Can you Leave your Yorkie alone at Home?

Can you Leave your Yorkie alone at Home?

All of us are busy in life and it gets very difficult to dedicate all your time to your dog. Isn’t it?

Many of us can have a day job or a business which we need to look after. If you have a Yorkshire terrier dog at your home, you might have some questions like “What will happen to my dog when I am on my job outside?”, “How long can I leave my Yorkie home alone?“, or “Can my Yorkie stay at home without me?“.

This is a pretty important issue of maintaining a balance between your work life and then dedicating enough time to your dog as well.

In this article, I will discuss in detail the Temperament of Yorkshire terriers on being left alone at home and what can you do to maintain a balance in life. I will also share my personal story and experience.

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How long are Yorkies known to stay Home Alone?

Yorkshire Terriers are known to get easily depressed and suffer from separation anxiety if left alone at home for long periods of time.

If I discuss the time period in detail, it will depend on various factors such as age and how the dog is raised. If you have a Yorkie puppy (0-15 months), they can stay for around 2.5-3.5 hours a day. While, If you have a Yorkie adult, they can stay at home for around 4-7 hours a day.

This is a very general idea and it can change if you can dedicate some time to training your dog for Separation Anxiety. It gets very important that you are ready for this and start training and socialization early in your Yorkie’s life.

It will be a challenging task if you have long working hours or have night-shifts at work. But the best thing is that your dog can learn to stay at home alone with time. You just gotta be patient.

If you leave your Yorkshire terrier alone for a long period of time, they can start excessive barking, scratching furniture and walls or leave their drool all over the home.

My day job shift is of 8-9 hours…What if I leave my Yorkie Home Alone for 8 Hours or more?

can you leave yorkie home alone more than 8 hours

If you leave your Yorkie home alone for more than 8 hours on a regular basis consistently, he can develop certain behavioral problems like excessive barking, anxiety, stress, scratching furniture, depression, and jumping.

Some dogs have even jumped out of the window and have got lost when they were suffering from separation anxiety.

Your Yorkie can get stressed, depressed and anxious. Yorkshire Terriers are more prone to get depression than anything else from Separation anxiety. These are some of the changes you may observe in a depressed Yorkie:

  1. A depressed dog may sleep for more than 8-10 hours a day. If your Yorkie even sleeps after you return back home, there are high chances that he may be depressed.
  2. A depressed dog will eat really less or may not eat at all. If you notice that your dog’s appetite has gone down quite a lot, there are high chances that he may be depressed. Though, you can try to feed him his favorite treats or food item to recheck.
  3. A depressed dog will lose a lot of weight due to loss of appetite.
  4. Lastly and quite obviously, there would be hardly any energy left in a depressed dog to play or go for walks outside.

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What to do if you will have to leave your Yorkie Home Alone?

I know that feeling. You have no other option but to leave your Yorkie home alone. You have a job and you need to be realistic.

Don’t worry as I have won’t tell you to give your Yorkie to any rescue center or something. Here are some points to implement for you:

  1. You can use the services of Pet Daycare centers near you. Please ensure that they are a reputed one near your location and not someone who had any poor record in the past.
  2. You can buy some toys that are interactive and will entertain your dog. Yes, I know that it’s a bit difficult to keep any dog occupied for 8 hours but at least you can get something. Furbo is a great treat dispensing dog toy that even I have personally used and I JUST LOVED that. It is enabled with a Full HD Camera which helps you monitor your dog’s activity. The best thing is that it tosses a treat to your dog when you want it to using the free IOS/Android app.
  3. For your peace of mind and your dog’s safety, You should also get a Tractive Dog GPS Tracker.
  4. I personally used this toy as well in the past and my dog used to love this.

What Shall you do before leaving your Yorkie alone?

Well, one thing that is in your advantage is that you know that you need to leave your Yorkie alone at home. So you can prepare for it in advance. But how?

What I do is go for a long morning walk with my Yorkshire terrier for about 20-30 minutes. I make sure that he is fresh and he is done with his potty business.

If I have some more time in the morning, I also play Frisbee or Go and Fetch with my dog for about 30 minutes as well.

This ensures that he gets tired and doesn’t have a lot of energy left to cause destruction in the house. Also, if he is done with peeing and pooping, he cannot do that in the house. (Remember, in anxiety, even a well house-trained dog will forget his manners and what he has been taught)

What else can I do when I am at Work?

I can very well relate with that guilt feeling that you might be having when you go to work leaving your Yorkie alone at home. Don’t worry as I can help you reduce this stress and guilt-feeling.

Here are some of the steps you can Implement:

Dog Day Care Centers

If you well-socialized your Yorkie in his puppyhood, he will be comfortable with staying around other dogs and people. Though, in the beginning, he will miss you a lot and behave weirdly, just like a small child behaves when he goes to primary school the first time.

Your dog will get to play games and perform day-to-day activities which will make him fun to be with. He will also be a lot strong and independent.

Keeping in a Spacious Crate 

While many of you consider this as a bad move, keeping your Yorkie in a spacious crate while you are out can at least save your furniture and other belongings from getting damaged.

This is definitely not a long term solution but it can buy you some time till the time you manage to train your dog to tackle anxiety and loneliness.

I have personally used Midwest ICrate and I would recommend you to use as well.

A crate definitely provides safety and security to a dog and can save your dog from harming himself as well. I wouldn’t recommend locking your Yorkie inside a crate for more than 8 hours consistently for more than 30-40 days. So try and get some results with training in less than that timeframe.

Get a Dog Camera

You can get a camera with a high-quality video footage and audio quality so that your dog can listen and watch you and you can do the same as well. It will allow you to talk to your pet dog and this can reduce his stress and anxiety level.

Like I said, I have tried Furbo and found it to be the best out there. It is a little expensive but it’s worth every penny and you will get to know once you get it and use it.

Accompany another pet dog

If a dog that is less prone to separation anxiety like a Golden Retriever or Labrador accompanies your Yorkie while he’s alone, this can improve his situation.

Both these dogs can enjoy each other’s company and can share anxiety and stress. But if you get a Golden retriever (or any other large breed dog) from a rescue center, there are chances that your Yorkie and the large breed dog may not get along well.

Normally, two dogs belonging to different breeds get along better if they both were brought up together since puppyhood.

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How Can I train my Yorkie to stay Home Alone?

I personally feel that it is really important to make your dog strong and independent. You cannot be with him all the time and training him to fight against anxiety is necessary.

By training him, you not only reduce the level of anxiety and nervousness in your Yorkshire Terrier but also reduce the destructive behavior that a Yorkie show when he’s alone.

You can train them up to a level where they no longer panic and feel that it’s a daily routine and get normal to it. Here are some things you can do:

Ignore your Yorkie

Start packing your bag or purse and start wearing shoes. You just got to show your dog that you are leaving. Go towards the house door.

Most probably, your Yorkie will try and stop you. Just ignore him and close the door. Implement this step 3-4 times a day. The goal of this is to make him used to the fact that his owner leaves the home often.

Does your Yorkie jump or get happy after your return and you start rubbing his coat and loving him? Sorry dear, but you gotta stop this.

You gotta act normal like the return is normal and not a special occasion. Command him to go to his place and when you feel that he has settled down, you can pet him, love him and can also offer the treats if he has displayed the desired behavior. Wait for 20-30 minutes for your Yorkie to calm and settle down.

Use Brain Training For Dogs

90% of Dog owners train their dog using physical activities and forget about the mental health and well-being of their pet dog.

Mental stimulation is very important for your dog and it helps develop your dog’s brain cells as well. Do you want your Yorkie to be 10-20 times Smarter, Intelligent and Obedient of what he is right now?

Brain Training For Dogs develop’s your Dog’s Hidden Intelligence and Eliminates any bad behavior using Interactive brain games which makes your dog think and grow his brain cells. You can get to know how this changed the destructive behavior of my friend’s pet dog Heidi. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so definitely try this out.

Tire out your dog in the morning 

Just like I mentioned above, go for morning walks and arrange play sessions in the morning before leaving. This depends on your work shifts and may force you to wake up earlier.

But many of the dog owners have a habit of waking up early and it’s also a healthy habit to follow.

You can also tire out your dog by teaching him obedience training commands in the morning. These commands are necessary for you to teach in the long run as you would like to have a well-behaved and obedient dog, isn’t it?

Grab the Free Obedience Course and get to know how you can train your Yorkie without Spending hours in Training with less amount of work.

Remove the Significance of Cues

A lot of times a Yorkshire terrier develops a state of anxiety when he observes the owner packing wearing shoes or wearing a jacket. These are ‘cues’ that your dog senses and comes to the conclusion that the owner is about to leave.

Our goal here is to show the dog that these ‘cues’ doesn’t necessarily mean that the owner is leaving or about to leave.

Pick a day when you have an off and start wearing shoes and have car keys in your hand. Show to your dog that you are about to leave and just when he is following you to stop you, go to your room and start cleaning your wardrobe or start cooking something in the kitchen.

What I mean is just carry on with your normal routine on a holiday afterward.

Give Step 1 (Ignore your Dog) a try before trying this step as anything you do will take some time to show positive results. So be Patient and Consistent.

Do tell me which one worked the best for you in the comments section 🙂

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