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6 Best Dog Harnesses for Yorkies in 2022

6 Best Dog Harnesses for Yorkies in 2022

Different Harnesses have different features and use. The Best Dog Harness for your Yorkie should be the one that is comfortable for both you and your Yorkie, is of the correct size and length, is of your desired color, and comes at an affordable price. Here’s the Guide for the best harnesses for Yorkies in 2022. 

If you want your Yorkie to be safe and comfortable at the same time when he’s walking with you, using a dog harness is the best choice. It gives you the best control that makes your Yorkie walk beside you and as per your desired path.

Hi! I am Daniela Carrera, a Yorkie parent, and a Professional Dog Trainer. In this Guide, I’ll share my experience with each and every harness and list out the Best Dog Harnesses for your Yorkie.

Types of Harnesses for Yorkies

Different types of Harnesses satisfied different kinds of use cases and needs. It depends on the intentions of the Yorkie parent as to how he wants to use the harness and therefore, which type of harness would be the best viable option for him or her.

Strap Harnesses 

best strap harnesses for yorkies

Strap Harnesses are fully adjustable harnesses that are made of nylon, which is really comfortable for Yorkies. These are handy harnesses since they are durable, long-lasting, adjustable, and cost-effective as well.

Strap Harnesses can be cleaned and washed easily and would be the best option for you if you live in a place that has a moderate or hot climate most of the time. Since these harnesses are made of nylon and cover less part of your Yorkie’s body, they are best for summers.

Vest Harnesses

best vest harnesses for yorkies

Vest Harnesses for Yorkies cover more body and are more comfortable as compared to Strap Harnesses for Yorkies. They are worn around the chest and are made of soft fabric.

The upper back of the Vest Harness is attached to the plastic buckle to connect the Harness to the Leash.

Car Harnesses 

best car harnesses for yorkies

This is a must-have for your Yorkie if you make your dog sit in the car very often. If you love to go on long drives with your Yorkie, consider getting a Car Harness as well.

Car Harnesses make a dog very secure and comfortable at one position and don’t let the sudden brakes and potholes on the road affect your dog’s balance in the car. These harnesses get attached to the car’s seatbelt to get your Yorkie to properly sit on the seat of the car.

Nowadays, there are Harnesses that can satisfy the need for both walking and car harnesses.

6 Best Harness for Yorkies

 1. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

petsafe easy walk harness for yorkies

Source: Amazon.com

When you go on walks with your Yorkie, he will try and chase something or pull you towards him. Don’t he?

This Harness will help you with handling that bad behavior of your Yorkie as Petsafe Harness is a no-pull harness. It is a lightweight harness that fits your Yorkie with a strap on his body.

It comes with a martingale loop attachment that prevents the leash from twisting when you are pulling the leash. Petsafe harness redirects the Yorkie towards you as soon as he starts chasing something and going away from you.

It comes in seven colors and eight different sizes which provides a Yorkie parent to choose from a variety of his desired colors. If your Yorkie has this bad habit of pulling the leash a lot, I would recommend you to try out PetSafe Harness for your Yorkie.

Pros of PetSafe Easy Walk Harness for Yorkies 

  • Comes in 8 sizes
  • Prevents Pulling behavior
  • Comes with a Martingale that prevents leash twisting
  • Lightweight Strap style harness


2. Gooby Comfort X Step-In Harness

gooby comfort best harness for yorkies

Source: Amazon

This Step-in dog harness makes it easy for Yorkies to step into the harness and out without any hassle. The choke-free design is patented and is specifically made for small dog breeds like Yorkshire Terriers.

There are 4 adjustable points on the harness. 2 adjustable points on the chest and 2 adjustable points on the neck are used to fit the harness perfectly on your dog.

With Gooby Comfort Harness, Whenever your Yorkie tries to pull you while walking, all the force and strain gets distributed across his chest instead of causing any pain on his delicate neck.

This Harness is available in 9 colors and 4 sizes for Yorkies. It’s made of lightweight polyester mesh which can be washed easily in the machine.

Pros of this Dog Harness for Yorkies

  • Chok-free patented design ensures smooth walks
  • Easy Step-in harness which ensures easy step in and steps out without much hassle
  • Made of Polyester Mesh which is pretty easy to wash
  • Available in 9 Colors and the Smallest of sizes


3. Puppia RiteFit Polyester Dog Harness

puppia ritefit best harness for yorkies

Source: Amazon

You might already know that Yorkies are small breeds and they grow quite fast in the first couple of years. This means that you might need to replace their harness every few months as their size grows, isn’t it?

Not anymore. Your Yorkie puppy can grow with Puppia’s Polyester Harness. It is really comfortable and affordable too.

I loved the padding and comfort that the Vest in this Harness provides to a Yorkie. It perfectly matches the soft skin and delicate body structure of a Yorkshire Terrier.

Puppia’s Harness comes with an adjustable chest belt with an easy snap buckle and a D-ring to hook standard leashes. While it’s not as sturdy as other Harnesses in this list, it comes with extra comfort and long-lasting durability.

Pros of this Dog harness for Yorkies 

  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Best for Yorkie puppies
  • Affordable
  • Available in 5 colors and 5 sizes


4. Kurgo Tru-Fit Dog Harness

kurgo tru fit best harness for Yorkies

Source: Amazon

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness is a crash test certified dog harness and is the best car harness for small dog breeds like Yorkies. God forbid if there is an accident, the nylon and the stainless steel of this harness protect your Yorkie and ensure that he suffers minimum possible damage.

It comes with five adjustable points to properly fit the harness on your Yorkie and consists of a broad and padded chest plate for extra comfort and security.

The best thing is that it can also act as a walking harness after the car ride is over. You can also use this dog harness for no-pull training.

There are two D-rings, one on the back of the harness for walking and one on the front for no-pull training. There’s also a seat belt loop with an attached carabiner included with this harness which can be attached with any seat belt in any car.

Pros of this Dog harness for Yorkies 

  • Two-in-one harness for regular walking and car harness
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Provides maximum security and comfort to your Yorkie in a car and at the time of an accident


5. Sporn Mesh No Pull Dog Harness

sporn mesh best harness for yorkie

Source: Amazon.com

Made from soft and cool Nylon cloth, this dog harness has many adjustment points which makes it a perfect choice for Yorkies. This is a hybrid Vest and Strap harness with the front part of the Vest made of soft and stretchy nylon and consists of high padding.

The back of the harness is full of straps which makes your Yorkie look cool when he goes trekking or on long walks with you. Sporn Mesh’s dog harness is a no-pull harness, as well as the padded straps, causing tickling in your Yorkie’s underarms when he tries to pull away from you.

This is a one-piece harness that is easy to put on and remove. This dog harness is available in 3 colors and 4 different sizes for Yorkshire Terriers.

Pros of this Dog Harness for Yorkies

  • Deters Pulling behavior
  • Many adjustment points
  • Soft and Stretchy Nylon
  • Comes with ample padding and comfort
  • Looks cool on Sporty Yorkies


6. Gooby Fleece Dog Sweater and Harness

gooby fleece dog best harness for yorkies

Source: Amazon.com

Want your Yorkie to feel cozy and comfortable when going out for a walk in chilling winters? Then, the Gooby Fleece Dog harness is the best option for you.

It comes with an attractive zip guard which retains the body’s heat and the extra fabric around the neck keeps the neck safe from the cold air as well. This is not just a soft and warm sweater cum harness but also very comfortable as well.

There are two rings attached on either side of the harness so that you can also use this dog harness as a walking harness when you need to. The fleece fabric, which is used to manufacture this harness, is easily washable and dryable.

Gooby Fleece Sweater is designed with enough space for big armholes so that your Yorkie is comfortable during walking and when peeing. I have found that this harness really fits perfectly on Yorkies leaving space for urination as well.

The zipper makes it very easy and comfortable to put in and remove the harness from your Yorkie’s body. It’s available in 7 different sizes and 13 different colors which is not the case with any harness for small dog breeds.

Pros of this Harness for Yorkies

  • Two in one solution for sweater and harness
  • Keeps your Yorkie warm and comfortable
  • Can be used as a walking harness
  • Available in 13 different attractive colors


Which is Better: Collar or Harness for Yorkies? 

You might know that Yorkies have a delicate neck and throat. Bronchitis, which is a very common health symptom in Yorkies, is a symptom related to the throat. Therefore, you need maximum protection for your Yorkie’s throat.

If you use a dog collar for walking your Yorkie, there’s a chance that it puts more pressure on your Yorkie’s neck and throat over a period of time. Sudden jerks and excessive pulling put a lot of pressure on the neck and discomforts a dog.

This is where a No-pull dog harness is useful which distributes the pressure and strain all over the Yorkie’s body, taking away the strain from the neck and the throat.

The mobility of a Yorkie is much better with a harness and serious problems like Luxating Patella and Spinal cord damages are a result of bad mobility for a long period of time. Harnesses help with mobility and reduce pressure on your Yorkie.

I have observed most dog owners using dog collars solely for the purpose of ID tags in case their dogs get lost. However, there are harnesses that come with that feature as well where you can put the ID tag.

Personally, I would prefer a Harness over a Collar for Yorkshire Terriers.

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How to Choose the Best Harness for your Yorkie? 

how to choose the best harness for your Yorkie

When going for a harness for your Yorkie, you must keep in mind the features that you want from it. Do you want a regular walking harness or a No-pull harness or a harness specially for training purposes? Be clear with your needs and uses.

Here are some of the factors which determine and influence your choice in choosing the Best Harness for Yorkshire Terriers.

Yorkie’s Size

It is because of a Yorkie’s size that most of the time harnesses in the market don’t properly fit your Yorkie. Most of the time, Yorkies need small-sized harnesses to exactly fit them.

Usually, the size of the harness depends on the neck and chest girth. If you want any harness to properly fit your Yorkie, you must first check the manufacturer’s sizing chart and then measure your Yorkie as per their guidelines.

First of all, measure your Yorkie’s chest and neck girths using a measuring tape. There can be a chance that two different brands who have the same size, One would exactly fit your Yorkie and the one won’t.

That’s why I personally recommend you to get two harnesses of different brands to try out which size of which brands fits perfectly on your Yorkie.

The more brands and sizes you try, the better idea you will get on which brand and size is perfect for your Yorkie. However, properly measuring the size of your Yorkie helps filter this process out.

Your Needs and Use Case

Always think exactly what you need in the harness that you want to get for your Yorkie. Your puppy may need at least two options that would satisfy all the needs.

There are harnesses for different needs. For example, a No-pull dog harness would be the best for your Yorkie if he pulls the leash and leads you while walking. Similarly, if you have a small puppy and you prefer pulling your dog up using a handle above the harness, you would prefer a harness for that purpose.

Your needs change as per the size of your dog, the weather in your area, the people in your surroundings, and the landscape around your place. Keep in mind all these factors and your needs and then choose the best harness for your Yorkie.

If you are feeling confused, spend some time reading the descriptions and advantages of each and every harness that I mentioned above.

Adjustable Points 

Having multiple adjustable points in your harness ensures a great fit and comfort for your Yorkie. There are also harnesses with adjustable shoulder straps which help a lot as well.

However, with adjustable straps, there are some problems involved. These straps can loosen with movement and don’t provide as much stability after a period of time.

Harness Material and Fabric

A Harness can be made up of any material and fabric. But personally, I would recommend you to get a harness made of mesh nylon. This material is easily washable, lightweight, durable, and comfortable to wear as well.

Yes, if you are looking for a winter harness, then you should get a harness made of synthetic fibers. For winter, I have used only Gooby Fleece Dog harness for my Yorkie.


Owning and maintaining a Yorkie is not as expensive as owning a dog belonging to a large dog breed. But, you will still need some funds to get food, treats, toys, etc for your Yorkie.

Budget is also important so you don’t have to spend too much buying a harness for your Yorkie, though I haven’t recommended any harness that is not cost-friendly or not cost-effective.

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Yorkshire Terrier Harness Training Tips 

If your Yorkie doesn’t like wearing a harness or feels uncomfortable, you might have to put some effort into training him or making him feel comfortable on a harness. Here are a few tips from my side for Harness training your Yorkie.

  • Getting a harness that properly fits your Yorkie and in which he feels comfortable is the first and the most important step here.
  • If your Yorkie pulls on regular walks, get a Y-shaped harness with a front and back clip paired with a double-ended lead.
  • Some harnesses are tight around the sensitive armpit area which causes discomfort and pain to your Yorkie. Make sure that you get a harness that is not tight from that area.
  • Consider your Yorkie’s hair when figuring out his size. This may seem a small thing, but I have observed Yorkies having long nice hair getting squeezed by tight harnesses.
  • In the case of some harnesses, they need to go over your Yorkie’s head and this scares a lot of dogs. You would need to spend some time teaching him that the harness leads to good things. It would be best if you teach your Yorkie to put their head through the harness as that gives them more control and they are not that scared.
  • Always Train your Yorkie at home before taking him out on the streets. Practice regularly for a week before stepping out. Get him comfortable with a harness at home before going outside.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Harnesses for Yorkies

Do Yorkies even need a Harness? 

There’s a general thought that large dog breeds need harnesses to better control them. But, small dogs need harnesses as well.

This is because small dog breeds are prone to the collapsed trachea, an issue related to the neck in which the C-shaped cartilage rings get flattened like a straw. Small dog breeds suffer from tissue weakness in their trachea, which causes the cartilage rings to fall on their own with damage to the windpipe.

That’s why it’s very important to use a harness that diverts the strain and pressure away from the neck to the shoulders, chest, and legs. A dog collar usually puts more pressure on a dog’s neck.

Can a Harness hurt your Yorkie in any way? 

No, a harness won’t hurt your Yorkie if it is of the correct size. If the harness is too tight, it will cause rubbing, discomfort, and sore spots on your Yorkie’s chest and armpits. If the harness is loose, it may slip up on its own and can put your Yorkie in immediate danger, especially on the road.

Which Harness Should I get for my Teacup Yorkie? 

If you have a teacup Yorkie, you will need the smallest harness available in the market. After thorough research, I have found that the smallest size of Pawtitas Nylon dog harness would be the best harness for your Teacup Yorkie. Also, here are the best dog foods for teacup Yorkies.

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