Can your Yorkie Play Outside in the Snow?

Can your Yorkie Play Outside in the Snow?

Yes, Yorkies can go play outside in the Snow provided they are well warmed up with High-Quality Sweaters and Coats. However, young Puppies must be avoided that exposure. 

It’s Snow Time! 

You are taking a sip of your black coffee and window-enjoying the beautiful white cover that is worth your time. Kids are playing outside, writing their names on the frozen car windows, and parading with the snowman army.

Suddenly you notice your Yorkie gazing at you with his innocent eyes to convince you to take him outside and play with snowballs. You surely want to play with your Yorkie, but then you wonder, is it safe for your Yorkie to play outside during snowy winters?

Winters are friendly as it saves you from moments of sweaty summers. You don’t need to care for food spoilage, high electricity bills, uncomfortable heat bumps, and rashes.

But, it also comes with many drawbacks if left in vain. Like us, Yorkies’ fur and skin are prone to winter harshness. Their immune system can get easily attacked with cold, fever, and winter dryness. 

As a Yorkie- parent, you want everything perfect for your Yorkie. You do not want to take any risk with his health, even if it needs to full-pack your Yorkie with body warmers and booties.

If you are worried about your Yorkie’s health when going outside in the snow, then in this article, I’ll suggest a few things with the help of which, your Yorkie can enjoy his time in the winters and play outside in the snow.



Is the Snow Bad for Yorkies?

To answer in one word: No! 

Snow isn’t bad for your Yorkie, but it is beautiful to see your Yorkie wrapped up in snow cover. They look adorable with their winter caps on.

Yorkies love to collect enchanting experiences, even if it’s freezing ones. They are little bravados who own a stern will to perform any complicated task.

But, sometimes, winters win over your furry soldier causing him to catch cold and other health issues. Winters can be harsh on your Yorkie’s skin resulting in excessive dryness, flakiness, shivering, and skin irritation.

You can moisturize your Yorkie’s skin to prevent him from getting winter dryness. There are a lot of homemade remedies and OTC options available like Honey, Aloe Gel, or yogurt.


How to Protect Your Yorkie When in the Snow?

The beauty of the snow is known to us, but the disadvantage it can bring along to your Yorkie isn’t open for speculation. So, what do we do?

Some things are uncontrollable. We can only control the internal facets of winters, but the externalities it brings is out of our hand.

We can only try out the options available to protect our Yorkie from the cold without hampering his playtime. Here are a few things to safeguard your Yorkie with the winter’s bitterness.


1. Accommodate Your Yorkie with the Cold

Pet Professionals advise taking baby steps when indulging your Yorkie outside in the cold. Do not, I repeat, do not toss your Yorkie outside all of a sudden.

You should first know everything about his capacity to bear the cold temperature and how long he can stay outside in the snow. Start with accommodation.

Check if he is feeling fine with the cold. Let him stay outside for a while, observe him if he is not trying to budge the door to come inside, then let him play, keep the playtime short and extend it gradually with his growing bearing and staying capacity in the snow.


2. Warm your Yorkie up

With the temperature dropping down, your Yorkie might feel extra cold. If you notice your Yorkie shivering in the cold outside, get him a towel or a mini-blanket to keep him warm.

You can also bring him extra sweaters, mufflers, mules, and bunny caps to give him extra warmth to fight the winters. You can also use a blow dryer on a low setting to warm-wind his shivering.

You must also get to know the Best Sweaters and Best Coats for Yorkshire Terriers in winters.


3. Watch out for the Rock salt

You should not vision-blur your Yorkie even for a minute when he is outside enjoying the winter bells. There are irritants present outside, which can harm your Yorkie, like rock salt and antifreeze.

These irritants settle down near the street corners, sidewalks, or driveways where your Yorkie is more likely to run.

Keep him out of those hotspots, and after he is over with playing, give him a warm shower, and clean his paws to wipe out the specks of dirt and irritants stuck in there. 

If anything gets stuck in your Yorkie’s eyes, here’s how to clean his eyes.


4. Don’t Forget to Arrange a Pooping Place

Your Yorkie can’t hold up their elimination time for long. You may be busy with the chores or work calls, and your Yorkie is ready to do his business.

To avoid any accident, arrange a comfortable place beforehand outside where your puppy can relieve himself. Award him with cheerios and candy chews afterward. Here’s a list of your Yorkie’s Favorite treats

If you haven’t already, here’s how to Potty Train a Yorkshire Terrier.


5. Physical Activity

Yorkies are highly energetic animals, and they need to burn off their extra energy to sleep peacefully at night. So, I would advise you to take him for an outdoor walk and even play with snowballs. How wonderful it is to build a snowman with your furry man!


6. Moisturizing is Must

As I already mentioned about the harmful consequences of winter dryness. You should never skip this step before you let your Yorkie enjoy his snowtime outside.

Take utmost care of his paws as it is the most exposed part of his body during the winters. Moisturize his feet using Primen’s Natural dog paw balm, or you can even use some kitchen items, like coconut oil, if you are short of time. After moisturizing, don him with soft booties to lock in the moisture inside.


7. Don’t force

Lastly, let your Yorkie decide if he wants to play outside or rest inside with his wrapped-up paws inside the blanket. Let him choose the plate and his meal this time.

Let him choose your winter outfits for the next week. All you want is to spend some time with your Yorkie and create happy-yappy memories to store for a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long should I let my Yorkie stay outside in the snow?

Ans: It depends upon your Yorkie’s age and the immuno-sufficiency. If your Yorkie is young and fit, he can minimally bear the cold outside below 32 degrees. If your Yorkie is a teenager or an adult, keep him inside lest he may get sick and frostbite. 


Q: Should I clothe my Yorkie when outside during the winters?

Ans: It is your choice. If you want to give your Yorkie a quick snow ride, you can take him naked, but if it is for more hours, then don’t risk his health and cover his body and paws as much as possible with necessary precautions.


Q: Is it safe to take my Yorkie into the snow after a shower?

Ans: It is safe unless you have thoroughly soaked in the water from his fur and coat. If you want to take your Yorkie outside to play in the snow, then make sure you have dried his body with a towel or a low set blow dryer properly. Here’s how to groom your Yorkie properly


Q: Do Yorkies feel the cold always?

Ans: No, not every time. Yorkies are small breeds, and their body can easily survive in warm temperatures and locations. During winters, their body labors to maintain their natural body heat and may suffer from hypothermia or frostbite.


Q: Do Yorkies like to eat snow?

Ans: Yorkies don’t like to eat snow, but they can accidentally end up licking or swallowing snowflakes. Even the snow looks pure frozen white doesn’t mean it can’t have germs, dirt, and impurities in it.

Pollutants on the road mix up with the snow and become hazardous for these little creatures unknown to the germ-trap. It is highly advisable to clean your Yorkie and especially his mouth area and paws after he comes inside.


One Last Thing

Yorkies are sentimental creatures. They feed on emotions. The more you’ll love them, the more they will listen to you and follow your suggestions.

Winters are magical and beautiful but can be discomforting too in many areas. Hold on to the best tips for your Yorkie to enjoy the Santa weather without any sickness mishap and dryness drama.

When was the first time you took your Yorkie out for a snow ride? I would love to know your story. Feel free to type in the comments section below.

Happy Snowing! 🙂

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