Do Yorkshire Terriers Shed? How to Stop Shedding in Yorkies

Do Yorkshire Terriers Shed? How to Stop Shedding in Yorkies

Are you planning to bring a Yorkie to your home very soon? Well, if you are planning anything as such, you might as well ask it to yourself and to people around – “Do Yorkies shed?”

The answer to it is since Yorkies have a coat of hair and not fur, the shedding isn’t that severe. Unlike the other breeds, Yorkshire Terriers do not shed on a frequent basis but that doesn’t mean that they do not shed at all.

There is certainly no animal on this planet with hair or fur that does not shed. Just like we, the humans witness hair fall, in the same way, animals do the same!

Well, if you are still conscious about whether or not your Yorkie is going to shed, make yourself a promise! Before you actually bring that sweetheart to your home, ensure that you are going to take the right care of it.

Pamper it so much that you don’t have to worry about its excessive shedding. Just like our hair fall increases due to the lack of certain nutrients and minerals in our diet, pups too, suffer from shedding due to nutrient deficit in their body.

Do not let that happen and things will automatically fall into their places.

What makes Yorkshire Terriers shed?

Are you tired of seeing hair on the sofa, on the floor all around, or on the clothes? Well, shedding is absolutely a natural phenomenon for any dog wherein it gets rid of its old fur and gets on a new one!

Dogs usually shed twice in a year and the two seasons when they do so include the autumn and the spring season. It is an important part of their lifecycle since it prepares the dogs to get ready for the upcoming weather conditions.

Shedding is more like a process when these dogs go for dressing so as to ensure that they are fine with the weather or climate changes.

During the spring season, the pups usually shed off their old fur or hair and grow a light undercoat beneath. This prevents them from feeling too hot and at the same time, their skin remains protected.

On the other hand, when the autumn season is on, a thick undercoat is carried on the body of the animal so that it stays warm all throughout the season. This process continues according to the natural biorhythm of the pup. There’s nothing unusual about it!

If at all, your Yorkie sheds abnormally, make sure that it isn’t suffering from any health disorder. Yorkies shed in an abnormal rate only when it runs a deficit of certain vitamins and nutrients in its diet.

Feed it foods that will take care of its skin and fur. Here are some healthy human food items that you can feed to your Yorkshire Terrier. 

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Which Layer or Coat do Yorkies shed?

do yorkies shed

Dogs usually have three types of coat: undercoat, main coat, and tactile hair. Before we drive into the fact that what do these Yorkies shed, let’s talk about the primary function of each of these coats.

Yorkies do not actually own the ‘undercoat’ (an inner coat that is rather light and warm) which is responsible for maintaining the body temperature of the pup. On the other hand, the main coat is responsible for protecting the pup from dirt and parasites.

This is the layer that your Yorkies shed! Last but not least, there are tactile hairs which include the whiskers, the sensible sensors that allow your pup to move around!

Yorkies generally lack an undercoat and they tend to have a pH that is very similar to that of the human hair. Therefore, just as we lose the dead hairs of our heads, the Yorkies do the same!

The dead hairs of the Yorkies fall off and new and silky hair takes the place. As you keep brushing your hair each day, you will be able to separate the shed hair from your pup.

Common reasons for Yorkshire Terrier Shedding

Some common reasons for Yorkies shedding include malnutrition, hypothyroidism or hormonal imbalance, allergies, endocrine disease like Cushing’s disease (hyperadrenocorticism), or frequent bathing with low-quality cosmetics. Take all these factors into account to make sure that your pup remains healthy!

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Difference between Yorkie’s hair and fur of other breeds!

Dogs of other breeds which shed a lot generally have all three types of coats – undercoat, main coat, and tactile hair. With fur that is loose and dense, they tend to shed more than that of the Yorkies.

There’s a surprise element here! Do you know what do the particles that float in the air called? Yeah, the ones that give allergy attacks to quite a lot of people. It’s the “danders” – an amalgamation of skin cells and dust!

When dogs shed, it’s basically the ‘undercoat’ that falls off! Since Yorkies lack this undercoat, they tend to shed lesser than the other breeds until and unless they suffer from any kind of health issue.

Is it good to hide your Yorkie from the cold?

It’s rather a question of basic common sense. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to hide your pup from the weather consequences completely.

Since shedding is a natural phenomenon for pups and you must not intervene in a process that stands to be natural for them biologically, you shouldn’t keep your Yorkie from cold. Instead, you should let the cold weather trigger the ‘shedding’ or ‘coat alteration’ phenomenon in your pup.

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How Long does your Yorkie shed naturally?

It usually takes around two weeks for your Yorkie to shed hair naturally. That’s the duration of their intense shedding season.

However, this span of time may vary! There’s nothing certain about how long would your dog continue shedding, it depends basically on the size of your pup, its age, its adaptability, and the intensity of the weather changes.

How to Stop Yorkshire Terrier Shedding Completely?

how to minimize yorkie shedding

If you want your Yorkie to be in proper shape, you must maintain it on a regular basis. Take out at least ten minutes from your hectic schedule and defecate it to your pup’s grooming session.

Use a proper bubble-tipped pin brush and comb to maintain the long hair of your pup. It is essential to brush your Yorkie’s hair on a regular basis, only then you will be able to control its irrational hair fall.

However, if you are busy enough, it’s better if you cut short your Yorkie’s hair. This makes it easier for you to maintain your Yorkie’s hair.

Feeding your Yorkie with the right kind of food will eventually improve its health as well as ensure low hair fall. 

Ensure that your Yorkie gets a proper sleep during nighttime. This will help you analyze how long your Yorkie sleeps to how much he should be sleeping.

Let’s talk about the key areas where you need to pay attention and take steps if your Yorkshire Terrier sheds more than he or she should.

1.  Skin Health

If your Yorkie is suffering from skin infections like scratching, inflammation, and other issues, it could be due to allergies and parasites on your Yorkie’s coat and hair.  These parasites are the root cause of irritated skin which is the reason for significant hair loss.

Yorkshire Terrier Skin Problem and Itching

It is very important to first identify the cause of allergy and then eradicate it using medication or avoidance. By doing this step, you can stop your Yorkie’s coat from getting infected and getting further damaged.

Once you get rid of these parasites, groom your Yorkshire terrier with the best shampoos.

In many cases, you can get rid of these allergens and parasites at home using home remedies only. It’s easy to seek treatment once you identify the type of parasite.

2. Nutrition 

A well-balanced diet can prevent a Yorkie from Shedding abnormally. With a proper diet, your Yorkie will have a strong immune system which will make him stronger against serious health problems which cause hair loss.

You shall ensure that your Yorkie’s diet and nutrition contains enough Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin B7, Omega 3, and 6 Fatty acids which promote healthy and stronger hair.

You can also feed your Yorkie some of the foods that we humans eat. Additionally, supplements like fish oil help in maintaining a strong immune system and coat strength.

3. Grooming 

When you are regularly grooming your Yorkie, you are more aware of the current situation of Skin health and issues with your dog. Regular grooming keeps your Yorkie’s hair healthy and shining.

Also, regular grooming and bathing make sure that your Yorkie’s coat never tangles and creates irritation. Grooming also helps in stimulating a dog’s hair follicles which produces oil to keep his hair silky and glowing.

If I talk about the Grooming in detail, maintain a proper bath schedule for your Yorkie and make sure to always brush his hair after the bathe. This is essential to remove unwanted pollens and allergens. 

I would recommend you to use the best shampoos specifically made for Yorkshire Terrier’s skin only. These can remove allergens, keeps the hair silky, and make sure that the hair never tangles.

4. Exercise and Training

I am sure that no dog owner in the world wants a boring, lazy and dull dog as his or her pet. So, if you want an active Yorkie, you need to put in some effort as well.

Not just for the health of your Yorkie’s coat and hair, Regular Exercise and Training is essential for mental and physical well being of your dog. It helps in strengthening the immune system and regulating blood circulation in the body.

A Strong immune system protects your Yorkie not only from Skin related issues but any kind of major health problems. Make sure to dedicate at least 30 minutes to 45 minutes a day for your Yorkie’s exercise, training, and fitness.

An Active Yorkie is also less susceptible to Unwanted behavioral problems like Excessive barking and Separation Anxiety.


Remember that the hair is a reflection of your dog’s health as a whole. If your Yorkie sheds off a lot of hair on a daily basis, it’s certainly a point of concern!

Try analyzing the fact behind it. It might be due to some serious health issues. If at all you are confused, go to a vet for diagnosis.

I am pretty sure that the points that I discussed above will be more than enough to stop your Yorkshire Terrier from Shedding a lot. But if you are in a panic mode or want more details regarding this, I will recommend you to visit a Veterinary near you.


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