Can Yorkies become Service Dogs? | Detailed Analysis

Can Yorkies become Service Dogs? | Detailed Analysis

Yorkies can be great Service dogs in the domain of Medical and Pyschiatry. However, they are difficult to Train as Service dogs due to their Stubborn nature when compared to other large breed dogs. 


The Yorkshire Terrier is a compact, toy-size terrier of no more than seven pounds whose crowning royalty is a floor-length, silky coat of steel blue and a rich golden tan that is worth autographing!

These tiny little paws are all capable of hypnotizing people around with their charming persona. They are mostly known as family-friendly because of their adaptability skills.

The only thing is, they need intensive care and maintenance.

This breed is very prone to tooth decay which is why it dials for extra attention.

Make this your habit. Clean its teeth with a toothbrush or a tooth spray and go for regular checkups to your nearest vet.

Besides, being a happy-go-lucky breed as they are. Yorkies can also be trained as service dogs in mental alertness at times of any medical emergency and provide support to their caregivers like a lifejacket.

Before we dig into this topic any further, let us know some fun-fraught facts about Yorkies and their journey towards being well-trained service dogs. Let us know if you think Can Yorkies Really be Service Dogs?

What role a Service dog plays: How are Yorkies the best choice?

can yorkies really be service dogs

Service dogs are working canines. They are being put under training to perform specific tasks that will help better an individual’s overall quality of life.

They fall into different categories, including guide dogs, medical alert dogs, hearing dogs, and the list continues. Each of these canines undergoes months of training to ensure that they can perform the tasks.

Service dogs are considered lifeboats to save the lives of people with disabilities. Now the question is how to know who is a disabled person and needs help!

According to American Disability Association (ADA), disability is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, including people with a history of such an impairment and people perceived by others as having such an impairment.

A service dog is supposed to take a specific action at times of need to assist a person with their disability. The task a service dog performs is directly associated with the owner’s disability.

For example 

Guide dogs help blind and visually deprived individuals navigate their environments.

Hearing service dogs help owners with a hearing impairment. Mobility dogs assist individuals who use walking artificial intelligence, wheelchairs, and who experience balance issues.

Medical Alert service dogs might also pre-tell the emerging occurrence of a medical issue such as a seizure or low blood sugar, alert the person with a disability to the potential presence of irritants, and myriad other functions.

Psychiatric Service dogs help individuals with disabilities such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, and other allied conditions.

Yorkies are tiny in size, short in height, and light in weight.

Their maximum height can be 9 inches, and their body weight can go to around 2.72 kg.

In response to this small stature, they do not provide any physical support to disabled individuals. They have their areas of importance.

Albeit, they make such cute medical alert service dogs. These dingos are experts at this job and service. Aside, Yorkies can still be a pro at handling petty house chores with more manageable tactics.

These include pulling open cabinet doors equipped with soft handles, fetching the television remote, retrieving clean clothes from the dryer, and alerting their owners to specific sounds such as the telephone ringing, the doorbell, the oven timer, and a crying baby.

Let us take the example of diabetic alert dogs.

These Yorkies learn in their training lessons how to identify and check a surge in blood sugar levels and wave the red flag to the disadvantaged individual before the state of stalemate.

Experts make them learn the basics with samples and other possible apparatus. Most of the time, the resources in producing a medical alert dog are only accessible through outsourced training. Also, the dogs will go through various stages of efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy.

In times of pre-warnings, these tiny creatures, to grab their handler attention, might bark and nudge. They can also retrieve or bring small items of importance to signal the owner of their highly vulnerable state of health.


Do you know Yorkies act as emotionally supportive animals? How?

are yorkies emotionally supportive dogs

There is a difference between Yorkies as service dogs and emotionally supportive dogs. Many people use both the terms interchangeably, but there is a divide, connected by two ends of a rope, 1. Internal, and 2. External

The internal end talks about the internal suffering a person goes through, making it difficult to feel connected with the world and where an emotionally supportive dog comes into play.

The outer end talks about the bodily injuries, organ impairment, and other external discomforts that might occur, and to avoid unwanted happenings, Yorkies are at your dog service!

Service dogs perform tasks that physically deprived people cannot perform themselves. On the other hand, emotionally supportive animals give a warm touch of comfort and a sense of availability like There There! to individuals missing the happy-shappy race due to mental and emotional factors.

Service dogs undergo training pressures, whereas emotionally supportive dogs enjoy training-free life. ADA allows people to travel with their service dogs as a medical emergency toolkit, but the same law put a ‘no-entry sign’ for emotionally helping dogs.

Here are some other aspects of a Yorkie’s personality which would help you better understand their use as service dogs.

Yorkies: Tomboy Toy

Indeed they are cute, funky, tiny-shiny babies. Undoubtedly, as their parent, you feel proud and pleased.

Their charming personality is one of those reasons to be called the tomboy toy. Yorkshire Terriers are multi-talented, from family-friendliness to sporty service dogs, which pitches them into the bigger picture of travel and tour.

There are Unique Yorkies as well like Parti Yorkies, Teacup Yorkies, and Chocolate Yorkies.


Yorkies: Daring and Brave

As mentioned above, Yorkies have good adaptability skills. Yorkies can survive in busy roads and crowded places like urban or metropolitan cities.

They know how to play the daring card and when! However, this is not a story of one day. Yorkies go through socialization and other forms of skill training from a very young age. It makes them prepared for the servicing job like an athlete.

Yorkies were bred to chase rats and they can even run quite fast today as well.

They are born warriors! Do you agree?


Do Yorkies have collars?

Yes, Yorkies do have collars, that too blue collars. They may get noticed wearing pretty colorful rainbow bows.

Forget about the royal appearance as rightly said:- Never judge a book by its cover!

Yorkies are also active in catching rats and other vermin in underground tunnels. This instinct still comes out in their play (offer a Yorkie a stuffed mouse and experience the drama). This sport allows dogs to test their ability to pursue caged rats underground.

Yorkie Acting as a Guard in World War 2

Did you know? World War II being a witness, Smoky-the Yorkie saved millions of lives by dragging a communications cable through an 8-inch-wide, 60-foot-long drainage culvert.

United States Army Corporal William Wynne took her under his wing after being found by an American soldier in 1994 and pushed her into rigorous training to fight from the ongoing war front.

Here’s the full story on National Geographic.


What are the Prerequisites for a Yorkie to be a Good Service dog?

No doubt, Yorkies are cute and easy to go, but there are situations when they can be challenging and hard to train. It becomes difficult to please them to learn the key points of becoming a functional service dog.

This breed is tough to convince and is hellbound with their behavior so, the next time you see your Yorkie sitting at one side of the tree rolling back and forth, ignoring your voice in a service training center, Don’t worry! They are just stubborn.

When you are taking care of your Yorkie puppy, remember that stubbornness is in their blood.

(Yorkies are headstrong canines that can have stubborn streaks. And since service dogs must not be reactive.)

Yorkies are zealous and extraordinarily energetic, which is why they tend to forget everything around them and keep themselves busy in a La-La-La Land. They are the kids with no brakes. Ready get-set-vroooommm!

(Yorkies know how to pamper themselves. It’s in their tradition. Being super active is good, but in a service camp, A straight NO!)

Characteristics of a Yorkie that makes them a successful service dog, Tag with us below!

  • A calm and composed temperament is the first and foremost indicator of a good service dog.
  • The dog should be energetic and not hyperactive.
  • The dog should not react if strangers pet them.
  • They enjoy the company of others
  • Complete focus on a task and able to ignore distractions


How much does it cost to make a Yorkie service ready?

how much it costs to make a Yorkie a service dog

The truth is that service dogs are not cost-friendly. Whether it is a Yorkie or any other breed, the cost of training will take you up to $50,000. On average, we can get a service dog for as low as $10,000 to $20,000.

The next thing you would probably say- Why so expensive?

The following are the reasons why:

  • In-camp-facilities: For training, the dog will be fed high-quality food. They will also receive top-class vet care to ensure that they are perfectly fit for the job.
  • Professional training: By this, I mean technical training. There would be a special team working toward the betterment of your Yorkie and making it a better service dog. These charges are a one-time investment.
  • Time-Consuming Process: Yorkies are stubborn and hard to please, and technical service training would consume a minimum of 1 to 2 years for the first-degree progress.
  • Supplies: Just like any dog, future service canines like Yorkies need a comfy bed, collar, leash, vest, and so on. These costs are summarized to the total cost later on.
  • Pet insurance: The Service dogs are fully insured. The bill soaks in these insurance charges at the time of purchase.

Take a chill pill! If you think you are short of funds and unable to afford the stark price, NGOs are at your rescue!


Final Words on Yorkies as Service Dogs 

To tell the truth, what a sweetheart Yorkies are!

As dog parents, we want our little munchkin to be an all-rounder. Admitting it in a training camp is painful, but we want the best for them, and that is why we are ready to support them in all ways possible! Because Little Paws Matter!

Bow-Bow(ye)! 🙂

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