Should you ever Take your Yorkie to the Beach?

Should you ever Take your Yorkie to the Beach?

Summer Season is down the lane, and you have already made plans for a weekend beach party with friends and family. But, this time, it is different because you are bringing your Yorkie along.

You have packed his water bottle, his favorite toy, and sunscreen. You are taking all the precautions to avoid your Yorkie friend’s beach debut going to waste or a bad beachy experience. 

Now you wonder what else did you miss? What else to know before you take your Yorkie to a beach?

Should you really take your Yorkie along to the beach? 

Relax your mind because I am here to save your time and prepare you and your Yorkie beach-ready with ten easy steps to follow.

Do Yorkies love to Go to the Beach?

Let me tell you that Yorkies are die-hard fans of beaches. Yorkshire Terriers are adventurous dog breeds, and beaches intrigue them very much.

They find it a place of freedom, a place to have fun with their human friends. It is no wonder your Yorkie shares a romantic equation with the beach.

But, beaches can also come along with some discomforting moments for your Yorkie. Prolonged exposure to the sunlight may lead them to suffer from visual or hearing defects and can even damage their hair coat, cause sunburn and other skin-related diseases. 

10 Safety Tips for Yorkies on the Beach

Beaches are fun for your Yorkies, but outside pollution and harmful UV Rays of the Sun can severely affect your Yorkie’s skin, immune system, and ability to bounce back. 

So, How do you protect your Yorkie and enjoy yourself with him on the beachside? 

Here are a few Safety Tips before you bring your Yorkie to the beach.


1. Choose a Yorkie-Friendly Beach

Before you think further, it’s better to do a quick research on the internet for some Yappy Yorkie-friendly beaches nearby your location. Finding the best beach location depends on many factors that you shouldn’t overlook if you don’t want your Yorkie’s day a disaster.

As I said, there are many dog-friendly places and beaches that you can try if you are up for a day out or a week’s vacay and you want to create some precious memories with your furry friend.


2. Train your Yorkie to Swim

Yorkies are quite good-to-go puppies. They love exploring challenges, and obviously, they love beaches.

But, not all Yorkies are born swimmers, and if you are planning to take your Yorkie to a beach without knowing their swimming performance, then it may turn into a mishap. I would suggest you have a swim-check of your Yorkie in your bathtub or a kiddie pool before you share his company on the beach. 

You would first want to Train your Yorkie to Swim in the Kiddie pool and then take him to swim in the sea. However, you can choose to take your Yorkie only to the beach and not take him out in the water.


3. Pack your Yorkie’s Essentials Wisely 

Did you ever share this feeling of ‘ I should have ‘ when you were gone for a week’s vacay? Exactly how your Yorkie might feel when you miss his must-haves at home that leave him in vulnerable spots.

So, what do you do? Make sure you pack wisely and bring all the necessary things onto the beach to avoid discomforts for your Yorkie that might occur in the future.

Under the essential items, do not forget the drinking bowl, treats, floating toys, medicines, leashes, harness, towels, and a beach umbrella.


4. Get a Life-Vest for your Yorkie

Above the essential items with which you have stuffed your suitcase, a life vest should be at the top of the list before you head to the beach.

It doesn’t matter how pro your Yorkie is in swimming or how many medals he has won in the swimming tournaments. You can not risk anything, anywhere, when it comes to your hairy bud.

Life vests are the best tool you can offer for your Yorkie’s safety. It is comfortable, spacious, and don’t choke your Yorkie.

Buy a life-vest if you don’t have it already. I would highly recommend you Outward Hound Life Jacket if you want a good fit for your Yorkie. Also, it ensures ultimate safety with a front float and adjustable straps. 


5. Choose a Warm and Shady Place at the Beach

Before your Yorkie wave to the waves, check the water temperature if it’s cold or hot. When your puppy has illnesses like joint pains, cold water exacerbates the situation, and your Yorkie ends up having a bad day.

Also, look for a place far from the edge of the beach water, the crowd may frighten your Yorkie, and he will no longer accompany you for a beach party in the future.

Your puppy may also like to take short naps in between the party. You can arrange a tent or find a shady place for your Yorkie to rest and recharge his energy.


6. Beware of the things your pup consumes

Since your puppy is enjoying his new wings on the beach, he is most likely to swirl and whirl all around the open area and unknowingly eat or drink things that he shouldn’t be.

Keep an eye on him to avoid situations of diarrhea and other food-borne diseases. Make sure you bring his favorite treats and freshwater along for him to drink during break-times.

I personally like Milk-Bone Original Brushing Chews Dog treats for my Yorkie dog.


7. Watch out for Sunburn

Sunburns don’t only attack humans but animals too! Bringing your Yorkie along on the beach is a brave step that requires a lot of precautionary moves from your side.

The harmful UV rays of the Sun can damage your Yorkie’s skin tissues and make him fall skin-sick, so to be on the safer side, bring along sunscreen or a sun spray to protect him from the harmful sun rays.


8. Make the Place Safe for your Yorkie

Pollution is all way around. Plastic bottles, tins, cans, and broken glasses are easily noticeable on the beach.

Make sure you choose an area with no such dangerous items tucked in the sand or clean the beach area before you let your Yorkie run around and play leash-free.


9. Check the Temperature of the Sand

During summers, the sand gets boiled due to the scorching sunlight. You don’t want your Yorkie to burn its paws in his first beach adventure.

Before you offer him a ball to play on the beachside, check the sand temperature with your bare feet and ensure if your puppy needs to cover his paws with shoes and boots.


10. Rinse off

Beach water is fancy, but it can bring along a lot of germs and skin irritations. After your Yorkie has finished his beach holiday, the first thing to do after you reach home is to bathe him with freshwater with organic shampoo and conditioner to rinse off the stubborn dirt and germs away from his fur and coat.

I use Tropiclean’s Shampoo for my Yorkie. I have listed all the best shampoos for Yorkshire Terriers and you can choose at your convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it okay to take my Yorkie to the beach?

Ans: Yes, it is okay to take your Yorkie to a Beach. Albeit, be careful of the harsh and high waves. Also, watch out for the sea animals like crabs and scorpions, which can hurt your Yorkie. 

Q: Can going to a beach make my Yorkie sick?

Ans: Beaches aren’t that harmful if you take care of your Yorkie’s safety. But, it might be possible for your Yorkie to unknowingly swallow leftover food or drink salt water, which can affect your Yorkie’s health. Make sure you watch him closely when he is on the beach.

Q: At what age should I take my Yorkie to a beach?

Ans: You should take your Yorkie puppy to a beach only when he is old enough and mature to handle road trips and beach vacations. According to vets, you should let your Yorkie accompany you to the beach after he has received his first three vaccine shots. 

Q: Do Yorkies poop on the beach?

Ans: Digging up a yard and pooping is a common characteristic in dogs. You Yorkie might feel the sand area as a good dumping spot and may defecate over there. You can train your Yorkie to poop at a particular place


The Bottom Line

These are a few things you can keep in mind before you make your Yorkie beach-ready. It is highly advisable to take all the precautions beforehand to avoid any accident in the future.

Pay some time to your Yorkie’s well-being and create polaroid memories that would last long forever.

Share your Yorkie’s beach story with me in the comments section below. I would love to hear!


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