Can Yorkie Poos be Left Alone at Home?

Can Yorkie Poos be Left Alone at Home?

Yes, Yorkie Poos can be Left alone at Home. Though, Yorkie poo puppies can only stay alone for 4 hours only while adult Yorkie poos can stay alone for 6 to 8 hours at home. 

And it’s a match!

Not a tinder one, unless you are lucky!

Yorkipoos are a cross between the Yorkshire Terrier breed and a Miniature Poodle. These hounds are tiny-miny creatures who can bring cheer to your life every day. Their shiny flowy fur gives them an edge over other dog breeds. They want nothing more but love and affection that they can memorize with all their (paw) hearts.

You have just received an offer letter from your dream company. It is just a few miles away. It is something you ever desired but then, you remember you have a family, you are a dog parent and, you can’t leave him alone at home on his own.

Are you also wondering, what are the possible solutions, you can arrange for your Yorkiepoo so he can manage at home until you reach with a cart full of his favorite candies?

Unzip your stress and tag along with us to the end to know more If Yorkiepoos can be Left alone at home or not?.

For How many hours can Yorkiepoos be left alone?

The frequency of time, or the number of seconds, minutes and, hours Yorkipoos can stay alone at home, is a matter of their training and personal characteristics. 

If your Yorkiepoo is an easy-peasy dog, it will be easy to train him for the morning goodbyes whereas, if he is a clingy guy and loves to be always around you and follow you to the bathroom, then it is going to take a lot of planning and training for your pup. Here’s how to properly train a Yorkie Poodle Crossbreed

Yorkipoos are lovey-dovey characters of your Disneyland. They can not afford to stay at home for long hours. 

On average, older Yorkipoos who have crossed the 18 months of age can be left alone 4-6 hours a day, while puppies under 18 months of age can’t stay for more than 4 hours a day.

Like humans, Yorkipoos are also social animals who love sharing their parents’ space and can feel emotional if they find you leaving them alone at home for high-class hours.

You might notice a change in behavior if they are kept alone at home for more than 8 hours or even more than that. It can cause your canine a sense of irritation, social anxiety, fear of missing out (FOMO), and worse, depression.

I have covered in detail how to get rid of separation anxiety in Yorkies and that would work for Yorkie poos as well.

What happens when you leave your Yorkipoo alone for more than 8 hours at home?

how long can yorkie poos stay at home alone

A Yorkipoo that spends more than 8 hours at home every day may eventually develop some behavioral changes that could be destructive for them and as well as for the dog parents. Long hours of home arrest can make him feel lethargic and, step by step will push him into stress, anxiety and, depression.

Signs that could indicate behavioral changes in your dog:

  • Chewing on small things or the owner’s things
  • Chewing on furniture legs or edges
  • Chewing on or eating house plants
  • Digging holes in the yard
  • Hiding behind the door or under the bed
  • Fear of loud noises
  • Shivering in summers
  • Panting

Apart from these indicators, you can also monitor some of the common signs that could give a signal to your Yorkipoo’s disturbing state of psychology. Here’s the catch!

#1. Loss of Appetite

The first thing you would notice in your Yorkipoo because of long hours of homestay is loss of hunger. You may observe him avoid meals or eat lesser than before and seems unexciting during his mealtime.

However, it is not always necessary that your Yokiepoo’s loss of appetite is because of depression. There could be many factors like a shift in the environment or frequent traveling.

#2. Change in weight

A weight change is natural when your Yorkipoo starts skipping his meals. You might observe him losing pounds in a week and feeling lazy and sick all the time.

#3. Change in Bed-time

Yorkipoos who are tense and are undergoing some emotional difficulties may go to bed un-early. They will pick a corner of the house and start licking their legs and tail. You can notice them ignore their beauty sleep.

#4. Lack of Interest

Yorkipoos are one of the highly energetic breeds. They are known for their high enthusiasm and zealous attitude, which is hard to ignore. A change in emotional state may ask your Yorkipoo to lose interest in things that once intrigued him.

These are some signals that you should catch before it is too late. However, as we mentioned earlier, depression is dynamic and can be multi-faceted so before you jump on to a conclusion, contact your family vet.

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Is it possible to Manage work and Yorkipoo-parenting at the same time?


If we say- YES, what would be your reaction?

It is not easy to leave your Yorkipoo alone at home but, you can also not compromise with your job and career. Don’t worry! There is always a solution to every problem.

 Here we bring some easy-to-do options that you have and can try with your pup.

#1. Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare is underrated in the market because of its traditional outlook. But, there are many daycare options available that have advanced technologies to monitor pets and update the dog parents every hour via text or mail. One thing is for sure daycare could be your best catch, don’t think twice.

#2. Get your Yorkipoo a friend to play with

Yorkipoos can do well when around other dogs of their temperament. If you have received a call from the HR department to join in by this week and wondering what other options you have except the daycare? 

Then, you can visit the nearest pet store and buy another only if you can monetarily and emotionally afford it. If your decision gives you a headstart for another pet, you can buy a labrador or a golden retriever. These two make the perfect match for a Yorkipoo.

#3. A Spacious Crate

Before you leave for your workday, you can online order a spacious crate that will protect your little Yorkipoo from harming itself unknowingly. According to some dog psychology specialists, it might provide your puppy with a certain sense of security and safety. 

Make sure you do not put your Yorkipoo in a crate for long hours. This will bore them and, he will start showing behavioral changes. You can also try stair-proofing or window-proofing.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step process on How to Crate Train a Yorkie. You can follow the steps in this guide to crate train your Yorkiepoo as well. 

#4. Visit during your lunch hours

You can spend your leisure time at work and visit your Yorkipoo at home. To check if he is doing fine and if he needs something.

If your work location is a time-taking drive towards home, then you can ask a friend or a neighbor to give a peek in once or twice a day. You can also arrange a day shift nanny.

#5. Pet Camera

You can try out a pet camera or a baby monitor to talk to your Yorkipoo in your free time. It will allow you to communicate and make your buddy feel that you are there with him. It will make you realize how well your Yorkipoo is doing in your absence.

I highly recommend you to get Furbo, the best pet camera designed especially for dogs that are alone at home.


How to Train a Yorkie Poo to Stay Alone at Home

how to train a Yorkie poo to stay at home

#1. Morning Workout

Wake up your Yorkipoo early and go on a run with him. It will make him sweat and, he will feel drowsy by the time you both reach home. It will buy you enough time to get ready for work and give your baby a see you soon kiss.

#2.Toys and puzzles

You can look online for tricky toys and puzzles and make your Yorkipoo solve them. Yorkiepoos love challenges and, they go all their wit to place it in the right direction.

Mental stimulation is healthy for Yorkipoos to keep them active and occupied when alone. These toys keep them busy and, they think less of you. I always use and recommend Brain Training for Dogs which made my Yorkie 10 times smarter and more intelligent. Definitely worth a try. 


#3. Leave and Return

Practice the technique of leaving and returning. You can let your Yorkipoo get used to your overcoat, boots, or car keys that indicate you are heading to work. Do it 5-6 times every week.

After you reach home, you can instruct your pup to bring your slippers and sit down near the sofa. It will be an indicator for your puppy that coming home isn’t a big deal and, he should get used to it. 

#4. Easy Access

As you are now stern about your decision to keep them at home alone, you should not overlook the fact that your Yorkipoo has easy access to the bathroom and the living area, and the bedroom. It may let him think as the in-charge that can cause serious troubles.

So, before you give them leeway, monitor his activities and look for red flags wherever possible. It will not let your Yorkipoo suffer from damaging behaviors and, you will also work in peace.

#5. Call a Vet

If you think your Yorkipoo is becoming anxious and consuming stress in excess, don’t delay and consult with your vet and ask for a prescription of medicines to help calm him down.

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The Final Words

Your Yorkipoo is a social creature. Like everyone, he needs your attention, affection, and love. As you know, a Yorkipoo can’t stay alone at home for more than 8 hours and, what are the things that are to be taken care of, and how?

Take your time, give your pet some time and let time do the work. Did you find this article helpful? Tell us in the comments section.


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