Can you Feed Rice to your Dog?

Can you Feed Rice to your Dog?

Rice is eaten regularly and in very large quantities in some parts of the world. Rice is a very key ingredient which gives humans the energy they need to live their life and work daily. But a lot of Pet Owners have a question, that is, Can Dogs really eat homemade Rice? and if yes, then what form of it and in how much quantity?

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How to Properly Feed Rice to your Dog?

A lot of commercial pet foods contain some amount of rice in it but some of them contain a poor quality of rice. A lot of Professional dog trainers also feed rice to their Agility dogs as well. You can also feed rice to your dog but you shall be careful that the rice shall be properly cooked and prefer brown or wild rice instead of white as white rice often contains mystery chemicals in it.

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Go for the Quality Rice

Though rice is not a natural carnivore canine food, you can feed rice to your dog sometimes. But you need to make sure that the rice is of premium quality as any kind of low-quality rice can cause more harm than good.

Premium quality rice or human-grade rice provide nutritional value to your dog and can also work as a good source of carbohydrates for your dog.

I would highly recommend you to mix Chicken with brown or wild rice (premium quality). This diet will contain all the types of vitamins essential for your dog and is delicious as well.

Also, make sure your dog doesn’t overeat rice.

Rice is great for Speedy Recoveries of your dog

If you blend rice with the normal diet of your dog, you can nurse your sick puppy back to good health. Rice and boiled chicken can cause a calming effect on the stomach. If your dog is sick, you can feed him with white rice as they are lighter.

Which colour of Rice is better for your dog to eat?

You want to make sure that your dog and you eat the best stuff and stay miles away from low-quality food. Isn’t it?

Brown and wild rice are good for your dog as brown rice contains lots of good fibres and minerals and white rice can have a negative effect on the blood sugar levels of your dog.

Should you Feed your Dog with Rice?

  • You can feed some rice to your dog, but make sure you do not do this regularly.
  • Use brown rice instead of white rice
  • Rice is great for a sick puppy.
  • Use Premium quality rice for your dog.

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can you feed rice to your dog?


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