saturday, 8 AM – 5:30 PM.

How to contact Spawtique Mobile Dog Grooming, San Diego 

Contact number: (844) 734-7666

Contact email: info@sdgroom.com

10. Dirty Paws Petwash 

Located on the Santo road, Dirty Paws Petwash provides plenty of dog grooming services like self-wash and mobile grooming. They provide an all-inclusive full-service groom, which includes bath, hair cut, nails, ears, and anal glands at one price.

They offer Full-service grooming in San Diego for different dog breeds. Though the pricing varies as per the size and the breed of the dog, the rates start from $50.

Bath and Blowout service pricing begins at $30 whereas Wash and Go pricing begins at $25. For more on their pricing list, check this page.

Dirty Paws Petwash use only quality products to wash and clean the dog’s coat. Their staff is small but experienced and skilled in mobile dog grooming.

Working hours: Tuesday-Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM.

How to contact Dirty Paws Petwash, San Diego

Contact number: +1 858-569-7387

Address: 6030 Santo Rd Suite F, San Diego, CA 92124, United States



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