12 Best Toys for Yorkshire Terriers in 2022

If you own a Yorkshire Terrier, you can relate to the fact that these dogs are small and cute, but they are very active. They love to play with not only their masters but anyone who are friends with them.

Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most popular lap dogs in the United States right now and a popular choice for those who stay in apartments and like to pet small sized-dogs.

Yorkies are small-sized but they require an ample amount of mental and physical stimulation to maintain their health and proper weight. If you are a person who can spend time taking your dogs for walks twice a day, playing with them for 30-40 minutes a day, and then training your Yorkie for basic commands, then you are really lucky.

But most of us fail to take out quality time from our day-to-day life activities to spend so much time with our pet dogs. Isn’t it?

This is where Dog Toys come in handy. Toys are a great way to keep your dog’s mind busy and also exhaust his body. Remember, a tired dog will learn things quicker and better.

Whether you use an active toy, chew toy, stuffed toy, or puzzle toy, each and every toy provides some kind of value and has some advantages of its own.

I am Daniela Carrera, a certified professional dog trainer and I help dog owners and lovers solve various pet-related problems on my blog LittlePawsTraining.com. I have a fair amount of experience when it comes to petting and training Yorkshire Terriers as well.

That’s why, based on my 8 years of experience, I have come up with a list of 10 Best Dog Toys for Yorkshire Terrier dogs. I will also be clearing your other doubts as to what kind of toys should you go for based on the age, health, and personality of your Yorkie.

Here’s a video of the 12 Best Toys for your Yorkie dog in case you don’t enjoy reading articles.


What are the different kinds of Dog Toys in the Market?


4 types of dogs for yorkies


There are different kinds of dog toys available in the market according to the needs of the owner. These are:

Soft Toys 

Soft toys are a good option for breeds who have tiny jaws and whose teeth cannot pierce into these soft toys and tear them apart.

Soft toys provide a feeling of security and safety to your Yorkie and also help him in sleeping along with the toy. Soft toys are also known to change a dog’s mood when he is feeling sad/unhappy.


Chew Toys 

Yorkies love to chew things. If you are a Yorkie owner and have experienced situations in the past where your dog has chewed your shoe or any other belongings, you would relate to this fact.

This behavior is especially observed in their teething period. During this period, Yorkshire Terrier goes through a lot of itching in their teeth and they desperately need something to chew.

To prevent your Yorkie from destroying your household items, you should get a good chew toy for your dog. But which one? I am going to come to this later.


Sports Toys

Sports Toys are toys that encourage your Yorkshire Terrier to play along with them. These toys include frisbees, balls, etc.

These toys get your dog moving and I personally feel dogs really enjoy the time when they are playing along with you with these kinds of toys.

Sports Toys help to maintain a level of activity in your dog and help you to keep your Yorkie active.


Puzzle Toys 

These toys are not just helping but can change the whole game for you if you use them correctly. I personally recommend these toys and other ‘brain games’ to many of the dog owners I meet.

But very few of them properly use these toys. Using these puzzle toys and other ‘brain training games‘, I have managed to 10X the Intelligence, Smartness, and Obedience of many dogs, not just Yorkies.

Puzzle Toys keep your dog’s mind busy and engaged and let them use the full power of their brain and stimulate their brain cells.

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Best Dog Toys for Yorkshire Terriers 

I have ranked these toys on the basis of many factors such as price, ease of use, durability, product age, and the value they provide to the end-user. These toys come in very handy for owners like us because we can’t be present with our pet dog all the time. Isn’t it?


1. KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy



You might be familiar with the brand KONG. They are leaders in the Dog Toy industry.

You can easily turn mealtime into game time using Kong’s Wobbler toy. It consists of a small hole that dispenses treats whenever your Yorkie moves it around.

This toy is designed in such a manner that treats fall out at a slow rate which forces your Yorkie to work harder. It increases the activity level of your Yorkie without you having to play with him. Kong Wobbler is best for you if your Yorkie has a high level of activity and you cannot spend that much time playing with him.

This toy fulfills your Yorkie’s urge to explore, chew and play. You can also fill this toy with other food items that your dog loves and it works just fine. You can also try to feed your Yorkie using this toy if your dog gives you a hard time during eating.

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2. Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball




This one is a highly interactive toy and at first, it can make your dog go crazy. Talking Babble ball produces noises and sounds like “Rock ‘n Roll Big Doggy”, “Grrrrrr”, “Hey Puppy, What are you doing?”, “Good girl”.

These kinds of sounds make your pup to believe that this toy is a living being and is calling him to play. Your Yorkie will think that this ball is alive and he will start to jump, chase and kick this ball. This ball sets itself off when your Yorkie is done and tired.

Pet Qwerks Babble Balls are motion-activated toy balls. This means that whenever it senses that your Yorkie is around the ball or even senses your dog’s breathing, it will turn itself on.

It occupies and entertains your Yorkie for hours and gets him physically tired as well. The best thing I liked about this toy is that it comes with replaceable batteries.

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3. Outward Hound Puzzle Toy



If you have a Yorkshire Terrier dog who has an urge to run after all animals like squirrels or birds, then the Outward Hound Puzzle toy is the best option for you.

This toy is available with many small dummy animals such as squirrels, bees, and birds. Each of these animals squeaks which encourages your dog to catch it from the hole. It consists of a log and many squirrels and you Yorkie needs to sniff them out by digging the holes.

This Puzzle toy stimulates your dog’s mind and he needs to apply his brain in order to get those squirrels or birds. What if your Yorkie tears apart one or more of these squirrels while digging the holes and trying to catch them?

There are replaceable squirrels available as well which you can insert inside this puzzle toy.

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4. KONG Extreme Medium Bone

Do you own an elder Yorkshire Terrier which carries a good build? Is your Yorkie a rough chewer?

Then KONG’s Extreme Medium Bone is a great option for you.

This bone can withstand hard chewing even from rough chewers like Rottweilers or large dogs like German Shepherds. The sturdy rubber material from KONG soothes itchy gums and massages them.

You can also insert treats on the two sides of his toy to make your Yorkie work hard to get that treat. Extreme Medium bone is extremely durable and will not tear down easily.

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5. Smartpetlove Behavioral Aid Puppy Toy




Smartpetlove Puppy toy provides company to your dog as it replicates another pet’s warmth and softness. Whenever you leave your Yorkie alone inside the house, your dog can feel alone and insecure.

This is the time these kinds of puppy toys help your dog to feel safe and secure. This is an amazing way to get rid of loneliness and anxiety.

This toy can also be kept inside the crate and will prevent your puppy from whining and crying during nighttime when he’s all alone inside the crate. Here are some other tips to stop your dog from crying during bedtime.

And you know what’s most special in this one? It comes with a disposable heat source that provides extra comfort to your Yorkie without risking his health.

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6. Nylabone Durachew Wishbone



Is your Yorkshire Terrier a hard chewer? Or is he going through his teething period right now?

If yes, Nylabone’s Durachew Wishbone would be a great option for you. It is made up of a strong material that can withstand the tough chewing of your Yorkie who may be suffering from itching gums.

This toy can save your shoes or furniture from being chewed. Your Yorkie gets something to chew while you can safeguard your valuable items as well.

I have used several chewing toys for my dogs but Nylabone is much better as it doesn’t tear or get cracked down under the pressure of your Yorkie’s teeth. Wishbone shape also ensures that your dog can chew using both the front teeth and back teeth.

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7. KONG Wubba Dog Toy

The next item on this list is again from KONG. Wubba Dog toy is made of strong nylon material and is used for playing fetch and tug.

It is the durability of this material that it rarely gets torn apart or gets broken down. It’s highly interactive and easy to throw, tug and pick.

KONG Wubba Toy consists of two balls, a ball that is suitable for chewing and the other one is a tennis ball that is suitable for throwing and bouncing. It is also double-stitched which makes it even stronger.

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8. Chuckit Sport Launcher Dog Ball Thrower



If your Yorkshire Terrier loves to play fetch and your shoulders get tired of throwing the balls or frisbees, again and again, the next toy in the list is for you.

Chuckit! Dog ball thrower enhances the fetch game by allowing you to increase the throwing speed and distance. Your Yorkie will also love to run farther and fetch the ball.

You can use this to throw tennis balls and you won’t even have to get your hands dirty if the ball gets dirty and muddy.

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9. goDog Just for Me TRex with Chew Guard



This is a plush toy but one thing that really stands out in the goDog Just for Me TRex toy is the fabric used in this which makes it Chew Guard. Also, it’s double stitched.

It is suitable for rough playtime as nothing much is going to happen even if your Yorkie has very sharp teeth. Not only this Trex toy is durable, but it is also extremely soft and made of healthy material.

Additionally, it’s lightweight which means your Yorkie can easily carry it around the house and will enjoy playing with this toy.

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10. Multipet Assorted Colors Pig Goblets Dog Toy


There are some Yorkies who love to play with toys in different colors. This one in the list is for those Yorkies.

Multipet Assorted Colors Pig Goblets come in a variety of colors like green, yellow, blue, and red. Not just color, it also comes in different sizes which gives you a lot of options to choose from.

When squeezed, it produces the sound of a pig which even encourages your Yorkie to go after it. These pig toys are fluffy and are made of Latex material which is anti-bacterial and easy to clean.

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11. Arm & Hammer Super Treadz Gorilla and Gator Dental Chew Toy



This is another chew toy but it has some specialty as well. This Dental chew toy helps in reducing tartar and plaque buildup. It also helps in freshening breathe and stimulating gums.

Arm & Hammer Super Treadz chew toy is made of durable rubber material that can withstand even the roughest chews. Available in Gator and Gorilla shape which can keep your Yorkshire Terrier entertained for hours.

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12. ZippyPaws Pizza Toy



Does your Yorkie gets attracted to junk food items like Pizza? If yes, you can try this toy out. It’s a fun toy and encourages your dog to engage with it.

This Pizza toy is only for small dogs so your Yorkie can easily pick it up in his mouth and would try to eat it. The chances of it ripping apart are pretty less as the material is durable and of good quality.

It’s cuddly, soft, and has a nose in the middle.

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Things to Keep in mind when playing with these Toys 

Toys are an essential part of your dog’s life. Obviously, you cannot spend time every day with your Yorkie and play with him.

But your Yorkshire Terrier loves to play and enjoy that time. This is where toys come in handy.

I would recommend you to get 2-3 different kinds of toys as per your choice. They keep your dog engaged and entertained. This also results in their physical exercises and both physical and mental stimulation.

Let me elaborate more on how you can reduce boredom and any kind of destructive behavior in your Yorkshire Terrier and entertain them as well.

  1. When you are using toys that have filled-in treats, make sure that you do not feed your dog with a lot of extra calories. Yorkshire Terriers have less diet and they don’t need a lot of calories to sustain themselves. This is why you should compensate for those treats by skipping a meal or something else.
  2. If you are playing a game of fetch with your Yorkie, make sure you only play it for 30-40 minutes as that might be enough to make your dog tired. Learn to Socialize your Yorkie while playing. Also, ensure that he drinks an ample amount of water and gets breaks in-between the playtime.
  3. Puzzle Toys are great for sharpening your Yorkie’s mind. Always use them and other ‘brain games’. Enter your name and email address below to download a Free Secret Cheatsheet where I would show you how you can turn your normal Yorkshire Terrier into an Intelligent beast.


Frequently Asked Questions about Yorkie Toys


What would be the best toy for my Yorkie Puppy? 

Puppies are at a growing stage and they would need toys that would contribute to both their brain and body growth. During the teething period, you would need to chew toys for your Yorkie.

These toys soothe the itchy gums and give your dog something to rub his teeth on. Puzzle Toys are a secret sauce that 90% of dog owners fail to use properly.

I can’t emphasize more how precious they are in the development of a pet dog’s brain.

When it comes to physical exercises, toys like ball throwers or noisy toys can make sure that your Yorkie gets plenty of physical exercise.

Get all three kinds of toys when you have a Yorkshire Terrier puppy.


Can Playing with someone else improve my Yorkie’s socialization?

Yes. Playing fetch or other running games with other people will help you to introduce them and develop a friendly bond between your dog and that person.


Are Chew toys enough for eliminating Chewing behavior?

If your Yorkie is chewing in his teething period due to itchy gums, it’s perfectly normal and you can expect a chew toy to handle him.

But if your Yorkie develops a habit of chewing anything or his chew toy all the time, then I would highly advise you to supervise him and try to know the reason.

This may happen due to the fact that your Yorkie loves to chew things or he is bored. If you want to end his chewing behavior once and for all, Try The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan, a dog trainer with 10+ years of experience.

It helped Alasko in getting rid of all of his behavioral problems.


I have an elder Yorkie, Which dog would be best for him? 

If you own a Yorkie, you might be familiar with the fact that this breed was bred to hunt small animals like rats and squirrels.

That is why squeaky toys that resemble a small animal or make some sounds like those really attract Yorkies and will keep your dog busy and entertained in them.

I am sure I could help you with finalizing a good toy to buy for your Yorkie. If you want to go outside and you want to carry your dog with you, I have also maintained a list of 10 Best Carriers of Yorkies. Do check them out as well.


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