Husky vs Akita [Which is Best for You?]

Husky vs Akita detailed comparison

Hey! I am Daniela and I am a certified professional dog trainer and in this article, I am gonna help anyone who is looking to get or adopt a new pet dog and are confused whether to go for an Akita dog or a Husky dog. There’s a general conception that both Huskies and Akitas … Read moreHusky vs Akita [Which is Best for You?]

Most Common Questions About Pit Bulls

Most common questions about Pitbulls

A lot of people and even many dog parents misunderstand Pit Bulls. They have a common perception in their mind about Pit Bull terriers. Some of them fear this breed while some of them consider them too aggressive and hyperactive. Over the years, Pit Bulls have been perceived by the media and public as dangerous … Read moreMost Common Questions About Pit Bulls