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Can your Yorkshire Terrier catch Mice?

Can your Yorkshire Terrier catch Mice?

Yes, Yorkies can catch mice and even Rats. Though, you need to train them so that they learn to catch a mice and not try and eat it. 


It’s Vacay! And you have just returned home with your family, opened the door lock, and as soon as you enter, you see a mess all around you.

You can’t point your finger at your Yorkie because he was every time by your side during the vacation. You conduct an in-search operation, and what do you find? A nuclear mice family with a tiny tent for themselves by shredding your new clothes, blankets, curtains, and whatnot.

You immediately think of ways to shoo away them and get rid of the messy tornado. You probably think of a cat that would have made it easy to accelerate the search-flee operation. But you don’t.

Then you realize you have a tanned tail, and it’s a tail of war. Relax, you are not the only one who thinks of your Yorkie being the in-charge as a mouse-ridder. Yorkies are witty dogs, and not surprisingly, they derive their origin as a rat-catcher and mice hunter.

Yorkshire Terriers are small in size and undoubtedly, look adorable. Anybody would confuse their small stature being a sign of their fragility and physical vulnerability, but they are more than what others think of them.

They can be athletic and real doers at times of emergency and need. If you are worried about if your Yorkie is suitable to catch the mice and rats and keep them away from your house, then here are a few things you should probably know and be sure of your Yorkie’s inborn abilities.


Are Yorkies Natural Mice Catchers?

Yes, Yorkies are naturally capable of catching mice. But it is not an instant transformation. There is a history behind Yorkies’ instinct as mice hunters. 


History of Yorkies being used as “Mice Hunters” 

During the mid 19th Century, Some workers from Scotland visited in search of work in cotton mills and brought along a variety of terriers.

They soon shifted their jobs to mining, and there they experienced troubles, rat troubles, and this was when they thought of bringing in a terrier breed that could help shoo away mice from the mines. York and Lancaster became the place of their prominent origin where they were supposed to keep away mice and even hunt out the rodents.

To sum up, Yorkies look like classy-shiny-furry dogs of great intellect and wit. But, when it comes to exhibiting their bravery, they don’t like to step back, even it has been served ghastly.

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How to Train your Yorkie to Hunt or Catch Mice?


how to train a yorkie to catch mice


If your Yorkie is a newcomer and is a new Gen Z Yorkie, then you might have to pull up your socks to train your Yorkie to catch a mouse and help you clean your house from unwanted rats and mice. There are a total of 3 methods of how you can prepare your Yorkie to Train him or her to catch mice.

Essential Things to have to Train a Yorkie to Catch Mice

Method 1: Toy Mouse Game

The very first method is the sniffing game. Take your Yorkie outside on the lawn or your backyard, spray a mouse scent on a toy mouse and then play a catch and throw game with your Yorkie.

Let him sniff the toy and identify the smell. The next thing to do is hide the toy mouse under a lawn box, a tree hole, or anywhere your Yorkie can easily find.

Continue this every day for at least 15 minutes to get your Yorkie familiar with the smell. After some time, he will locate the scent of the in-house mouse that has been troubling you for ages.

Reward your Yorkie with his favorite treats after he has finished his practice and cheer him up for the next day.


Method 2: Trap the Mice Challenge

If you have a wild muse cage with you, arrange it in a likely place where you observe mice, and let your Yorkie practice the open-close game and use his paw to trap a mouse inside the cage.

Take care of your Yorkie’s aggression and train him in a way where he is less frightened and nervous. Excite him with your words and treat him afterward.

Every time he reaches the mouse, treat him. Make sure you uplift his energy and excitement to catch a mouse and trap the rodent.

If he succeeds in trapping a mouse, then pat his back and talk excitedly to him. He will realize that his mommy is happy, and next time he should not ignore any mouse in the house.

Repeat this method once or twice a week and wait for the results.


Method 3: Rat Hunting

Once you have accomplished the task of training your Yorkie in catching mice and you think he has learnt that skill up to a great extent and has become an expert in it, then it is time to step for the next stage.

Rats are gigantic, and your Yorkie needs proper training to deal with bulky mice or rats. The first thing to do is place a mouse cage at a place where your Yorkie can easily find it, sniff it, and feel it with his paws.

Spray a mouse scent over the mouse cage. Let your Yorkie be familiar with the smell for a few minutes and leave the rat job to him.

Excite him, or inspire him for the job, and once you notice signs of improvement without your presence, let him take the lead and catch the rats.

Praise his effort every time he traps a rat, and infuse a moderate aggressive behavior in him to be well trained and perform functionally.

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How do Yorkies react when they notice a Mouse?

Yorkies are efficient watchdogs. They can sniff and hear far from miles.

When your Yorkie hears a scratchy sound at night, he immediately restores his alert button and detects the location from where the sound is coming.

You may notice him wagging his tail, whimpering, and barking to signal the mouse to stay out of the door so that he can catch and trap the rodent.

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Do Yorkies Eat Mice?

No! Yorkies don’t eat mice. But, sometimes it can get worse, and you would see your Yorkie sniffing a dead rat and adding it to a dinner in rare cases.

Yorkies are born hunters and trappers, and maybe their instincts fall strong over their artificial training. Eating a mouse can be risky to your dog’s health and digestive system.

Your Yorkie might end up in an infection trap and diseases like Tosmoplosmosis and intestinal worms resulting in diarrhea, liver issues, and pneumonia. Intestinal worms can be vastly inconvenient with irritation, burning sensations, and rashes around your Yorkie’s genitals.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What if my Yorkie eats a dead mouse?

Your Yorkie can end up eating a dead mouse after trapping him inside a mousetrap. It can harm him if he eats a poisoned mouse.

There is nothing more you can do. Take him to a vet clinic. You can also make him puke to release out the poison.

Who are the Best mouse catchers in dogs?

Terriers are originally inborn mouse catchers. These dogs with proper training to catch a mouse with an already existing instinct to hunt mice.

Some of the well-known dog breeds that are proficient in catching a mouse are- Rat Terrier, Lakeland Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Cairn Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, West Highland White Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, German Pinscher, Norfolk Terrier, Dachshund, Papillon.

Can I use a mousetrap or poison to kill mice?

Yes, but only if you don’t own a pet. But, if you own a pet, a cat, a dog, or a Yorkie, you should train your pet for the ‘Mouse Mission’.

Poison for rats or mice can be effective, but rats leave traces when they feed on a poisoned bait which can get into your Yorkie’s skin to the body.

Can a mousetrap hurt my Yorkie?

No, it can not. However, being a Yorkie parent, you should take all precautions and try to keep your Yorkie away from the sharp trap door and calm him when the unpleasant trap noise thrills his mind.

Are Yorkies lap dogs?

Yes. Yorkies’ tiny size brings them into the spotlight of lapdogs. Earlier, these canines used to be hunters and rat-catchers, but soon they became home-friendly dogs after the Industrial Revolution.

Does Yorkie’s hair threaten mice?

Yes, partially. According to researchers, the presence of only Yorkies doesn’t threaten a mouse, but if there exist two or more different pets like a dog and a cat in a house, it repels mice.



We should never judge a book by its cover. Similarly, we should not underestimate the prowess and enthusiasm Yorkies possess.

Mice catching isn’t an easy job, but with proper training, everything will be possible, and you would see your Yorkie becoming an expert in this field and graduating with excellent grades.

If you have anything that you would like to add, keep me up with the information in the comment section below. I would love to see a couple of words, smiles, and emoticons from your side.


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