Can dogs have Saltine Crackers? Should you Feed It?

Can dogs have Saltine Crackers? Should you Feed It?

You might find it nice to have saltine crackers with that cup of tea as your snacks for the evening, and the moment your dog comes up to you asking for it, you probably hand it over with one or two of it. Well, did you ever think that why does your dog feel sick too often, these days?

Though there’s no assurance about it, one of the biggest reasons could be due to the saltine crackers.

Yeah, so from the next time, your dog appears before you asking for it, take care that you aren’t offering him those crackers as they may cause him an upset stomach and vomiting.

Since you prefer to have these saltine crackers in your barbecue season, your dog too might seek some of it!

However, make sure that you aren’t agreeing with his wishes. At times, you ought to be strict enough for the sake of your little one’s health.

This is because these crackers are high in carbs, sodium and sugar content, which makes it ideal to be avoided for your canine friend. He doesn’t realize his own good, but you do, right?

Can dogs eat saltine crackers?

Although saltine crackers are tasty enough and your dog would love to have it as a treat, it is essential to ensure that you aren’t offering it to him frequently.

The saltine crackers are nothing other than the soda crackers that are rich in sodium content. They are typically made of ingredients like salt, baking soda, white flour, and yeast.

Coarse salt is generally sprinkled at the top after the item is prepared. The crackers usually have holes over their surfaces and are generally known for their crisp texture.

It’s indeed one of my favorite snacks, and I used to love offering it to my paw friend too! Ever since I saw him having too much of it, and then vomiting out all of them.

I still remembered the way he has been suffering due to tummy ache. It took a total span of around 1 week for him to recover completely.

Well, that’s when I had done all these research work about why shouldn’t we not be offering saltine crackers to dogs and more. Thus, I promised myself that I won’t be serving him more of these crackers in the future either!

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What’s the most harmful thing about saltine crackers?

One of the major downsides of these saltine crackers is that they consist of a high amount of sodium, which is much higher than the regularly recommended sodium intake portion for an average-sized dog.

These sodium crackers usually contain 941 mg of sodium in a quantity of 100 g. This is quite higher than the daily recommended sodium intake, and that makes things worse!

Salt is usually considered as a deemed toxin for most house-trained animals, including that of the dogs. Therefore, it would be better to ensure that you refrain your pup from all these sodium-rich constituents.

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Is it a No-No for saltine crackers?

Well, if you are still bothered about whether or not you should offer saltine crackers to your dog, or promise yourself of not showing him the pack ever again, here is something for you!

Yeah, although it’s a No-No when it comes to saltine crackers, you can still offer him a few occasionally. You may!

It’s usually ideal to not offer those crackers to it. However, if you at all want to give it some, try giving it one or two, once in a while.

Saltine crackers are high on calories, and the worst thing about these crackers is that they would lead to salt poisoning. The amount of protein included in the 100g of saltine crackers is 9.46g, while there is a composition of 8.64g of fats, and 74.05g of carbs.

Do saltine crackers offer any nutritional value?

As we have already mentioned about the composition of these saltine crackers, it’s clearly visible that these saltine crackers might do some good to the humans, but do none to the dogs. They are devoid of all sorts of nutritional value, and would cause no deficiency if you are skipping these crackers for your dog’s meal.

What should you do if your dog has already consumed a few of these saltine crackers?

Once your dog has already consumed a few of these saltine crackers, there’s no point to stress yourself and panic for no reason.

Consuming just a few of these crackers will do no harm to your dog. It’s quite obvious on your part to worry about his health and keep thinking all throughout the rest of the day. However, such small quantities will impose no effect on your dog.

The major concern about dogs is nothing other than the sodium percentage of these crackers. While sodium is an essential element for humans and is a must-include item for us, that’s not the case for animals though!

Your dog would actually fall sick due to the presence of sodium in these crackers.

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Consequences of consuming saltine crackers

  • Dehydration: Since the sodium content in your pup’s body has been high, he will start feeling thirsty frequently than usual. They may even feel like peeing again and again. Some of the common symptoms may include confusion, panting, increased heart rate, fainting, and other breathing complications.
  • Salt poisoning: Such a situation would make things worse for your dog, and it may even lead to convulsions, coma, and sometimes death in the worst of the scenarios. An excess amount of salt in the body would absorb water. Too much salt in the blood leads to a condition known as hypernatremia. As a result, your dog may start losing moisture from his muscles, leading to stiffening and withering. He may even exhibit neurological complications.
  • Other common symptoms: Nausea, loss of appetite, lack of energy, stomach ache, vomiting, and muscle spasms are some of the common issues that your dog may be exposed to!

What can be alternative to the Saltline Crackers 

Do you have any idea that there are crackers for dogs as well?

If you are someone who cannot bear your puppy glaring at you with that cute face and want to share crackers with him, you can get for him the saltline crackers specially prepared for dogs.

Try these and your dog will love them. I can assure this because my dog absolutely loves them as well. Here are the alternatives:

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