6 Best Toothbrushes for Yorkshire Terriers

6 Best Toothbrushes for Yorkshire Terriers

Do you remember the first time you held a toothbrush in your hand and tried to put toothpaste on it and step by step clean your chewing friend and paint a mustache with the lathe? 

Was it scary or surprising? Well, all of us have a different story to tell, and believe it or not, our day starts with a tug of war between 99.9% germs and toothpaste.

Yorkies are stubborn and hard to housebreak. However, it depends upon their personality. Some learn quickly, while some take a toll on time.

If you own a Yorkie and you have just started teaching her to brush her teeth, hold your patience, and with baby steps, it will come down to your Yorkie’s habit list.

The toothbrush types you are buying for your Yorkie also matter. Some of the markedly available toothbrushes have stiff bristles, which can cause damage to your Yorkie’s gums and may call for a dental emergency.

So, Which are the Best Toothbrushes for Yorkshire Terrier dogs? Which one should you get for your Yorkie?

In this article, I’ll cover exactly how to choose the best toothbrush for your Yorkie and How to keep his teeth and smile healthy and intact.

6 Best Toothbrushes for your Yorkie

There are many options available in the offline and online market when it comes to your pet’s oral health and gifting your Yorkie an oral-care kit on her 2nd Birthday. But the issue here is you are not sure which one to pick, isn’t it? 

Don’t worry! I am here at your rescue. I have shortlisted a few of those toothbrush brands that you can surely give a thumbs up.

1. The Pet Republique Toothbrush

The Pet Republique Toothbrush offers a comfortable brush head that will provide enough space to your Yorkie’s mouth to accept the friction work without causing much pain and inconvenience.

The head of the brush is an effortless feature that gives the best clean-up within less time. The bristles are not stiff, and the design will cause nil damage to your Yorkie’s gummies. 

The quality is uncompromisable, and the best part is it is cost-friendly as you get three toothbrushes in a pack of one.


2. H&H Pets Professional Toothbrushes 

The H&H Pets Professional Dog Toothbrush offers you a quick and easy way to remove tartar and plaque from your Yorkie’s teeth. The material used in it is of high quality that helps wipe out all the debris, and at the same time, keeps the gums intact and soft.

It can provide your fingers with enough space to do the cleaning work. The soft bristles make it possible to run down your fingers to the neglected corners of your Yorkie’s mouth in no time.


3. Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Kit

This tiny kit has got huge problems to solve. It includes a toothbrush with soft nylon bristles, a flexible 360-degree brush head, and a plaque-fighting peanut-butter-flavored toothpaste that will be easy and fun on your Yorkie.  

It features an angled neck for better reach and it has nylon bristles which is helpful in cleaning between the teeth. It comes with a proper kit and the Nylabone toothpaste that comes along with it is made of Denta-C, which is known for reducing plaque.

4. Petzlife Finger Brush

Petzlife Finger Brush is a savior for you when your Yorkie hates putting any toothbrush in his mouth. These finger brushes get easily fit on your finger and make it easy to wipe out the dirt and debris.

Available in a three-pack, these little scrubbers do wonders in cleaning the gumline thoroughly.

5. Vetoquenel Enzadent Dual-Ended Dog Toothbrush

This easy-to-go dual-ended cleaning tool is a well-thought design to target every corner of your Yorkie’s teeth and clean away all the plaque, tartar, and unwanted debris. It has two sizes on both ends to clean according to the need.

This is a dual-ended toothbrush that is made with Yorkies in mind. The bristles at both these ends are specifically designed to clean food debris and plaque in your Yorkie’s teeth.

It features both a large head and a small head to accommodate Yorkies of all sizes and ages.

6. Woombamboo Dog Toothbrush

Finally, If you are an environment-friendly person, and you love to buy sustainable things, even if it’s your underwear, then you can buy the Woobamboo dog toothbrush. It is recyclable, biodegradable, and collects the best features you can have in a toothbrush. 

It is foldable, and you will not have to hang in near your dog for very long. After it wears out, remove the bristles and head of the Woombamboo and ta-da! You got a stick for your Yorkie with which she can play.


Why brushing your Yorkie’s Teeth is important?

1. Bad Breath

Bad breath isn’t a turn-off only for humans. Yorkies can also go through this lane of embarrassment. Bad breath isn’t only a sign of poor oral hygiene but may also be related to liver, lungs, or stomach issues. 

Brush your Yorkie’s teeth daily, which will help sway away these problems and will lock her oral safety for the future. If you have a Yorkie, and you notice a sudden change or excess foul smell coming out of your Yorkie’s mouth, then dial your vet immediately.

If you want to learn more about Yorkie Dental Care, here’s my guide on it.

2. Gum Disease

Periodontitis is the most common dental issue in dogs. It happens because of the accumulation of dental plaque and tartar on the teeth, which triggers inflammation. It affects the bone structure of the teeth and eats up the gums. Thus, your Yorkie should get his teeth neat and clean every day.

3. Tooth Decay

With age and with unattended oral health, teeth start to decay. To protect your Yorkie from any future brunt, take her for checkups once or twice every week. Look for any plaque dump and if your Yorkie is experiencing soreness and pain around the affected area, contact your vet.

4. Painful Infections

Oral infections like gingivitis can make it inconvenient for your baby to get along with her daily chores. She may skip playing, eating, or sleeping. The common symptoms include redness and swelling in the gums, which can be extremely painful for your Yorkie. 

5. Tartar

Tartar jam on your Yorkie’s teeth can lead to severe health issues. Tartar does not take long to form, and it can cause immediate damage to her teeth and gums. Tartar spares enough leeway for the bacteria to weaken the gum muscles resulting in tooth decay and tooth loss.

3 Common Brushing Mistakes you should possibly avoid

1. Avoid wide-opening your Yorkie’s mouth.

The key to a comfortable brushing is to keep your puppy’s mouth closed while gently lifting its lips. Wide-opening your Yorkie’s mouth may hurt her. She will hustle out of discomfort and eventually make it hard for you to brush her teeth.

2. Avoid brushing a dirty mouth.

You should get your Yorkie an appointment with the vet to get his teeth clean before you add brushing to his day-to-day list. Gums are vascular, and cleaning an already dirty mouth will give free access to bacteria into your Yorkie’s gums.

3. Say No to Hard Scrub 

Like skin, gums are a sensitive part of the body. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog or a human being. Don’t scrub it too hard lest it will cause harm to your Yorkie’s gums and oral health.

How to keep your Yorkie’s Teeth Healthy?

1. Get familiar with your Yorkie’s mouth.

It is better to know how it looks when you open your puppy’s mouth. It gives you an idea to have an overall idea about the oral hygiene that your Yorkie has at the moment.

The comparison will help you figure out the deformities that have been building up because of the bacteria and germs on attack mode.

2. Routinize Your Dog

To keep your Yorkie’s teeth healthy, get him into a strict routine to build a habit of brushing daily. Get him used to the prick and prod so that she will get to know it’s brushing time before breakfast.

3. Keep your options open.

When you hear the word oral hygiene, the first thing that comes to your mind is a toothbrush, and toothpaste, Isn’t it? 

There are several options available in the market for dental care but, you should try out other options for your pet’s oral hygiene. You can try chews, toys, or gels to keep your Yorkie’s teeth shiny and bright. Here is a list of the 12 Best Toys for Yorkies

4. Consult your Vet

Every dog breed has some special needs to fulfill. If you think you are puzzled and need some professional advice. Consult your veterinarian on specific options for your pet. 

How to choose the Best Toothbrush for your Yorkie?

1. Sizing

Yorkies are micro in size than other dog breeds, and this is why you would like to spend your money on the best tooth-care kit for your Yorkie. Pay close attention to the size and look for a toothbrush that isn’t picky, poky, or pushy in use.

2. Certified Materials

Look for the packaging and the certification on it. Buy only branded and certified products for your Yorkie. It gives an assurance that the product has been clinically tested and proven and will cause less harm to your pet’s oral health.

3. Soft Bristles 

You can’t place your Yorkie’s gums at risk while scrubbing with stiff bristles. It will damage the tissues and eventually become a reason for tooth loss. Buy a toothbrush that has soft bristles to avoid bleeding and further damage.

4. Flexibility

Many toothbrushes come with the handle bent at an angle. They are flexible and can help you clean your Yorkie’s teeth without any area left unknown. It can be a helpful feature as it allows you to reach difficult areas with relative ease. 

5. Length

The length of a toothbrush also helps bring your hand to the most negligible areas of your Yorkie’s mouth. Find a toothbrush that has a considerable length while you decide to purchase one online.


The Final Words

Oral hygiene is as necessary as physical and mental hygiene. 

Like us, Yorkies can also suffer from bad breath, gum breakouts, soreness, and other illnesses which need immediate dental attention. Try out the toothbrushes, I suggested, and if you think you need a professional call to make, call a vet. 

Ultimately, it’s your Yorkie, and you want her to look best in every way possible. Help her with the cleaning and let her say – “Yes, I am orally-orally happy!”

Which option did you try? Tell us in the comments section, and let us know your experience with your Yorkie’s oral pampering session.

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