What’s the Importance of Dog Dental Insurance

What’s the Importance of Dog Dental Insurance

Avoiding dental care for your dog can only result in long-term issues like intense tooth pain, or periodontal (gum) issues. Let’s take an in-depth look at how important dental insurance can be for your dog:

What Is Pet Dental Insurance? 

Pet dental insurance is an insurance policy that covers medical expenses related to any dental accidents.

Dental issues can be common in dogs. Common causes include swollen and infected gums, cavities, a broken tooth. Not paying attention to these issues may result in more severe health issues like loss of teeth, infections, etc.

What Causes Dental Issues in Dogs? 

Dogs can damage their teeth by chewing for long periods of time on hard objects. Over periods of time, this can develop in periodontal disease. Although, it isn’t always just that, sometimes dogs may have pre-existing conditions. Here are the main causes of dental issues in dogs:

  1. Plaque– soft bacteria that develops day by day from food the dog eats and gets stuck to its teeth. Brushing a dog’s teeth can remove this plaque, although, when they aren’t brushed, the dog’s saliva will just keep on hardening the plaque.
  2. Periodontitis– plaque bacteria that is left on the gum line of the dog’s teeth can only result in further tissue damage. This kind of bacteria can cause inflammation and impact the dog’s immune system. In the long term, this damages the dog’s support bony and soft tissue of the tooth, which when occurs, is called periodontitis.
  3. Gingivitis– when tartar builds up and gets under the gum tissues. The gum will become inflamed. When this occurs, it is called gingivitis. This is the damage done before periodontitis, just when plaque bacteria start to form.

What Does Pet Dental Insurance Cover? 

Each dental insurance policy covers different things. It will vary from the insurance company. There are 2 main dental coverages: dental illnesses and dental accidents. Here are the main dental problems most pet insurance companies cover:
  • Gum diseases
  • Damaged teeth
  • Teeth removal
  • Stomatitis
  • Gingivitis
  • Root canals

Keep in mind that there are pet insurance companies that only cover dental accidents.

Here are the Best Dog Dental Insurance companies we recommend in 2021:
  • PetFirst– dog insurance for only $15 per month, supports all dogs aged over 8 weeks.
  • Pawp– covers up to 6 of your pets, great for emergency situations.
  • Embrace– cover emergencies, behavioral therapy, etc.

Is Dog Dental Insurance Worth It?

Regular check-ups and teeth cleaning are the keys to your dog’s overall health. These can avoid other long-term issues that may interfere with the dog’s immune system and create other diseases such as heart, kidney, liver infections. Dog dental insurance can help you remove all of this unnecessary stress.


Dog dental insurance is definitely not something you want to avoid. Dental care is an important factor in maintaining the overall health of your dog, while many may think it isn’t, they definitely are incorrect.

What is better than looking at your dog and seeing it healthy and happy? There can’t be anything more joyful!

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