Who is a Chocolate Yorkie? Should you ever get a Chocolate Yorkie?

Who is a Chocolate Yorkie? Should you ever get a Chocolate Yorkie?

Chocolate Yorkies, as the name suggests, possess a brown or chocolate color coat. They are rarer when compared to Yorkies that possess standard colors but not as rare as many people think. Chocolate Yorkies get their brown color from recessive B allele genes in their body cells. 


American Kennel Club recognizes only four colors for purebred Yorkies: blue, black, tan, and gold. However, there are Yorkies that have non-standard colors as well. Among those non-standard colors, there is a variety popularly called Chocolate Yorkies.

What exactly are Chocolate Yorkies?

Yorkies with an entirely brown coat are commonly called Chocolate Yorkies. Their colors can vary from light brown to tan bronze color.

Chocolate Yorkies can be further divided into Red Yorkies, Tan Yorkies, and Red-legged Yorkies depending on the shade of that brown coat color that they possess.

When comparing Yorkshire Terriers to Chocolate Yorkies, there is no other difference other than the color. Other Factors such as health, behavior, lifespan, diet, size, or training are the same.

Chocolate Yorkies get their brown color due to recessive b allele genes in their cells. These genes are inherited by modern Yorkies from their ancestors who were bred with dog breeds having a brown color. A Chocolate Yorkie is born with a brown color coat itself.


Are Chocolate Yorkies Purebred? 

are chocolate yorkies purebred

Yes, Chocolate Yorkies can be purebred. There can be that both the Yorkie parents had recessive genes which gave birth to a Chocolate Yorkie.

However, there are unfaithful and unethical breeders as well who cross-breed a Yorkie with another dog with a brown coat and produce Chocolate Yorkies. Therefore, you need to be sure about the breeder from whom you are buying a Yorkie.

There are various rumors as well among the dog owners about what happened in the history due to which some Yorkies got their brown color. However, there is no proof for it.

As per AKC, Chocolate Yorkies are recognized as Purebred but under some conditions.

What is the Genetics of Chocolate Yorkies? 

Only two pigments decide the color of all Yorkshire Terriers. These two pigments are phaeomelanin (red) and eumelanin (black). These two pigments are responsible for a wide variety of coat colors of Yorkies.

The hair follicles in a Yorkie’s coat contain cells called melanocytes and these cells keep adding melanin to the hair as the hair grows which makes hair darker. More melanin in hair, darker the color.

Sometimes, this melanin is unevenly distributed on the hair and the tip of the hair receives more melanin, which makes it darker than the rest of the hair.

Are Chocolate Yorkies as Healthy as Yorkies? 

are chocolate yorkies healthy

Yes, Chocolate Yorkies are completely healthy just like Yorkshire Terriers. They just have differences in their coat color. Even their Lifespan is the same as that of a Yorkie.

However, there are unethical breeders out there in the market who breed chocolate Yorkies specifically prioritizing color over health. This results in puppies having various defects and diseases.

Just in the case of Teacup Yorkies, there are breeders who breed specifically prioritizing size over health and that is very dangerous. You must always stay far away from these breeders.

When you go out to buy a Chocolate Yorkie, ask as many questions as you can from the breeder. Get a health guarantee and various health and lab reports from the breeder. Also, make sure the puppy is vaccinated properly. Ask for testimonials from that breeder’s past buyers.

If you are interested in buying a Chocolate Yorkie, check out this guide on how to look out for the best breeder.

Are Chocolate Yorkies recognized by the AKC? 

Yes, the American Kennel Club recognizes Chocolate Yorkies. If you want to register your Chocolate Yorkie under AKC, you can register your puppy as a Liver Yorkie or a Liver and Tan Yorkie.

AKC considers Liver Yorkies belonging to non-standard Yorkie colors, therefore they are not allowed to take part in dog shows and competitions. This means that your Chocolate Yorkie cannot be allowed into dog shows and competitions.

If you want a puppy that can take part in dog shows, you should get a Yorkie instead of a Chocolate variant. But if you just want a pet companion inside your home, Chocolate Yorkie is a great choice for you.

What’s the price of a Chocolate Yorkie puppy? 

The cost of a Chocolate Yorkie is between 1500$ to 7000$. Yes, the price of Chocolate Yorkie is higher than Yorkies as they are rarer.

However, some breeders breed them specifically for their coat color and this can really damage their health in the future. So, you must be aware of these breeders and never buy any puppy from them, leave aside Chocolate Yorkies.

If you want to buy a Chocolate Yorkie, check them at the reputable Yorkshire Terriers breeders who breed standard Yorkies and get a Chocolate Yorkie in some of their litter.

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