Are Chihuahuas good with Cats?

Are Chihuahuas good with Cats?

When you get pets at your home, it is quite obvious on your part to become worried whether or not your pet will be comfortable with some other animal.

Yeah, that’s quite normal and there’s nothing much to worry about it. Are you planning to keep chihuahua with cats and wondering if they would become good friends?

When you have got the smallest toy dog breed and you then want to keep a cat along with that will weigh almost thrice than that of the dog, you are sure to have the stress about whether or not both of them can live under the same roof. That’s not worrying out of the box though!

Well, the chihuahua is indeed very good with cats and they tend to be really well-behaved with each other. They make good peer with cats and tend to protective about each other as well. Often, they become best friends too!

However, who among the both would be protective depends relatively on the fact that one of them is older to the other. The household will be peaceful and harmonious at times and the two would surely enjoy happy times together!

Testing their compatibility

Although both the dogs and the cats have a tendency to mark their territory and that’s obvious too! However, the best way to determine this is by conducting a test of tolerance.

Let both the animals interact with each other and see how things are built up. It may happen that they are compatible enough such that if the dog starts a fight, the cat being older to it, settles the mess and vice versa.

Well, all of these things actually depend on the temperament of either of them and there’s no strict rule behind it.

The first time I decided to keep a Chihuahua along with my cat, I did conduct this test, and the two are now bosom friends to each other!

Do cats have any harm from your chihuahua and vice versa?

Well, just as two humans together beneath the same roof can have troubles, in the same way, a chihuahua can have issues with your cat and vice versa.

There’s nothing to worry much though!

All you need is to settle the issue and give proper training to the two! You should not rage the issue anyway but rather focus on giving equal opportunities and solve the situation in case they have got a disagreement over the matter.

However, when we talk of harming each other, that may come from either side. A cat has got sharp claws and it tends to attack the chihuahua from the top.

Thus, there is a scope for injury too. Therefore, it is always ideal to bring the animal that you originally would keep at your home at the time of testing the compatibility of the two!

So what to do? Dedicate some time in Training your Chihuahua to be calm and to live in harmony with your cat. I have a Free Obedience Course which would definitely help it out more.

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How to know that you should include a cat and a chihuahua into your family?

When we have both a chihuahua and a cat at your home, the worst thing that would ever happen is that you would see both of them ignoring each other terribly.

However, if you find that they are good enough with each other, you can consider adding them to your family.

You may find that at times, both of them will sleep together, chase each other, play together, and may sit at the doorstep to guard your home.

Signs to know that they aren’t comfortable together

When you bring a cat and a chihuahua in front of each other, they would either be two good friends and live together happily or snatch things away from each other.

In either of the cases, you ought to test their tolerability before deciding to bring the other one to your home.

Anyway, before any physical confrontation takes place, they are sure to exhibit warning signals, and only then, you can decide whether the two are good enough to be together or not!

  • When you see either of them staring at the other, make sure that you should keep the leash for a short span of time. Such a situation calls for a ‘spring into action’ scenario.
  • In case you see any one of them is quiet and getting itself ready, chances are there that there would be a fight very soon.

Safety Precautions to keep a Chihuahua with a cat 

Consider feeding them separately. Although there’s no harm if your dog eats up your cat’s food, and vice versa, doing so in a long term may do some harm.

The same goes for droppings too! Make sure that none of them are eating the other one’s feces. Give equal attention to both of them. Take care that none of them feels neglected.

If your dog is eating feces, there are many ways to stop him from eating it.


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