Can Yorkies Swim? [Safety Tips for Yorkies]

Can Yorkies Swim? [Safety Tips for Yorkies]

Yes, Yorkies Can Swim if You decide to put in the effort to train your Yorkie to Swim. Though, not all Yorkies like Swimming and Water. 

It is a scorching sunny day, and you have made plans for a weekend beach party to wear out the boredom and laziness of the whole work week. It’s 9 am, and you have packed your sunscreen, towel, fresh juices, and bottom wear.

Suddenly you feel a soft nudge on your leg, you look down, and voila! Here comes your Yorkie friend. It seems like your Yorkie is ready too for the beachy land, and now you are stuck in a web of can or can not. 

Yorkshire Terriers are brandy brats, but they are all-rounder too. These canines enjoy exploring adventurous places and can jump out of any puzzle in no time.

Okay, so the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a Yorkie swimming (thanks to movies and the internet) is they are brave life saviors, and this is their job profile.

Well, it is a fact to some extent. Yorkies are highly energetic terrier breeds and happily entertain challenges. They have to be swim-trained before you push them into the water to take leverage of their silky furry coat and lightweight.


Can Yorkies Swim?

Yes, Yorkies can swim and can even beat larger dogs in the race if swim-trained properly. However, it depends upon their fondness and likeability for swimming.

Some Yorkies are excited about being on a beach or just in a swimming pool, diving, swirling, and relaxing, while some are not. Before you launch your Yorkie on a swimming mission, test him, if he is a good swimmer or even likes swimming or not.

How can you do this? Just let him try and wait for the end score. All he wants is you to be a supportive parent.

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Why should your Yorkie learn to Swim?

Swimming is an effective way to detox your mind and body. Whether it’s weight loss, emotional detour, an ailment you are suffering from, or just a workout aid, it works every time, everywhere!

Dogs are social animals too. They can also go through physical or emotional turbulence that may affect them badly. How do you handle this? By engaging them in their favorite fun chores. There are many available options, and swimming is one of them and probably one of the best. 

How does it benefit your Yorkie? Here are 6 Reasons to enroll your Yorkie into a swimming class.


1. Incitation

Yorkies are adventure lovers and never ignore challenges. But, their sense of boredom can make them lazy and unwilling to do anything.

Remember, they are stubborn too, like a daring pimple before a party. Swimming stimulates their excitement, and they indulge their strength and energy in it, ignoring any negative behavior that might develop out of idle time.


2. Stress Buster

Swimming is an exercise that many people choose to release the stress and anxiety piling up over time. Swim-training helps Yorkies to be active, sufficiently zealous, and mentally prepared to face any challenges that may come before them.

It helps to burn out extra energy for a good sleep. It also helps to eliminate negative behaviors in your Yorkie due to excess energy storage.


3. Improves Overall Health

Did you know that If your Yorkie swims for 2 minutes, it is equivalent to 8 minutes of advanced running?

Swimming is an excellent all-in-one workout way to improve health. Swimming involves limb movement, which puts pressure on your Yorkie’s muscles that strengthens his calves and limbs, and helps him actively participate in outdoor activities.

Not only does it concretes muscular strength, but it also contributes to strengthening the heart and lungs, decreasing inflammation, increasing metabolism, and improving circulation.


4. Helps in Weight Loss

Generally, Yorkies do not gain weight on purpose. Their small stature is a magic key to many issues that large dog breeds occasionally face. Yorkie’s irregular weight gain might be because of an unhealthy diet, inadequate exercise, lack of metabolism, or other surviving ailments.

If you own a Yorkie, and he is struggling with obesity, and you don’t want him swallowing pills all the time, then add swimming to his routine and encourage him to imbue it in his daily chores.

Swimming improves the metabolism rate to normal and helps burn extra calories present in his body. Let him swim and weight-trim!


5. Cooling

Summers can be discomforting for your Yorkie resulting in irritation and changed behavior. A quick bath in an open swimming pool will ease up his body muscles to relax, revive, and restart.

It facilitates calming joint pains and improves blood circulation. Moreover, it makes your pup all charged up for the next volleyball match you planned together.


6. Life Saver

Our parents engage us in different activity classes not only for entertainment but also for safety purposes. When you learn something, you use it for your good and others’.

If your Yorkie is properly swim-trained, it will rule out any chance of underwater mishaps, plus he will be of help to someone in need, in danger, in an emergency.

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How to Swim-Train your Yorkie?

You can’t directly channel your Yorkie’s interest and energy into swimming by simply introducing him to the nearby lake or a beach. Your Yorkie has to complete his preparations before the upcoming swimming exams.

You will have to allow him into the water step by step. Below are a few things you can try to prepare your Yorkie to swim and Train your Yorkie to Swim. 


1. Choose a friendly environment

It is always advisable to start your Yorkie’s swimming training at a place familiar to him. It makes him feel like he is at home, and he will have no time to panic and stress over a location change but to learn and practice as much as possible.


2. Start with a kiddie pool


can yorkies swim in kiddie pools


As I said, start with baby steps. If your Yorkie is new to swimming and starting from scratch, you would need to buy a kiddie pool that has less depth and is spacious enough for your Yorkie to learn the basics of swimming.

I would recommend Lunaoo Foldable Dog Pool which is not only available at a reasonable price but also very portable, durable, and safe for your Yorkie.

Teach him with caution and with patience, lest they will develop a tendency of anxiety, fear, and non-attentive behavior.


3. Broaden his Training Space

After a week of training or so, if you think your Yorkie has improved and he is ready to take over a larger area like a swimming pool, beach, or lakeside, then go for it.

Avoid dropping him all of a sudden into the water, either don him with a life-jacket or be by his side, hold him and slowly let him use his paddle move.


4. Have your Yorkie’s back

Do you remember the first time you went to your swimming lessons? The only thing you wanted was your parents’ presence.

It gave you the confidence to learn and the inspiration to try instead of giving up in vain. Your Yorkie expects the same thing from you.

Try not to chuck him into the water directly. Go in with your puppy, support, and encourage him to initiate paddling necessary for swimming. Hold his back to balance in the deep water, or you can get life-saving jackets like the Paws Abroad Dog life jacket


5. Loosen the grip

Once you feel that your Yorkie is ready to step into the water and paddle in for himself without any artificial support, loosen the grip of your support, and let him score the goal. Keep an eye on him.

If he starts losing his balance, first encourage him to go further and if it becomes uneasy, immediately offer him your helping hand.

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4 Swimming Tips for Yorkshire Terriers

do yorkies like to swim


It is not only about regular swimming classes and advanced training, but many factors contribute to the overall swimming success for your Yorkie. 

1. Check the Water Temperature 

Before you start the first day of the swimming lessons, Keep a check on the water temperature your Yorkie will be experiencing his memorable first day of swim training.

The water should not exceed a temperature of a minimum of 26 degrees. Do not conceptualize your Yorkie’s comfort with a rejuvenating water temperature. Professional vets suggest the water should be neither too cold nor too hot. 


2. Keep the Training Time Short

Yorkies are a highly energetic breed. They can play all day long. They are stubborn, and tiredness may lead them to skip their lessons.

Dog parents should minimize the training time to a maximum of 4 hours every day and engage their pet in other activities to rejuvenate themselves for the next day. Life vests are also successful in rewiring your Yorke’s energy back to normal.

Also, if you want to train your Yorkshire Terrier or want to Get rid of any kind of Behavioral Problem of your Yorkie, try Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer. It is an easy way to an Obedient Dog.


3. Apply sunscreen

Like us, Yorkie’s skin is also prone to harmful UV rays, skin breakouts, and irritation. Although, Yorkies with long hair don’t get sunburn quickly.

If you have just got your Yorkie a short haircut, then do not forget to bring along a sunscreen suitable for your Yorkie’s delicate skin. Apply it before and after your pup’s swim training.

Epi-Pet K9 Sunscreen is which I use personally for my Yorkie and I would highly recommend you as well.


4. Watch Carefully

When your Yorkie is a beginner in swimming, it requires more attention from your side to avoid any mishaps. If your Yorkie has been into training for the past few weeks, then wear him a life jacket or let him paddle for a while but keep an eye on him every 15 minutes.

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How to Prepare My Yorkie for a Lake Side?

When it comes to a kiddie pool or your in-house swimming pool, Yorkies can get used to and learn the basics by watching you and your family members stepwise. Going to a lakeside becomes scary for your puppy because of the depth of the water.

You have to be very careful when your Yorkie accompanies you to the lakeside for a swimming holiday. Here are 3 things to note down before you rush in with your puppy to the lakeside.


Stay away from a Stagnant water body.

Freshwaters or lakes are moving streams that indicate the good health of the water. If you observe stagnant lake water with no streams, waves, and water breeze, then remember it’s a big time to say no going into it.

It should neither be you nor your furry friend. Stagnant water bodies indicate the homeland of germs, viruses, and harmful bacteria.


Bring along your Yorkie’s water bottle.

Your Yorkie will get thirsty due to the heat waves and practicing on a scorching sunshiny day. As lake waters are for public use, you can not risk your Yorkie’s health in danger by making him drink the lake water.

Bring enough water for both of you and offer him water after every swimming practice session.


Protection from Algae

Algae can be present on a lakeside water body, and did you know how much an algae impact your Yorkie’s health that it can even lead him to death.

Algae produce two types of toxins, microcystin, and anatoxin, which can make your Yorkie fall ill and bore the harsh brunt.


Post Swimming Tip!

Do not forget to rinse off your Yorkie with fresh water after he is out of the swimming pool. Many swimming pools have chlorinated water inside that can affect your dog’s fur and coat and may even cause deadly skin diseases.

If you are at home, then a proper cleanup session is what your Yorkie needs. Use his favorite shampoo and conditioner to rinse off the harmful chlorine residues from his fur and skin.

You will need some expert help to clean up your Yorkie properly and for that purpose, here are the 7 Best Shampoos for your Yorkshire Terriers and Best Brushes to clean your Yorkie’s coat.


The Bottom Line

Learning isn’t easy. Everything new takes a lot of courage and patience. If you have just become a Yorkie parent struggling with his swim-training difficulties, relax, there is nothing about which you should be worrying. Take small steps, start from spoon-feeding, and slowly end with self-feeding. 

It will take some time for your Yorkie to be a pro in swimming and win a medal in the Olympics. So rest your mind and keep trying, diving, surfing, partying, and playing with your Yorkie. Give him time to make you a proud parent more than how you already are.

Period. Hey, dog lovers, how was your experience with your Yorkie on his first day at a swimming school? I would love to hear your story in the comments section below!

Bow-Bowye! 🙂

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