7 Best Dog Treats for Yorkies in 2022 | How I choose The Best Treats for my Yorkie?

7 Best Dog Treats for Yorkies in 2022 | How I choose The Best Treats for my Yorkie?

Treats are an excellent option for nutrition in between the meals and they also serve as a great motivation during the Training Sessions. These Treats would be the Best for your Yorkie both in terms of acting as Training motivation and providing nutrition with low-calorie options.


Giving Treats to your Yorkie is a great way to build a stronger bond and communication with your dog. It is an amazing way to motivate your Yorkie to listen and act according to your commands and your Yorkie also has something tasty to work for.

If you have tried to train your Yorkie for anything, you must be familiar with the concept of positive reinforcement and Pack Leader. You would know how important the role of Treats is when you are motivating your Yorkie to correct or learn a behavior.

When it comes to choosing the Best Treats for your Yorkie, it’s important to consider the taste, nutrition, and safety factor. You need to make sure that your Yorkie not only enjoys eating it but that treat also provides ample nutrition to him or her.

Did you know that Treats and Snacks account for 25% to 30% of your Yorkie’s daily intake? That fact would tell you how incredibly important it is to choose the best and the healthiest Treats for your Yorkie puppy or adult dog.

Best Treats for Yorkshire Terriers 

Milk-Bone Original Brushing Chews Dental Dog Treats

I really love these Treats as it is an excellent option for both Dental treats and Training treats. My Yorkie loves to consume it during the training sessions as well as at the dinner table.

Milk-Bone treats are made with natural ingredients and it features vegetables, tenders, and meaty pieces which fill up your Yorkie’s food bowl. It helps support strong teeth by cleaning them using the nubs and ridges already marked on each piece of the treat.

They also helped in reducing my Yorkie’s tartar buildup, freshening his breath, and maintaining healthy gums. This dog treat for Yorkies is also accepted by Veterinary Oral Health Council.

Pros of this Treat for Yorkies 

  • Amazing Combo of a treat with Irresistible taste and the one which helps keep Strong Gums.
  • Contains 12 essential vitamins and minerals with no artificial flavors.
  • Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) Accepted Seal.


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Pupford Freeze-Dried Training treats 

If you have ever trained your Yorkie, you would be aware of how quickly those calories from treats add up and you end up noticing your Yorkie gaining weight after a few days. But, we, as owners, have to repeatedly offer treats to our Yorkie in order to affirm positive behavior.

To solve this problem, I personally use Pupford’s Freeze-dried treats which come with only 1kcal per treat which ensures that you do not blow up your Yorkie’s daily calorie intake.

It comes with natural ingredients, delicious taste, and low-calorie treats are a perfect combo for you if you are an owner who likes to put in effort in Yorkie training. It solves the motive of getting your pup’s attention without feeding them too many calories.

This treat has just one ingredient, which is, sweet potatoes. Therefore, it doesn’t contain any unwanted preservatives or chemicals.

Pros of this Treat for Yorkies 

  • Perfect treats for long dedicated Yorkie training sessions
  • Contains just freeze-dried sweet potatoes
  • Delicious taste that your Yorkie will be motivated to work for it
  • Comes with 450 treats in a bag
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Cesar Softies Dog Treats 

These treats come up in the shape of paws and look super cute. I am pretty sure that your Yorkie will absolutely love it. Cesar Softies are easy to chew and come in mouthwatering filet mignon flavor.

These treats are ideal for small dog breeds like Yorkies. There are 200 treats in each packet.

However, you should not feed more than 2 and more than 5 Cesar Softies to your Yorkie puppy and adult dog in a day respectively as they are high-calorie treats and can blow up your Yorkie’s daily calorie intake.

Therefore, I personally use these treats when I and my Yorkie go through a decent training or exercise session and I feel that those extra calories won’t do much harm to his weight.

Minties VetIQ Dog Dental Treats 

This is an excellent treat for a Yorkie who is suffering from bad breath. It really helps in removing plaque and tartar.

Minties VetIQ contains as many as 5 breathe fresheners and doesn’t contain any added sugars or salt. I really love these treats due to the fact that they are wheat, corn, and soy-free.

It is a Made in USA product and is specially made to keep the gums and teeth of small dogs healthy and in good shape. Minties come in small sizes which is ideal for Yorkies but I personally like to split each treat into two pieces as well.

Though, I wouldn’t recommend feeding these treats daily to your Yorkie due to its calorie being a little on the higher side.  I usually recommend the Treats with natural ingredients to be fed daily to your Yorkie.

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Zesty Paws Dog Treats for Hip and Joints 

If your Yorkie puppy or adult dog has any kind of joint pain problems or has weak bones, this is the perfect choice for you. Zesty Paws Dog treats for Yorkies are made up of ingredients loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin E which support normal joint function and connective tissue formation.

I haven’t used these treats for my Yorkie since I never had any kind of bone problems with him but you can definitely try if your Yorkie suffers from muscle breakdown sometimes.

These Treats have compounds like OptiMSM, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, and Chondroitin Sulfate which helps the lubrication of your joints and muscles. These treats act as treats as well as a bone supplement for your Yorkie.

Pros of this Dog Treats for Yorkies 

  • Loaded with Vitamin C and Vitamin E which is great for the overall well-being of your Yorkie.
  • Provides Premium Hip and Joint support along with acting as Treats for your Yorkie
  • Helps in providing much-needed lubrication to your Yorkie’s muscles and bones.
  • Suitable for Yorkies of all ages
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Jiminy’s Cricket Protein Sweet Potato Dog Training Treats 

What If I told you that there are dog treats for Yorkies that can provide protein, vitamins, omega, iron, and many more minerals in one treat itself?

Yes, it exists by the name of Jiminy’s Chewy Cricket Treats. They are made with natural ingredients such as raised cricket protein. Yes, you might know that the trend of using crickets for low-cost high-value protein has been growing for the past few years and both dog and human food products are now using Cricket protein in them.

The thing that I like the most about these treats for Yorkies is that they not only contain more protein as compared to chicken or non-vegetarian treats, they also provide plenty of Vitamin B-12, Omega-3, and Iron to your Yorkie. Moreover, it supports your dog’s gut as well.

Pros of these Treats for Yorkies 

  • Best Source of Low-cost Protein for your Yorkie
  • These are best for Hypoallergenic dogs
  • With 2.9 calories per treat, they can be considered as low-calorie as well
  • High-quality ingredients like Crickets, peanut butter, flaxseed, and lentils are used to manufacture these dog treats
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Beefeaters Sweet Potato Wrapped with Chicken Treat for Dogs

Beefeaters Dog treats are oven-baked and made without any added preservatives. In these treats, Sweet potato is wrapped with chicken jerky that acts as a very tasty treat for your Yorkie dog.

Your dog will take a long time to chew these treats as it’s a long-lasting chew treat. Therefore, make sure that your Yorkie consumes enough water before or along with consuming these treats.

Beefeater’s treats are made with a precise amount of nutrients needed for the overall well-being and growth of your Yorkie.

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How Do I choose the Best Treats for Yorkies? 

There are so many options of best treats for small dog breeds like Yorkies in the market that one can feel overwhelmed and confused with those. Each of the customers has different priorities and motives behind buying treats for their Yorkies.

Some owners prefer taste over quality while some owners prefer Dental treats while others want proper Training treats. Some Yorkie owners want Made in the USA while others are comfortable with the treats being manufactured anywhere in the world.

With all these moving pieces, it gets very difficult for anyone to arrange a list of Best Treats for Yorkie dogs. Isn’t it?

Therefore, I have listed some of the factors that I prioritize when choosing Best Yorkie treats.

Calorie Count 

calorie count in the best treats for yorkies

Yorkies, on average, need just 150 to 200 calories per day spread across 3 to 4 meals plus snacks. If you choose the treats that have a high-calorie count, there are chances that most of those recommended calories would be filled by these treats themselves.

This can result in your Yorkie getting obese and overweight which invites various health problems. Many Manufacturers make treats keeping in mind the needs of large dog breeds like Huskies and German Shepherds.

You don’t want your Yorkie dealing with major health issues due to your mistake of choosing the wrong treats for your Yorkie dog, isn’t it? Therefore, Calorie Count should be your priority when choosing the Best treats for small dogs like Yorkies.

I always look at the Kcal/treat metric behind the packet of dog treats and I usually divide each piece of treat into two or three pieces. Anything around 1-3kcal/treat is amazing.

Artificial Sugar and Salts 

I avoid treats that use Artificial sweeteners and salts. You might not feel the harsh effects of these artificial components right away, but in the long term, they definitely harm some organs of your Yorkie.

Studies have shown that Artificial sweeteners like Sucralose can cause diarrhea and other gas-related problems in small dog breeds. The effect of these kinds of components is even harsh on Yorkshire Terriers because of their tendency to develop hypoglycemia.

Ability to Tackle Bad breath and maintain Healthy Gums 

Yorkies tend to suffer from dental issues. If there are treats for Yorkies that they love to eat and which can also remove dental issues like tartar, plaque, and bad breath, I would consider it an amazing combo.

These treats have the ability to reach places in your Yorkie’s mouth that you cannot reach by using a toothbrush. Always supervise your dog when he’s consuming dental treats. However, you can check out the Best Brushes for Yorkie’s Coats as well.


Things to Avoid when Buying Dog Treats for Yorkies 

I covered what you should feed to your dog while focussing on how to prioritize what factors to buy these dog treats for your Yorkie. Now, I’ll list some of the facts and ingredients that you must avoid when looking to buy treats for your Yorkie.

  • Artificial Colors
  • Artificial Preservatives
  • Fillers
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Treats that contain animal oil or meat-by-products
  • Made-in-China Treats
  • Raw Hide and Pig Ears as Ingredients in Dog treats

How to Make Homemade Treats for your Yorkie 

If you have some time and like to experiment with stuff in the kitchen, you will be surprised that you can get the best treats for your Yorkie at your own home which is not only the best but cheapest as well.

Sweet Potato Treats 

homemade sweet potato dog treats for yorkies

This is a single-ingredient treat and it’s incredibly easy to make.

Slice two sweet potatoes into 1/4-inch rounds. Bake these sweet potato rounds for about 2 to 3 hours at 120 degrees celsius by placing them on a baking sheet.

You would need to check them simultaneously so that they don’t burn. After it’s done, you will get chewy, crispy, and tasty potato treats that your Yorkie will love.

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

While some Yorkies love frozen fruits and vegetables and it’s enough to use as treats for them, while some Yorkies don’t really like them much. It all depends on how and when you introduced these items in his or her puppyhood.

Some great examples of good frozen treats for Yorkies are apples, strawberries, carrots, peas, bananas, cantaloupe, and green beans. If you freeze them a little longer, they will become more chewy and tasty as well.

Which treats can provide better antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and iron to your Yorkie than fresh fruits and vegetables?

A mix of Peanut Butter and Yoghurt cubes 

Blend a mixture of Peanut butter (choose a brand with no artificial sugar) and Yoghurt in equal quantities. Drop the mixture into an ice-cube tray and let the mixture freeze. I personally use silicone ice cube trays as peanut butter treats don’t pop out as ice cubes do.

Pop-out the treats one by one carefully once they freeze.

This is a high protein and calcium treat which is the easiest to make as well. However, these treats for Yorkies are high in calories and you can’t overfeed these to your Yorkie.

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Which One did you Find out to be the Best Dog Treats for Yorkies? 

So, these are The Best Dog Treats for Yorkshire Terriers according to me. I have used nearly all these Treats and that is why I have recommended them to you.

Always keep in mind the factors when you choose treats for your Yorkie and the factors to avoid.

Don’t forget to comment down below which treats did you find out to be the best for your Yorkshire Terrier dog.

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