How to Properly Clean a Yorkie’s Ears – A to Z Complete Guide

How to Properly Clean a Yorkie’s Ears – A to Z Complete Guide

Yorkies, of course, are adorable and cute, but standing at the top of the row in the list of Top 10 Dog Breeds in America, it is important to understand that they might need some extra care too!

Well, if you have had this cute pet with you at your place, you would need to understand that these outgoing dogs do need a lot of extra love and care, and you will have to ensure its availability in that case!

While they look so good, their long hair is really difficult to groom and manage. Ensure that your Yorkie’s ears are clean, else it may lead to different infections which would get difficult to bear!

If you wish to learn how to clean your Yorkie’s ears at home without reading the article, You can watch this video as well.

How to Clean a Yorkie’s Ears?

In case you have thought of grooming your dog for the first time, note that the ears are very critical parts of a pup’s body, and it can become really difficult for you to deal with, particularly if you are not a ‘pro!’

In fact, if you are lucky enough to get a compliant dog and you have had prior experience in handling it, you might still need to work through the steps, which in turn, might require up to 1 hour as well.

As a Grooming and Training expert, I would better suggest you watch a few tutorials prior to the initiation of the process in case you have never done it.

Remove the Excess accumulations from your dog’s eyes and ears

It is essential to remove the excess accumulations from your Yorkie’s ears and eyes. You should remove the excess materials along the side of its tear ducts.

Make sure that you are trimming its hair around those eyes with extra care as these pups tend to be extra sensitive at those places. The only purpose of doing so is to ensure that your pup is having a clear vision, and the hair is not causing any irritation to your dog’s eyes.

Also, start cleaning the exterior of the year at first, and once done, you can gradually move on to removing the dirt or cerumen from the interior portion of its ear with a soft touch. Make sure that you aren’t pricking the inside route of your dog’s ears.

Inspect the Yorkie’s Ears properly

You ought to inspect your Yorkie’s ears at first. Doing this will make you familiar with its ears, and eventually, it will become easier for you to spot any sign of abnormality or infection or ear mites right at the first go!

In case you ever find any kind of unusual discharge, abrupt odor, excess wax, or any sign of inflammation, do consult a vet at the earliest without any delay.

Use a Pet-friendly Ear Cleaning solution

In order to ensure that the wax inside your dog’s ear hasn’t turned into a “solid” difficult to extract, prefer using an ear cleaning solution. Gather some essential supplies such as cotton balls and a pet-friendly solution which you will apply on the cotton ball that will help you do the job at ease.

Find a Good position that works both for you and your Yorkie

Now that you have been keeping the Yorkie, you must know how bossy they are at home, though they do not appear to be like!

Therefore, before you start cleaning your dog’s ears, better find a position that would work both for you and your dog. In order to make the cleaning process go smooth, choose to find a comfortable position for both of you to start with!

Also, you may position your dog at one of the corners of your house and then sit at its front. Do all that’s required to ensure that your dog isn’t leaving in the middle of the procedure.

Start with One Ear at a time!

Just hold the ear flap of your dog, also, regarded as the “ear pinna” with one of your hands, and then move the solution-soaked cotton ball in a firm, yet gentle motion.

If required, take some additional cotton ball and solution too, and continue with the process until and unless you see that the ear is completely clean and the cotton ball has discolored completely. Repeat the process with the other ear too!

Reward your Yorkie

Know that your dog has gone through a lot, and none of them were pleasant at all. So, when you know that your Yorkie has been patient enough to bear with all of it, give it a reward. Some love, affection, or maybe a tasty treat will serve the purpose.

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How to Clean a Yorkie’s ear canals?

clean a yorkie's ear canals

Cleaning the ear canals becomes even more critical when you see an infection or mites inside your dog’s ears. However, it is not usually advisable to carry out this procedure without consulting a vet.

Prepare the supplies

It is extremely important to have all the supplies ready, and then find a suitable place where you can start off with the process. You can rather prefer to keep a towel close to your hand, as well as, the ear solution ready!

Make the Ear ready

Stretch the ear flap or the pinna with one of your hands in a way that you get exposure to the ear canal. In case your Yorkie has got long hairs, put them away to ensure that your accessibility isn’t blocked by any chance.

Now, while ensuring the fact that the nozzle of the solution bottle isn’t hurting your Yorkie’s ears, fill it up with as much solution as you can. It’s okay even if some bit of it is pouring out!

Massage the Base of the Ear

While you are holding the ear flap upright, slowly massage the base in order to agitate the ear canal.

Doing so will ensure that the solution is going into the smaller nooks as well. Continue this whole process for at least 30 seconds, and the fluid will break away the debris if any!

Clear the solution and the wax too!

Your dog might want to shake its head, and that’s fine. You might find that the solution is oozing out naturally, and that’s indeed the best thing ever!

You will see all the debris coming out of the ear canal. Once done, your next job would be to remove all the excess wax and dirt, and wipe the pinna off with a clean and soft towel.

Reward your Yorkie pup

It’s time for you to give some positive feedback to your pup, and serve it with a tasty treat!


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How often should you clean your Yorkie’s ears?

Access your Yorkie’s ears at least once a month to see if it needs cleaning. Dogs that are more prone to wax buildup, or maybe the ones that get wet often will need frequent cleaning over the others.

Things to consider when cleaning:

  • Prefer using a pet-friendly cleaning solution
  • Position yourself as well as your pup comfortably to ensure that you both remain seated till the end of the procedure
  • Change the cotton ball once you notice the discoloration to it.
  • Pull out the excess wax, but not too firmly, with a soft touch
  • Reward your pup once it’s done to assure positive reinforcement.

How to Determine that it’s time to clean your Yorkie’s Ears?

time to clean yorkie ears

Try to see through your Yorkie’s ears once in a while to note if there is actually any wax buildup. If not, let it be! Although there’s no specific schedule, try to understand through your pup’s actions.

If you see it shaking its head too often, or maybe scratching its ears, it could be because of the fact that there’s something bothering it over and over again.

Never do this when cleaning your Yorkie’s ears:

  • Do not put anything deep inside your dog’s ear canal. This may cause damage too!
  • Avoid using Q-tips and other pointed elements as you may end up shoving it accidentally into its ears.
  • Stop the process immediately if you find your dog’s ears turn red and swollen. Do not add to its pain, but rather call up the vet instantly.
  • Do not try cleaning too often. Fix it only when you need it! Trying to prick it so frequently will do more harm than good.
  • Do not push it if you find your dog is in pain.


Additional Tips for your Dog’s Grooming – Cleaning activities

Start Brushing your Yorkie

Start by giving a gentle brush to your Yorkie. Note that it would be near too impossible for you to manage its hair while it’s wet, so better do it prior to giving it a shower.

To be even more specific, start brushing the hair from the head and then gradually moving towards the neck. Next, move towards the body, the chest, the legs, and the tail. Keep brushing the hair till the time your pup appears to have smooth and straight hair.

Bath your dog

Put your Yorkie inside a tub, sink, or a basin-like structure that would be pre-filled with warm water rather than taking it below the shower. At first, pour out some shampoo into your hands, and then start putting it slowly and gradually onto your dog from the neck area to the back.

Here are the 7 Best Shampoos for your Yorkie dog.

Make sure that you aren’t putting the shampoo on the dog directly. Also, prefer using shampoos that are designed specifically for dogs instead of applying the ones meant for the humans as they tend to come with a higher pH level.

While rinsing your pup’s body, make sure that you continue doing it appropriately till the time you see no bubbles present on the body. Once it is done, dry your pup gently with the help of a towel, and then dry it with the help of a hairdryer.

Learn how often shall you bathe your Yorkie.

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