How to Quickly Crate Train a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

How to Quickly Crate Train a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular Dog breeds in the United States and was also awarded the most attractive and Stylish dog breed of 2022. Yorkies are small and weigh around 3 to 8 pounds when they reach adulthood. Though Yorkies are smaller in size, they have a temperament like larger dogs.

He is one of the best dog breeds to live in apartments and is very devoted to his owners. Yorkies have a long silky coat and are one of the most glamorous dog breeds in the world.

Yorkshire Terrier is a big dog with a small body, who is always looking for adventure and mischief. It’s sometimes difficult to guess when they will stop growing.

Yorkies have a tendency of destroying household items when they are disturbed or when they are suffering from Separation Anxiety.

This is why It is really important to Crate Train your Yorkie Puppy and make him sit inside the Crate, especially during the nighttime.

However, Crates should only be used for temporary situations. If you Crate Train your Yorkie to sleep inside the crate at night, he will have a safe and secure place to sleep and you can also sleep comfortably, knowing the fact that your Yorkie won’t destroy anything in the house.

In case he cries inside the crate at night, you can use these tips.

Crate Training is most valuable when you have to leave your Yorkie puppy alone inside the house for some hours or even days. Your dog can develop a tendency of destroying certain precious household items.

Crate Training helps to keep your Yorkie puppy calm and composed inside the crate, at the same time ensuring he and other household items are safe as well.


Things to Keep in Mind Before you Start Crate Training your Yorkie 


yorkie crate training


The primary goal here is to make your dog sleep calmly and comfortably inside the crate at night-time and when you are busy with household work or are out of the house during the daytime. Crate Training is very useful for you if you work outside full-time or part-time.

When you are starting out on Crate Training your Yorkshire Terrier,  you will need to take care of the fact that your puppy needs to pee and poop outside the crate as he cannot hold it for long enough when he’s young.

Make your Crate Training routine with Positive reinforcements and full of Rewarding treats. Also, make sure to set up comfortable bedding with your Yorkie’s Favorite toys inside the crate to keep your dog comfortable, secure, and entertained.

First of all, it’s important to make your Yorkie puppy sit inside the crate when he can see you sitting outside and feel safe and secure. Keep your dog’s favorite tasty treats inside your pocket. That’s what is going to keep him motivated to follow your commands.

You can also learn to train your dog without using treats, But I would recommend using treats, especially as a first-time trainer or owner.

Yorkshire Terriers are incredibly Intelligent, so they will understand the commands that you are trying to teach them. But, they are bold and courageous as well which can be a challenge for you.

Your Yorkie will never grow too big, So a decent size Crate will suffice for this Training. Here’s a list of the 6 Best Crates for Yorkshire Terriers.

Here are Three Methods to Crate Train your Yorkie puppy. 


Method 1: Short Intervals Method 

  1. When you are busy with household work or something else, Place your Yorkie in the crate for 15-20 minutes with a Chew toy. If this is the first time he is entering the crate, make sure you take him outside the crate in at-most 20 minutes.
  2. After your Yorkie is done with his play-time and feeling sleepy, let him sleep in his crate with comfortable bedding, chew toys, and some of his favorite treats.
  3. When your Yorkie puppy has learned to sleep inside the crate, place him inside the crate at a time when you are busy with other household work. This is important to teach him that he needs to be in there (the crate) when his owner is busy with his work.
  4. When the Yorkie is young, make sure to give him proper potty breaks. Your dog cannot hold himself too long when he’s young and you cannot allow him to poo inside the crate. If you haven’t yet done Potty training your dog, Learn How to Potty Train your Yorkshire Terrier puppy in Just 14 days.
  5. Once your puppy has the ability to control his urge to poop and pee, you can place him in the crate and go shopping or parlor or something else outside and come back in around 2-3 hours. I won’t recommend leaving your dog alone for too long (5+ hours) when he’s still less than 5 months old.
  6. When your dog gets comfortable with sleeping and staying inside the crate for too long, start to place him in the crate at night-time with a treat and a toy. Also, make sure he goes to the potty before sleeping.
  7. The more you use the crate for your Yorkie puppy, the faster he will understand that his crate is like “his personal room” where he can sleep comfortably in a safe and secure environment.


Bonus Tip: Every time your Yorkie steps inside the crate peacefully without crying, reward him with a treat. Every time your dog steps outside the crate, reward him again for staying inside the crate for some time period. These treats motivate him to behave the same way and keep spending some time in the crate every day.

Your Dog can prove to be a challenge when you are Crate or potty training him at first. You may need to Put in a lot of effort and Hours in his training.

If you want to Train your dog with Crate Training and Potty Training without Spending Hundreds of Hours and Thousands of Dollars, You should check out Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer. Here is a review of that program by a Satisfied user.



testimonial of the online dog trainer


The second method is best for puppies who are reluctant and hesitant in going inside the crate. Here goes the second method


Method 2: Crate Training Method for Hesitant and Challenging Yorkie Puppies


  1.  Place the crate in a busy area in your house. That area can be your bedroom or living room where you and your dog visit a lot.
  2. Set up the crate with comfortable bedding, soft attractive toys, and your puppy’s favorite treats. This will lure your puppy to enter inside the crate.
  3. Open the crate’s door and throw more treats inside the crate. This will make your dog enter the crate to grab his favorite treats.
  4. Now, you need to make sure your dog spends some time inside the crate when he enters it. Hence, you can throw in more treats for him to eat or hold his chew toy and tell him to play with it inside the crate.
  5. When you see your dog is staying inside the crate and is busy napping or playing with the toy, leave him alone and let your dog choose to stay inside or come outside the crate.
  6. Start to close the crate door after 15-20 days of your dog getting comfortable with the crate environment. You need to make him understand that the crate door only opens but doesn’t close. Let him get used to an open crate for several days.
  7. Make sure that your dog is tired when you are closing the door for the first time. There are chances that your Yorkie puppy will whine the first few times when you close the door. If he’s tired, he will fall asleep in the comfortable bed that you had set up inside the crate.

Bonus Tip: Try not to leave him alone for a long time for the first few times when you close the door. Stay around the crate and keep some chew toys inside the crate as well.


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Method 3: Benefit from your Dog’s Napping


napping method to crate train a yorkie


  1. Place the crate at a place where you and your dog visit a lot, that is, any busy area. You want your Yorkie puppy to hear various sounds of the house while he’s napping.
  2. Your puppy is going to nap a lot in the first couple of months. But he will play as well. Play with your Yorkie puppy for 20-30 minutes and then wait for him to get tired and then fall asleep.
  3. After he is done with the playtime, take him for a potty break and then place him inside the crate with a comfortable bed, chew toy, and some tasty treats.
  4. Make sure to take your puppy to his potty spot after he is done playing. Your puppy is going to sleep a lot throughout the day, so it’s important to make use of that fact.
  5. Whenever you observe your Yorkie puppy sleeping somewhere else in the house, just pick him up and place him inside the crate. He may be too tired to move, but this habit of sleeping inside the crate will prove to be useful and beneficial for both him and you for the rest of his life.
  6. Open the door only when he awakes. As soon as he awakens, take him to his potty spot again.
  7. When your Yorkie starts to sleep inside the crate during the daytime, start making him sleep inside the crate during nighttime as well. Remember not to keep your dog inside the crate for too long (5+ hours)when he has not yet been potty trained. You should avoid unwanted accidents as much as you can.

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I hope you liked this detailed post on How to Crate Train your Yorkie and I assure you that if you stick to any of these 3 Methods to Crate train your Yorkie puppy, You will be successful.

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