10 Best Dog Trainers in Birmingham, Alabama

10 Best Dog Trainers in Birmingham, Alabama

A canine friend with whom you can share your everyday routine is indeed a pleasure! However, none of the pleasures of this world comes alone. Alongside this, you get to see a lot of responsibilities too!

Many times, we ignore the significance of training, and that’s when trouble sets in! Your dog tends to show behavioral complications, as well as bad eating habits and irregular sleeping patterns. It may even lead your dog to fall sick too often.

In several cases, dog owners who haven’t considered training at an early age find it difficult to manage the dog as it starts growing old.

If you truly want to escape all these scenarios, it is usually better to schedule training classes for your pup right since it has been just a few months old to develop and nurture its skills and shape it the way you want!

How to Choose the Right Dog Trainer for your pup in Birmingham, Alabama?

The first time I owned a pup, it was really very difficult for me to choose the right trainer for my little one. After a hell lot of research, I finally could make my mind and fix a trainer.

Thus, I can absolutely understand your dilemma. Well, here are a few pointers to note before you finalize a trainer:

  • Meet your trainer in person. Before you finalize your dog’s trainer, it is always important to meet the trainer in person. If you are going to send your dog at the trainer’s place, it is essential that you check the environment out there yourself. Of course, the location and whether your dog will be trained individually or along with the pack are some of the important considerations to bother about!
  • Consult your friends or acquaintances who own pets to know more about the reputation of your trainer. You will definitely not want to regret it later on! Therefore, talk to them and know more about the trainer before you actually hand over your pet to him or her.
  • In case your dog has got any past experience, you should always discuss it with the trainer without hesitation. This will make him aware of the consequences and it would eventually become easy for her to deal with your dog. A lack of understanding between the two might pose adverse effects on the mind of your dog. Don’t let that happen!
  • Accompany your canine friend, at least for the first few training sessions. It might not be possible for you to go with your dog every time he is going to the trainer but do that at least for the first few classes. In that case, you may also schedule the first few sessions individually and call the trainer right at your home. A change of ambiance can make your dog uncomfortable and nervous in the first place. Once it starts getting comfortable with the trainer, you can let your dog go with him/her.

So, After reviewing a lot of dog trainers in and around Birmingham, I have selected 10 best trainers for your pet dog. Here are the 10 Best Dog Trainers in Birmingham, Alabama:

Creative Dog Training

With our trainer, Creative Dog Training stands to be one of the best dog trainers in the Birmingham area, Alabama. Our trainer has been known for his reputation in the southeast.

From group classes to in-home training, the institute offers professional dog training and behavior modification programs to the clients. It does not only take care of the clients but also take note of the compatibility of the dog with that of his fellow owner.

Creative Dog Training offers a lot of programs right from puppy training to that of off-leash training, the institute takes note of every minute issue of the dog, as well as, its rehabilitate problems such as barking, fighting, dealing with phobias, jumping, aggression, anxiety and all kinds of behaviors.

How to contact Creative Dog Training?

Contact number: (205) 877-3130 / 205-967-2062

Address: 381 Summit Blvd Birmingham, Al 35242

Love Them Train Them

love them train them birmingham al

Love Them Train Them uses positive reinforcement training methods to produce the best results. It is owned by Rebecca Mason. She is one of the best dog trainers in Birmingham, Al who is CPDT-KA certified and understands that dogs are just like humans, with different lifestyles, priorities, likes, and dislikes.

Love Them Train Them, Birmingham takes pride in offering the best consultation to the dogs when it comes to analyzing private behavioral patterns, 1-2-1 training, group classes in the practical park environment, and that of helping your dog to participate in different workshops and seminars to learn the basics of life.

How to contact Love Them Train Them?

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lovethemtrainthem/

Contact Email: info@lovethemtrainthem.com

Dog U Birmingham

dog u birmingham al

The Dog U Birmingham Centre consists of a dynamic team that takes pride in offering training programs to puppies, adolescents, adults, and even rescue dogs.

The best thing about this institute is that it modifies the nature and behavior of your dog without manipulating its originality by any chance.  Not just this, the training center also enables the pet owners to use positive training methods and thus, take appropriate care of their dogs.

How to contact Dog U Birmingham?

Contact number: +1 (205) 967-3648

Contact Email: info@dogubham.com

Address: 3190 Cahaba Heights Rd, Vestavia Hills, AL 35243, United States

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We Talk Dog

we talk dog birmingham alabama

No matter what is the issue with your dog, We Talk Dog offers the best training programs to accommodate your dog’s behavior. The team is well known for analyzing the behavior of your dog at first, and then working on him to modify the behavioral patterns for the betterment.

From online coaching to that of In-person training, the trainer will help you sort out all those I’ll behaviors of your dogs like jumping on things, misbehaving in front of the guests, begging for food, potty issues, and more.

In case you aren’t confident to hand over your dog to the trainer at the first go, you can always opt for scheduling a session to check the compatibility between the two, prior to registering for the paid sessions.

How to contact We Talk Dog?

Contact Number: (205) 588-4709

Contact Email: reception@wetalkdog.com

Address: 1555 Cooper Hill Rd, Birmingham, AL 35210, United States

A Well Behaved Dog

It is one of the best dog trainers in the area. We offer bespoke services to your dogs wherein we conduct assessments at the home so as to determine the best course of action for both the dog and its owner.

The team believes that no matter what is the size, breed, or age of your dog, all that he needs is proper training and your dog would be able to thrive with the humans at ease, without any hassle.

How to contact A Well Behaved Dog?

Contact number: (770) 314 6018

Contact Email: amandadogtrainer@gmail.com

Petco Dog Training

It is one of the best dog trainers in Birmingham, Alabama wherein our experts will treat your dogs with utmost care and attention. If you are looking forward to building an even better bond with your dog, all you need is to play and interact even more than you actually do!

The trainer will help you regularize those exercise sessions, and how to reward it when it behaves well and how to teach it about those ill habits so that it doesn’t repeat those all over again.

Petco Dog Training, Alabama offers pet sitting/pop in, to that of dog grooming and obedience classes to help your dog adapt to all of those within just a week or two.

How to contact Petco Dog Training?

Contact number: (205) 995-1013

Address: 5269 US-280 Ste B6, Birmingham, AL 35242, United States

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Central Alabama Schutzhund Club

Central Alabama Schutzhund birmingham al

Central Alabama Schutzhund Club, Alabama offers services wrapped in kindness to the clients. It works with ethical values and thus, focuses on enhancing your bond with the dog.

It promotes reward-based training with positive reinforcement so that your dog can differentiate between the good and the bad all by itself.

The services include Dog walking to puppy training, and adult dog training. Also, the trainers conduct dog events and workshops to help teach the dogs about the significance of teamwork, how to recall, and more.

How to contact Central Alabama Schutzhund Club?

Contact Email: centralalschutzhund@icloud.com

Address 9000 Roebuck Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35206, United States

Mc Donald Canine Academy

Mc Donald Canine Academy in Birmingham offers informal yet informative services. The experts offer services that are inclined towards establishing a better relationship between the dog and the owner.

Mc Donald Canine Academy, Al offers training right from the puppy stage. It also conducts a wide range of events, wherein it works on enhancing the skills of a dog, to behave good and stay happy with people around.

How to contact Mc Donald Canine Academy?

Contact number: 205-978-8799

Facebook: Mc Donald Canine Academy

The Dog Coach

The Dog Coach, Alabama offers fun training sessions along with the psychological reinforcement sessions. The institute creates an interactive environment for the dogs wherein they can engage with their owners.

The main motive of the institute is strengthening the bond between the owner and the dog, as well as to teach it about socializing with both humans and brings from its similar species.

How to contact The Dog Coach?

Contact number: 334-329-3377

The Barking Zone

barking zone birmingham alabama

How to contact The Barking Zone?

Go for a demo session with The Barking Zone, Al. Yeah, that’s definitely a good idea. It is important to go for a demo to understand the compatibility of your pet and the dog trainer you have chosen for him.

Your pup is sure to like the trainer and be comfortable when he/she is around. See all these things yourself, and only after you are satisfied, carry on with the further sessions of the training module.

Contact number: 205-296-0855

Address: 5196 Caldwell Mill Rd, Birmingham, AL 35244, United States

Bottom Line:

Training a pup is one of them. You would certainly not want your dog to misbehave in front of your guests and make you feel embarrassed for the same!

In this context, it is important for a dog to get acquainted with the human environment and etiquette, and likewise, a human should also be aware of the Dos and Don’ts to a canine animal. Our dog trainers Alabama are here to help you out!


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