Can Dogs eat Ketchup? Is it Safe for your dog?

Can Dogs eat Ketchup? Is it Safe for your dog?

I am sure that most of us love the sweet and tangy taste of Ketchup. We add it to almost every other snack as a taste booster.

Some of us even eat it every day with some snacks or the other. Though, ketchup doesn’t have any kind of nutritional value.

As you know I am a Professional Dog Trainer, A lot of dog owners ask me if they should feed Ketchup to their dogs or not. I thought, why not write a detailed article on this topic and let everyone know what I personally feel about feeding ketchup to your pet dog.

Can Dogs Eat Ketchup? Is it harmful?

Yes, Dogs can eat ketchup. 

It contains no toxic ingredients which can harm your dog’s stomach or digestive system.


You should not feed ketchup to your dog. This is because it has zero nutritional value and it contains sugar and salt which, if consumed in higher amounts, can create problems in the long run.

Ketchup is produced after removing the best parts of the tomato and then adding salt and sugar in it.

What would happen if I fed ketchup to my dog?

Nothing will happen. Your dog will not gain anything after eating it other than gaining some pounds.

If your dog eats some amount of ketchup once, you don’t need to worry about it. But if he consumers higher amounts or consumer small amounts regularly, he can upset his stomach. This is because the dog’s stomach cannot digest salts in high amounts.

What if I have been Feeding Ketchup to my dog regularly?

Dogs have more chances of suffering from salt poisoning and it can cause permanent damage to the organs as well.

Symptoms you may notice because of salt poisoning in dogs are:

  • Vomiting
  • Low energy
  • Extreme thirst
  • Excessive urination
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Kidney problems

Are you noticing any of the above symptoms in your dog? If yes, please visit your vet immediately. It can be treated if you don’t ignore it for too long.

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Can Tomato Ketchup kill a Dog?

It can only cause serious problems that I mentioned above along with stomach upsets. It cannot kill a dog instantly. Though, in the long run it can damage his essential organs only if ketchup is fed daily.

Some kinds of ketchup also contain garlic and onion which are not at all good for your pet dog.

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Can I feed my dog French Fries with ketchup?

French fries are really harmful to your dog. Anything fried is harmful to them.

If you have made french fries at your home using fresh and steamed potatoes, you can feed it to your dog for once. Just don’t start doing that every week or so.

If you have time to make homemade tomato ketchup at your home, you can feed that along with the homemade fries as well. Again, just for once and don’t feed these regularly.

Can Dogs eat Ketchup chips?

No! Any kind of chips should not be fed to your dog.

I know you may be feeling sad when you are eating chips and watching sports on your TV and your dog starts looking at you with those cute little eyes asking for it.

You can feed him once in a while but never make him a habit of eating those. In fact, any kind of highly processed snack should not be fed to your dog.

But Eggs are healthy, Can I feed Eggs along with Ketchup to my pet dog?

Yes, I agree that eggs are healthy for you and your dog as well.

If you want to feed ketchup to your dog along with eggs, you can do it if the ketchup is homemade.

Homemade ketchup can be fed regularly along with eggs as well. This is because you won’t add artificial flavors or excessive salt when you are producing ketchup at your home.

My Dog licked Ketchup. What to do?


There is no need to worry. Just make sure you keep that packet of tomato sauce away from your dog’s reach the next time.

If your dog consumed a lot of ketchup, keep having a close look at him/her and if he/she starts to vomit, visit a vet immediately.

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My Dog ate the Ketchup Packet. What Shall I do?

The problem is not the ketchup now, its the plastic packet. That packet can get caught in your dog’s digestive system, stomach or food pipe.

First of all, Relax.

If your dog babe ate it within the past two hours, you should take your dog to your vet to induce vomiting.

If it has been more than two hours and you could not get to know earlier, wait for him to show any signs of vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, and lethargy. If you observe any signs, take him to the vet immediately.

Monitor her stools and if you see no sign of any packet even after 72 hours of packet consumption, take him to the vet as the packet might have been stuck in his system.


If your dog licks the ketchup once in a while or by mistake, it’s okay and nothing to worry. Though it is not recommended to feed ketchup to your dog regularly.

Ketchup contains unnecessary calories, sugar, and salt and you don’t need to feed those to your dog.



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