Can Dogs eat Pretzels? Read this Before you Feed it

Can Dogs eat Pretzels? Read this Before you Feed it

Are you worried about your dog who had a few quantities of pretzels? If that’s so, there’s nothing to panic about and your dog will get well soon.

If at all you want to help him out and restrict the things from getting worse, make sure that you feed enough water to your pup. Another significant thing that we should note over here is that you should always offer plain pretzels to your canine friend instead of mixing salt along with it.

Yeah, salt or sodium is the actual culprit out here! It is absolutely fine as long as you are offering those normal pretzels to your dog. The main trouble arises only when you add salt to the serving.

Pretzels are often considered as better snacks than that of popcorns. They are quite similar to that of the bread and both you and your dog seem to love it as a part of your treat.

Although they aren’t unhealthy for your pup, take care that the pretzels remain unsalted. Therefore, you should always prefer to go for either a ‘no-salt’ or a ‘low-salt’ variety.

What are the precautions that you would take before feeding pretzels to your dog?

Before you are feeding pretzels to your dog, take care of a few things if you do not want your pup to fall sick for just no reason!

  • Avoid salt: The major trouble here is not with the pretzels but with the sodium content in it. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you offer the unsalted pretzels to your pup. Of course, the salted ones will appear to be tastier for your dog, but that’s not healthy at all. Your dog’s tummy stands to be more crucial than his taste buds, isn’t it?
  • Smaller quantity: No matter how much your dog loves pretzels, you should always note the quantity before offering it. Prefer to serve pretzels in a small quantity instead of handing over the entire bucket to your pup just because he has been asking you for it!
  • Offer pretzels occasionally: Make sure that intaking pretzels isn’t becoming a regular habit for your dog. It’s okay if your dog loves to have these tasty treats, but it shouldn’t become a part of its regular diet by any chance. Your dog may have it occasionally but not on a frequent basis.

Is consuming pretzels toxic to dogs?

Consuming pretzels is harmful to dogs. Yeah, it is! This is not only applicable to the consumption of pretzels but the same goes for consuming any other salted food too.

Eating too much sodium than your dog actually needs will make him thirsty over and over again. As a result, you should always feed enough water to your dog in case it has consumed pretzels.

Excess sodium will become critical to dogs, leading to salt poisoning. It would make your dog vomit and feel annoyed all throughout the day.

It may even lead your dog to depression, diarrhea, tremors and high temperatures too.

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Why are pretzels not recommended to dogs?

Pretzels are usually nothing other than the pieces of bread. However, they aren’t recommended to dogs as the preparation involves certain other elements too that are no way healthy for dogs.

Consuming pretzels will lead your dog to consume the toppings too, and that would in-turn, make his health worse!

Yeah, pretzels are generally coated with chocolate toppings or are sprinkled with white salt or rock salt. None of them are actually good for your pup’s health.

Therefore, it is ideal to ensure that you refrain your pup to have the entire portion of pretzels.

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What would happen to your dog if he accidentally consumes pretzels?

In case your dog accidentally consumes pretzels, make sure that you feed enough water to him. Since the dogs have a smaller threshold than us, salt poisoning may get even worse!

This simply means that digesting a huge amount of salt won’t be possible for your dog. You may do away it though! Your furry friend won’t find it easy by any chance.

Hence, take care that you aren’t feeding him or her pretzels. However, if he has consumed some, try to raise the fluid intake so that it can accelerate the digestion process of your pup.

In certain cases, you may find things turning severe, the best way to handle your pup is to take him to the vet immediately.

How does salt poisoning become critical?

Salt poisoning simply means that the sodium content in your little one’s body has increased. The body’s metabolism of any organism is such that it tries to process the digestion.

As a result, there is a lot of unnecessary strain on the kidney and circulatory system of your dog. Your pup begins to absorb a huge amount of water from his body.

Although not all dogs will exhibit similar kinds of symptoms, they are more or less the same! Some of the common complications include vomiting, disorientation, excessive peeing, uncontrollable thirst, diarrhea, swelling body parts, and lethargy.

Can dogs have sweet pretzels?

When we say that dogs cannot have salted pretzels, we mean your dog may have a few unsalted pretzels occasionally.

On the contrary, if you are thinking about whether your dog can have sweet pretzels or not, that’s also not recommended either.

Yeah, this is because sweet pretzels contain raisins that are harmful to dogs to consume. Also, they contain Xylitol which is extremely harmful to your furry friend.

If at all you want to share one or two sweet pretzels, go through the label and find the list of ingredients to see that none of these toxic elements are present in the item.

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Dogs may either have unsalted pretzels or at times, sesame pretzels at times. However, the quantity should be noted. Also, you should give pretzels to your dog occasionally.

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