Can Yorkies Eat Bananas? Is Banana Good for your Yorkie?

Can Yorkies Eat Bananas? Is Banana Good for your Yorkie?

Yes, You can feed Bananas to your Yorkie and He will Love it as well. Just Make sure to Feed your dog after peeling the Banana and Don’t Overfeed it. 


Yorkies have always been popular among people, particularly pet lovers for their cute looks and lovely nature. There is no denial of the fact that these pups are just too adorable to handle, and on top of that, they are too delicate as well.

One of the most important things to consider is to see that your pup is getting all the nutrition and safety provisions that it would need to stay healthy.

Coming to the point of a Yorkie’s eating habits, we as pet owners, usually have a tendency to feed our dogs with all sorts of human foods that we tend to eat practically in a day. However, it is crucial to figure out whether or not these foods are good for these little babies.

Although it has been a common practice among a lot of people to feed their dogs with human foods, you can no way choose to compromise with the health and safety of this young pup, isn’t it?

One such product herein is ‘the banana!’ Yeah, did you ever try giving a banana to your Yorkie?

Well, if you ever did, you might have noticed how much it craves for it. If I go ahead sharing my own personal experience, I have seen that Yorkies do love bananas, for sure, but is it really good for it? To answer this, read on till the end of this article.

Can your Yorkies have Bananas?

Now that you have known that Yorkies do really love bananas a lot, the next question that might have struck into your mind is whether or not you should give it a banana too often as you have it?

Since we humans tend to love this sweet and healthy fruit, we prefer giving them out to our Yorkshire terriers as well.

To be more specific, Yorkies love to have fruits, and since most of these little pups are vegans, they are more likely to have plant products and veggies instead of opting for animal products.

Of course, Yorkies love bananas, alongside different other milk products, as well as, fruits like pears, oranges, apples, and kiwis.

Talking about bananas having an impact on your little pup’s health, you do not need to worry about it at all since bananas are absolutely healthy for your Yorkie’s health and have a lot of healthy components in them, these fruits do good, and there’s no dilemma about it at all.

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Is Banana Good for your Yorkie’s consumption?

is banana good for my yorkie

When it comes to consumption, there are several factors that you must count!

Bananas are rich in potassium and this makes them a healthy food option. Potassium ensures the right functionality of the bodily enzymes in your Yorkies, which in turn is very beneficial for your pup’s muscles.

A lot of pup owners even believe that feeding bananas to Yorkies will make them braver. This is probably because there has been a constant notion about Yorkies being small, soft, and delicate dogs.

As a breed, they tend to remain frightened all the time, and this thought gives a belief that feeding bananas will boost the neurons in your pup, making them agile and fearless in the due course of time.

Well, the benefits of bananas are countless. Above the aforementioned advantages, these bananas are also known for being able to support the fluid balance in your dog’s body. Also, the presence of Vitamin B and C in bananas will add much-needed micronutrients to your dog.

On top of that, the presence of Vitamin B6 helps combat cardiovascular diseases, features an anti-inflammatory effect, and regulates the function of RBCs in your dog.

As a result, all of these components are useful in maintaining the intestinal flora in your little pup. Also, the presence of natural sugars instead of processed additives or artificial colors gives energy to your dog to stay active all throughout the day.

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Are bananas helpful in treating your Yorkie’s upset stomach?

Despite the fact that you can feed bananas to your Yorkies at any time of the day, most pup owners prefer to feed this sweet fruit to their pets mostly when they tend to suffer from digestion troubles and a bloating stomach.

If you are already owning a Yorkshire terrier, you might have known how frequently does your dog gets an upset stomach, isn’t it?

Since this breed of dog is extremely delicate, they tend to demand extra care from their owners. A mix of bananas with beaten eggs, dried parsley, and peanut butter can be a healthy breakfast choice for your pup, as well as, it would help your dog fight stomach troubles.

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How to cook bananas for your Yorkie?

how to cook bananas for yorkies

A lot of times, pet owners do not prefer to give raw bananas to their Yorkies. That’s not a bad choice though!

You can always cook the foods before you offer them to your little ones. Today, over here, we are going to share a super easy recipe for cooking bananas for your Yorkie. Read on…

  • At first, you will need to pre-heat the oven a bit.
  • Prepare a mix of bananas with some milk and butter. Ensure that the paste has got a thick consistency.
  • Now, place a paste of the mix into the oven.
  • Do not overcook the meal by any chance. Just take a note of the fact that this mix has only turned softer.
  • Put it off the oven and wait for a good amount of time till the meal has settled down to the normal room temperature.

Note: Serve the meal to your Yorkie only when the temperature is fine to bear! Extremely hot dishes can actually hurt your Yorkies which you would obviously not want! So, just be careful.

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Things to keep in mind before you serve Bananas to your Yorkies

Well, while bananas are good for your Yorkie’s health, there are certain contradictions as well that you might need to consider. Never feed bananas along with their peels to your Yorkies.

This is because they may hurt your dog’s stomach and initiate pain, vomiting and at times, chronic digestive issues in them.

Besides, in case your Yorkie is suffering from some sort of ailments or is undergoing any kind of medication, it is always advised to consult a vet prior to offering bananas to your dog.

In fact, any changes made in the food habit of your Yorkie should be informed to the veterinarian, so as to avoid any kind of complications. Of course, bananas are healthy, but their interruption may cause negative effects on your dog, and thus, it is always better to consult beforehand.

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Yes, You can feed Bananas to your Yorkie and He will Love it as well. Just Make sure to Feed your dog after peeling the Banana and Don’t Overfeed it. 

Even if bananas have numerous health benefits, your Yorkie might still not want to have them.

Should you still try to feed it just because it’s healthy? You may give it a try, by mixing it with some other foods, but in case your dog doesn’t find the taste good enough, do not force it to engulf all that meal which you have prepared for it.

Yeah, while a lot of Yorkies love the taste of bananas, there are a few who might not prefer it at all. Therefore, once you figure out the scenario with your pup, decide the plan of action accordingly.

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