Best Clothes for Male and Female Yorkies

Best Clothes for Male and Female Yorkies

Yorkies are beautiful dog breeds and they attract attention from everyone when you take them out. However, when your Yorkie is wearing gorgeous clothes and outfits, that attention increases manyfold.

Speaking with my personal experience, I have seen that a Beautifully dressed Yorkie garners much more attention and looks much more attractive than a Yorkie not wearing any clothes.

Nowadays, every Yorkie owner prefers getting some cool outfits for their Yorkies as they consider clothes an integral part of their Yorkie dog’s personality.

Some clothes and outfits like sweaters and coats are absolutely necessary for Yorkies if you live in an area where temperatures keep too low, but even if you live in a hot or moderate weather place, buying the best clothes and outfits for your Yorkie is important to give a different look to your Yorkie.

Cutest Dog Clothes for Yorkies 

Best Yorkie Clothes for Male Yorkies 

I am pretty sure that your male Yorkie will look absolutely handsome and stunning in these beautiful outfits for your Yorkie. The collection is full of colors and outfits that will add a masculine flavor to your dog’s personality.

If you want to give a tough look to your dog, you can choose a style that adds an “army” or “camouflage” look. I personally like a quote or slogan on his sweater or jacket which depicts he’s a tough male Yorkie.

Yikeyo 2-Pack Mommy’s Boy Dog Shirt

best clothes for male yorkies 1

Source: Amazon


Yikeyo Male Dog Clothes for Yorkies

best clothes for Male Yorkies 2

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 Yikeyo 3 Pack Puppy Clothes for Yorkies

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Best Yorkie Clothes for Female Yorkies

Yikeyo Set of 4 Dog Shirt for Small Dog Girl Puppy Clothes for Yorkies

best clothes for female yorkies 1

Source: Amazon


Yikeyo Set of 3 Winter Warm Fleece Sweater for Small Dog Girl Yorkies

best clothes for female yorkies 2

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Yikeyo Dog Clothing Shirts for Small Dogs Girl

best clothes for female yorkies 3

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Why Should you get Clothes for your Yorkie? 

There are different reasons for individual Yorkie owners to buy beautiful clothes and outfits for their Yorkshire Terriers. Some people do it for fashion while some just wanna give their Yorkies a new look.

So, let’s have a look at various reasons for Yorkie owners to buy clothes for their dogs.

Climate and Weather 

Yorkshire Terriers are among the small dog breeds who have a weak immune system and are more prone to catching cold or fever during extreme cold or changing weather conditions.

This is why they need extra care and ways to provide warmth and heat. Getting the best sweaters for Yorkies and best coats for Yorkies is a really important way to prevent exposing your Yorkie to extreme conditions.

I would recommend you to cover your Yorkie with some sweaters or coats once the temperature drops below 10 degrees celsius or 50 F. Also, make sure not to overcover your Yorkie with clothes when it’s not too cold as it can result in suffocation and hair loss.


Skin Infections and Issues 

When your Yorkie is suffering from any skin infections or burns, there are certain parts in his body that must be minimally exposed to air, humidity, and water. To protect their skin, some Yorkie owners buy clothes and various different outfits for their dogs.

You might have experienced that after taking the bath, your Yorkie would like to wipe himself up with either bed, blankets, or furniture of the house. A Yorkie outfit will solve this problem as well. If you need more help in this matter, check out How to Groom a Yorkie at home.

After your dog has just received some kind of medication on his skin or coat, (For Eg. applying medicine for Fleas and Ticks) you can use a beautiful Yorkie outfit to not only cover that part of the skin but also give your dog a different and gorgeous look. Learn how to properly take care of Yorkie hair.


To Protect from Dirt and Moisture

These outfits for Yorkies also serve well in protecting their skin and coat from dirt and moisture in the air. It is also a life-saver for dogs for long hair.

What if your Yorkie loves having fun in the mud but you absolutely hate giving him a bath every other day? By having some kind of clothes over his body, you can delay the time between his baths. Also, read How often you should bathe your Yorkie.

Even there are some clothes which cover almost all the body of your Yorkie except legs and tail.


Will your Yorkie feel comfortable when you first make him wear an Outfit? 

Actually, it depends on your Yorkie. However, in most cases, he may feel uneasy or look at you with a face wondering why you made him wear that.

That is why you must first train your Yorkie to wear clothes and outfits.

How to Train a Yorkie to wear clothes? 

I know that it’s natural for anyone to smile and laugh at your Yorkie the first time he wears any dress or outfit. But I would strongly discourage you to laugh when you are trying to make your Yorkie wear any outfit or when he has already wore that outfit.

What this does is that it makes your dog feel that wearing a dress or outfit is something wrong and extraordinary. If you want to capture that moment when your Yorkie wears a dress for the first time, you can record it using a camera or smartphone but control your laughter and emotions when you are around there with your dog.

  1. The earlier you start training your Yorkie to wear a dress, the better it is. Just like a Yorkie feels uncomfortable or weird at first with a harness or collar, the same is the case with an outfit.
  2. Make sure that you choose an outfit that is easy to dress for your dog. The dress or outfit must not be very tight and must not be dressed through the head.
  3. Firstly, show your Yorkie the outfit that you want him to wear. He may smell and lick it to check what it is and you should let him do that. If you sense that he is showing any interest in wearing it, say “good boy/good girl”.
  4. Be very patient and slow when you are dressing him. Let him be sure that there’s nothing scary and unusual about it. Reward any desired behavior with a lot of praises and your Yorkie’s favorite treats.
  5. If you feel any need to distract him while you are trying to dress him up, you can use any of his favorite toys. Meanwhile, continue to reward good behavior.
  6. Once your Yorkie’s all dressed up, remove it after 15 minutes. Try to dress him up again the next day and gradually try with different and hard-to-wear dresses as your Yorkie starts to get comfortable wearing beautiful outfits.

Don’t forget to encourage and praise your dog with treats, toys, and physical love. This will show him that his friend and owner love it when he wears this dress.

In the beginning, he may be unwilling to wear any outfit, but with practice and persistence, he will slowly start to love wearing any kind of dress, clothes, or outfit.


How to Measure my Yorkie for the Correct Size of Dress and Outfits? 

In order for the sweater, coat, or jacket to be fit on your Yorkie, you need to correctly measure the size and dimensions of your Yorkie. Here’s how to do that:

Best Yorkie Clothes and Outfits

  • Measure the neck of your Yorkie using the measuring tape.
  • Then, measure the full area of the chest which is exactly behind the front legs.
  • After measuring the chest area, it’s time for you to measure the length of the back, from the base of the neck to the tail.
  • You would also need to measure legs and paws if you want a dress that covers them as well.

Tips to Measure the Proper Size of your Yorkie

  1. If you want to avoid any inconvenience of returns, you must put in more effort and time to properly measure the size of different parts of a Yorkie.
  2. Carefully read the vendor’s sizing instructions as different vendors have different sizes.
  3. These vendors have size charts and tables on their official website and you can refer to them for proper sizes. The numbers on these tables are that of the Yorkie and not the dress.
  4. Whatever the dimensions of your Yorkie are, add 2 cms each so that the dress is not too tight or fit for your dog.
  5. If you are purchasing a dress for your Yorkie puppy, consider getting one size above as he’s still in his growth stage.
  6. Yorkies usually fall in M and XS options. Decide which size could fit your dog and then order it accordingly.


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