Can Dogs Eat Gingerbread? Should you Feed that?

Can Dogs Eat Gingerbread? Should you Feed that?

Ginger is often recommended by the doctors to humans for their innumerous health benefits. However, did you even try thinking if it’s the same for your dog as well?

It is undeniable that ginger comes with some amazing health points, and you can feed it to dogs but make sure that he or she is consuming it in smaller quantities.

Last time, my dog wasn’t feeling well, I offered my pup a few pieces of ginger and expected its recovery. I got to feel as if that worked!

On the contrary, if you are thinking of offering gingerbread to your dog, I will better ask you not to do so! This is because gingerbreads contain nutmeg which is harmful to dogs.

Therefore, it is ideal if you refrain your pup from intaking gingerbreads. If at all your dog consumes gingerbreads, make sure that it has taken it in a minimum to moderate quantity.

Feed enough water to your dog so that the toxins get eliminated soon. At the same time, you should take care that your pup had consumed gingerbreads that contain enough amount of salt and sugar, both of which have been harmful to dogs.

Just know that he shouldn’t be consuming gingerbreads; even if he does, increase the fluid intake and your dog and he would recover soon.

Why can’t Dogs Consume Gingerbreads?

Gingerbread would prove up to be beneficial enough for your dog as long as you are giving it in a minimum quantity, but the moment you overdose it, things turn to be critical.

This is mostly due to the high sugar and salt content of the gingerbreads. Also, gingerbreads contain nutmeg which is a spice containing the toxin named myristicin.

This toxin is extremely harmful to canines and that causes your dog to have hallucinations and delusions. It can even upset your pup’s stomach and make him feel irritated all throughout the day.

In such a scenario, you ought to restrict your dog from consuming gingerbreads and help your dog to have other alternatives instead!

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How does Gingerbread affect your dog’s health?

Gingerbread is high in fats and sugar, which in turn, makes it a really bad choice to be served in your dog’s meal. Yeah, gingerbread might seem to be a tasty and healthy treat for you, but that’s not the case with your pup.

Your dog would certainly prefer to have a share from you, but you should take care of the facts that refrain a pup to have those gingerbreads.

While some symptoms are already mentioned above, it has also been found out that dogs taking excess of gingerbreads are suffering from complications like pancreatitis along with other health troubles. The pancreatic disorder may happen not just with gingerbreads but with any other food item that is rich in sugar.

However, you should be panicking only if your dog has taken an ample amount of gingerbreads in his diet, and not if he had just got a bite of it.

Moreover, you should be noticing complications in your pup only when he has been taking these high calorie and fat foods over a prolonged period of time. In case you want to be on the safer side, it is always ideal to fix a consultation with the vet.

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Symptoms associated with gingerbread toxicity

If your dog has already got toxicity with gingerbread, he or she is more likely to exhibit certain symptoms which include dry mouth, high blood pressure, disorientation, abdominal cramps, and an elevated heart rate.

In certain cases, if you aren’t sure whether or not your pup has consumed enough of it, take it to the vet to avoid any sort of further complications.

  • Digestive concerns: An overdose of gingerbread may lead your dog to suffer from digestive issues such as vomiting, stomach ache, and diarrhea.
  • Weight gain: Consuming gingerbread or any other high-sugar content food item will lead your dog to gain weight. Also, it may cause your pup to be diabetic. This happens particularly due to the frosted gingerbread, a portion that is prepared with xylitol, an artificial sweetener which is toxic to the dogs.
  • Hallucinations: Nutmeg is a popular hallucinogen and thus, it is always ideal if you could refrain your dog from this delicious yet poisonous treat.
  • Hyperactivity: Things don’t just end here! Gingerbread often contains a spice, named as anise. It could be safe enough for your dog’s consumption when consumed in low doses. Anise is also known for raising the taste of the treat. However, this ingredient can prove to pose a catnip-type effect on your dog on serious notes. It may even lead your pup to become hyper and have mood swings. Hyperactivity can be really serious at times, since it increases the risk of your dog confronting severe accidents and injuries.

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Precautions to take care:

When I said that gingerbread isn’t a healthy option for your pup, I simply meant that it isn’t a healthy choice to be fed to your dog since you are serving it the one that is meant for you or us, i.e., the humans.

Gingerbread is not necessarily toxic to your dog if you have purchased those ginger flavor treats available in the market exclusively for the pets. However, make sure that you have read the label well and ensure serving him the ones that are 100% safe for the dogs.

Just take care that nutmeg and xylitol aren’t present in the pack of gingerbread you are purchasing.

Final words:

Aromas like cinnamon and ginger are certainly mouthwatering, but it’s you who should refrain your pup from such temptations.

I know, it’s hard for your dog to resist, and for you to pull him off, but then you have got no other choice! Ginger is definitely a good thing to consume, but certain ingredients present in gingerbreads are meant to make things severe!

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