Do Yorkies get along well in Pairs?

Do Yorkies get along well in Pairs?

Yorkies get along really well in Pairs. They enjoy each other’s company and befriend each other quite fast. Suppose, if you got two Yorkies and one of them is 2 years old and the other is 3 months old, the older Yorkie will be a role model figure to the younger one. 


Yorkshire Terriers are adorable breeds. They know how to grab attention in a room full of people.

Yorkies are people-friendly dogs, and this is why most people love to adopt this terrier breed. Some people are pet lovers, and they love to keep more than one pet in their home.

Keeping multiple pets at home seems fun, but it becomes difficult to nurture all of them under the same roof. Don’t worry! You are not the only one who’s wondering what could be the scenario if you keep two Yorkies together? Will they get along well? 


Do Yorkies get Along well in Pairs?

If the question is- Do Yorkies get along well in pairs? Then the simple answer is Yes. Yorkshire Terriers love to have company around. These hounds are adventurous and zealous, and they can’t afford to pass a chance to make a furry buddy and play with him all day long.


To close the doors to your overthinking, you need to consider if you are bringing in a new Yorkie one at a time or in pairs. If you adopt a new Yorkie, you should note the similarities between your new and the older Yorkie. 

If you are looking to adopt a new Yorkie, here’s a guide for you.

The more similarities they will have, the more they are likely to get along well. In this situation, we can say that opposites do not attract.

If your Yorkies have some differences in their temperament, then they will side-eye each other’s presence all the time. It will cause clashes and create a less hostile environment.

If in case your Yorkies don’t listen to your commands, here’s how to obedience train them.

What Happens When you Keep Two Yorkies Together?

There are questions regarding what if you keep two Yorkies together? Is it safe? These questions are valid when you are a Yorkie parent. And, you want everything easy for your Yorkshire Terriers.

When it comes to adopting two Yorkies at the same time, then the simple answer is Yes. However, it depends on your capacity to nurture both the Yorkies. 

Adopting two Yorkies isn’t a difficult task, but taking care of them is an exhausting job where you have to spend most of your hours on your Yorkie’s maintenance. If you are ready to hold the workload, you can keep two Yorkies.

However, Gender also plays a pivotal role here. I would suggest keeping two opposite genders together if you have the intention to breed your Yorkies.

If you bring in two male Yorkies, it will most likely create a turf between them. It will be because of dissimilarities, differences in personalities, or a show of dominance.

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Can Two Female Yorkies Do Well Together?

Partially Yes. Two female Yorkies can stay together only when one of them is house-trained. Generally, female Yorkies don’t get along well.

They are supposed to fight more than male Yorkies. To create a hostile environment, if you are planning to adopt a second female Yorkie, you should train your first Yorkie and let her be aware of the pointers she must notice while welcoming a new Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

Also, the best combination is when you adopt and nurture two female Yorkies together. It saves them time to know each other. Eventually, they find a friend in themselves and find a companion in each other. 


Why is Socialization Important?

Like Humans, Dogs are social animals too. They crave attention and always manage to grab their owner’s attention.

When we discuss Yorkshire Terriers, these canines are emotional bugs. They want their owner’s presence around them. They can be clingy and would avoid mingling with other furry members of your family if not socialized.

Socialization helps Yorkies to get to know other people around. Yorkie parents shouldn’t detach young Yorkies from their mothers before the 6-12 weeks of age.

Socialization brings a sense of belongingness to the outside world for Yorkies. They get to know how to, what to, and when to behave. It also helps them get along with other dogs in the neighborhood or inside the house with other dog breeds.


Do Yorkies Need Another Yorkie Friend?


Honestly, No. Yorkies do not need another Yorkie or dog friend to fill their social void.

However, Yorkies are social creatures, and they love to be around people. It would be of no shock if you see your Yorkie glued to you all the time.

Yorkies do not need a companion if they have their owner’s emotional support. However, it isn’t disadvantageous to have a friend because it helps beginner Yorkies to be more skilled and learn the basics in a short period. Learn and Play.

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What Happens When You Adopt a Different Breed?

Yorkshire Terriers are adorable breeds of the terrier family. They are people-friendly dogs, and their charming personality is all they spread wherever they go.

Yorkies are welcoming when it comes to a new breed. They don’t judge based on their size or temperament. Adopting a different breed won’t be an issue if you have a Yorkie at home.

However, large breeds generally don’t like to be around small dog breeds, like Yorkies. Sometimes, It depends upon breed to breed. Some dog breeds prefer playing with small breeds.

They love to take care of and protect them. So, if you are planning to adopt a different dog breed, don’t worry they will get along eventually.


Why pairing Yorkies isn’t a good idea?

Yorkies love attention and crave their owner’s presence. To find a new friend is fascinating for Yorkies. Both the Yorkies will talk in their dog language and spend most of their time together.

They will start ignoring you and only find you during their potty or feeding time. However, dog parents must create a bond with their newly adopted dogs after they cross their 12 weeks of age.

It is the time when your Yorkie smells you, senses your existence, and realizes you as his new friend in the human world.



Yorkshire Terrier is an adorable breed and is a perfect fit for a pet. But, it can get tricky when you decide to bring two Yorkies under the same roof. Adopting two Yorkies one at a time is a safe option.

You can also adopt two Yorkies of the opposite sex if you decide to breed your baby girl. You should ensure the first Yorkie is well trained and familiar with the housing basics.

Rest, you will have no complaints from your Yorkie if you and your Yorkie bond well.

If you have anything to share, feel free to type in your thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to give it a read.

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