Most Common Questions About Pit Bulls

Most Common Questions About Pit Bulls

A lot of people and even many dog parents misunderstand Pit Bulls. They have a common perception in their mind about Pit Bull terriers. Some of them fear this breed while some of them consider them too aggressive and hyperactive. Over the years, Pit Bulls have been perceived by the media and public as dangerous and over-aggressive dogs.

Before I begin with addressing the Most Common Questions and Myths about “Pit Bulls”, I would like to state that there is no such breed as a ‘pitbull’ and most people are referring to American Pit Bull Terrier when commonly speak this term.

What are the Most Common Questions and Myths asked about Pit Bulls

common questions and answers about pit bulls


Why Do Pitbulls Attack People?

If you read a little about Pitbulls history, they were used for the U.S army during World War 1 and have been used for bear-baiting for hundreds of years. Bear-baiting is a blood sport in which a dog is thrown in the fighting area to fight with a bear while the people used to enjoy that fight. This was in the 1800s.

A little variation of that blood sport, Hog-baiting still exists illegally in the United States which also uses Pit Bulls.

When you have ancestors who had been thrown to fight these strong and huge bears, there is no surprise that the current generation of American bull terriers is so aggressive and always looking to guard themselves.

In the 1900s, this breed was used to guard crops and shops and was agility trained as well by some. That’s why Pit bulls attack people whenever they feel threatened or when they encounter something more aggressive than them.

Why is Pit Bull’s Bite so Lethal?

A fact that we all need to consider here is that while the other dogs growl and bark at someone to show their aggression and to warn them of a Physical attack and violence, Pitbulls are completely different. They show no signs of warning and growling before they attack at anything or anyone. But, this is just one of the reasons behind pitbull’s bite being so lethal.

Pitbull’s have greater Jaw pressures than most of the other breeds and their Jaw pressure can reach up to 1700-1800 pounds per square inch. This is not it. Unlike other breeds who tend to bite just once and then stop attacking, Pitbulls take multiple bites so cause maximum damage to their enemy. This is something they might have developed from their ancestors who used to bite maximum times to cause more damage to the beers whom they used to fight.

Can Pitbulls be Trained to Stay Calm?

Absolutely Yes. Though they might need more of your hard work and patience to accomplish this as compared to other breeds, yes, Pitbulls can be taught to stay calm. But How? Here are some of the articles you should consider to calm them down.

How to Calm Down a Hyperactive Pitbull

How to Calm Down My dog when People are around

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Do Pit Bulls Have Locking Jaws?

do pitbulls have locking jaws


No, Pitbulls don’t have locking jaws. The jaws of a pitbull function the same way as jaws of any other breed and this has been proven by experts as well. There is absolutely no evidence of any kind of ‘locking mechanism’ in the structure of the jaws of an American Pitbull Terrier.

When Do The Pitbulls Stop Growing? 

Pitbulls take around 2 years to grow to their full potential. Upon full growth, Female Pitbulls weigh between 28 to 52 pounds and have a height of 16 to 20 inches. Whereas the Male counterparts can weigh up to 60-65 pounds and are 18 to 22 inches tall. Adult dogs that do not fall under these weight and height brackets are also healthy if your veterinary approves of it

Pitbulls are a strong and active breed of dogs. They have a very muscular body structure which makes them look even more dangerous. If you want them to grow well, it’s important to focus on their exercise and diet in their puppyhood.

Why are Pit Bulls Mean, Dangerous or Vicious?


Why are PitBulls dangerous?


Before you get the answer to this question. Do you think Pit Bulls are naturally mean, dangerous or vicious? I think they are not. Most of the people who raise this breed are either farmers who want to protect their crops from other animals or they are raised by someone who intentionally raises these dogs to act in this way to guard something.

It is ILLEGAL to raise a dog to guard drug houses, to attack people or fight other dogs, but it is still being done and a breed which is most affected by these things is American Pitbull Terriers. It is really important to socialize Pitbulls in their puppyhood and make them interact with other dogs and strangers as well.

If you raise a Pitbull in the same way you will raise a Golden Retriever or Labrador, you will most likely get a loyal and loving Pitbull dog.

Do Pitbulls and Labradors Fight a Lot?

If the dogs belonging to both the breeds have been raised properly with adequate social exposure, they will most likely get along. If they don’t, either of the two dogs will be the source of aggression or fight. There are many cases where Pitbulls get along nicely with other breeds.

What I can recommend you is to get a pitbull puppy if you want to adopt, so that you can socialize him and raise him with love instead of teaching him to harm others.


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Do Pitbulls Attack their own owners?

Pitbulls, like every other breed of dogs, are a highly loyal breed. It is very rare that they will attack their owners.

Are Pitbulls only good at Fighting?

Anciently, Pitbull dogs have been trained to fight and guard something. Hence, they have acquired this aggressive trait. Though, they can accomplish any task that their owners ask and train them to do just like fighting and guarding.

Pitbulls are used by Police and Army for Search and Rescue work, Agility Training and Obedience Training. But Pitbulls are smartest when a trainer learns to train their mind and make them 10 times Smarter and Intelligent. The Fastest way to enhance the power of their Brain and Unleash the Hidden Intelligence in Pitbulls is to Use Brain Training for Dogs.

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When Do Pitbulls lose all their Teeth?


when do pitbulls lose their teeth


Pitbulls lose teeth at various ages. Most of the dogs start to lose teeth when they are around 3-4 months old and are done with it when they are 8 months old. Though some pitbull dogs can lose all their teeth by 6-7 months if they chew bones regularly.

How Often Do Pitbulls Breed?

Pit bulls usually can breed after they are 9 months old. But if you want to breed your pitbull, I would recommend you to breed them after they are more than 2 years old.

Do Pit Bulls Shed?

Pit bulls shed a very small amount of hair. So, if you are a person who doesn’t want hair to be found all over your house, Pit bulls are for you. With regular brushing once a month, you will not notice any shedding.

Why do Pit Bulls Attack people and snap

It is a very rare situation that a Pitbull will attack people and snap. If he does, it’s because he is not raised properly and socialized well. Socializing properly refers to taking your dog for walks twice every day, letting him interact with other dogs and strangers, training him yourself or by someone else for basic obedience commands. All these activities should be done when your pitbull dog is a puppy.

Why Do Pitbulls have a Bad Rap?

Pitbulls have a bad rap due to stereotyping, a common assumption among the masses and their ancient history. Most of the attacks are not committed by American Pitbull Terrier but the Mix Breeds. They are not exactly ‘Pitbulls’.

Also, a lot of dog owners only use this breed for guarding and other practices which includes violence and harm. Media exaggerates incidents of PitBull attacks and portrays this breed as modern monsters. Most of the time, these attacks are not even committed by Pitbulls but the mix breeds.


I Really Hope you must have liked this article on “Most Common Questions and Myths about Pitbulls“. Pitbulls when treated like any other breed of dog, will behave like any other dog of any other breed. Be sure to share this post and comment below if you have any questions.

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