6 Best Coats for Yorkies | Which One Should you Get during Winters?

6 Best Coats for Yorkies | Which One Should you Get during Winters?

With the arrival of winters, dog lovers start thinking about the winter garments for their dogs as their size increases every year. If you have Yorkies, then you should look to get the best coats for Yorkies that assure 360-degrees protection for your furry friends.

When temperatures drop below average, it is necessary to dress your Yorkshire Terriers appropriately for their safety. The Yorkies are sensitive to cold, and they need a coat more than you.

The cold winds can severely affect the dog’s health, and it’s wise to put on a thick coat. Besides, many are conscious about style and want their Yorkies to look fashionable.

There are certain critical features that you might need to know before ordering. You must check the quality, thickness, and even fit to ensure your dog’s comfort.

In this list of the 6 Best Coats for Yorkies, I have recommended the coats which I personally use or have used in the past. Some of them are best-selling dog jackets. So, study their features and make your decision.


1. Scenereal Reversible Winter Jacket


A fashionable and reversible dog coat that will keep your pooch warm in extreme temperatures. It will give an instant makeover.

The dog jacket features a solid side and trendy plaid side that looks cute on any Yorkie. Besides, it has Velcro closures for a tighter fit.

It ensures to eliminate the gaps that can allow the passage of cold air. This will not attract suffocation as there is a polyester fiber lining.

If you want a space to attach the leash, check the back. There is a hole for putting the leash. Also, the little pocket makes a style statement and provides adequate space to keep keys and dog treats.

Key Features of this Coat for Yorkies:

  • No restrictions during movement as it feels lightweight
  • Premium polyester fabric construction gives no allergic reactions
  • Available in 5 sizes for different requirements
  • Classic British design that will never go out of fashion
  • Safety is certainly guaranteed as it is non-toxic


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2. Canada Pooch Snow Dog Jacket


When it’s about to snow, this stylish jacket will keep your baby protected from head to toe.

It is a onesie with a soft thermal foil lining to make them feel comfortable during winter strolls. The insulated fabric is best when the temperatures are getting extremely low.

But will they get wet in the snow? Absolutely not. The water-proof exterior will repel water.

Most importantly, your Yorkie pup’s movements will not be restricted when wearing this on a busy day.

They can run and jump and do all their favorite things. There will not be any fashion emergency to deal with this dog coat for Yorkies.


Key features of this Coat for Yorkies:

  • Side zipper allows to put on the bodysuit easily
  • An animal-friendly product that doesn’t use fur or leather
  • The sensitive areas will be warm
  • Full body coverage at an affordable price
  • A hole is given for easy attachment of the harness


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3. JoyDaog Fleece-Lined Dog Jacket


This fashionable fleece-lined coat is perfect for your Yorkies. There isn’t any chance of catching a cold as the two layers of fleece provide utmost protection.

Besides, the soft polyester fabric makes the coat windproof. It will not feel itchy as the fleece is high quality, and there will be no irritation.

So, when the chilly winds are blowing, you can put this on for immediate results.

If looking cute is a crime, your Yorkie is chargeable by now. Since this is lightweight, they can freely move around.

The brand knows how naughty they can be at times. Thus, the sturdy stitches make it impossible for them to tear the dog jacket.


Key features of this Dog Jacket for Yorkies:

  • Metal snaps give it a premium look
  • Elastic edges at both foot as well as waist for keeping the jacket in place
  • Not only available in different sizes but even get trendy color options
  • A leash hole is present at the back of the neck
  • Safe design to safeguard the soft body of your dog in any way


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4. PAWZ Road Dog Coat Pet 

If you intend to provide the best care to your Yorkshire Terrier, then you can never go wrong with this super-soft coat.

It covers every part of their body not to get any shivers. Since the material is warm, they won’t feel uncomfortable if worn for a long time.

They utilize the best materials only for making this premium dog jacket. It comes with a combination of polyester and cotton.

Therefore, this is non-toxic and will not trigger any allergic reaction. Ever seen a hoodie in a dog jacket? This product comes with a hoodie to protect their head and ears.

Lastly, the Velcro pockets are ideal for keeping small treats that they can have on the way.


Key Features of this Coat for Yorkies:

  • Proper mobility even during long walks
  • Machine-washable dog jacket for effortless cleaning
  • Plaid design for the holiday season
  • Extra warmth around the neck area


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5. Kimol Dog Coat Winter Jacket

It is no ordinary jacket as this is something for the high-fashion crowd. It is perfect for parties where your pooch will stand out.

Not only is it cool, but it also offers 100% protection against cold. It is thick and fully insulated for keeping your pet safe and sound.

Due to the metallic color, it also enhances visibility. Therefore, even if you are in the dark, you can spot your baby quickly.

Moreover, the neck has good cushioning, thanks to the inner fleece. So, when it is windy, the dog jacket ensures that your dog stays adequately covered.

Now, Yorkies have the tendencies to roll in the ground. The water-proof material will ensure that you stay warm, dry, and safe without any problem.


Key features of this Coat for Yorkies:

  • The shine will not fade away
  • Wash gently for maintaining this beauty for years to come
  • A suitable match for all breeds
  • Will not feel tight and uncomfortable


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6. Lesypet Leather Dog Coats 


You might have worn a lot of leather jackets in your lifetime. But have you ever seen a leather coat made exclusively for dogs?

This faux leather dog coat is for all those dog owners who want extra with their pooch outfits. The punk style design will make your dog the Rockstar of the town.

Next, the fur collar will never let the cold wind make them sick. On the other hand, the snap-on buttons make it easy to put on the jacket or take it off.

Furthermore, the cute buttons are perfect for elevating the coolness factor of the jacket.

Coming back to comfort, a generous amount of polyester fleece lining is there. So, how critical the temperature may be outside, the dog will not feel it. From rain and snow to wind and winter chills, they will always be safe.

Key features of this Coat for Yorkies:

  • Water-proof and so, the water will not seep inside the fabric
  • A stylish addition to the closet of the small dogs
  • The collar is wide for overall protection
  • No risks of fleece shedding


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Winters can be pretty rough if there is no proper protection. Sometimes dogs severely fall sick due to negligence. Hence, buying the topcoats for Yorkies is recommended that promise safety even during unfavorable weather conditions. Just like you, your Yorkie needs to stay warm!


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