Can Yorkshire Terriers Eat Apples?

Can Yorkshire Terriers Eat Apples?

Yes, Yorkies can eat Apples. However, don’t feed more than half the apple at a time as that’s enough to fill his or her stomach. 

Apples are a nutritious and healthy way of maintaining a fit lifestyle. Whether it’s a pre-workout meal or a lunchtime break, it can’t be side-charted.

Apples are good for our skin and overall health, but you wonder, can you bring apples to your Yorkie’s weekly menu?

Are apples harmful to your Yorkie? 

Yorkshire Terriers are an easy-going breed until you poke their natural tendency to adapt. These canines have good fluidity skills once they are used to the environment.

But they can turn the whole house around if a sudden change appears before them, even it’s a taste bud tornado. In this article, I’ll talk about everything you should know whether your Yorkie should eat apples? It’s benefits, points to take care of, and frequently asked questions by other Yorkie-loving parents like you.


Can my Yorkie Eat an Apple?

Your Yorkie is precious to you, and you don’t want to take any chance on his health. So, it’s better to be well informed rather than half-informed.

It is not easy to experiment with your Yorkie’s meal and leave your Yorkie in an uneasy situation. Yorkies generally don’t like fruits in their meal portions like any other dog breed.

But if it’s a matter of your Yorkie’s health and wondering if you could add chunks of apples in his bowl, Don’t worry! It is safe to feed your Yorkie apples. Apples could be a magic potion to your Yorkie, supplying him with all necessary vitamins and fibers.

It also helps clean your Yorkie’s teeth, mouth, and rotten breath.


How many times can I give my Yorkie an Apple?

Honestly, it’s not about the number of times but the number of slices or portions you are adding to your Yorkie’s bowl. Professional veterinarians suggest giving 1/4th or half an apple would be enough for your Yorkie’s hungry stomach to satisfy.

Apples are low in calories and high in metabolism. It doesn’t fill your Yorkie’s tummy for his diet and, at the same time, maintains his body weight to look fit and fine.

Also, don’t always add apples to your Yorkie’s three-time meal. Serve it as an evening snack for him.

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What are the Benefits of Apples for Yorkies?

can yorkies eat an apple

Apples have a plethora of benefits which is hard to avoid. It includes many vitamins and other essential health benefits.

These vitamins and minerals are beneficial to your Yorkie’s immune system and overall body development and growth. Let us see what more apples have in store for your Yorkie.

1. Fiber

Fibers are a positive source of nutrition and good health and are beneficial to your Yorkie’s health. It helps aid in the better and smooth functioning of your puppy’s digestive system.

Fibers help eliminate the harmful bacterial growth in your Yorkie’s stomach. Fibers accelerate the metabolism rate and curb the excess weight from accumulating in your Yorkie’s body.

If you Yorkie has a sensitive stomach, I have listed 5 Best Foods for Yorkies with a sensitive stomach.

2. Calcium 

Calcium is a good source of strength for our bones and teeth. It shields the bones and the teeth from future breakage and decaying in order. Similarly, a Yorkie’s body also craves calcium for the ultimate protection.

Adding additional chunks of fresh vegetables, fruits, and apples won’t do much harm but would elevate your Yorkie’s health.

3. Polyphenols

Polyphenols are fraught with antioxidants. It is a necessary element of nutrition in apples. Its main job is to shoo away the harmful radicals that are harmful and causes severe diseases and illnesses.

The presence of antioxidants in your Yorkie’s body reduces the fatal risks like cancer or heart diseases. Polyphenols are a great companion when your Yorkie starts to get older as it provides him a good source of strength to hold his core and muscles intact. 

4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is good for the immune system. It helps support the emotional turmoil and related skin problems. When your Yorkie is happy, his skin also glows.

Vitamin C in apples helps reduce stress, worry lines, and anxiety in Yorkies. The next time you add cubes of apples in your Yorkie’s bowl, remember you are adding chunks of happiness from his bowl to his mind.

5. Vitamin A 

Vitamin A is a best friend to your Yorkie’s vision, sight, and eye health. Vitamin A not only improves vision but aids overall development and cellular growth.

With age, Yorkies gradually lose their sight. Don’t forget to add Vitamin A supplements to your dog’s diet.

6. Potassium

Potassium is a source of healthy muscle growth. It also helps maintain bone strength and regulates blood flow and blood circulation.

It also builds metabolism to accelerate weight loss. Potassium also functions heartbeats and blood pumping.

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Things to Avoid Before Serving Apples to Your Yorkie

Before you add chunks of apple slices to your Yorkie’s bowl, make sure that you don’t add things that turn uncomfortable for your Yorkie’s health. Here is a list of a few things that should be on your fingertips to decide.

  • Apple seeds: Apple Seeds could cause discomfort to your Yorkie’s throat. The hardcover of the seedcoat outside can be choking to your Yorkie’s throat and may cause uneasiness. These seeds also contain cyanide which could be harmful to your Yorkie’s intestine.
  • Watch out the allergic signs: Some Yorkies are highly immune, while some are immunodeficient. Although, apples generally don’t cause allergic irritations like coughing, sneezing, etc. Yorkies can catch allergies depending upon their body deposition. If you notice these signs, immediately dial in your nearest vet clinic.
  • Avoid Overloading: Apples are easily digestible and are not bulky. Eating a slice or two of apples would clean up your intestine, leaving space for the rest of the diet. However, vets strictly advise young Yorkie parents not to overload their Yorkie’s snack time with apples, rather keep it balanced. Overloading can cause a Yorkie to Vomit


How to Serve Apples to your Yorkie?

Serving an apple to your Yorkie is a strategic task. You can’t cater it in bits and not as a whole.

Pet Professionals suggest freezing the apple for an hour or so. After that, take it outside, peel off the skin and chop it into small pieces for your Yorkies to easily chew.

You can serve your Yorkie apples in moderation to expect better results. Avoid continuously providing apple bites and making your carnivorous puppy into an apple lover.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can Young Yorkies eat Apples?

Ans: Yes, Little puppies can eat apples. Yorkies who are young don’t like snacking on fruits but adding a few clumps of an apple won’t do much harm to them. Take care of the apple guts and seed to avoid choking and vomiting.


Q: Are apples bad for Yorkie’s teeth?

Ans: No, Apples are a great teeth cleaner. The fruit coat of the apple act as a natural brush for your Yorkie that keeps his teeth clean, bright, and shiny.


Q: Is apple skin good for your Yorkie?

Ans: You shouldn’t be giving too many apple bites. “Smaller amounts, smaller problems” stick by this rule. The apple skin is not harmful, and it acts as toothpaste for your Yorkie, so peeling off isn’t a matter of concern. However, excess apple skin can disrupt your Yorkie’s digestive system.


Q: Can Yorkies consume Applesauce?

Ans: Applesauce has added sugars which is harmful to your Yorkie. Yorkies or dogs can’t digest sugars and eventually suffer from hair shedding, skin diseases, and other types of ailments. Even DIY Applesauce contains sugars that shouldn’t be a part of your Yorkie’s tiny intestine.


Q: Do I need to peel off the apple skin every time for my Yorkie?

Ans: Peeling an apple skin depends upon your Yorkie’s taste bud, preference, and chewing capacity. Wash the apple properly, peel it if necessary, cut it into cubes, or you can even mash it or make an apple cupcake and other healthy recipes to start your Yorkie’s evening a good evening.


One Last Thing

Your Yorkie trusts you and is reliable on your judgment for his diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you have newly become Yorkie parents, prepare a diet chart for your Yorkie.

Add all the essential vitamins, carbs, protein, fibers into your puppy’s meals. Also, consult a vet for a professional piece of advice. 

Share your Yorkiestory with me and let me know about your experience with apples and your little paws. Hit the comment button below.

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