Can your dog eat Grits? | Read This Before you Feed

Can your dog eat Grits? | Read This Before you Feed

Are you worried about what to serve your dog and what to avoid? Well, that’s quite a common concern among all pet owners and you are no exception to that!

There are certain things that are healthy for your dog, and then there are certain other things that you should keep away from it. Also, there are a bunch of other things that you can definitely offer to your dog, however, make sure that you aren’t feeding it in a large amount.

Today, we would be talking about whether you can offer grits to your dog or not. Yeah, you can definitely offer grits to your dog but ensure offering it in small servings.

However, take care that your pet isn’t allergic to corn or owns a weight-related problem. If at all, you need to serve grits to your pup, serve them unseasoned or cooked.

Always avoid offering those grits to your pup with sugar, syrup, butter, salt, cheese, pepper or any other fatty ingredients. Of course, serving grits to your pup does not do any harm to it, but that’s just enough for the good news to end.

Things to note when offering grits to your pup

It is quite obvious that you ought to be a little more conscious when you are offering a new food to your dog. The same goes while you are offering grits as well.

You need to look at the list of ingredients present in the food. First of all, you should understand that this is primarily a corn product and it isn’t that healthy for your pet’s pooch.

However, a few grits won’t do much harm to your pet but limiting it at the right quantity is deliberately very essential.

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Do grits do any good to your pup?

Of course, it does good to your pup when taken in the right quantity. Grits are rich sources of Vitamin B-6, folate and amino acids.

They are good to be consumed only when you take them in smaller quantities. Well, it also depends on the other food habits of your dog.

Many a times, low quality dog foods tend to contain corn based fillers, and that’s not the ideal by any chance.

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Will butter and salt make your serving healthy?

Adding butter and salt as toppings is quite common when you are serving grits to your pup. These toppings include cheese, pepper and other flavors.

All these add extra calories to your dog which is certainly not great for the overall physique of your dog. It is essential to make sure that you serve only healthy food to your pet.

You can at times do a little bit of alteration in the recipe by adding corn kernels, but make sure that you don’t let it become a habit for your pup.

How much grits can your pup intake?

Firstly, you shouldn’t be offering grits to your pup on a regular basis. You should offer as much grits to your pup, as much as you can serve it a bowl of juice or soup. Remember that your dog’s digestive power is even lesser than that of a human being!

How does corn kernels of grits harm your dog?

If you are banging out your head with the thought of grits harming your dog by any chance, let me tell you that yeah, it does!

Corn kernels or grits can block the gastrointestinal tract of your pup, thereby choking its gut and digestive system. The best possible thing that you can ever do is to keep these grits away from your dog.

Yeah, that’s actually better! Adding grits to your dog’s diet plan is not at all a mandate. You can always skip this in its food plans yet find it in the best of its health. Why choose to risk your dog’s life for just no reason?

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Can dogs take hominy or yellow corn grits?

Although it is undeniable that grits comprise of a large amount of carbohydrates and proteins, they are still not a mandate in your dog’s regular diet plan.

You do not require to add it in your pup’s eating habits by any chance. Yellow grits or hominy consist of corn kernels as its main ingredient.

Not just that, these yellow grits comprise of the natural sodium which is yet another significant reason for which you should keep these food product away from your dearest pups.

It doesn’t actually make much sense if you are risking your dog’s life just for this much of carbs and carbohydrates and proteins.

Hence, you should better prefer to avoid it and focus on trying out the alternatives, if at all you need to fill the nutritional gap of your pup.

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What are the alternatives that your little pup can take instead of corn grits?

Your little pup doesn’t need to risk its life just to gain some nutritional value. These corn kernels (be it cooked or raw) consist of the primary ingredient.

As a result, you can always choose to take some other alternatives that will have the same amount of nutrition. Such foods usually include sweet potato, boiled eggs, and oats.

Bottom line

If at all you feel like serving grits to your dog, make sure that you are keeping a check on its amount of consumption. Also, take care that your pup isn’t looking to have it on a regular basis.

It’s fine even if your dog lacks the essential nutrients of its body or suffer from body ache too often, you should still avoid grits as taking such a risk just for this benefit isn’t worth it.

Hence, either take up some other alternative or serve the grits in such a small quantity that they do no harm to the health of your dog.

Also, take care that the grits you are serving is devoid of all sorts of flavor toppings as they can ruin it entirely.

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